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Family moments – Page 12

Family moments

Egg-stra Special Easter Preperations!

Ok….I couldn’t resist the corny title! 😉 Today we were full of egg fun here in preparation for the great day of celebration, Easter! The day started off with an egg hunt at our Church and the girls had ever so much fun seeing some friends and finding all the candy filled eggs!

Later on this afternoon we got to dye some eggs! The girls were so excited to get to work! We didnt do anything special except dye them. I did give the girls some white crayons to write on the eggs with before they dyed them! Pup thought that was super cool! Bunny decided to be a little tricky and did some double colored ones! My sister showed her how to use some rubber bands to get white stripes on the egg, and she loved doing that too! All the eggs turned out so super well! Here are some pictures of our day!

We had alot of fun! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and the beautiful spring! I have been thinking so much about the meaning of these few precious days and about what they mean for our salvation. I know that those words are such catch phrases and I don’t usually use them but this lent has had me thinking alot about what is truly important in life. Last night as I was thinking about my kids and the fears of what could happen were running through my head. I know that happens to most moms at some point. There is nothing worse then thinking about bad things happening to your kids. But then, I thought about Good Friday, about God’s gift to us, and it hit me that no matter what happens in life, no matter what happens to us, we will exist forever! I can never loose my family, or my kids. Someday we will all be together for eternity! We can love each other forever. I dont know about you, but this is such a powerful thought for me. It is really what this wonderful Easter celebration is all about ! God gave us life and gave it to us forever! I pray you all have a very blessed day tomorrow! Happy Easter!

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids~ A Book Reveiw!

By: Anni Daulter with Heather Fontenot

A while ago I volunteered to review this party book, and I got it in the mail last week. I will tell you thin, I was not disappointed!!!!! This book has it all~ invitation ideas, decorations, recipes, time lines, and activities!!!!! There are 12 different parties, 3 for each season of the year. Each of them is different and unique, and each of them is earth friendly and beautiful!!!! When I first saw this book I fell in love with it! If I had gotten it from the library, I would have probably bought myself a copy! There were so many great ideas here and it was like holding a pintrest board in my hands! I know for sure that there are at least five different parties in this book that I think that I can realistically do easily this year! The ideas are simple, but the results were unbelievable! There are a ton of pictures in this book and they are really beautiful. I love how they use what they have on hand and show you how those elements can really work together to become a party that will impress any guest you invite! But enough talking, I will show you what I mean! I was having my sister in law over and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to use some the ideas from this book to have an Easter egg party! The first party in this book is the Egg Dyeing Spring Party! It is a beautiful outside party with upcycled fabric banner, fabric wrapped glass bottles with flowers in them, Inspirational banner made with fabric and sticks, bread baked in flower pots, and of course egg dying (they include all the natural dye recipes). I thought I would pull out some the ideas and apply them to my house (it was too cold to be outside). The results were wonderful!!!! I think that it was really pretty! Here are some pictures for you to see and I will tell you what I got from the book!

Here is where our party took place!

I used a variety of vases I got from a thrift shop and added some pretty spring flowers and fabric strips to them! This was one of the decorating ideas from the book and I really liked how simple and pretty it was!

Here are the cups to hold our paint. The fabric I had was rainbow and I had the right color for each jar! 🙂

Here is my fabric banner. It was one of the main decorating ideas in this party and it was so easy and pretty! All I needed to do was cut the fabric into strips and tie it on to some string! Easy Peesy!

Here is my version of the inspirational signs. They used one piece of material and put the word on it. I did what was best for my space and they looked really cute!

Here are our wooden eggs and paint all ready to go. Because my sister in law live a ways away, I thought that painting wooden eggs instead of dying real ones would be better for transportation! It was a great project and the results were wonderful! The kids painted the eggs up right away and then they moved on to some painting on paper! When is painting never a fun thing to do?

Food for lunch was a simple picnic type affair. In the book, they had some wonderful looking recipes for bread baked in flower pot, egg quiches, and frozen lemon pops! With so many kids, I thought that finger foods would be a bunch of fun and easy!

Finally, here is eggs after they were done a dry! Aren’t they cute? I think so, and as the kids all said these are eggs that cant break and wont rot! 😉
So my opinion is that this book is really great! Its perfect for any type of party you want ideas for or for any fun get together that you want to add something special to! We are going to have a blast with this book and hope that you check it out too! Let me know what you think!

A few Milestones!!!!

Well today both of my girls did a few things that they have not done before! Bunny made a train track with blocks and the train tracks. She has never really built something that was so out of the box! I was surprised with her creative problem solving to make it all work together well! It is also really symmetrical! That is such a Bunny things to do. Everything in its place and everything balanced! 🙂

Another really big thing that Pup did today was draw her first person all on her own!!!! She made the head, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the body, the arms, everything! I don’t know when it happened, but she just did it! I am really shocked at how she just drew it!
By the way, this is me! 🙂 Didn’t she do a wonderful job!
So that is all that’s new today! I think that things are going to be a little quite here over the weekend as I prep for our next theme (plus I need to do some shopping for Bunny who has outgrown everything!). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Spring!!!!!

Today is the very first day of spring, but it feels alot more like summer here! The temperatures have been in the 80s all week! I had to pull out shorts!!!!! Shorts….in MARCH!!!! Crazy! So to celebrate this very crazy first day of summer, we headed out to the beach for some relaxing fun! That’s right, we went to the beach! It was warm, sunny, and so beautiful out! I was so thankful for this time to sit in the sand, to watch the girls play, and soak up some sun (too be honest, too much sun!!!!! I am lobster red!!!). They had SO much fun playing in the sand! Bunny made a bakery with the sand toys and Pup literally dug in the sand like a dog! She was really into the sensory experience of the sand on her feet and hands! Here are a few pictures of our spring day!

Ahhhh!!!!!  It was a wonderful day and we ended it wet, sandy, and very happy! I hope you all had a wonderful day welcoming spring!!!!!

Its Springtime here!!!!

Well we have had really very nice weather here the last few days and it has really made me so happy!!!! I know that it probably wont last forever, but we are going to enjoy it while it’s here! We have been playing outside, taking walks, and enjoying the beautiful flowers that are starting to pop up in our yard! It is really early for the daffodils to be up in this part of the world and it is such a treat! The girls are super excited about them and so am I!

Another fun thing that Bunny did today was write her very own story! She started with some fun stickers from my sister, and drew three pages for a book! Then she started to write. After a few minutes of distracted writing, she wanted to give up. I felt that she should finish what she started, so I asked her to keep going. Next thing I knew, she was writing really well! She hardly needed any help and it turned out really great! I was proud of her, and more importantly, she was proud of herself! Here are the pages of her book!
“Tinkerbell lives in the forest.”

“Had a sister named Roseabella.”

“She had a sister named Emma.”
Really great work huh? That is what we have been up to here! I have also been working like crazy on the City of Jerusalem work for the Catechises of the Good Shepherd. It is coming along really well, and I will show you pictures of how it turns out! I hope your week went really well and that you are enjoying Spring! 🙂

Montessori Monday~ Pup’s Celebration of Life!

Well this week has been a little slow going with school. Since Monday was Pup’s birthday, we planned on having her party Sunday and having a little celebration with her on Monday. This was all set for the afternoon, so I thought we would have time to work. However, God had other plans for us! We woke up to several inch of snow!!!!! We have been waiting for snow so we could sled all winter! We only have had a few days of snow, and Bunny was really disappointed that she was unable to sled all winter! So when I saw the snow, I made sure we all got out to the sledding hill early! The girls had a blast! The snow was fresh (we were some of the first ones there) and girls went down a bunch, until a wet glove put Pup on the bench. She was too cold do play more! Bunny however went down over again and again and again! We even met up with out friends and got sled with them too!

There was hot Coco and doughnuts afterward!

After all that sledding everyone needed a rest! So we watched some tv when we got home. After that, it was time for Pup’s Celebration of Life! She loves walking around with the globe and it makes her so proud! As she was walking around, she asked me if she was 3. I told her yes and she starting jumping up and down saying “I’m 3! I’m 3!” 🙂 Her enthusiasm is so fun! We started off by talking about her in the hospital and what a big and sweet baby she was! As she walked around the sun I showed all of her cute baby pictures! When she was one she loved water and going to the zoo and learned new things! When she was two she learned to ride a bike, she played outside, loved to swim, went to the circus and on vacation, and kept learning! Now she is three and I know that this year will be amazing for her! After her celebration, we sang happy birthday and she blew out the candle! We ended the celebration with some gifts for the birthday girl! She loved it and so did we. I think that the Montessori celebration of Life is such a personal and special way to celebrate a child’s birthday! It is something that is quickly becoming a part of our family tradition!

I think my Pup had a great birthday and enjoyed all her fun! After our celebration, we all headed out for pizza and dessert! It was a perfect birthday!
Today all those inches of snow are gone! We have had sun and warmer waether all day! So we visited some friends and played outside! Pup was able to try out her new bike and it only took her a few seconds to get the hang of it! I love spring and it seems like it is just about here! Hooray!!!!

I am linking this post up to Montessori Monday! So be sure to stop by and visit some of the amazing Montessori mamas out there! Happy Schooling!

Pup’s Princess Party!!!!!!

I simply can not believe that she is three years old tomorrow! My baby is not a baby anymore, she is really a big girl! Part of me a sad, but most of me is so proud and happy of the bubbly, loving, and enthusiastic girl that she is! I love her spontaneous hugs and kisses! I love her ability to think that everyone and everything is the best ever! I love that she loves so totally and completely! I love her like crazy! So here are the pictures of my little Princess’s big day!

I have posted all of the pictures about the party details over at Peace, Love, and Blessing! It turned out exactly how I wanted it to! It was simple, purple, sparkly, and detailed! Please stop by and let me know what yo think!!!! I know we enjoyed every minute of it!

Hunting for Hearts

Today was unseasonably warm here, so instead of heading down to the basement, I herded them outside! 😉 I wanted to have a nice quite peaceful walk with my girls, and we did. It was so sunny and so windy, and the girls loved it! To add an element of fun, I told Bunny that we were hunting for hearts. We looked for them as we walked. We walked on the board walk through the forest, then we headed up to the beach! There was so much for them to look at and explore! They both told me it was a really great day and that we should do it everyday!

Here are the hearts we “collected” on our walk! I think that we were able to find quite a few! 🙂 Bunny did a great job finding them and I had fun looking too!

I love these simple moments with the girls! They are just simple and peaceful! Simple is something that I have been thinking alot about lately (you can read my thoughts here). We sang silly songs while we walked and talked about the thing that they were thinking. We looked at everything and played follow the leader. We had walking sticks, and rode the “sand” escalators (sand cliffs). 🙂 It was wonderful! I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Montessori Monday~ Human Body Week 1

Well Bunny’s family birthday party was on Saturday (you can see all the pictures here). So Sunday I was able to put together the new trays for our new theme we are starting this week! We are heading into a study of the Human Body and the girls have really gotten into it so far! What inspired so much passion right away? Well, we watched the Magic School Bus Human Body Movie. There is a TON of really great information and it is so much fun! I love it when there are great movies that help the learning become effortless! 🙂 Anyway, we are going to jump right into this full force! I was able to make a few trays for the theme. Most of them are heart related, and that really fits well with Valentines day coming up and with the body theme! Two birds with one stone! 😉 So here is what we have on the shelves so far:

We have a make your own Body System’s Booklet.
Here are the example pages that I made. The systems that I put here are:
~ Circulatory
~ Muscular
~ Nervous
~ Digestive
~ Skeletal

Here it is on the tray ready for work!

Spooning Blood Cells
(OK….pompoms! Tadpole is really into scooping, so I am hoping that this will be fun for him! I wanted to give him something like beans, but he is still eating things randomly!) 

Tracing and observing your hand
( I know that everyone will like the tracing, but I hope that adding the details of their hands will give them a new point of interest.)

Trace and Observe the Foot

Punching hearts
( I found this lovely little heart shaped hole punch at Walmart for a $1! It is perfect for little hands because you push down on the top to punch it! I think that if they punch enough we may have a project to do!)

Sorting Blood Cells
 (I used red Pony Beads with the holes in them so that they look like red blood cells, and I use clear white beads that are round for the white blood cells)
Today the girls jumped right into work. Bug and Tadpole were sick today, so it was just us! They worked really hard today. Bunny made the Body booklet and spent a very long time trying to get it just right, and Pup tried everything! 😉 Here are a few pictures that I was able to get.
Tracing the Body!

Bunny has also been having a wonderful time learning to sew on the sewing machine that she got for her birthday. 🙂 She really wanted to learn how to sew, but my grandma’s machine that I use has a leg petal that would be too tricky for her to use. So on Black Friday, my sister waited at walmart to get one that was on sale for $50! She loves it and Its great that I can put it at a level she can reach! So in addition to learning how to sew in a straight line, she is also learning to iron! This was today’s task and she really did a great job! She told me that she felt like she was taller and she felt like she felt all grown up! 🙂 It was so sweet! I loved that her gift made her really feel like she could do anything!!!!

Isnt she so cute and all grown up!
That was what we have been up to today! I really have had some fun today and I think that they did too! If you want to see more wonderful Montessori work, pop on by to Living Montessori Now for the Montessori Monday Link up! Oh, and if you have any other ideas for some great Human Body trays, let me know! I would love some ideas! Happy Schooling!
PS: I have been so busy that I havent had time to respond to all of your wonderful comments and messages! 🙁 I am SO sorry! If you sent a meaage, please send it again if I forgot reply to you! Again I am so very sorry! I will do better next time!

Bunny’s Rainbow Unicorn Birthday!

Today my Bunny turns 6 years old! I am so proud that she has grown in the the beautiful, cheerful, and detailed girl that she is! I love her ability to celebrate the littlest things and to keep order to all the big ones too! She has learned and grown so much this year that sh hardly seems like the same little girl! She had learned to tie her shoe, to read some small books, to add and subtract and even do some multiplication! She learned to love God in a deeper way, to observe her world in detail, and to find deep appreciation of nature! I love her so very much! She was born so small and yet so curious about her world. I love that she is still the same Bunny she always has been! My hope is that she always will be as she grows into a little lady!
Today on her 6th birthday I really wanted to celebrate this year with her. It seems as if this birthday ends that small child phase of life. She is growing and getting older and I think that she is now almost and elementary child! I cant believe how fast its gone!!! So I really went out of my way this year to make sure that Bunny had a wonderful birthday! My sister and I set the whole table up the night before, so it was all ready for Bunny when she woke up! Each place setting was a different color of the rainbow, with a name card, plates, silverware, recycled crayons favor, and a small handmade unicorn (made by my sister)! One each chair was a puff ball made of tissue paper and the unicorn hat! It was very impressive (if I do say so myself) and I think that everyone thought it was great!

Here is the table all set!

Here is Bunny’s Place (purple is her favorite color)!

These Puff Balls are AWESOME! My sister made them using this online tutorial here!

Chocolate rimmed glasses for milk!
This idea is from Pintrest here!

Here are the bags that hold the crayons I made a couple of weeks ago!

Red Place.

Orange Place

Green Place

Yellow Place.

The Birthday Girl!

Here is Bunny’s Hair. She found all the colors of pony tail holders all on her own and
saved them just for her birthday!

Horses for the boys in case they just didn’t want a girly unicorn!

Silly girl! She is so excited about Bunny’s birthday! She is also a little sad its not her birthday!
The party time was kept fairly simple. I let the kids start the fun off with painting their unicorn (or horse). This was really alot of fun for them and they really got creative and did a great job! I love that they put so much time and effort into making them just right. I found these little unicorns here!

Here is Pup’s.

This one is HM. He did it all on his own!

Here is Bunny’s.

Bunny really enjoyed the painting so much that she wanted to paint a rainbow too! 🙂
After painting we went upstairs to do our Celebration of Life. The Celebration of Life is a Montessori Birthday tradition. The child holds a globe and walks around a candle (that represents the sun). Each time the child walks around the sun, it represents a year in their life. At each year, we share pictures and stories from that year in their life. Then we get to the new year they are beginning and we sing Happy Birthday. The child blows out the candle! It is a very personal and beautiful way to remember their life. In our house, after we do their celebration, i let them open a gift and have a treat! So this year we did this with our friends! Bunny loves this celebration so very much. I want to make a scrapbook with all the pictures from a year on a  page. This way I have all of them together. I also need to find a pretty candle to use each year. If someone has some ideas, I’d love to hear them!  After we sang, she opened her gifts!

I bought Bunny a Mini American Girl Doll. I told her that I would buy her one each and she could start a collection. She LOVED idea! In fact I think that if this was all she got, she would have been happy! 🙂

After all that fun, the kids were ready for lunch! We had Unicorn Horn roll ups (I forgot a picture). These were just crescent rolls with cheese and ham wrapped up in them. I rolled them so the edges are even for they rolled up in a spiral. We also had rainbow fruit Kabobs, milk in their special glasses, and rainbow cake in mason jars! They all loved it so much! The kids also haled make their own fruit Kabobs!

Here they are making their fruit.

The idea for this came from Pintrest here
.This idea came from Pintrest here.


It was a success! 😉

Happy 6th Birthday Bunny!

It was a super fun day and tomorrow will be another great day! We are gearing up for the Family Birthday Party! I hope that she really will love it too! Stop back and I will share all the other rainbow and unicorn fun we have! You can follow my Pintrest Birthday Board here to see all the inspirations!