Its HERE!!!!!

Today I woke up to two huge boxes on my doorstep and kids that were too excited to eat breakfast! That’s right! Our new school materials are here! I think that Pup was more excited then anyone! She was bouncing up and down like it was Christmas here! Bunny’s excitement is a little more subdued, but it was there! It was literally boxes of surprise since each item is packed in a white box inside the big one. Pup wanted the puzzles I told her about and Bunny was excited to see her first grade work! For Bunny most of the work I bought was math work, for Pup mostly the things that I hadnt gotten in the past years for primary! It was quite a bit of stuff and all very exciting! Here is some pictures:

As you can see, I bought quite a few things. For Pup I got the brown stair, the zoology puzzles,the metal inset tray, a sandpaper globe, some new trays, and the stand for the red rods. For Bunny I got the large bead frame, the multiplication board, the grammar symbols, and the division racks and tubes. As you can see, Pup and Bunny went to work trying things out! I even gave a couple of presentations! I really was happy they were so excited! We soon started to bring things down to the basement so nothing got broken! Pup helped me out and started using the metal inset tray right away! She was super focused and it was then that I witnessed a behavior that Maria Montessori talked about alot. She told how a child who was working and was asked to do something would do it right away, but she would also go right back to the work that she was doing before she did something else. Today, as I was putting materials away, I saw that there was a puzzle that wasn’t put back right. So I asked Pup to come over and I showed her how to sort the colors in the puzzle to put it together. She thought it was cool, helped me do it, and then she went right back to her work happy as could be! She was happy to help me, but wanted to go back to working! Hmmmm….it is always fun to watch something happen that you have heard happens! So after my little Montessori Moment, I went back to trying to figure out how to rearrange the school room, but I think I have some more work to do. Here is how I left it!
YIKES!!!! Wish me luck! I am hoping to do this in the next couple of days! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Bedroom for Bunny!

As promised, I have pictures of Bunny’s bedroom for you! This room is hers in every little place! She really loves to be there and everything decorating it is something special to her. She loves nic nacks and there are a lot of them! Another area that we added, was a desk area for her to use for her projects! She is a very crafty person and for a long time I dont know that I really realized how important the opportunity was for her create things with her hands. So with the desk came a craft box full of crafty things that she can use at her leisure for whatever she wants to create! I also have put her sewing machine in there too so that she can pull it out to practice when she wants! This freedom to create was given with some very strong guidelines however. She is to keep her craft box and desk clean after working. If she cannot keep things clean, she will loose her craft box. She has not only kept things put away, she also kept things really organized!!!! It has been really great not only for her confidence, but also for her behavior! She has been calmer, more peaceful, and happier! It appears that I met a need deep within her that I didnt even know she needed! Everything that Maria Montessori says about meeting the inner need of a child was true with this. When she had what she needed so much of the mean words, the screaming, and grumpiness, disappeared! I was shocked and so happy! It has truly become a special place for her that she uses daily! But enough chit chat! I think you all want to see the world!

Here is her bed area. At the foot of the bed is the quilt that we made together after her birthday. I made she some matching pillow for the bed as well! The horse at the end of her bed was mine when I was little! She loved it, so it made its way to her bed!

This pillow I made after being inspired by PB Teen ! It was so pretty and I loved the message! So I made it using my digital scrapbook program and printed it on printable fabric! You can download this file at the end of the post!

Above her bed are the shelves that hold the pretty things she loves!

I added this frame with some words I want her to remember! I made this printable too and you can get it at the bottom of this post!

Next to her bed is her book shelf with all her favorite books! On top of it is some of her willow tree figures and the elephant she made in a pottery class!

Here is her dresser. All of her clothes and hair things are here!

This printable I made since it went so well with the creative theme of her room! I love it! If you want this printable it is at the bottom of the post too!

Here are the jars where she sorts out the money she earns. I want her to learn early on to give some money, save some money, and of course spend some! 🙂 This give her a visual for working on that!

Here is her desk where all her creative magic happens!!!!

Pencils, her eraser collection, and some buttons to add color!

Next to her desk is her closet. Inside is many things she loves and lots of things that need to be stored. There is also a black basket with materials scraps for sewing, and her craft box!

Material Basket and Craft Box

Inside her craft box is:
~ Paper (Colored and plain)
~ Ribbon
~ Beads
~Craft Sticks
~ Googly eyes
~ Bells
~ Rhinestones
~ Tape
~ Paint Markers
~ Letter Stamps and stamp pad
~ Scissors
~ Fancy Scissors
~ Glue (craft and sticks)
~ Envelopes

So that is her room! Like I said she LOVES LOVES LOVES it! I love that she has the freedom to create and learn at the same time! She also has the responsibility to keep it all clean! It is her place and I think that it is just what she needs! As a Montessori child she loves her freedom and as a creative child she loves her art supplies! It think I have managed to pull that together for her! Let me know what you think! I love to hear your thoughts!!!! Happy Montessori-ing!
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If you want any of the printables I made, here are the link! Please be respectful and share the link with others not the file! Let me know how you used them! I love hearing about your projects! Enjoy!

Montessori Monday~ Organization!

Well summer is the time for getting things ready for the next year and no matter what else I wanted to do, I must get my stuff in order! 🙂 So the last two days I have been digging deep into the bottom most corners of my home and clearing things out, throwing things out, and getting things in piles for the garage sale! Whew! I am going to show you pictures of the scariest part of my house that I dont show to…well…anyone! 🙂 It was really bad. I happen to toss things out on the desk that I have in the back and it tend to pile up fast! I do alot of projects and alot of my trays that I cleared out after we stopped schooling were just laying out. My basement has two sides. One is finished and this is the one you all know as my school room. Its pretty and blue and so organized. The other side is my laundry room, holiday storage, baby storage, craft room, Montessori storage, and our practical life are! Pretty much everything! I am hoping that my organization is going to make this year better. I got a lot of containers to sort my things into subjects. So all of my extra math materials are in a box, my sensorial work is in a box, etc. I also made sure that I got rid of some of the things that I was hanging onto without a reason! I think I will just show you! 🙂

Here is my desk/ work station. I told you that it was looking bad!

To the left of the desk is this shelf. In the green boxes are my random nomenclature cards, object box figures, math work, and stuff like that. It is just bobbing about in there. Yikes!

These shelves hold more craft supplies and all of my extra Montessori materials. You can see the grammar farm there and some sandpaper letters. This shelf is full!
As you can see there is a ton of stuff everywhere!

Here is the desk! WOW right? I got a hardware box to put all of my objects into for object boxes. This will eliminate alot of little things that get tossed on the desk when I change them out quickly! I also keep my paper cutter here for when I need to make some nomenclature work quickly (as you know, I tend to make cards as I need them and mot before!). I also have my paintbrushes in a jar and some pens and stuff out there! 

Object Box Storage

In one of the big drawers on the desk, I have all of my practical life stuff in there. Jars, tongs, bowls, etc. You know all that stuff talking about.

In the middle drawer I have the other practical life things that I need to replace more often. Soap,
q-tips, push pins, sponges, etc.

Another drawer holds my extra office supplies that we may need. Tape is a big one that we run out of alot! Glue sticks too! This is where the girls can find them if they need to!

This large shelf holds a ton of stuff! The first shelf has all of my craft supplies and small things for trays, pom poms, pipe cleaners, rhinestones, ribbon, etc. The next shelf is where I put my containers with extra materials all sorted out by subject. I sorted out all of my nomenclature cards too. I dont keep my cards out all of the time although I think I may keep more out this year. Since I make small folders for each set of cards, I found that I can store them in small crates that hold CDs! Perfect! You can see one of the crates in the box on the end on the right. The bottom shelf has natural materials, trays, baskets, and card stock.

These shelves are across from the desk.The one on the far right holds my canning stuff and extra cooking pans. The middle shelf holds my albums (these are the Karen Tyler Albums that I printed last year!). It also has all of my extra materials that were too big for the boxes.

This shelf hold more crafts stuff, art kits, paint, and the boxes that hold the work the girls complete!

On the left of the three shelves, I have a small area for our practical life stuff. This the next to the door that leads to the school room so its easy to get to!
So there you have it! You have now seen the deep dark scary part of my house! I hope that somehow this is helpful to you as you get ready for the school year! I will be back soon with a review of my Elementary Albums! They are great! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Monday~ A Montessori Bedroom for Pup!

Well as promised, here are the pictures of Pup’s bedroom! I have been working really hard on both girls rooms. We got them organized, cleaned, and redecorated a bit! The one thing that I did was to rearrange the furniture and the room to be more open to other activities.For the most part we have no toys in bedrooms. Except for a doll or two and some stuffed animals, they aren’t allowed to have toys in their rooms (of course they may bring toys up to the their room to play, but they need to be put away by bedtime!). One reason is that they need sleep since they dont nap, but also it helps to cut down on the places that need to be picked up! The girls are fine with it since they have lots of books that they look through and they are usually ready to sleep anyway! 🙂 For Pup’s room, I didnt need to spend much money, it was a matter of spray paint, free printables found on Pintrest, and some sewing! So lets head off on our tour!

Here is the view from her door. As you can see the walls look a little tall since there is a lack of much up high. This is because she is short and as Maria Montessori pointed out, a child’s space should be sized to them, not us! I think that it needs a better picture, so I will try to replace it tomorrow!

Here is her shelf and table at the end of her bed.

The “Bubble” lamp was a request of Pup’s! The small basket holds her hair brush and other little things like that. The big one is for all the books she keeps in her room. And I also placed all her pretty things here too! The art prints are free printables from Children Inspired Designs. I used Peacock and Zinnia. I also used the peacock on some printable fabric to make the pillow on her bed!

Here is her child sized table and stool. I hung her mirror here too. My hope was that she would use it to do her hair and get ready in the morning! So far she loves it! I think it will be something she will use more and more!

Next to her bed is a small sitting area. I hung a metal mobile above it for some color and interest. It has small colored bows on it. She is too young for a mobile obviously, but it adds a nice decorative element. I hung some number art on the wall since she loves numbers so much right now! This was something that I made on my scrapbooking program. The numbers were colored to match the colors in the Children Inspired Design printables.

Her bed is a bunk board with a mattress on a regular twin bed frame. This gives it a real bed look with the low level that she still needs. I have a fabric head board that I made at the head of the bed. You cant see it very well in the picture since we are still trying to figure out the best way to attach it to the frame! It was one of the little things I didnt quite get done before I took pictures! 🙂 The pillows were made using printable fabric with the same printables in her frames. I added a bit of coordinating fabric around the edges. They turned out really cute and added a good bit of color to her bed!

I thought that I would show you her closet as well! This is where all of her clothes are. I have a basket for her pants, shirts, underwear, socks, diapers, and pjs! I also have a nice low bar for her dresses. She loves that she can reach it all and she even loves to help put her clothes away when I bring up the laundry!

So there you have it! Pup’s Montessori Bedroom. She has been really excited about her new room and loves it all! Let me know what you think! I think that like any good design, I will add and take away as I find things! I love that all the elements are really really easy to change as she finds her new interests. The printables are easily changed, the pillows can be changed easily too and that would be really give the room a whole new look when she is ready for something new! I hope that you find some inspiration! Happy Montessori Living!
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