Taking Time Tuesday~ Mommy Time!

Well once again, I am late in my Tuesday Linky Party!!!! 🙁 I am so sorry to all of you who are interested in linking up! I promise to get better at this! I dont know how things keep getting so mixed up in my head! This week I have done something that needed to be done here! I have a bad habit of not spending time playing with the girls. There are a million other things that I feel like  I need to do and I just forget! So I made a Mommy Time Jar! This jar is filled with fun simple activities to do with the girls whenever we have a few extra moments! It is sitting conveniently next to my computer so I dont forget it! 😉 The girls are really excited about it and to tell the truth so am I! I think we may even make a Daddy Time Jar too!

What is in my are of fun? Here is a list of what I put in the jar:
Bake a snack
Take a walk
Paint nails
Paint a Picture
Do a project
Play a Game
Build a Fort
Build a Puzzle
Read a Story
That is what I have for now, but I need a few more idea of fun that we can do easily and on the fly! If you have one, please leave a comment! I would love to have a few more!
Now its your turn! What did you do this week with or for your kids? Link up and share! I love to hear your ideas!!!

Bunny’s Sewing Project!

Today I finally put some more thread on Bunny’s sewing machine! I really havent done too much with her with her sewing since she was still having some problems, so I just let it go. However, when I remodeled her room, I added a craft area and it was a perfect place for her to have her machine where she could try it out when she wanted. Today was the day she pulled it out! I expected her to try sewing some of the material scraps she has together, but no! She had some big plans! She asked if she could sew clothes with her machine and I said yes, she could sew anything. She wanted to make a skirt! WHAT?!?! She pulled out a piece of what fleece that she wanted to use. It was really short. So I found her a bigger one. She and I worked out where to sew and how to make it fit around her waist. We decided that adding some elastic would be necessary. I helped her sew the elastic in, but she did the rest herself! When she put it on, she was so happy! She made a skirt! It was really hard to let her go once I helped her see what she needed to do. I wanted her to feel like she did it herself. She did a great job and I think you will see alot of it in the photos! It was also a great learning experience for her as she learns to use the machine, control the fabric, and correct the speed of the presser foot. She did a great job and I know she will only get better!

Didn’t she do a good job? I see more sewing the near future! I am afraid I may never see her again! 😉 I am promising you a great tour of Bunny’s room hopefully tomorrow! I have been working on it and I finally think that I have all her favorite things and some of the things that tie the colors together! So be sure to stop by and see what a Montessori inspired room looks like for an older kiddo! Happy Summer!

A Year of Crafts~ March

Today was our official Year of Crafts day for March!!!! Since St. Patrick’s Day is so close, my friend decided that we HAD to do something to celebrate! 🙂 She set the table all green with a cute little pot of gold in the middle! She also found so really cute necklace crafts with rainbows on them for the girls to make! They were of course thrilled to death!!!! They were so happy to have something to wear on St. Patrick’s Day! They got right to work on them, and after a few difficulties, they got them all done! Of course they needed to wear them the rest of the day! Here is how they turned out!

After that the kids made some Tie Dye Shamrocks. It was super simple craft, but so pretty! First the kids cut the coffee filters into a shamrock shape, then they used paint dabbers to color the shamrock. The paint bled through and made them really pretty! It was so cool, I even made one! 😉 Here is how they turned out!

Aren’t they pretty? I think so!
Finally we had lunch! As always, my friend did an amazing job making a super cute (and healthy) lunch! It was a perfect St. Patrick’s Day rainbow lunch!
What is all here?
Chicken Nuggets
Tater Tots

An of course Cupcakes for dessert!!!

It was so much fun today and a perfect preparation for St. Paddy’s Day!!!!! I love days with great friends and great fun!!!! I hope you are having fun getting ready for the holiday!

Snowflake Ornament Craft!

Here is a craft that we did this morning and the girls just loved! I did this years ago when Bunny was small and I cant remember where I saw it! It may have been from Family Fun. All it took was popsicle sticks, buttons, and glue! Super great! Each girl picked out three perfect sticks, then I hot glued them together (I learned the hard way last time we did this that tacky glue takes forever to dry and ti falls apart like crazy when you are doing the buttons)! The rest is mostly independent! All they need to do is put glue on the sticks and then put whatever buttons they find pretty! Now I am all for free art, but sometimes a structured project is fun and a great souse of pride when they see it hanging on the tree. They had a ton of fun picking out the buttons and putting them just so! 😉 Not to mention they look really pretty when they are done! Here are some pictures!

Aren’t they pretty? Again, it is a simple and fun Christmas ornament craft! I actually think they are really pretty and I love to see them on the tree! Last time we did this project with Bunny, we used colored sticks and they were really awesome (I didn’t have any today)! If you try this let me know, I love to see what other people’s projects look like! Happy Crafting!

DIY Acorn Work

After our awesome acorn hunt yesterday, inspired me to make a fall practical life tray! I thought that it would be fun to match the tops of the acorns with the bottoms of it! So after I baked the acorns yesterday, I took 10 of them, popped the tops off, and glue small bits of velcro on the cap and the nut! Presto, matching work! This was such an easy project, it took all of 10 min to make! Here are the pictures of what I did!

Here is all I wanted! 🙂

I glued the velcro on the cap of the acorn first.

Then I put glue on the top of the other piece of Velcro and squished it on the acorn.
Next I pulled the cap off the acorn and picked any drips of glue off so they don’t glue together!
That’s it! Do the next one and you’re all set!

Pup wanted to try it before I had finished! 🙂

Here is the tray all set for work!
 I put the caps in one cup and the nuts in another.

Here is Bunny putting them together!
So that is my brilliant fall inspiration! I hope that it will be good for eye hand coordination, sorting {when they are done and putting it back}, and even the three finger grip! Let me know if you try this, I would love to see what you think! Happy Schooling!

A hunting we will go…..

Today we decised to head out on an adventure since the weather was really nice! I mean it was in the 70s !!! Yeah! So we headed out to the local National Wildlife Refuge to hunt for acrons! I had seen these arorable painted acorns, and I thought it would be a wonderful project to do with the girls! And offer went! It was fun! The girls helped me look really hard, and we found a pile of them! So we tucked them in their nature bags and headed out of the forest {before the mosiquitos carried us off}! It was really relaxing and peaceful. I love these moments! 🙂

Bunny thought that this stick was really cool! The bark had fallen off places and it was smooth!

We found acorns!!!!!

Here is Bunny hiding from the mosquitos! They were so thick!

Arent the colors pretty!

Here is Bunny pointing to leaf the was dancing in the wind!
 She said it was like having a nature puppet show to watch!

Here is the star of the “show”

Here is our treasure!

We also walked in a grassland type habitat. Pup saw these tiny daisys that facinated her!
She thought they were so pretty! I love it when kids discover nature themselves!

These are Bunny’s Binoculars

They also turn into a telescope! 😉
When we got home Bunny and I washed and dried and baked our treasures! 😉 I wanted make sure that nothing was going to craw out of them! I really dont like bugs in the house! It was a great scrubbing exercise!

Ready to bake!
Then it was time to paint! The girls were so excited to do this part! We popped the top off the acorn, painted the nut part, then let them dry! Then all we needed to do was hot glue the top back on!

Aren’t they cute! 🙂 I love them, and we created them together!
What kind of Fall fun are you having with your kiddos this year?

Montessori Stamp Game~ a DIY version

Bunny has been working really hard on her golden bead work and she is now very board with addition (her words, not mine)! So I thought I would look into getting the stamp game so that she could have a new and more challenging element! The Montessori stamp game is a box of wooden tiles that are green, red, blue, and green again. Each tile has the number 1, 10, 100, or 1000 so that the child can use them instead of bead to help move them toward abstraction! For example, if you were to build the number 4625, you would get 4 green 1000 tiles, 6 red 100 tiles, 2 blue 10 tiles, and 5 green 1 tiles. Then you would make the other number and push the tiles together to add the numbers together! Super easy and fun for the kids!
Well a stamp game set (like the one above) run about $30 plus shipping! I was hoping to hold off on too much more school spending, and it just looked like it was too easy to make! Well I went to research wooden tiles. Simply put, to make it out of wooden tiles was going to cost me just as much as buying! So I wanted another way. Then I saw the pile of buttons I had laying around from other Montessori works and I wondered if I could use them! So I pulled it together and put each of the colored buttons in small containers with the number on the lid. Then I put it out and presented it to Bunny this week. She really liked it! We built a number together and then she built one. Then we did an addition problem! The other good thing about the stamp game is that it takes less material which means Bunny can move her work upstairs if she needs to. This means we can work, even when Tadpole (who eats everything) is here! So here are the pictures of my DIY stamp game:
Here is laid out. I put the bead at the top so Bunny could see the values. Maybe not what I should have done, but she didn’t seem to refer to them.

Here is her addition problem

Here she is thinking really hard! 🙂

It is really fun and I think we will do some more this week! The only thing that I am not sure about is that I don’t have the number on each button. Does anyone know if that is necessary or will the buttons work? If you have a thought let me know! I would love to hear what you think! Happy Schooling!

A bit of creativity in the middle of a crazy week!

Well today with Bug and Tadpole here, I just didn’t have the right frame of mind to try anything new today. They didn’t feel like doing any work, so we made it a play day! 🙂 I just let the kids do what they felt like doing. It was pretty good. I am still trying to find that perfect middle ground where everyone is happy!

On a happier note, yesterday we had a day that was pretty relaxed and fun! I was even able to make the girls a couple of the skirts that I have cut out for fall! Bunny requested that I make the purple skirts first! She picked this bright lavender linen out while we were at the fabric store along with a lavender flower applique, and she just loved it! Its not a really fall color, but it is pretty! I was able to use a really simple pattern I found online to make some twirly girly skirts that only took a little time! The pattern is here if you want to make a few! I pinned a couple of versions of this pattern on my pintrest board. If you pop by, follow me! If you haven’t discovered pintrest, then just send me an email and I can invite you! Here are the pictures of my darlings in their skirts!

Aren’t they cute!!!!!!
{My girls, not the skirts! Although the skirts are cute too!}

Pup’s skirt

I think her face says it all! She loves it! 😉

I didn’t buy Pup the purple applique, so I made one since the skirt needed it!
Here is Bunny’s Skirt. She loved her too!

This is the applique Bunny picked out! I matched perfectly!
Anyway, this was my moment of creativity that made me feel like a sane person! 🙂 I know that it is only Wednesday, but hey we all have weeks like this! I hope your week is going well!
What have you done special this week?

Montessori Apron!

Well I have been struck by a sewing bug! 🙂 I can sew, but it usually frustrates me, but for some reason I am thinking of a ton of projects! One that I finished today is one that I want to make more of for our new school year. I made an apron for Bunny. This one is a wonderful Montessori apron that the girls will be able to put on by themselves (there is no tying)! It was designed by Meg McElwee (she is a Montessori teacher turned seamstress and mommy. Her blog is amazing, check it out!). It was so easy and the pattern was free! You can find it on her website Sew Liberated. Bunny loves her apron and it went together so easily that I cut one out for Pup too! I really want to go to the fabric store to see if I can get some waterproof material too! I am working on getting some more structured work time in this year, and since Bug and Tadpole will be back, the more defining things I have in place (rugs, aprons, shelves) the better. Anyway, enough chit chat! Here is the how our apron turned out!

She can put it on herself with the velcro strap.

It was easy for her to do, and I didnt need to make two straps.

I put a pocket on the front, just in case she needs it!

Don’t I have the cutest model ever? 🙂
Be sure to come back! I have a small play tent that was in Meg’s new book “Growing Up Sew Liberated” all ready to go! The girls are going to LOVE it (when I get it all sewed)! I also will show off more aprons, and Bunny is working on a sewing badge! 🙂 Looks like we found a new hobby for a bit!
Has anyone done any new creative things lately?