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We all wish for the fairy tale Happily Ever After. For me, I got mine….or that is what I thought! You see I married the man of my dreams (he even bought me glass slippers) and I rode off into the sunset with him almost 10 years ago. We don’t live in a seaside castle, but we do have a sweet updated vintage home that I love. In this place we had two sweet girls who fill our lives with love, and joy, and happiness! As our lives have continued on I have realized that Happily Ever After is really a fluid idea. Each day we are faced with a chance to find those moments of happy or to find moments of sadness and sometimes some of both! Here in this space I am here to share my Happily Ever After (and my photos, and my baking,and my projects,and my rants, and whatever else I can come up with)! I hope you stick around and see what I have going on and maybe if you are really sweet you will leave a comment (yes shameless begging)! I love to talk with all of you and it just makes my day when pop by for a chat (Heck I am tickled that you stop by to read)!  Don’t forget that I am also available on a ton of social media. I post new content updates on Facebook, and Twitter, pin bunches of fun ideas on Pintrest, and share my random daily pictures on Instagram! Follow along…..you will be glad you did!

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