A Year of Crafts~ Advent Calenders

Today we had our very last Year of Crafts Day! I think it was pretty good!Since it is the very beginning of advent, I thought it would be fun to make advent calenders! However, I have two kids and my friend has four, that makes a lot of calenders for each of us to hang up! So I found a way to use envelopes and turn it into a book! This way each kid can open an envelope everyday, but it will only take up a tiny bit of space! Perfect! I started with 24 brown mailing envelops for each kid, and some pretty scrapbook tags, stickers, buttons, beads, and rhinestones to make things pretty! The girls worked really hard, but after about ten, they were pretty tired! They finished them up though and I filled them with a bible verse for each day of the week! The verses are a part of the e-book Truth in the Tinsel. Each day there is a thought about the bible passage and a craft to help the ids ponder the meaning or the characters! It is a really great book and I think that the kids are going to love! Here are some of the “pages” in their books!

After all that work, the kids were STARVING! 😉 So I made a really sweet, pintrest inspired, nativity lunch! They loved it and it looked great! You cant ask for better then that!
Pretzel Rod Stable
Potato Sticks Straw
Hot Dog Baby Jesus’ in Crescent roll swaddling clothes.
Star Fruit Star

And of course, rice krispie sheep!
So there you have it for the last of our year! It was an amazing experience and fun! But dont worry…this year we are doing something new! Think storybooks and cooking! 😉 I hope you are having a great start to your advent season! Christmas will be here soon and its time to get ready! I cant wait!