A New Milestone and New Memories!!!!!!

Well I am so exited to announce that my little blog has reached 100 followers!!!!!! Thank you so very much for all of you wonderful people who read my blog and leave your comments! It means so much that you like reading all about my adventures with my kiddos! Thank you for all of the support that you have offered me in the past 10 months since I started my blog. I really love being part of this wonderful community of Moms! It has been a blessing and I think you all!

Now on to our day! We have been blessed here with some warmer weather and today I started to feel that cooler air moving in. So I took advantage of one of our last warm days to get the girls to the zoo! Now it was looking overcast but the weather radar said it was moving out, so off we went! As we got to the zoo the rain started! Thankfully it only last about 10 min and the rest of the day was really nice! We got to see all the animals that they have been asking to see for a while! It was great. In the cooler weather I have found, the animals seem to move about more! This of course make it more fun! We have several large animals in our zoo that have babies and it is always fun to watch them playing! Here are some pictures of what we saw today!

Here is our Giraffe Family

The baby giraffe was running all around and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Those long legs are so awkward! 🙂 At one point he ran around in a large circle and wiped out on the hill! He went rolling a bit, then was back on his feet running around!!!! It was too cute!

Gray Wolf

There was a little rabbit statue and Bunny wanted her picture by it!

Pup of course didn’t want to be left out!

Next we observed seals. There are two in this aquarium, Harbor Seals and Gray Seals.

We talked about how seals are mammals. They have fur, they have babies, they need air, and they nurse their babies! Bunny hadn’t looked at them that closely before, so it was fun to slow down and observe them better. I think that this is something that I want to do more with her as she gets bigger.

Posing with the Polar Bear Mount.

Here is the Sloth Bear. It was cute because I would place my hand by the corner of the glass and the bear would come up, smoosh his nose in the corner, and woof his breath. I could feel it and hear it. Bunny wasn’t going to get that close to a bear, but he was really sweet {behind the glass ;)}.

Here is our baby elephant Lucas again. He is just too cute and so much fun to watch. We stayed there for quite a while Bunny really watched the elephants. She noticed that their faces look sad. I assured her that they weren’t.

We got to see Lucas nursing.

They he started running around

Mom showed him how to hold down a branch with a foot and lift it with the trunk.

It was cute to watch him do what mom did!

Then he started playing with a log! I know there are quite a few pictures of the elephants, but they are so fun and so close now!

Bunny and Pup both wanted to eat watching the elephants.

These are masks that are hanging in the children’s area. Both girls love to try them out!

There are also Guinea pigs for the kids to hold and pet.

Here are my little zoo lovers on the elephant at the zoo!

Bunny even got a picture of me! She told me: “Mom it is so good that I am big enough to take pictures. That way we have some pictures of you!” I love my Bunny!
So that is our day. I am hoping that we get some more warmer weather before the snow hit, but if we don’t at least we got to the zoo one more time! We will however head back to see the lights they put up at Christmas time! They have millions!!!! Thank you all again for all of you who stop by and read what I have to say You are awesome!!!! Happy Schooling!