Springtime Bunny Craft

Bunny Craft

Well I have been busy! So busy I haven’t had time to share what we have been up to here! Don’t worry, we are all well, just busy! I wanted to share a million things, but I will start with today. Today we had a spring surprise of 4 inches of snow! Yikes! The girls still went outside and tossed snowballs, but I really could have done without it! 🙂 We also are getting things ready here for Easter! I have been trying to do more crafting with the girls and today I found an idea on Pintrest for a bunny painting with feet! I modified it bit for us, and the girls loved it! Plus we had my friend and her boys over to do it too! Nothing better then crafting and coffee (which she kindly provided)! We simply painted a circle on the bottom part of the paper, then we painted each kid’s foot white with a pink center and stamped it on the paper for a bunny ear! With all the paint on feet, you might imagine that there was a lot of giggling! 🙂 After they dried, everyone added eyes, a nose, and all sorts of personalities! What a fun and super easy Easter craft. Plus that make great gifts for Easter!

IMG_9677 IMG_9681 IMG_9686 IMG_9689 IMG_9690 IMG_9692 IMG_9694