In Loving Rememberance

March 14, 2014 in Family moments by Stephanie

Two years ago, Tadpole passed away. There is not much time that goes by here that we talk, remember, and smile about this little man that made himself a part of our family. His life will always be a part of ours.  My love and prayers go out to all who miss him. He was very loved. God bless you Tadpole. I know that you are playing and laughing and causing mischief all over heaven!
In loving memory of
Tadpole passed away two weeks ago in an accident. I cant tell you how much my heart is breaking as I write this. He was such a busy, fun, and mischievous little boy. It was such a blessing to be a part of his life as he learned, grew, and played with us all here. He loved so many things~ playing in water, playing with the dog, running around, going outside, throwing a ball, and trying anything that big kids were be doing! He was super smart and learned things so fast. Most of the time I could not keep up with him! He will be so greatly missed here and everywhere. I know that without a doubt, he is in heaven filling it with all of his amazing energy! I ask that you keep everyone who is missing him in your prayers, especially his family.