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Stephanie – Page 71

Posts by Stephanie :

Stations of the Cross Box

Well Lent is here. I have been working hard at trying to find things for the girls to do for lent that work well with our schooling. So the main thing that we are doing is spending time with Jesus each day. I really ideally would like it to be the same time each day, but that is still a work in progress. So far the shining star of this time is the Stations of the Cross Box. I found the idea on Catholic Icing for a box that has one item for each station of the cross. I thought that this was a very Montessori way of letting the girls discover the passion of the Lord for themselves. So far Bunny has really loved it! She was sitting today and looking at each items  and really thinking about each thing. It was so sweet to see her really thinking about all the things that happened to Jesus and why. This might just be the best Lenten thing ever! It is such a great way for her to really remember what the season is all about! 🙂

Our box’s objects are:
~Station 1:
 Jesus is condemned to die: Rope
~Station 2:
Jesus carries his cross: cross made of twigs
~Station 3:
Jesus falls the first time: Band aid
~Station 4:
Jesus meets his mother: Mary peg person
~Station 5:
Simon of Cyrean helps Jesus carry the cross: Heart with a Hand (Simon helped with love)
~Station 6:
Veronica wipes Jesus’ face: Cloth with Jesus’ Face sketched on.
~Station 7:
 Jesus falls the second time: Band aid
~Station 8:
Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem: Tissue
~Station 9:
Jesus falls the third time: Band aid
~Station 10:
Jesus is stripped of his garments: Jesus Garment
~Station 11:
Jesus is nailed to the cross: Nail
~Station 12:
Jesus dies on the cross: Crucifix
~Station 13:
 Jesus is taken down from the cross: Picture of the Pieta
~ Station 14:
 Jesus is laid in the tomb: Rock
Bunny loves this! 🙂
The whole set all laid out.
Stations 1-4
Stations 5-9
Stations 10-14
The front of our box and the station books that are in it.
Pup looking at the cross.
I have an alter set that the girls can also do, and the Good shepherd set. Both are things that they work with at the atrium where the girls are part of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. If you are interested in learning more about that, please read my post about it here. 

Our Classroom Pictures!

I have been inspired by Lori over at Montessori MOMents to show off my little Montessori Classroom. Lori has just finished remodeling her room and it looks AMAZING! I really love to look at other people’s classroom pictures and get new ideas for my own! 🙂 So here are my pictures of where we spend our learning time! I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment and let me know what you think. So here we go on the tour:

When you walk down to our basement, this is what you see!
Our child sized table and chairs.
The pillows on the chair were made by me at the request of Bunny. She saw the material at the store and LOVED it! So we made pillows. There are children of the world on them.
This is a newer shelf, and for the time being it holds our practical life work and our toddler work. I know that some of the shelves are WAY too high, but with Tadpole down there it became a necessity. 🙂 We have our cross polishing, water transfer, pouring, mirror polishing, shape sorter, ring game, small puzzle, treasure basket, and our dressing frames.
Our continent boxes and geography area. The puzzles are stored under the chair for lack of a better place at this time.
The first cabinet in the built in units has our language work. Moveable Alphabet, and the tray with the secret message are on the shelf. The metal insets, and sandpaper letters are in the cabinet.
Next is our math area. The cabinet has most of that work, and the shelf above it has some more of our spring trays. Our math area has calender work, bank game, Tangrams, number rods, golden beads, binomial cube, bead stairs, sandpaper numbers.
Next is our Botany/ random cabinet. On the shelf is our nature tray with things that we have collected on our nature walks. In the cabinet is our 3 part cards, clock puzzle, sorting tray, Botany puzzles and control charts, and other random puzzles that Pup and Tadpole do.
Our last cabinet is our sensory area. On the shelf is a spring tray, and the geometric solids box. In the cabinet is the rainbow peg people, clothes pin cup, a rainbow puzzle, cylinder blocks, touch boards and blindfold, knobless cylinders, and fabric matching. I really would love to have more space to put out the other works too, but I guess less is more! 🙂 Off to the side wall you can see our pink tower.
Here is the main work area for Bunny. I know that the table is really high, but she has no problems getting up and down. Its great cause the little ones cant get anything. This is where out art supplies are out all the time and ready for inspiration. The bulletin board is there to display all the work that Bunny and Pup do. I love how this area always looks good. The jar system for the pencils and stuff is perfect.
Here you can see we have pencils, roll up crayons, washable markers (Pup’s favorites), colored pencils, regular crayons, flat recycled crayons (under the tape), glue, and scissors. There is also a basket with paper! The pink container has a pencil sharpener in it so Bunny can sharpen her own pencils.
Finally we have the back area by the stairs. This wall is where our sensory bin lives (along with a broom and dustpan). The area under the stairs (which you can see all that well) is where one of our computers, the printer, and our files are. Not really a part of the school room, but a great use of a useless space.
So there you have it! Our classroom! We really enjoy working down there. It has a peaceful and organized feel to it which I love! I am still working on some of the smaller details of our prepared space, but I think that that is something that all good teachers are doing constantly to make sure that the room is fitting the needs of the kids! I hope you enjoyed our little tour!

Pink Tower!!!!!

These pictures really tell the story of Bug working on Pink tower! I love how you can see her thinking! She finally did it though! She built the Pink Tower! I hope that she repeats this on her own!

Montessori for 1 Year Olds!

So here is a post that I have been meaning to post for a while now about Tadpole. Tadpole is the one year old that is Bug’s brother. They come over a few days a week are a part of our school. I have had a hard time finding good works for Tadpole to do since he is in that in between stage of life. He is crawling everywhere and wants to do everything, but he is still small. So in between getting him safely up the stairs, I have been trying to give him the sensory experiences that he wants. As awesome as the treasure baskets are, he is just not interested in stilling still! 🙂 He is such a boy! So I have the pictures of the basket that I put together for him, but I also have pictures of the water work I gave him, and of course some of him mastering the stairs! If anyone has any other ideas of some fun things that a younger kid can do , please let me know! 🙂 He doesn’t want to be left out! 🙂

He is working SO hard to master these!
Playing with the treasure basket for a few minutes.
His very own scrubbing work!
Our treasure basket:
~wooden egg and egg cup
~bean bag ball
~sounds bottles
~ canning ring
~wooden pull dog
~ rolling pin
~small play silk
~leather coin purse
~wooden teething ring with textured yarn
~wet felted ball

Parts of a Plant

This week we have had a few lessons on the parts of the plant! I showed Bunny, Bug, and Pup a real flower plant that I took out of the pot. We looked at the roots, the stem, the leaves, and the flower. I also showed the girls our botany puzzle of a plant. Bunny was very excited that I had the control charts and labels for it too! 🙂 I ran off a copy of the blank control chart and Bunny colored it. She also wrote the labels names on it. I was proud of her. We were also able to take a walk around the neighborhood and see some trees with a few root above ground and we identified the parts of them. It always good see the real things!

Working hard on writing the right words.
Flower Arranging
Our parts of the plant lunch.
It doesn’t look great, but it helped the girls see the parts of the plant.
All of this talk lead us to talk about the parts of a flower as well! Luckily the flower that I bought to use for the parts of the plants, was a great one to also see the part of a flower. Bunny really loved looking at all the tiny parts. I was very proud of her concentration.

She put all the pieces in the control chart!
I love these moments where I can see her concentration.
Parts of the flower puzzle.
Our flower.
Our next “spring” lesson will be about insects. Bunny has decided that she LOVES Ladybugs, that she wants to be one for halloween, and that her favorite color is red! Now this all may change soon, but since she is begging to learn about Ladybugs, I guess we’ll run with it! :)

Pup’s Second Birthday!

Well I’ve gotten my computer back! So I will start with the first of a few posts that I have wanted to post in the last few days!
The first is that my little Pup is 2!!!!! Happy birthday to her! She is so big and I am so proud of all the things that she has learned to do in the past year! I love how she has grown from a small baby into an independent and smart kid! I am so proud of her! Here are our pictures of her Celebration of Life. If any of you want to read more about how the celebration of life goes please read my post on Bunny’s here.

Walking around the sun!
Me and my Pup!
Such a classic Pup look! 🙂
One of Pup’s gift! Both girls have been using it non stop!
Reading another gift!
Our first play silk! Such a great face!

Another Art Giveaway!!!!

I have been away for a few days because of computer problems, but I am hoping to be back in the next day or two. Then I will have a million posts to put up! 🙂 Until then, here is a link to another art giveaway that I found out about fromStubby Pencil Studio. It is being offered by Magic Onions blog! Check it out! They have some amazing products and I would love to win some! This giveaway is for a $100 shopping spree! 🙂 Good Luck!

Montessori For More Then One

So today we had our friends over again and we did some fun learning. We began talking about spring and all the things that start to happen (new flowers, baby animals, going outside). Bug and Bunny both talked about going to the park and playing outside. This was a great way to head into our Friendship Flower lesson from the new NAMC homeschool program. This was a sample lesson that was offered as a freebie through Montessori for Everyone. We made our flower today and both girls were very interested in talking about the the ways they see each of their parts of their flower! This lesson plan is awesome, it goes in depth and really does touch so many areas of the classroom.

Bunny’s Flower (we still need the pics)

All of the kids also worked on various things in our classroom. Here are a few pics that I took of their work. At one point it was great to see all three girls working quietly and concentrating so well! 🙂

Learning Continents for the first time! She was so proud when she put a piece on the control chart.

Everyone working!

I told you she would start to figure out Pink Tower.


More water transferring

Pup is back doing cylinder blocks!

I did do better keeping Little Tadpole occupied today. He is working so hard at moving…..any moving!!!!! He climbed the stairs (I was right behind him) looked out windows, tried to stand on his own, and crawled all over just for fun! I forgot to take pics and I will do better next time I see him. I will also take pictures of our treasure baskets.

Mobile Montessori

I seem to be a day behind in my posting, so I will try to get up to date. Yesterday I was watching my brothers and sisters in the morning, since morning is when I do school with Bunny and Pup, I thought I’d bring some work for her along. I brought Bob books, the golden bead exchange game, some sandpaper phonograms, the colored peg people, and the sensory bin. To be honest, I really was hoping that my brother (who is the same age as Bunny) would like the sensory bin, and that my 1 year old sister would like the peg people. What I was amazed at was that everyone wanted to play with everything! My brother (who is 7) read the Bob books, Bunny,my brother, and my other brother played the exchange game, and everyone played in the sensory bin! I love how no matter what age the kids are they are draw to Montessori material and ideas. Here are some pictures of the fun we did that day!

Bunny reading to my brother! She got through about 3 pages!

Exchange game. They both liked it.

Look at this concentration!!!!

Working together!

She matched them all! I was proud of her!

My brother loved the exchange game so much he played it for 45 minutes!!!!
 I wish I had brought all the material all the way up to a 1000.
He kept trying to “make” more hundreds square! So much work for him to do!

I let the little girls play in the water, they had so much fun!


Pup concentrated on pouring the water into a cup for a long time!
So much learning with so much fun! :)