Water Color Painting!!!!

Today we took it easy! I was working with some family pictures that I am desperately trying to get scrapbooked (digitally of course) and the girl have been all out of sorts. So I pulled out some water paints and let the girls get some creativity going!!!! They were really excited and really got into it! Bunny painted a unicorn (her favorite thing right now) and Pup tried to paint a Zebra (her favorite thing ever!). Here are the pictures of their work!

They were so hard at work. I loved their concentration!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn all ready to paint!

After she finished a few papers, I pulled out some of the snowflakes that the girls have been making for her to paint too!

This is ones of Pup’s paintings!

This is Pup’s Zebra
(She painted this and was all upset that it wasn’t looking just like a zebra. So I painted the black back, and the belly line, and that made her feel better about how it looked. She did the rest!)

Here is a Zebra I drew for Pup and she painted it all up!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn! She was so proud of this work!
She loved it so much that she taped it above her bed! 🙂

This is a gemstone that Bunny painted. She wanted to make it look like it shined and sparkled, so she used the metal inset shapes to make the facets. I see another rock study in our future! 🙂
So that, combined with a ton of play time, is what we did today! I love that I was able to take the day off so the girls could relax! Homeschooling is wonderful that way! I also love how well placed free art time can lead to such great concentration and such great creativity! Happy Schooling!
PS: While the girls were painting, I was redesigning my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing. When I started that blog I wanted a place to write down my personal reflections. It has since taken on more roles! This is going to be y place where I can post my thoughts, the small family moments that bring me joy, and the creativity that fill my life! I love to make things and I really feel odd posting it here on my school blog, so I will be posting my work there! So pop on by and let me know what you think of my changes!