Magellan Montessori~ A Reveiw

Magellan Montessori's Homeschooling Early Elementary (Ages 6-9 Years)

I was offered a chance to review a new book that is written for the Montessori Homeschooler of lower elementary kids (ages 6-9). I cant tell you how excited I was to do this because as we all know there is such a limited amount of resources out there for this! What I got was a 365 page Kindle E-Book! Magellan Montessori Homeschooling Early Elementary book is written by Miriam Coates, M.Ed. who is a Montessori Directress! That means this book really is truly Montessori. The book starts off by going in depth into a description of the preparation of child in the Primary (age 3-6) classroom and then it goes into the changes a child goes through as they enter first grade. The book then offers many idea about setting up your own homeschool environment. The ideas are really great at helping explain how to set it up, even if you dont have a whole room to use. As it gets into the lessons, I love that it tells you the objective for the lessons and it also gives you some alternatives to the traditional materials you need for teaching. This is great, especially for those of us that are trying to operate on a budget! The only thing that I noticed is that when it explains the presentations, it gives you an idea, but it doesnt get into any step by steps for how to give the presentation. This is where you would need a set of traditional Montessori albums if you want that kind of help (like me:). It does cover a majority of the subjects like Practical Life, Language Arts, Math, Botany, Zoology, Great Lessons, Geography, Art, and Astronomy, so there are plenty of ideas for learning! Another thing that this book does is give you links for what the materials look like using the Neinhuis website. I personally like to see pictures in book, so this is a bit of draw back for me, but at least there are links! Finally, there is a website that goes with the book to offer support and answer questions! I love it when there is someone to ask questions to, and if you read this blog much, you know I ask alot of them! So if you are looking for  great new Montessori resource, this might one you want to look into! When you look at the book, price may seem a little high, but if you compare it to other classes and courses,  it really isnt too bad! I hope you check it out! Happy Schooling everyone!

***Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book to give an honest review of my opinion of this book. These thoughts are my own!***