School Days

Well this is the end of a pretty descent week! The girls were busy with all sorts of things! I thought that I would share some of their work with you all in one post! Here is what they have been learning!

Bunny and Pup started school the other day by measuring with markers! Pup had a great time hooking them together and measuring all sorts of things. Bunny then got involved too! It was a fun spontaneous learning moment!

Pup is also just starting to work with some of the moveable alphabet pieces. She isnt quite ready since she still has a hard time isolating the middle sound of a word, but she thinks its awesome to move the pieces around. She loves to pick out the sounds! She told me the other day that she needs to keep practicing letters so she can read soon!

The Easter Bunny brought some new playdough! So I set up a new tray. It amazes me how much Pup will roll, cut, and shape playdough!

Bunny pulled out her Golden Beads to do some division! I was really surprised that she chose to do it!
I also tried to do a chalk board version of the Hierarchical Material. I’m not sure that she quite got it and I dont think that this was the best way to do it. She seemed to get it, but I think it could have gone better. However, I cant afford the large material. Does anyone have an idea of how to do this?

She was so happy that she got the first problem right! 🙂

After she did one, she invited Pup to come sit with her. She asked Pup to name the numbers on the board! 😉 It was too cute!

I showed Pup a new work! She was interested for a little bit!

Pup almost has all the letter sounds learned! She is so proud of herself!

As you can see, Pup has really been busy and so has Bunny! I really hope that next week is just as good! Now I do have a bit of business stuff to talk to you about! You may have noticed that I have a few new links on the right hand side of my blog! These are my new affiliate accounts! What that means is that if you click on the button, and make a purchase from one of these suppliers, I will get a bit of sale! So here I am (shamelessly) begging you to think about making a purchase from Montessori at Home, Montessori Services, or from Kiwi Crate, then please stop here to access the site! I hope you all have a great weekend! I should have another awesome birthday party for you all to see this weekend, so stop on back! Plus there are some awesome giveaways coming up in the couple of weeks! Happy Weekend!