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Timeline of Life and AN ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!!!

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I have another amazing product review for you today! As many of you know, at the beginning of the year I had a heck of a time working out how to do elementary Montessori work in a homeschool setting. One of the big things that I had a hard time working out was the timeline of life. It was just SO expensive and I just didnt have the money to do it. So after a bunch of research, I finally made my own timeline using the pictures from the timeline of life that was on the market. I hand drew all the pictures and added the time periods. I of course shared it with you so that you wouldn’t have to do all that work too! ūüôā However, as pretty as it was, Bunny just never really was interested in using it for research! What I found was that we had no real way of finding more information. She might want¬†to know more, but I didnt know¬†where to find¬†more¬†information. This made the timeline pretty much just a pretty picture. Well all this changed when Montessori Services¬†sent me a copy of their Timeline of Life¬†Research Books! They are….AWESOME! Each page has one of the pictures from the timeline and underneath it is a¬†paragraph with information on that picture. Each time period is explained on a page before the pictures from that time. They are very though, interestingly written, and ready to answer those burning questions about things that are¬†on the timeline! What I love is that they are small, and they work perfectly with the timeline I made!¬†I think that if there were something that I would recommend buying it would be these! Even without the timeline, you could easy make the timeline by copying the pictures in the book¬†to add to your own timeline.¬†The information in these make them an invaluable resource for the Great Lessons!


Now since I know that you are dying to get your hands on these before the next school year, I have great news! Montessori Services is offering ANOTHER $25 gift card to one of my readers!!!!! That means you have another chance to win another gift card! This is a quick one! It ends Sunday so be sure to enter fast!!!! If you dont even win, stop over there and look around. They have the best prices, and the BEST selection of amazing learning materials. Plus if you want a copy of my timeline of life, you can download it HERE! And to enter for the other giveaway, click here! Good Luck and Happy Schooling!

* Disclaimer: I received these products for free to review for Montessori Services. This is my own, honest opinion. I also am an affiliate of Montessori Services and receive a small percentage of any orders placed from my blog! Your support means the world to me!*
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Montessori Monday~ Botany Trays and A GIVEAWAY!

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Happy Monday everyone! Today I have some new trays to share with you, and a review of the adorable crumbing set from Montessori Services! As you know, I have had a really hard finding some new trays for Pup. She has not really been that interested¬†in any practical life work. But when I saw this adorable crumbing set, I knew it would be a hit! Montessori Service was kind enough to send one to me so I could show it to you in action, and action it will see! I placed it on a tray for right now, but I know we will be using this to sweep up after playdough (you know those little dried up bits), to sweep cracker crumbs, and to sweep…well a million things! ūüôā The little set is made with a such care and perfection! The little broom is wooden with soft bristles, and the pan is metal with a wooden handle. It is really pretty and so useful! Plus, Montessori Services is the only place that carries this set! Believe me, I have searched and searched! Pup really loved it! Even Bunny wanted in on a chance to use this pretty little set!

I also thought that you would love to see a few more trays that are a spring/ botany theme! Some of them I made today, and some are older ones! My girls love to have things match what they are learning about!
Art Challenge: Make a Leaf

Tracing Leaves
Flowing arranging
Sensory Bin
Rain Water
(The child shakes the salt shaker of water into the pitcher, then pour it back)
The work would be SO much better and prettier with the Montessori Services broom and pan! ūüôā
It is just the perfect size for little hands! Now I know that you want one too! Well the lovely people at Montessori Services have so generously offered one of my amazing readers a $25 gift card! The entry form is below, so be sure to enter! You can get the crumbing set and something else with that! They have it all! Every practical life things to make millions of trays, pre made trays for those without time, books, rugs, child sized tools for everywhere, and even elementary work! Heck, just stop by and get a little something tot help kick the spring burnout! The prices are great. Good Luck!  Be sure to stop back tomorrow for another giveaway!
*Disclaimer: I was given the crumbing set to give my honest review. I am also an affiliate of Montessori Service, so any order you place here, will give me a tiny percentage of your order! Thanks in advance for supporting us here with your order! It helps a ton!  Happy Schooling!

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My Newest Sponsor!!!!!

Well everyone I want to welcome Montessori At Home! today!!!!!! John Bowman is the brilliant Montessori teacher turned author who wrote this book for everyone who wants to use the Montessori Method with their children! He believes that every child should be able to have the best of Montessori, even if they cant afford a school. And if you read here often, you know that I think the same thing! In fact its the reason that we homeschool here!
This book is my first recommendation for anyone who is interested in using Montessori! Not only does the book thoroughly explain the method, but it also offers a quick start guild to allow you to start right away (I hate to wait till I finish a book to get to work, so this appealed to me)! He offers so much information, so many pictures, and simple ways to use the method without going broke buying materials! And you know what else? Its SUPER affordable! The eBook is available for¬†$8.95 on¬†on the website!¬†I really think that this is one of the very best Montessori books out there! I really love it! I am so happy to have him be a part of my little blog here! I hope that you pop on by, read his blog, follow him on Facebook (John posts some awesome links there) and buy this book if you haven’t already!¬†If you aren’t a big fan of eBooks, you can print it off easily (I did)! ūüėČ Welcome Montessori at Home!

Welcome Montessori Print Shop!!!!!

Today is a milestone day for Discovery Days and Montessori Moments! We have our very first official sponsor ~ Montessori Print Shop! I am so honored to be working with them since they are the very best when it comes to affordable, printable Montessori Materials! I love their materials and I cant tell you how much time they have saved me! Not only are they ready made, but you can buy them, download them, and print them in minutes (and since my planning isn’t always the best, sometimes I have to do that to make a lesson really good!). I really hope that you stop over there and see what they have! I really love all the nomenclature cards (its good to buy them, especially when you have no idea what you are talking about! Yes I admit, I had to study some cards well before I even gave the presentation since I had no idea what I was teaching!). These cards give you clearly drawn pictures with all the proper spots highlighted, and they also come with a back line master so that your child can make their own booklet or cards! Bunny LOVES making books and she will always make the book that is included in the set. I wrote a review of these¬†cards¬†here¬†if you want to see how Bunny and I use them.¬†I also love that they have all the continents box pictures and maps available! They are just beautiful and all are color coded to match the traditional Montessori continent colors (you can buy them without the colors too)! Trust me when I say, the money that they cost is well worth the time it takes to make all the cards for each continent on your own. Finally, they not only have all the language materials read to, but they also sell a complete album set for the 3-6 range! They pretty much have everything you need! So please stop by there and see the amazing work that Jennifer does! If you are still not convinced that they have great stuff, you can always check out their freebies!!!!1 That’s right, they have really great freebies here!¬†Check it out and let me know what you love! Happy Shopping ahem….Schooling! ūüôā