Another Book!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed the day and had lots of green fun! I managed to pull together a little holiday fun for the family last night (i know I know, I had all month!). I blogged all about it here! We had a wonderful day, and Bunny even made us all a cake! Stop by and let me know what you  think!

Another wonderful thing that Bunny did today was write us another book! I had some very pretty stickers that I had saved for something special! I showed them to her and she loved them! I suggested that they would be really great for a story! She agreed and wrote a rather long book (six pages) using all the stickers! Here are the pages in her book ( I will write the “translation” in case you cant read it all. She is still writing phonetically).

One day a princess thought about lives in a castle.

In the castle was a book.

In the book was a frog.

A knight thought about a dragon
(the “one” was supposed to be thought, but she copied the wrong word off her other page)

The knight found a treasure

He found a glass slipper.
I love that she has found some inspiration to write more! She is doing so well with it. This story was her very own creation, I jut helped with any spelling that she asked for help with! I hope that this gives her some confidence and some motivation to keep reading and writing! If you leave a comment for her, I will be sure to pass it along! See you all on Monday!!! Have a great weekend!