Happy New Year (and a Blogiversary)!

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Happy Happy New year to you all! Last year was a good one. It had its challenges, but it also had its amazing high points! And here is to a new year filled with much of the same!  And here is to another year of blogging! Can you believe that it has been three years? Three years of sharing, of learning, of memories, and of really amazing friends from around the world! Thank you so very much for reading my thoughts, sharing my dreams, and popping by here to leave comments! All of it means the world to me as I have said before, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart!

Now that we are officially into a new year, it always make me (and most other people) start thinking about what this year is going to be. What are we going to change? What are we going to keep doing? Where do we want to be? How can we make things better? Well that depends on each person, but for me, I think that this year is bit different. I know that I need to loose weight, and I know that we can always use less technology, but honestly, those are the small things. The things that really matter are love, peace, joy, happiness….not my waist line. While I was at mass the other day we talked about being the light of Jesus. This is not a new thought, but it is one that still seemed to really make me think. Light. Light makes us feel safe, confident, happy. The light of the sun can perk up your whole attitude. The light of day makes doing things easier. And light is something that literally filters through everything making everything look clearer. So the question is, can the light of God be seen in me? Are my kids feeling safe, happy, confident, and at peace with me? Is my husband? So this a goal of mine this year. To be light to the people around me!

Another goal, that is slightly less deep, is to start Project Life. I have been scrapbooking since I was really young and it is something that means lot to me. However, keeping up is hard. I still have to finish 2012, all of 2013, and now we are heading in to 2014! Ahhhh!!!!! Project Life is a simple way to scrap as you go through the year. Basically, each week you create a page or a spread of the pictures from the week. Maybe they are the simple ones of the girls playing together or the big moments like vacation. It can have anything that shows your week! Plus you all a little journaling to remember what was going on. Simple….in theory! We shall see. Hopefully I will have a page or two a week for you to see!

Finally, my goal, as always is to encourage happy, creative learning. I love that we have a strong base of work for Bunny, but now I want to be sure that there is some good project work of her choosing to do as well. Pup needs to have a strong base and we need to make her a plan! Learning is fun and it needs to have a great place in our life. That means we are going to make it a bigger priority!

So there you have it! These are a few of my plans for this new year! Now it is your turn. What are your plans, hopes, or dreams for the new year?  It is my hope and prayer that this year is amazing for you in every way too! Happy 2014!