A Year of Crafts

A Year of Crafts~ Advent Calenders

Today we had our very last Year of Crafts Day! I think it was pretty good!Since it is the very beginning of advent, I thought it would be fun to make advent calenders! However, I have two kids and my friend has four, that makes a lot of calenders for each of us to hang up! So I found a way to use envelopes and turn it into a book! This way each kid can open an envelope everyday, but it will only take up a tiny bit of space! Perfect! I started with 24 brown mailing envelops for each kid, and some pretty scrapbook tags, stickers, buttons, beads, and rhinestones to make things pretty! The girls worked really hard, but after about ten, they were pretty tired! They finished them up though and I filled them with a bible verse for each day of the week! The verses are a part of the e-book Truth in the Tinsel. Each day there is a thought about the bible passage and a craft to help the ids ponder the meaning or the characters! It is a really great book and I think that the kids are going to love! Here are some of the “pages” in their books!

After all that work, the kids were STARVING! 😉 So I made a really sweet, pintrest inspired, nativity lunch! They loved it and it looked great! You cant ask for better then that!
Pretzel Rod Stable
Potato Sticks Straw
Hot Dog Baby Jesus’ in Crescent roll swaddling clothes.
Star Fruit Star

And of course, rice krispie sheep!
So there you have it for the last of our year! It was an amazing experience and fun! But dont worry…this year we are doing something new! Think storybooks and cooking! 😉 I hope you are having a great start to your advent season! Christmas will be here soon and its time to get ready! I cant wait!

A Year of Crafts~ November 2012

Yesterday was our monthly year of crafts day! Since this is November, we obviously chose a Thanksgiving theme! My friend did an amazing job with the planning even with a couple of extra friends! We started off by making shape turkeys! The kids picked a shape and made a body, a head, and feathers all out of the shape they chose! They turned out really cute and kids got a great scissor practice!

We also made some adorable handprint turkeys! I was in charge of painting hands, so there are no pictures of it! Sorry! If you want to see how the craft should look when it is all done, you can visit Little Giraffes. Here they are drying!
After all the fun work, everyone was SUPER hungry! 😉 So lunch was quickly made! And extremely cute! I love how Pintrest allows us to share such amazing ideas! Here is what the kids got to eat:

Yummy! It was a super fun day playing with new friends and old friends! It’s my turn for next month! I guess I need to get planning! I hope you are all enjoying this season and all the fun that comes with it! Happy Crafting!

A Year of Crafts~ October~ Halloween!

Today we had our friends over for our monthly craft day! It was my month to plan it and I of course picked a halloween theme! After a lot of searching on Pintrest, I found a really great project here. I know that I this link is bad, but I cant for the life of me find the blog this came from! I am so sorry. When I find it will let you know! What the lady did was take a profile picture of her daughter with a witch hat on. Then she printed it, glued it on black paper, and cut it out. Then she glued it down with the black side up on a piece of her daughters art! So cute and so easy! So I asked everyone to bring a piece of their costume and I took pictures of all the kids. Then I pulled out some white crayons and let them do a watercolor resist picture. In hindsight, I should have used lighter water colors, but it worked out. When they dried, we glued the silhouette down and added some glitter! The results were rather busy and exciting! 😉 Here is what they look liked:

This is Bunny in her tooth fairy wings.

Here is her friend C. as a fairy too!

C.’s brother H is a Knight.

Their little sister G. has a princess crown on.

Here is Pup with her cowgirl hat!

Finally, here is R. with his knight helmet too!
I love that this is project is going to let us remember what they were choosing to be for halloween! It is a really fun project and like I said they were rather busy, but everyone loved every step! 😉
Lunch was all halloween theme too! I found some jack-o-lantern quesedillas, ghost milk, and I bought some bat shaped brownies at the store! The kids loved it and it was pretty easy to make. Just as a side note for the quesadilla, instead of using kitchen shears, I used mini cookie cutters, and since I like both sides of my quesadilla toasty, I toasted the jack-o-lantern face first, then removed it from the heat, and then put the other tortilla, cheese, and the jack-o-lantern. They were all toasty and yummy!

So there we have it! It was alot of fun, the kids got to play alot, and I got to hang out too! It was really great! Are you doing any halloween fun? I would love to hear what you have been up to!

Taking Time Tuesday~ A Year of Crafts~ Apples!

Today was our monthly crafts day with our friends and the theme was perfect for September~ Apples! Our project today was a fun one full of messy fun! Using brown paint, we painted the hand and arm of the kids brown and stamped it on the paper to make a trunk and branches. After we washed them off, they used green paint and cotton balls to add leaves. To finish off the masterpieces, they used a cotton swab to add little red apples! These turned out so well! As I am sure you see!

After our art, the kids got to make mini apple turnovers for lunch dessert! Ohhh they loved that! They flatened the dough cut up the apples and folded them in! They turned out really well! Plus everyone loved to eat something that they got to make! 🙂

Yummy right! The rest of lunch was just as good too! We cut some bagels, placed a few slices of apple on top of it, sprinkled with cinnamon, and topped it with cheddar cheese! A few minutes in the over made them toasty and yummy!

It was a lot of fun today and a great way to get ready for all the wonderful things of fall that are coming our way! Now its your turn to share the fun thing you got to do with your kiddos! I would love to have you link up with with me here! Happy Taking Time Tuesday!!!!

Taking Time Tuesday~ A Year of Crafts~ Bubbles

Well today I am resurrecting the Taking Time Tuesday posts and I turned them into a linky party! This is the very first linky party I am hosting! I really hope that some of you link up here with me because it will be alot of fun! The party is a collection of all the fun we took time to have this week with our kids! I have noticed that I always forget to make sure I have time to be with my kids and have fun! Do you? Well in this linky party I want us all to remember the good time we had when we took time to be with out kids!

For my first Taking Time Tuesday day, we had another fun Year of Crafts day! Our theme was bubbles! Who doesnt love bubbles? I had great plans for all kinds of fun bubbly things, but the rains sort of put a stop to some of it! But the kids laughed and got messy and had fun anyway! Since that was the point, it was a smashing success! We started off with the ever so fun bubble prints and then I had all manner of bubble wands for the kids to play with, and of course there was unlimited bubble solution! We set everything up outside (for obvious reasons) and got right to work!

Lunch was a bit trickier since it is rather hard to find bubbly food! So I found some clear plastic Christmas ornaments in my stash that were perfect to put all their favorite food in! It was perfect! They loved it and it was easy! 🙂 For dessert there were mini cream puffs! Talk about yummy!

How is that for a great day? The kids had a blast, I had a good time, and most of all there were memories made! 🙂 Now its your turn! Link your fun below and let us know what you did that was special for your family this week! Happy Summer!
I also linked up with Its Playtime!

A Year of Crafts~ July!

On Tuesday we had our monthly Year of Crafts day and it was full of All American Fun! My friend thought that a simple craft would be the best since it was hot and the kids wanted to play in the water outside! She was so right! With the Fourth of July the next day, our craft was all about the fireworks fun! Using some glitter paint and pipe cleaners twisted into spider shapes they were able to make some really pretty fireworks! We also tried a couple of other techniques. One was using a straw to blow the paint out into a burst! Another was to use q-tips and toothpicks to spread the paint! Bunny got really into it and used all three colors on top of each other to give it a really real look! Pup loved dipping it into the paint and stamping it down. HM (age 5) made his very organized. Each color was done in a nice row! CM (age 6) didnt want to get messy, so she used markers to create a story board of how a firework blows up. First she made a line going up and then it three more pictures she showed how it got bigger, and then it was lighter and falling out! 🙂

After the craft it was time for some good old fashion outside summer fun! Kiddie pool, basket ball, and sidewalk chalk!

After lots of playing, there were some very hungry kids! So we had a really awesome All American Lunch! It was perfect for summer!
Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, and Red White and Blue Fruit!

And Root Beer! 🙂

For dessert we had homemade ice cream sandwiches! Yummy!

It was a great day in the sun! I love that there is so many days of fun with our Year of Crafts! I cant wait for next month! It is my turn to plan and I am going to hit Pintrest here to find some awesome fun! 😉 Did I mention I love this?! Happy Summer Everyone!

A Year of Crafts~ June

Today was our year of crafts day! It was my turn to host and I chose to do a pool party/ beach theme! I was so excited to do a bit of summer decorating around the house and to pull out the kiddie pool for the first time this year!

For the craft I pulled an fun idea I found on Pintrest! We used some empty bottles to make an ocean! We used some water (dyed blue), some sea creatures, glitter, and baby oil! Simple! However, we had some issues with the glitter not sinking to the bottom. I’m not sure why it happened. I think we used too much!  😉 I never thought I could say that about glitter! I think that the kids had fun with it though and they are pretty when you shake them up!

After the project, the kids got their suits on and got into some water fun!!!! When the sun is warm and the water was cool! There was alot of splashing and alot of fun!

And of course I had to go all out for lunch! Since everyone was having so much fun in the water, I thought that eating outside would be the best idea! So I packed them their summer lunch in a pail! It was just awesome to see them wandering around with their own lunch in a bucket! We had ham starfish shaped sandwiches, Goldfish crackers, Strawberries on Skewers, and juice drinks! We followed this up with some really fun seashell shaped cookies that I served on crushed graham crackers sand!

We had a ton of summer fun today and I hope that this is something we can do again soon! I have to say that this Christmas gift idea was really the best one ever! Not only do we make time each month to have fun together, we also get to be creative too! Our friends are the best, and we are so blessed to have them in out lives!

A Year of Crafts~ April

Well today we had another really great craft day! Our theme this month was birds, and it was my turn to plan!!!! I had alot of fun planning lunch and finding a craft! I have to say, this month came directly from Pintrest! There are a million ideas there and I just had to try them! This month, we started with lunch which was super fun! I found this great idea where they had an Easter egg hunt for their lunch! I modified this by putting their lunch in some white Easter eggs I found and serving them in baskets nests! The kids were not sure what to think when I set it in front of them! I think that HM thought I had lost my mind! 🙂 Hahaha! I love that! It was fun to watch them open each egg and be surprised by each part of lunch! I also tried making some egg Popsicles for dessert. I found the idea here. They sort of turned out, but they did leak before they froze. So if you try these, make sure your eggs don’t leak! 😉

For our craft, we made some lovely and colorful nest kits for the birds! This idea is one that has been bopping about pintrest and it was just too easy and so great for all of the ages we having crafting! Here is a link for the yarn nest kit! We had a great time with this and when the kids were all done, we made some simple bird feeders with pipe cleaners and Cheerios! (Here is a link).

I think everyone had a great time and these crafts will be so great for the birds! I cant wait to look around and see if we can see some nests with flair! 😉 With all the pretty yarn, I think we will have some awesome nests in the area! Happy Spring!!!!

A Year of Crafts~ January

This year for Christmas, my friend and I decided to give our kids a craft day instead of gifts from each other. So once a month, one of our Taking Time Tuesday will be a craft day with our friends! So this month it was my friends turn to plan, and she did a snowman theme! The kids all made hanging snowman and they also got to make snowman garland. Both ideas were really wonderful and easy for the kids to make! The hanging snowman was three circles that the kids traced and cut out. Then they glue these to some fish line and decorate! Simple and fun! The other craft was snowmen that the kids traced onto craft foam, and then cut out. Then they got to decorate them with buttons, felt, and ribbon. After they were dry, we strung them together with some yarn to make a snowy happy garland! Here are a few pictures of the kids at work!

First up are the pictures of the girls making hanging snowmen. Pup did all her own cutting and most of the tracing too! Bunny and her friend made theirs all on their own and they turned out really well too!

Here they are all making their garland! I love how concentrated they were on making them really pretty!

Here are Pup’s Snowmen. She cut the snowmen out and the hats on her own.
(I did add some necks to them though)

Here are Bunny’s

And here are Bunny’s Friends!
All the kids had great fun and after we got all of the crafts cleaned up, we had some awesome snowman pancakes for lunch!!!! Too cute! All the kids LOVED them of course!

So that was our first craft day it was a blast! Not only did we have fun crafting , the kids got to play together and I got to have some great mommy time with my friend! I love days like this! Our next craft day is on Valentine’s day, and I get to plan it! 🙂