Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope that the blessings of the Lord Jesus are with you all this year and that he gives you the desires of your heart! We had a wonderful day that started early with Mass and was followed by egg hunts, yummy food, and lots of family fun! As always we spent the day with lots of family! Our holidays may be a bit busy, but they are oh so much fun. Plus we have lots of candy to keep the fun going to tomorrow! šŸ˜‰ Happy Easter!

IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0130 IMG_0138 IMG_0140 IMG_0144 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0153 IMG_0163 IMG_0164 IMG_0174 IMG_0180 IMG_0187 IMG_0196 IMG_0202 IMG_0211 IMG_0213 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0230 IMG_0233 IMG_0243 IMG_0247 IMG_0248 IMG_0258 IMG_0263 IMG_0274 IMG_0281 IMG_0283

A Lenten Tea Party

Today we got together with our homeschool class for a special Lenten tea party! Everyone loves a fancy lunch and this is of course no different! Each food we served for our tea, was picked to remind us of a part of the story of Jesus’ last days! We start at Palm Sunday and end when Jesus was placed in the tomb. The was we present it to all the kids was different this year. We had some word tags labeling each food and as we read from he bible we showed the kids the foods that went with each passage! After that, we ate buffet style! It made it easier then passing the food as we went! Here are the foods that we ate!

IMG_9722 IMG_9723 IMG_9732 IMG_9742 IMG_9748 IMG_9747 IMG_9750 IMG_9751 IMG_9755 IMG_9753 IMG_9758 IMG_9759 IMG_9761 IMG_9764 IMG_9765 IMG_9768 IMG_9769 IMG_9771 IMG_9773 IMG_9777 IMG_9782 IMG_9788 IMG_9790 IMG_9792 IMG_9795 IMG_9801

Springtime Bunny Craft

Bunny Craft

Well I have been busy! So busy I haven’t had time to share what we have been up to here! Don’t worry, we are all well, just busy! I wanted to share a million things, but I will start with today. Today we had a spring surprise of 4 inches of snow! Yikes! The girls still went outside and tossed snowballs, but I really could have done without it! šŸ™‚ We also are getting things ready here for Easter! I have been trying to do more crafting with the girls and today I found an idea on Pintrest for a bunny painting with feet! I modified it bit for us, and the girls loved it! Plus we had my friend and her boysĀ over to do it too! Nothing better then crafting and coffee (which she kindly provided)! We simply painted a circle on the bottom part of the paper, then we painted each kid’s foot white with a pink center and stamped it on the paper for a bunny ear! With all the paint on feet, you might imagine that there was a lot of giggling! šŸ™‚ After they dried, everyone added eyes, a nose, and all sorts of personalities! What a fun and super easy Easter craft. Plus that make great gifts for Easter!

IMG_9677 IMG_9681 IMG_9686 IMG_9689 IMG_9690 IMG_9692 IMG_9694

Spingtime is Here!

Well it finally happened! The weather finally broke! Sunday it was in the mid fifties and it has stayed that way! Thank heaven! So we have been busy out in the sunshine and soaking up the warm. We headed out on an adventure on Sunday out to the lake. The paradox of warm sunshine and ice burgs was very interesting! The ice packed the shore and was solid around the edges! It was high, and so varied. Some was as clear as glass, and some wad like snow still. I have never seen this much ice on the lake even after the warmer weather and I think it was unusual. I was really glad that we were able to get the girls outside to see it. Plus there is always a lot of fun to be had climbing rock, running around, and beingĀ  wee bit silly! Here are some of the pictures. I took a lot of them and some of them are purely artistic! I had a great time trying out my photography hobby a bit more then I have recently! It seems like our small adventures are always the best! Thank God for the beginning of spring!

IMG_8106 IMG_8123 IMG_8121 IMG_8118 IMG_8114 IMG_8110 IMG_8156 IMG_8164 IMG_8165 IMG_8166 IMG_8170 IMG_8176 IMG_8185 IMG_8197 IMG_8199 IMG_8208 IMG_8210 IMG_8213 IMG_8221 IMG_8224 IMG_8249 IMG_8271 IMG_8278 IMG_8283 IMG_8297 IMG_8309 IMG_8318 IMG_8326

Pup’s Winter Animal Learning

At the beginning of the month, I decided that I would make a theme for Pup to work with since she had not been doing too much work. Since it was soĀ cold here, I thought that we could talk about what animals do during the winter! There are a ton of great printable packs outĀ there and IĀ printed aĀ few things off for her andĀ I had planned to have trays for her. But honestly I made two and she really didn’t do them. One was an animal sort by whether they hibernate, migrate, or adapt. We did that one time. Then we had a rolling dice game with charting! She did that a lot! I also made an art tray with natural materials for her to build some habitats. One day she used our glue gun (which she loved) to build a bunny forest and then we wrote a story all about it. She also has done some reading and writing with this. Another thing that we have done with this unit is make rod pictures with out Cuisenaire rods. She really likes doing this and I keep encouraging this! After all learning is play and she loves to be creative. We often dissect the picture and practice adding the rods together! This has led to a lot of adding work and she even starting to write stuff down! All in all it has been fun, but it has shown me that for Pup learning is going to happen with a few structured things, lots of books to look through, and creative elements to make her own things! Here are some pictures of our very “Pup like” unit study!

IMG_6007 IMG_6008 IMG_6036 IMG_6040 IMG_6043 IMG_6371 IMG_6381 IMG_6388 IMG_6392 IMG_6394 IMG_6395 IMG_6399 IMG_6401 IMG_6402 IMG_6762 IMG_7225 IMG_7228 IMG_7484 IMG_7603 IMG_7606 IMG_7611 IMG_7613 IMG_5646 IMG_5651 IMG_5667


Saint Inspired Science~ Engineering

Today we had our science get together and instead of doing our experiments at someone’s house, we decided to head to a science center nearby to do our engineering experiments there! Wow! The girls were over the moon about the trip. We started our learning off in the cafe reading a book about St. Patrick. He is the patron said of engineering because he helped teachĀ the Irish people build churches and buildings. So after our story, we talked about what engineering is. One definition that I readĀ that made the most sense was: Engineering is combining math, science, and experience toĀ build something that is useful. After some quick learning, weĀ headed into the engineering “department” to work on some of the experiments that were available. We started off working on building buildings that could withstand an earthquake. We tested them by using the shaker table. We also built bridges using sheets of paper, we build a 7 ft.Ā arch with large blocks, played with wind and propellers, and built an arched bridge that we could walk over. There was a lot of thinking and the team work was amazing! They were able to talk through their ideas and there were no hurt feelings! They are all getting so big! The girls worked especially hard on the paper bridge and they almost gave up. But they managed to get it worked out. One thing that we discovered is that little changed make a big difference! Always try to make a small change first! After doing the experiments, hunger set it and it was time to eat. We packed lunch and we were those fun parents at the tables. It was build your own lunch! Cheese cubes, pretzels, grapes, strawberries, and crackers made forĀ an engineer inspired lunch! For dessert we had gumdrops, Twizzlers, and toothpicks to create masterpieces to eat! There was, surprisingly, a lot more building then eating!Ā  They loved it! When we finally got food in our bellies and the mess tidied up, it was off to explore all the other parts of the science center for fun! Lots of giggles, running, and exploring!

IMG_7635 IMG_7637 IMG_7644 IMG_7646 IMG_7685 IMG_7679 IMG_7658 IMG_7660 IMG_7692 IMG_7694 IMG_7701 IMG_7702 IMG_7705 IMG_7739 IMG_7717 IMG_7730 IMG_7747 IMG_7752 IMG_7708 IMG_7724 IMG_7755 IMG_7757 IMG_7767IMG_7794 IMG_7800 IMG_7802 IMG_7806 IMG_7823 IMG_7824 IMG_7815 IMG_7812 IMG_7826 IMG_7835 IMG_7837 IMG_7838 IMG_7844 IMG_7850 IMG_7858 IMG_7860 IMG_7867 IMG_7872 IMG_7886 IMG_7892 IMG_7908 IMG_7946As you can see our day was fun, busy, and educational! And if I am honest, I was pretty tired! šŸ˜‰ I was so glad that we got to have a chance to try out so awesome experiments while having fun! Now off to the rest of my busy week! I hope to share with you some of the other things we have been doing here in the next few days! Happy Schooling!


A Springtime Craft!


Happy First day of Spring! We are so excited that it is finally here and I cant wait for the weather to catch up with the idea! šŸ™‚ With the temperature in the 40s all week so far, the snow is almost melted and that makes things feel so much better! The girls got out to play and find some of the things buried by all the snow!

IMG_7486 IMG_7506 IMG_7508 IMG_7521

And since it was the first day of my favorite season, I thought it deserved some celebration. I found some inspiration on Pintrest and came up with a pretty spring craft for the girls and I to make together! Beads, birds, and tiny eggs….what could be better! All you need to make these sweet bird hangers is:
a twig (perfect to use one from the collection that my kids always seem to have),
some wire,
a small nest,
and a bird.

I simply cut a length of wire, wrapped it around one end of the stick and let the girls add whatever beads they wanted. When they had filled the wire with beads, I wrapped the other end of the wire around the stick and hot glued the ends so they stayed! Then we hot glued the nest and eggs to the stick. The bird was a bit more challenging. I didn’t have any of those little birds, but they Pup decided that pompoms would make a perfect bird! She was right! So out came pompoms, feathers, googly eyes and more hot glue! Each girl easily built a bird and glued it to the hanger too! I loved that this project was not just something we could do, but also was something that they were able to be very creative with too! Plus they look adorable hanging up!

IMG_7537 IMG_7538 IMG_7529 IMG_7546 IMG_7552 IMG_7558

A perfect touch of spring to an otherwise dreary looking outside! I hope you had a chance to have some springtime fun today too!

Africa Study Learning!

Today we got together with our homeschool group and learned about Africa! It was my turn to plan and I really had a hard time narrowing down what to do! I love Africa as a continent, to be honest it just fascinates me! I really wanted to have some fun with the kids and let them play while they learn. What is a better way to learn then to immerse yourself in something and to live it for a bit? So after a review of some major African landmarks, animals, and waterways using the cards out of our continent box, we dressed all the kids in Kanga style African clothes. To be honest, I was really not sure how the kids would react, but they all loved it! Even the boys who are sometime a tough sell. Even I got in on the action andĀ dressed up! šŸ™‚Ā After we dressed up, I talked about the importance of beads in different African tribes and we made some beaded jewelry to complete the costumes! While they were beading, my mom set up lunch. We made some African inspired pork (it was a doctored a bit and SO yummy), some Ugali (corn mush which is served at most Kenyan meals), Fried Plantains,Ā and of course bananas! Plus we had Animal croakers (for all the animals in Africa) and some Little Debbie Zebra Cakes (for all the zebras of course)! After trying new foods and eating lots of old favorites, the kids were off to play house…..African style! I found some baskets and filled them with corn cobs, beans, sea shells, and “diamonds”! Plus there was some more fabric. The kids had a great time playing. I think that they set up a village. People who had the same colored Kangas were part of the same family! I think it went well and the kids had fun while learning. Here is what the fun looked like! What is your favorite way to learn about a continent?

IMG_7380 IMG_7385 IMG_7391 IMG_7395 IMG_7400 IMG_7401 IMG_7404 IMG_7405 IMG_7413 IMG_7417 IMG_7431 IMG_7432 IMG_7436 IMG_7438 IMG_7439 IMG_7441 IMG_7455 IMG_7456 IMG_7458 IMG_7460 IMG_7462 IMG_7470 IMG_7477 IMG_7478 IMG_7481

Happy St. Patty’s Day

I don’t know about you, but we don’t do a ton for St. Patty’s Day! This year however, we made some time for a family lunch! Of course we ate a great jigs dinner and there is nothing better then aĀ family celebration! The girls were unsure of the corned beef, but they loved it! There is such fun in simple times isn’t there! šŸ™‚ I hope you all got to have some great fun on this very fun holiday!

IMG_7377 IMG_7378

In Loving Rememberance

Two years ago, Tadpole passed away. There is not much time that goes by here that we talk, remember, and smile about this little man that made himself a part of our family. His life will always be a part of ours.Ā  My love and prayers go out to all who miss him. He was very loved. God bless you Tadpole. I know that you are playing and laughing and causing mischief all over heaven!
In loving memory of
Tadpole passed away two weeks ago in an accident. I cant tell you how much my heart is breaking as I write this. He was such a busy, fun, and mischievous little boy. It was such a blessing to be a part of his lifeĀ as he learned, grew, and played with us all here. He loved so many things~ playing in water, playing with the dog, runningĀ around, going outside, throwing a ball,Ā and trying anything that big kidsĀ were be doing! He was super smart and learned things so fast. Most of the time I could not keep up with him! He will be so greatly missed here and everywhere. I know that without a doubt, he is in heavenĀ filling it with all of his amazing energy!Ā I ask that you keep everyone who is missing him in your prayers, especially his family.