My Newest Sponsor!!!!!

Well everyone I want to welcome Montessori At Home! today!!!!!! John Bowman is the brilliant Montessori teacher turned author who wrote this book for everyone who wants to use the Montessori Method with their children! He believes that every child should be able to have the best of Montessori, even if they cant afford a school. And if you read here often, you know that I think the same thing! In fact its the reason that we homeschool here!
This book is my first recommendation for anyone who is interested in using Montessori! Not only does the book thoroughly explain the method, but it also offers a quick start guild to allow you to start right away (I hate to wait till I finish a book to get to work, so this appealed to me)! He offers so much information, so many pictures, and simple ways to use the method without going broke buying materials! And you know what else? Its SUPER affordable! The eBook is available for $8.95 on on the website! I really think that this is one of the very best Montessori books out there! I really love it! I am so happy to have him be a part of my little blog here! I hope that you pop on by, read his blog, follow him on Facebook (John posts some awesome links there) and buy this book if you haven’t already! If you aren’t a big fan of eBooks, you can print it off easily (I did)! 😉 Welcome Montessori at Home!