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A New Year and Another Blogiversary!

Well Happy Happy New Year to all of you! 2012 is over and 2013 is here and I just cant wait to see hat it brings! Not only is it a new year, it is also my second anniversary of this blog! Yikes! I cant believe that we have been here for two years! So many memories, new achievements, and great new friends have been recorded in the posts here! I have loved every second of it and I want to thank you all my dear readers for all the love, them comments, and the faithful following that you all give me! Each of you is a blessing! Thank you all so much! If it werent for all of you, this blog would not be what it is today!

Now, I dont know about you, but with each new year I feel this urge to really set myself up to be the best I can be during this year! I want to make sure that my plans are set, my goals are realistic, and that my whole family can benefit from these ideas! I also like to look back and see what went right and what should be a bit different. This year has been very good to everyone here. We all learned alot, we played together, created things, and got closer to God. I didnt loose any weight, but I did get a treadmill to help me do that. We did spend more time together, but I think that there is alot I can do to be better at that. It was a good year. So for the new year my goals are similar to last year’s: take time to play with my girls, keep learning together, and of course loose weight. 😉 But there are some other things that I really feel like God is asking me to do this year too. One of those things is to live the liturgy of the church year. There are some really beautiful celebrations and some really amazing saints that we remember all through the year. My girls dont know very many of these and the things they do know seem like a negative thing since they often HAVE to go to church. So this year we are going to make these days real celebration and fun days. My plan is to try and do one each month with the girls (this will also help with my goal to spend more time playing)! I want them to find joy and fun in the heritage of our faith. Faith is a living thing and I want them to feel that!
Another thing that I want to do more of is make things. Make gifts, make our food, and grow our own veggies this summer. We have alot of random food allergies here and there are alot of things that I am realizing it would be better for me to make. Some of those things are tomato sauce, beef stock, and even granola. Does it take more time, OH YES! But I think that the payoff is going to worth it. Plus, it seems like I eat less when it is homemade and that will help with weight loss!
Our virtue for the year seems a little less clear, but I think that maybe it is Piety. There is a great value to being close to God daily and I really want to make sure that this is an integral part of my kids childhood. Plus as they get older I want to be sure that they are really ready to receive the sacraments. Bunny will be making her first communion in May 2014, and I want to be sure that she is ready deep in her heart. It is a huge moment in her life and I dont think we can start too soon deepening that relationship with God. So there you have it! My plan in a small way for the new year! There is lot of things we want to do and things we want to accomplish, but it all boils down to trying have the best family life we can possibly have! I wish all the same for you too! Happy New Year!

What is your goal for the new year? 

A Giveaway that is not to miss!!!!!

My Boy’s Teacher over at What DID we do all day? is hosting a giveaway of the Montessori Print Shop Zoology Materials Bundle!!!!! This set has all the nomenclature booklets that are just perfect for all the summer studies that we are planning (Hey we study while the weather allows)! If you head over there, you can enter to win all of it!!!!! I am really excited about this one! Animals are always an amazing hit and I think these booklets are going to inspire some serious learning!!!!!

Another Book!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed the day and had lots of green fun! I managed to pull together a little holiday fun for the family last night (i know I know, I had all month!). I blogged all about it here! We had a wonderful day, and Bunny even made us all a cake! Stop by and let me know what you  think!

Another wonderful thing that Bunny did today was write us another book! I had some very pretty stickers that I had saved for something special! I showed them to her and she loved them! I suggested that they would be really great for a story! She agreed and wrote a rather long book (six pages) using all the stickers! Here are the pages in her book ( I will write the “translation” in case you cant read it all. She is still writing phonetically).

One day a princess thought about lives in a castle.

In the castle was a book.

In the book was a frog.

A knight thought about a dragon
(the “one” was supposed to be thought, but she copied the wrong word off her other page)

The knight found a treasure

He found a glass slipper.
I love that she has found some inspiration to write more! She is doing so well with it. This story was her very own creation, I jut helped with any spelling that she asked for help with! I hope that this gives her some confidence and some motivation to keep reading and writing! If you leave a comment for her, I will be sure to pass it along! See you all on Monday!!! Have a great weekend!

Site Using other Blogs Posts

I wanted to share with you a site that copied my entire blog post from yesterday and put it up on their blog. The only way that I found out was through Deb at Living Montessori Now. I’m not sure if there are other bloggers work on this site, but it looked like there could be. I just wanted to let everyone know in case it was theirs! I have asked that the writer take down my post and to stop copying. I hope that they do! Here the link if you want to check it out.

*UPDATE* They are using alot of blog posts and it seems as if it is automatically posting the information. I found this post on the new list! 🙂 I am also seeing posts from my other blog too. Hmmm…not really sure what to do!

Water Color Painting!!!!

Today we took it easy! I was working with some family pictures that I am desperately trying to get scrapbooked (digitally of course) and the girl have been all out of sorts. So I pulled out some water paints and let the girls get some creativity going!!!! They were really excited and really got into it! Bunny painted a unicorn (her favorite thing right now) and Pup tried to paint a Zebra (her favorite thing ever!). Here are the pictures of their work!

They were so hard at work. I loved their concentration!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn all ready to paint!

After she finished a few papers, I pulled out some of the snowflakes that the girls have been making for her to paint too!

This is ones of Pup’s paintings!

This is Pup’s Zebra
(She painted this and was all upset that it wasn’t looking just like a zebra. So I painted the black back, and the belly line, and that made her feel better about how it looked. She did the rest!)

Here is a Zebra I drew for Pup and she painted it all up!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn! She was so proud of this work!
She loved it so much that she taped it above her bed! 🙂

This is a gemstone that Bunny painted. She wanted to make it look like it shined and sparkled, so she used the metal inset shapes to make the facets. I see another rock study in our future! 🙂
So that, combined with a ton of play time, is what we did today! I love that I was able to take the day off so the girls could relax! Homeschooling is wonderful that way! I also love how well placed free art time can lead to such great concentration and such great creativity! Happy Schooling!
PS: While the girls were painting, I was redesigning my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing. When I started that blog I wanted a place to write down my personal reflections. It has since taken on more roles! This is going to be y place where I can post my thoughts, the small family moments that bring me joy, and the creativity that fill my life! I love to make things and I really feel odd posting it here on my school blog, so I will be posting my work there! So pop on by and let me know what you think of my changes!

What we have been doing….

My posting has been really sporadic, but I promise that it will get better! Things have been really busy here lately. We have mostly been playing and I have been working! Working on cleaning out the basement. The other side that my Montessori storage /laundry room/ holiday storage/ baby stuff storage/ Santa;s workshop/ extra toy storage/ etc.! It is a catch all, a hell hole, and a place where all of my creativity happens weekly! 😉 Needless to say after a few months of bad maintenance, it really needed some time and help! I have also been sorting through clothes (Pup grew again! She is a 4T. Yikes!) and getting rid of old things and putting small things away! I have also been baking and shopping like everyone else! 🙂 Making materials for our Atrium at Church. On top of all that I have started a new blog that is all about marriage and my journey to be a better wife! This is something that is really something that I need to think about and work on to be a better person. It is a rather detailed blog about all aspects of my marriage, so if you don’t want to know about all my deeply personal life then I wouldn’t visit! 😉 However if you want to get into the nitty gritty of marriage with me, stop on by Joyful Marriage in a Busy Life!
 Here are a few pictures that I have taken this week of the kids and what we have been up to!

Work in the Atrium at Church.
They play like this all day!

See I told you that she grew! 🙂

So that is a quick update on what we have been up to these past couple of days! I will be back with new trays and Montessori fun tomorrow! We plan on making cookies! Happy Schooling!

A New Milestone and New Memories!!!!!!

Well I am so exited to announce that my little blog has reached 100 followers!!!!!! Thank you so very much for all of you wonderful people who read my blog and leave your comments! It means so much that you like reading all about my adventures with my kiddos! Thank you for all of the support that you have offered me in the past 10 months since I started my blog. I really love being part of this wonderful community of Moms! It has been a blessing and I think you all!

Now on to our day! We have been blessed here with some warmer weather and today I started to feel that cooler air moving in. So I took advantage of one of our last warm days to get the girls to the zoo! Now it was looking overcast but the weather radar said it was moving out, so off we went! As we got to the zoo the rain started! Thankfully it only last about 10 min and the rest of the day was really nice! We got to see all the animals that they have been asking to see for a while! It was great. In the cooler weather I have found, the animals seem to move about more! This of course make it more fun! We have several large animals in our zoo that have babies and it is always fun to watch them playing! Here are some pictures of what we saw today!

Here is our Giraffe Family

The baby giraffe was running all around and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Those long legs are so awkward! 🙂 At one point he ran around in a large circle and wiped out on the hill! He went rolling a bit, then was back on his feet running around!!!! It was too cute!

Gray Wolf

There was a little rabbit statue and Bunny wanted her picture by it!

Pup of course didn’t want to be left out!

Next we observed seals. There are two in this aquarium, Harbor Seals and Gray Seals.

We talked about how seals are mammals. They have fur, they have babies, they need air, and they nurse their babies! Bunny hadn’t looked at them that closely before, so it was fun to slow down and observe them better. I think that this is something that I want to do more with her as she gets bigger.

Posing with the Polar Bear Mount.

Here is the Sloth Bear. It was cute because I would place my hand by the corner of the glass and the bear would come up, smoosh his nose in the corner, and woof his breath. I could feel it and hear it. Bunny wasn’t going to get that close to a bear, but he was really sweet {behind the glass ;)}.

Here is our baby elephant Lucas again. He is just too cute and so much fun to watch. We stayed there for quite a while Bunny really watched the elephants. She noticed that their faces look sad. I assured her that they weren’t.

We got to see Lucas nursing.

They he started running around

Mom showed him how to hold down a branch with a foot and lift it with the trunk.

It was cute to watch him do what mom did!

Then he started playing with a log! I know there are quite a few pictures of the elephants, but they are so fun and so close now!

Bunny and Pup both wanted to eat watching the elephants.

These are masks that are hanging in the children’s area. Both girls love to try them out!

There are also Guinea pigs for the kids to hold and pet.

Here are my little zoo lovers on the elephant at the zoo!

Bunny even got a picture of me! She told me: “Mom it is so good that I am big enough to take pictures. That way we have some pictures of you!” I love my Bunny!
So that is our day. I am hoping that we get some more warmer weather before the snow hit, but if we don’t at least we got to the zoo one more time! We will however head back to see the lights they put up at Christmas time! They have millions!!!! Thank you all again for all of you who stop by and read what I have to say You are awesome!!!! Happy Schooling!