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cooking – Page 2


Taking Time Tuesday~ Salsa! (Ok…a day late)

So I am a day late on my link up party 🙁 So sorry! I dont know how it happened! So I am starting it today! I really hope share with us what you took time to do this week! I would love to hear it!

Yesterday we went to our friends house for a little playtime and fun! Everyone loved it (as always) and had a great time! While the kids were outside, they discovered that there were alot of tomatoes in the garden that were ready! So they picked them and brought them in. Not Bunny’s friend decided that it would be a good idea to make salsa! My friend, who is an amazing mom, let them go for it right then and there! They got out everything they needed and after a quick lesson for Bunny on how to cut with a sharp knife they were off! All on their own they made fresh salsa and they loved it! It was awesome to watch them enthusiastically work together, adding things, and working out the best way to cut something up! The results were awesome!

How yummy is that? They did great! I forget alot to let Bunny into the kitchen and letting them do this reminded me of how important it is and how much she can do! Taking Time to cook is an awesome idea!
Now its your turn! What did you take the time to do this week? Did you paint, dance, read, or blow something up? I would love to hear it! Add your link below and be sure to add a link back in your post! Plus I made this pretty button on the left hand side bar, feel free to grab it for yourself! 🙂
Happy Taking Time Tuesday Wednesday!

Bunny’s Garden Update!

Well today we were watering our garden, and on a hunch, I pulled up one of the carrots Bunny grew a while back. They were ready! I called Bunny right over and she was super excited! She pulled out the ones that were big enough and was working so fast she had a whole pile before I could even get the camera! After we got them into the house she washed them all by herself and cut off the tops so she could serve them for dinner! When daddy got home, she was so excited to show off what she made for dinner! They were pretty good and everyone ate them! Even the small people who dont like them!

It is amazing to me how things grow! We just put them in the ground and water them and they grow! Everything in the world just grows! What a beautiful, amazing gift from God! I hope you are having a bountiful harvest if you have a garden, and if not, I hope you are enjoying all the yummy things of summer! 🙂

Corn, Corn, and More Corn!

Well my husband’s family has a great sweet corn field that they plant each year. This year because there was so much heat, the corn all came on all at one time! So my husband got us some for freezing. When I say some, I mean about 12 dozen! So today, after reading together most of the morning, we shucked, washed, cut, and boiled all of it! All total we ended up with 10-12 quarts of corn ready to freeze! I packed it all into 1.5 quart bags and its all ready for winter (or sooner)! The girls got to help shuck it and for the cooking part of the day, I pulled out some watercolors! The girls were really happy to get some art time in and I was able to cook corn without their feet running through my very sticky kitchen! All in all it was a good day and we got a lot done. Oh and guess what we ate for dinner? Taco salad…..and corn! 😉

So there was our day! It was busy, but fun! Now that we have corn all done, I think that we are going to need to make some jam! Happy Summer everyone!

Bunny’s Recipe

My Bunny has really been interested in making her own recipe! I dont know why, but she has been thinking and thinking about how she could make a unique applesauce! She had a whole idea that included using some of our homemade applesauce and some that i bought from the store. She combined these with some cinnamon and she made it all on her own! She was so proud of herself since she did it with no help and because we took it with us to our friends house for dinner and everyone loved it! I loved that she got some much confidence in her self and that she seemed to fulfill that inner need to create this dish! Here is her recipe:

Bunny’s Applesauce
1 Quart of Applesauce (homemade)
1 Small Individual Cinnamon Applesauce Container
1 Small Individual Strawberry Applesauce Container
1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
Pour all of it into a bowl and mix up! Serve cold or at room temperature, depending on how long you want to wait to eat it! 😉

Stamp Game, Sandpaper Numbers, and Salad!

Today the girls worked for a while today and both of them did quite a bit of math! Bunny finished the parrot book I made last week with math problems in it, so I made a new lizard one. Now I have decided to get smart and instead of thinking up all the problem myself, I bought the command cards from Montessori Print Shop! I printed them off and stapled some of them together to make a book. Whew! That makes it so much simpler for me. She has been choosing to work with the stamp game alot of late. I don’t know if it is because its easier or because it is fun! But she has been doing a great job with it! I am hoping to get a bead frame made soon so she can work on that! I think she is almost ready!

Pup has also been really interested in doing her own math problems! I have been working with the sandpaper numbers with her as well as the spindle box. I know that I am going a bit ahead of the program, but she has wanted to count so badly and she does know the numbers 0-4. We worked on 5,6,7 today and some more counting with the spindle box! She is doing a really great job and she loves it!

After we did out work, we had lunch. During lunch, Bunny decided that she was still hungry, so I offered her a carrot. She peeled it herself. This inspired her to make some vegetables for dinner. Her idea was to use carrots and other veggies to make a salad like fruit salad! She did! She peels, chopped and added carrots, lettuce, cucumber, and black olives to the bowl. We ate this with out dinner. She was so proud of her veggies and I was so proud that she did it all 100% on her own! We have our real Montessori moments sometimes! 😉 Here is a picture of her salad.I didn’t get any pictures of her making it since the table where she was working was still filled with the lunch plates and it was super dirty! I’m not sure I’m ready to show the world what my kitchen can really look like! 😉

Happy Schooling Everyone!!!!

Biomes and Bread!!!!

Today we had another work day and did another wonderful Waseca Presentation! This is one of the works that the they sell on their site, but I made mine using some nesting boxes that I had on hand. There is a story that goes along with the presentation that help the child see all the elements in a the universe and how they relate. It is simple and concise, and really cool! Bunny loved it, but is was too old for Pup. She worked on other stuff while I shared this with Bunny.

It starts with the Galaxy and we move into the solar system and then to our earth.

Next we talk about the biomes, and the ecosystem, and the plants and animals that live in an ecosystem.

We then talked about how the tissues and organs of the plant of animals is what allows them to adapt. We then saw that these tissues are made up of cells which are made up of an atom!!!
Whew! It was really cool to see how it all goes from really big to really small.
We also did some regular work too! Bunny made some parts of a biome cards, and she also labeled some of our Botany puzzles. I really encouraged her to read some of the labels I knew she could get! She also worked a bit with the stamp game. Pup worked really really hard on building some small Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzles. This is a work that she has never been able to do before, but today she built all four of them and started them over again! She got it and was so proud of herself!!!! Here are a few pictures of our work day!
Biome Cards

Pup colored some pictures of the stations of the cross.


Reading the labels. She could do all of the ones for the parts of a tree.

See how proud they are?

Stamp Game Review.


Here is the problem she did. I realized halfway through that the number was going to be higher then 9000! This was a bit confusing, but we talked a bit about it and she seemed to understand it!
Another thing that we did today was make bread from scratch! The girls and I mixed the dough and I kneaded it. We let it rise forever, but I dont think that my yeast was good. 🙁 So they were a little flat and hard when they cooked. I did make a second batch and it looked so much better! 🙂

Ready to rise.

Here it is risen. See…not too good.

This is the second batch. It was really good!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Happy Schooling everyone!!!!

Montessori Monday~ Body Week 2

Well I decided to take this week and focus on the senses! I really do have plans to talk about one a day, but I’m not sure that it will happen. We will see! I will be pulling out the different Montessori materials that work with the each sense at some point this week! Today we talked about the different senses and the girls were really interested. I did have a book to read and a work to go with the presentation. I made some picture labels of each sense and then found two objects for each sense. After I read the book the girls and I sorted them out! They really liked it alot! I put it out on the shelves so that they can do some more independent work! Another new tray that we have out, is a mirror and some paper. I had Bunny use the mirror to observe her sense organs and draw them. She did an amazing job and really used a lot of detail! I think later this week I will suggest a self portrait! We did get quite a bit of good work in! Bunny and I did some more letter sounds and she seemed to remember two out of three! Yeah! Thats better! I added one more. I think that this is going to work, if I just keep moving slow! I really appreciate all of your help!!!! Anyway, here are the pictures from out work time!!!

Sense Sorting Basket

Observing Your Senses

Bunny’s Plan for the week!

Bunny was very proud that she was able to match the objects to the sound! After that we wrote some words! I gave the choice of using the moveable alphabet or paper. She chose to use the alphabet because she didnt want to erase if she made a mistake. Here are her words (the sound above is the one she was using).

Another thing that we did was make some cookies! We are having a Valentines craft day tomorrow and I needed a pretty snack.So I thought that the girls would like to help bake! And they did! I gave each girl a job! They all helped cut them out! 🙂 Plus it was a great way to talk about all of our senses! We touched the dough, heard the timer and the mixer, smelled the baking cookies, saw the cookie cutters cut the dough, and of course tasted the cookies! 😉 Fun learning!

I told Bunny that she had to do the subtraction snake game again (even if “its not fair that she cant keep all the golden beads”!) She did a great job, and then as a reward for giving up her golden beads, I let her do the addition game! 🙂

Here is Bunny working on pictures of her sense organs! I think that she did an amazing job! I loved that she added alot of detail! I think that having a mirror added a way for her to see what to draw! I am really proud of her.

Here is her cover of the book
(As you can see, she has learned the sound “ie” She wrote “my” as “mie”! Yeah!!!!!)


(can you see the had creases she added?)


(she even added taste buds!)

So that is what we were up to! I think that we are beginning a great week! I hope that you really hope that you are having a wonderful start to your week too! I am linking up with Deb’s linky party, Montessori Monday, so stop by there and check out some wonderful Montessori work! And also dont forget to enter my giveaway for Karen Tyler’s Worldwide Montessori Course!!!!! You can find that link here!!!!!!

Montessori Monday~ Advent Week 4!!!!!

Well this will be the last of the Christmas posts! I was able to make up a few more trays this week and the kids were all excited about them! 🙂 They really got to work right away! I know that I change my trays out way too often, but this is such a fun time of year, I just cant help myself! This weeks trays are more Nativity themed and I really hope that it let the girls have a tangible reminder of the reason for the season. I will probably not change anything next week since it is the Christmas break and I will be busy prepping for January. So here is what I have out this week!

(This is more for fun! It is also great practice in following a work cycle through)

Pouring Stars
(They pour the into the star cups till the sparkles cover the bottom of both. They they use the funnel to get the sparkles back in the pitcher. This was a HUGE hit! Different twist of the same old work.)

Transferring straw into the manger
(This idea was adapted from a post I saw over at Montessori Moments. Awesome idea!)

Stringing ornaments

Coin Box with small wooden stars

Nativity Story Tray
(This a Catechises of the Good Shepherd Work. The child has the story read to them from the bible, then we wonder with the child about the story. Finally we use the material to retell the story so that the child can reflection it personally! It is a really beautiful way for the children to get close and personal with the story.)

Prophecy of the Week is Isaiah
I also wanted to have a little extra Christmas fun today! So I made some sugar cookie dough last night and today we rolled them out, baked them, and then frosted them! The girls were SOOOO excited about this project and want to do it right away! I was all set to go right away, but I forgot to get the dough out far enough ahead of time (there is a ton of butter in them, so they set up hard in the fridge), so we headed down stairs to work awhile before we baked! They all did a bunch of great work and had fun! Here are a few pictures of what we did today!
Stars in the coin box

Stamping fun

Pouring. This is was big hit with both girls! 🙂

Pup is talking to me about the straw as she transfers it.

Another cool Inset work from Bunny! Can you guess she wants snow? 😉

Bug decided to help Pup out with the transferring!

Tadpole tried really hard to use the tweezers, but gave up and used his hand!

Flipping Gingerbread
(still on the shelves from last week)

Addition Snake Game!

Cookie Time!


….and sprinkles!

Tadpole wanted to help, so I gave him a cookies with some frosting on it to spread around.

As expected he ate all the frosting! 😉

The girls had a bunch of fun doing the cookies! There is always such a look of pride when a child makes food mostly on their own! I love giving them time in the kitchen. Unfortunately though they were done after a few cookies which meant I was left to frost about 5 dozen on my own! Oh well! Thy taste good and Santa will love them!
If you want to see more Montessori work, please be sure to visit Deb at Living Montessori Now and Nicole at One Hook Wonder for their Montessori Monday Link up! I linked up there! Happy Schooling everyone!

Water Cycle, Butter, and FIAR!!!

Today we read our book for FIAR again and we talked about the the salt the girl got from the ocean. I didn’t have time {or the sunshine} to evaporate salt water this week, so I decided to talk about evaporation and the water cycle. First we made a cloud and some rain by heating some water in the microwave {I told the girls that it was like water being heated by the sun} then I put the mug of hot water into a large glass bowl and covered it with plastic wrap. Then we watched as the water vapor fogged the top of the plastic and I talked about how that is our cloud. Then we left it alone for a bit to make a water cycle book! One page for Evaporation {sunshine}, one for Condensation {a gray cloud}, one for Precipitation {black cloud with rain drops} and one for Collection {water waves}. All the girls loved it! {Who doesn’t love to make a book}. After our books were done we headed back upstairs to see if we had rain and we did! There were water droplets on top of the plastic and water in the bowl around the mug. We made rain! I then re explained the water cycle and then we moved on. Later on tonight, Bunny was watching the water in the shower and said that it was like the water cycle, the rain fell out of the cloud and then down {I gave her the word waterways and she was excited to show me how it was going down toward the drain}. Then she told me it evaporated back up and it want on and on again and again! I was so proud that she got it! 🙂 I love it when that happens!

Here they are feeling the heat of the water.

Waiting and waiting….

….and we have a cloud!

Here is my example of the water cycle to help the girls make their own.

When we were all done with our books {Bug and Pup carried theirs around all day}
 we went back to our experiment to see the rain!
After the water cycle I thought it would be fun to make butter {like the girl in the book}. So I gave the girls a container with whipping cream and told them to shake it! They seemed to think that shaking required jumping up and down! It was fun to watch, but it didn’t last long enough to make butter! 🙂 So I put it in the mixer for a while. I finally decided that it wasn’t going to be butter, so I added some sugar and put the whisk on the mixer thought it would turn into whipped cream. Well… about three seconds on high speed it finally turned into butter! Yeah! However, since I added sugar, it was really sweet butter! 🙂 Oh well. It tasted great on the cornbread that Bug and Pup made!
Here is Bunny working on the butter.

Here are the kiddos making corn bread.

I was more excited about the butter then the girls, but it was great to eat!

So that is what we did today for our row! Tomorrow its art class and time at our Atrium! Happy Schooling everyone!

"F" is for Fun Fall Food!

Well we had a great work time today! Some of the kids tried something new and we had some fall fun too! Bunny did some subtraction with her beads all on her own!!!! I guess that means she has mastered it! Now for practice! Pup and Bug were very social again today and they really will do everything together! I love being able to see how much the social aspect of Montessori changes the way they choose work! They work together and will try something simply because the other kids did!

I presented Tadpole with pouring, but it turned into whole hand transfer! 🙂

Pink Tower

Both girls pulled out the cylinders.

Even Tadpole got in on the fun!

It was really cute to watch the girls work together. Here is how their conversation went:
” Bug you help me build mine.”
“Ok, then you help me build mine”
“OK!!! We can play together”
Too cute! They did built the red one, then then the green one!

Bunny made a book!

Bug got her first shot at the sound cylinders. She did a great job!

I had a lot of crazy bodies today, so I pulled out the line and a bell for a little line walking with the bell.

We also did Fall Finger painting!
{red and yellow are great for fall painting}

After the painting, Bunny pulled out the cleaning tools and everyone joined it! Our classroom hasn’t been cleaner in a while! I wish this would happen more!

We also made an awesome fall snacks that I saw on Pintrest. You take doughnut holes, smear peanut butter on the top, roll it in sprinkles, and stick a piece of pretzel in the top and….tada….an acorn!!!!! The best part about this  the girls were able to make them all on their own! They had a ton of fun making them, and eating them! 🙂 Not healthy, but tons of fun!

I love all the Independence! 🙂

Arent these cute? They turned so well!!!!!

So Happy Fall and Happy Schooling everyone! I hope your week is going well!