Montessori Book Deal!


Well everyone, I know its Monday and I usually have some words of wisdom or some amazing school time stories, but today I have something even more special for you all! John Bowman, a certified Montessori Teacher, has his latest, and best edition of Montessori At Home e-book for sale! I know that I have talked about it before, but honestly it is the best of the best out there for anyone with a 3-6 year old who wants to add a little Montessori to their homes! There is enough information here to homeschool, but it is simple enough if you just want to add a bit to start with! But wait there’s more….its ONLY $10.95! SERIOUSLY! This book is over 500 pages of information and activities. It starts off with an amazing quick start guild (for those of you too impatient to read the whole book first), and it follows with a rather detailed overview of Maria Montessori. It is divided by subject matter and even includes the cultural work that is sometime hard to figure out how to do! This is always my first recommendation for a Montessori resource, and today you can get it here! Plus my girls are in the book, which is always fun too!


 Now, another thing that I really love about this deal is that Montessori Print Shop put together a bundle of 21 of their amazing material to help you do the presentations in the book! The value of this bundle if you bought the material separately would by $60, but for only $24 you can get them all! This is really an amazing way to get Montessori in your home and working quickly, inexpensively, and the way Maria Montessori designed it!   I have signed up as an affiliate for this book, which means, if you buy the book from the link on my blog, I will get a few bucks! So if you are thinking of buying the book, it would mean the world if you just click on the link here to get to the site! The money will help me keep things going on the blog! Check it and see what you think! If you already have the book, you can always check out the Materials Bundle! If you have it all already, leave me a comment and tell me what you think of it so far! What worked, what didnt, and what you LOVE! If you need more convincing, here are some reviews of other people who have the book:

“Your book appears to be EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I have only recently begun researching the Montessori method and I’m currently feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of info and ideas. I had no idea where to start. Your book is a fantastic summary of everything I wanted to know and it looks as though it is going to be a wonderful tool for focusing my ideas and beginning an actual routine and plan. Thank you so much!”

 “This is an amazing book! You have done parents an enormous favor. Thanks so much!”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I downloaded Montessori At Home! So many things don’t live up to their hype. This book not only lives up to it, it exceeds your descriptions. What a find! As soon as I read a bit I am going to do our first activity – thank you!”

Happy Schooling Everyone! Have fun making Montessori fun and Memories!

Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaway

Well everyone its that time of year again! Christmas is coming and its coming really fast! I dont know about you, but I am always looking for a great new toy that is educational and well made! I love to buy toys for my girls and I love it when that toy offers some kind of purpose. One of my go to toy companies is Melissa and Doug! There are so many things that they make that are just perfect for fun and learning all in one! So when they wanted me to share with you a list of their Top 20 Toys I said “Sure”! Not only are they giving you a great list, but they are giving something away off of it for the next 20 days!!!!! All you need to do is sign up at their Facebook Page!
Doorbell House
Plus, they are giving away the Doorbell House to one of my lucky readers! I for one, have wanted to buy this for a while now because, what’s not to love about keys and locks! Every kid will love to unlock the doors to find out what is inside and hide their own things in it too! Plus, there are working door bells! This is truly a Montessori Toy. Learning and fun all wrapped in on perfect little gift! All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me your favorite holiday gift idea! Do you want another chance to win? Then follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Friend Connect, or Pintrest and leave me a comment to let me know! I will choose a winner on November 13! Good Luck and Happy Shopping!
And the winner is:
Congratulations!!!!! Please send me your contact information ASAP! 🙂

Snow and Tea Time!

Today when the girls woke up, there was a dusting of snow!!!!! They were so excited! They wanted to go out in it so badly! So after breakfast, I let them go out and make a few snowballs (there was only enough snow for a few snowballs)! They loved it, they ate it (yuck), and they wanted more! So I guess they are ready for he season shift! I’m not sure that I’m quite ready, but it will be fun!

After that we headed off to a tea party that was based on the Jesse Tree with our homeschool group today! It was amazingly fun!:) If you want to read more I blogged about it at HOPE in the Home! Happy Schooling everyone!!!!!

Guest Blogger~ At Home Montessori!!!!!

Today we are so excited to present you with our very first guest blogger!!!!! Ms. Shelly is here today to give an overview of how the Montessori Method is used in the home! Maria Montessori developed a beautiful method of education that follows the child as they learn according to the inner need. She discovered, through careful observation, that the child is capable of great discipline and great learning at a very young age due to what she calls the absorbent mind. Children learn differently them we do as adults, and can easily absorb large amounts of information when it is presented in a concrete hands on way!!! I personally love this method to education and it is the method of education that I am using with my children in my home!  It is an amazing thing to watch young children learning with great joy in their discoveries, and this is exactly what the Montessori Method is all about!!!! So, without further ado, we welcome Ms. Shelly!!!

To teach Montessori at home, you’ll need to find a place within the house to have “school”—a place where the child cannot become distracted by television, pets, or non-Montessori playthings. This is where the child will do language, mathematics, and some sensorial activities, but the entire home will become a classroom for some exercises. If you’re going to teach Montessori at home, be sure not to isolate the child—take him or her on outings and play dates so that he or she can develop the necessary social skills and niceties.

Remember to use as few words as possible when presenting lessons to your child, you want them to focus on your actions, not on your words. Also remember that you are the observer in the Montessori Method, not the teacher—the child will guide you in his or her learning by the activities he or she chooses to engage in. The child may use any lesson for as long as he or she likes, but may only have one lesson at a time.

Teaching Montessori at home requires patience! It will take a while for your child to develop the concentration and order necessary to focus on one lesson at a time, as well as for them to understand that only one lesson at a time is appropriate. Having lessons at the same time each day and establishing a routine will help your child become accustomed to the Montessori Method, and if he or she is having a difficult day or is feeling sick, they may take a day off from “school” and then continue the next day.

Eventually your child will grow used to the “freedom within limits” that he or she has, and will be eager to do her Montessori “work.” If you do need to discipline your child, use “logical consequences” instead of harsh words or time-out punishments. For instance, if the child doesn’t put his or her socks in the laundry and the next day has no socks, then it is a “logical consequence” that no socks are left; they will make the connection and put their socks in the laundry the next time.

Make sure that everything in your prepared environment in the home is low and easily reachable by the child. This includes hooks, cupboards in the kitchen for practical life exercises, and all your Montessori materials can be kept on a bookshelf, preferably a low three-shelf bookshelf…

Thank you so very much Ms. Shelly for visiting us today and for your wonderful post!!!!!
Ms. Shelly is a Mommy of two and an AMS certified pre-primary teacher! She blogs over at At Home Montessori and has a lot of great ideas and videos about how to use the Montessori method at home! She also has an ebook that looks wonderful!  Please stop by and check out her work! 
If you want more information about Montessori and using it at home, John Bowman has a wonderful book called Montessori at Home! and he also has other ideas online.
You could also visit Deb at Living Montessori Now who has TONS of ideas!
Finally, if you want to see what I am up to in my Montessori classroom, visit my blog Discovery Days and Montessori Moments!!!!  Thanks for stopping by to read our guest post for the day!!!!!
Happy Schooling!

My "new" Blog!

No worries! I am not stopping this blog or moving. Rather I am in charge of documenting and shraing the work of our local education co-op here in Ohio! I am really excited about the new look of this site and of the ways we plan to use it! Please stop on by and see what we are going to be doing over there! If you have a chance, follow us! We are trying to create a site where people can work together to find and offer support to everyone who educates, wheather they live in Ohio or not! 🙂 Happy Schooling!
Here is a link to this new space!

New Bloggy Friend!

Hi everyone! A friend of mine is just starting her Montessori Journey and her blog! 🙂 So pop on over and see what she is up to! Tell her I sent you and give her some bloggy love! 🙂

Stay tuned! I have another post about my plan for this school year! My books are supposed to come tomorrow!!!! Talk to you all then!