Taking Time Tuesday~ A Year of Crafts~ Apples!

Today was our monthly crafts day with our friends and the theme was perfect for September~ Apples! Our project today was a fun one full of messy fun! Using brown paint, we painted the hand and arm of the kids brown and stamped it on the paper to make a trunk and branches. After we washed them off, they used green paint and cotton balls to add leaves. To finish off the masterpieces, they used a cotton swab to add little red apples! These turned out so well! As I am sure you see!

After our art, the kids got to make mini apple turnovers for lunch dessert! Ohhh they loved that! They flatened the dough cut up the apples and folded them in! They turned out really well! Plus everyone loved to eat something that they got to make! 🙂

Yummy right! The rest of lunch was just as good too! We cut some bagels, placed a few slices of apple on top of it, sprinkled with cinnamon, and topped it with cheddar cheese! A few minutes in the over made them toasty and yummy!

It was a lot of fun today and a great way to get ready for all the wonderful things of fall that are coming our way! Now its your turn to share the fun thing you got to do with your kiddos! I would love to have you link up with with me here! Happy Taking Time Tuesday!!!!