Great Lessons in the Atrium

Today I took pictures of the amazing cosmic work that has been happening in the Atrium we attend each week. Since the entire Catechises of the Good Shepherd program is based on the Montessori Method, the level 2 work is all about the cosmic education. The first works of the year are big, and impressionistic. We start with creation and the Fettuccia. The Fettuccia is like the Montessori black strip, but it has three colors. Blue for the first part of the creation of the earth, tan for the coming of life and man, and then white for Parousia (when Jesus will come again). When it unrolls, it is 50 yards long! It is very cool and the kids love it!

The follow up work is the Unity Strip, which is a smaller strip with labels and pictures that tell the story of Creation, Redemption, and the coming of Parousia! This work is much like the Time Line of Life in that there is a must chart that hangs on the wall, and there is a chart with movable pieces that child can work with! Bunny didnt do much work with it at this time, and the little time she did work with it was on a day I forget the camera! So I only have pictures of the mute chart for you to see!

This work all leads the child to really see the work of God in the universe and to see how it connects with the words written in the Bible! What I also love, is that it fits right into the work we have done in our classroom and it is so easy to tie together! It is so amazing to how the beauty of the universe all about the creativity of God! I think it is such a great way to learn about science, geography, history…well everything! If you would like more info on the Catechises of the Good Shepherd, visit their website here! You can even find an Atrium near you!