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Family moments – Page 13

Family moments

Learning Directions and….Finally….Snow!

Well everyone, I have been super busy the last few days making the decorations for Bunny’s birthday party this week. Thanks to pintrest, what would have been a simple cake and ice cream thing taken on a life of its own! 😉 I will have more photos later, and I promise it will be cool! 🙂 I am posting some of the projects we are doing up on my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing!
So I am here to share some of the fun we have had this weekend. Our school work this week was really light, The girls seemed to need some down time, so I let them play and play and play! It really helps them sometimes to have days of nothing! We did get in a presentation that I had thought about doing with Bunny though! I had borrowed a compass from my brothers (its good to know boy scouts) and I had prepared the direction cards to help her learn how to use a compass to find directions. This all new for us. We aren’t adventurous hikers and when we are out, we really don’t use a compass. So this is something that was fun and interesting. I used the first couple of presentations from Karen Tyler’s Geography Album. Bunny had no problem using the compass to place the direction cards on the floor of our kitchen. She had fun with it and again it was one of those lessons that only took a few minutes to present, but was one that made it easy to understand!

Another extremely exciting thing here is the few inches of snow that we got on Saturday morning! The girls have been waiting “all year” as Bunny put it to go out and really play in the snow! They got right out there, but then weren’t sure what to do! 🙂 Thankfully the neighbor boys were out and helped them jump in a pile of snow, toss the snow around, and in general have fun out there! 🙂 They really had a ton of fun and got to warn up with some hot coca afterward!

So that was what were up to! I hope to really hit the school work hard tomorrow since we will be taking a day or two off for the birthday that is happening this week! 🙂 So I will see you tomorrow for my Montessori Monday! Happy Weekend!

Water Color Painting!!!!

Today we took it easy! I was working with some family pictures that I am desperately trying to get scrapbooked (digitally of course) and the girl have been all out of sorts. So I pulled out some water paints and let the girls get some creativity going!!!! They were really excited and really got into it! Bunny painted a unicorn (her favorite thing right now) and Pup tried to paint a Zebra (her favorite thing ever!). Here are the pictures of their work!

They were so hard at work. I loved their concentration!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn all ready to paint!

After she finished a few papers, I pulled out some of the snowflakes that the girls have been making for her to paint too!

This is ones of Pup’s paintings!

This is Pup’s Zebra
(She painted this and was all upset that it wasn’t looking just like a zebra. So I painted the black back, and the belly line, and that made her feel better about how it looked. She did the rest!)

Here is a Zebra I drew for Pup and she painted it all up!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn! She was so proud of this work!
She loved it so much that she taped it above her bed! 🙂

This is a gemstone that Bunny painted. She wanted to make it look like it shined and sparkled, so she used the metal inset shapes to make the facets. I see another rock study in our future! 🙂
So that, combined with a ton of play time, is what we did today! I love that I was able to take the day off so the girls could relax! Homeschooling is wonderful that way! I also love how well placed free art time can lead to such great concentration and such great creativity! Happy Schooling!
PS: While the girls were painting, I was redesigning my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing. When I started that blog I wanted a place to write down my personal reflections. It has since taken on more roles! This is going to be y place where I can post my thoughts, the small family moments that bring me joy, and the creativity that fill my life! I love to make things and I really feel odd posting it here on my school blog, so I will be posting my work there! So pop on by and let me know what you think of my changes!

Busy, Home- Like Days!

Well, just a note, we are not doing any Montessori work this week. My Hubbie is busy painting my playroom, the girls are busy playing with all their new stuff, and I am trying to keep everything else together and cleaned up. Needless to say things are in chaos and we are all hoping to get it all back together really soon! It has also been really hard week for our major appliances! Not only did my stove die, almost burning my house down a few days before Christmas, but my TV died today! Argh! However, now my house is looking super cool with its new oven and Tv!  I wanted to work on some fun things with the girls, but we have not had time yet. Oh well! I will have a nice big playroom reveal later when I have it all done! 🙂 Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to! 🙂

Good Bye Red! I (rather my hubbie) is making the room a lovely blue! 🙂

Pup has been playing house!

Bunny playing Playmobils.

Lots of fun for the girls, lots of work for parents! We are going to start the new year off with a fresh clean home! I hope that you are all have a wonderful vacation and time off!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

The angel of the lord appeared to them and the glory of the Lord shone all around them, and they were struck with great fear. The angel said to them, “Rejoice! Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all people. For today in the city of David a Savior has been born for you who is the Messiah and Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.” And suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angel, praising God and saying:
“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests”
Luke 2: 9-14

Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating the wondrous birth of the Lord this day! I hope that you have had a wonderful day full of blessing, joy, peace, and family! We had a very full and busy day that was full of family time and gifts! 🙂 The girls started out with Santa’s gifts that spilled out of their stockings! Bunny has been waiting for so long for Santa to come and he finally did! They were not disappointed (I was though in my camera settings! I took my hubbie’s newer one a few weeks ago and I just haven’t figured out the right settings! Argh!). They loved everything! Bunny got everything that she asked Santa for (a stuffed elephant and a sewing basket) plus a little more! They both got some wooden dishes (from Apple n’ Amos) and they also got some candy. Pup also got a stuffed kitty, a pair of sunglasses (Melissa and Doug), and a matching game from Apple n’ Amos. They loved it all and loved seeing that Santa ate the cookies, drank the milk, and fed the reindeer the 9 carrots we left out for them (Bunny wanted to feed each reindeer)! Here are a few of the good pictures I got of them!
Getting the sockings!

“Green Gum” her favorite!

Just the elephant she wanted!

Matching game!

Sunglasses! She wore thses all day!

After all of Santa fun, it was time to get dressed for Church! The girls look so cute (I am a little biased). I was able to get a few really sweet photos of them all pressed, dressed, and ready for Mass! It took some work to get them to smile though! 🙂

Pup took this one for us! She is pretty good huh?

We tried the timer and it works well! Now if everyone will smile! 😉

After mass we were off to my in laws house for dinner and gifts and then we stopped at my grandparent’s house! It was crazy, busy, and fun! 🙂 Tomorrow we will be shopping for a new oven (My died after I baked my last cookie), painting the playroom, cleaning the house (it looks like a bomb went off here), and finding a place for all the new gifts! With that I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Our Merry Christmas!

Well it turns out I have a few moments to share with  you our Christmas today! Bunny and Pup were SO excited and happy! We got up and I managed to get the girls dressed and fed before we tore into gifts! 😉 It was hard though. After breakfast was all done, my hubbie and I headed into the living room (the girls were already sitting there staring at the tree with the gifts all around it) and I started passing out gifts. The girls jumped right in a they LOVED everything they got! Bunny said that this was the best Christmas ever and she got everything she ever wanted! 😉 Then she said that she was so happy that Santa was coming soon. I asked her what she wanted him to bring her if she got everything she wanted, and she said “I don’t even know! I am so excited”! I love watching their magic! My hubbies loved everything he got too, but he wasn’t jumping up and down! 😉 Here are a few pictures of the girl opening gifts.

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

Its time!

I made the girls diaper bags for the girls dolls. Zebra print is Pups FAVORITE! 🙂

Even Lacey the dog got a gift!

Bunny picked out Daddy’s gift herself and was so happy to give it to him!

Pup was also happy to give Daddy a gift!

Here is Pup opening her big gift! I loving seeing the happiness!

Bunny opened her big gift and was so excited!

She got the American Girl Bitty Baby. This doll matches the other one that she has so now they are twins! She was so excited and named the new doll Emma!

Here is an AMAZING faux sheep skin blanket that I got from Pottery Barn!
 It is amazingly soft and warm! I love it! 😉

Bunny got a cape I made.

Pup got her a mixer that she loved so much she hugged Pup big time! 🙂

Ahhh sisterly love!
Bunny got Pup the Cookies and Milk set from Apple n’ Amos. They have AMAZING natural wooden toys and Santa will be giving a few more items from their shop. Stop by and check out their stuff!

Pup just held her new dolls for a while. I think that she was overwhelmed by all the Christmas fun and it took a while for her to get ready to play. She is a little confused about the gifts, she thinks that it is her birthday! 🙂 I think she is getting it now!

Bunny however set up house immediately! 🙂 She had everything out and was playing in her own world!

Another amazing surprise were the flowers that showed up for all of us girls! My hubbie ordered little trees for each girl and a beautiful flower arrangement for me! I haven’t had flowers in forever and I loved them! I also got a necklace that matches my earrings! It is so pretty and I love it! I will wear it all the time! He’s the best hubbie ever!

Isn’t it pretty?
After a while of playing, we took a drive to make Pup nap (the only way to get her to nap is to drive. I thought it was worth all the gas today so that she got some well needed rest)! Shortly after that we headed out to our fancy, family dinner! We always got out together and I try to make it special by helping the girls get all pretty! Today I pulled out a purple dress for Pup that we found in the box of clothes (it was too big but she had to wear it), and I took some time to curl Bunny’s hair! She loves curls and she looked so pretty! I wasn’t able to get pics before we left, so the only ones I have of them all dressed up are at the restaurant. Here are a few that I was able to take! (Sorry for all of the strange colors. It took me a long time to get the camera settings to work in the dark restaurant).
Here is my cutie!

And here is my Pretty Girl!

Bunny took a picture of me and my hubbie!

Pup actually took this one of me! 🙂 Pretty good huh? You can kinda see my new necklace!
So that is part one of our three days of Christmas! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful times with my family and I thank God for that everyday! Once again I ask the Baby Jesus to give joy and all the wishes in you heart this Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Traditions!

Well, we are already for Christmas here! Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas in our home! The girls are just beside themselves with excitement, especially with all the gifts wrapped and under the tree! I cant wait to see their faces when they open their presents! In our family, we celebrate Christmas together on Dec 23. We open gifts and then we all head out to a nice restaurant to have a special Christmas meal! On Christmas eve, we go to my Mom’s house to open gifts and have dinner there.Then on Christmas morning the girls open their stockings filled by Santa, then we head to Mass and, after Mass we head to my in laws! So we have a really busy few days, but at least its spread out so its not so hectic! I really love the holidays and all the special Christmas moments that we have! I will have some pictures of the girls in all their Christmas excitement as soon as I can. But if I don’t get to the computer before Christmas I want to wish you all very blessed holiday and all the joy and peace that the Infant Jesus came to bring everyone on this very holy day! So hugs to you all! Peace and Smiles!

How do you spend Christmas?

What we have been doing….

My posting has been really sporadic, but I promise that it will get better! Things have been really busy here lately. We have mostly been playing and I have been working! Working on cleaning out the basement. The other side that my Montessori storage /laundry room/ holiday storage/ baby stuff storage/ Santa;s workshop/ extra toy storage/ etc.! It is a catch all, a hell hole, and a place where all of my creativity happens weekly! 😉 Needless to say after a few months of bad maintenance, it really needed some time and help! I have also been sorting through clothes (Pup grew again! She is a 4T. Yikes!) and getting rid of old things and putting small things away! I have also been baking and shopping like everyone else! 🙂 Making materials for our Atrium at Church. On top of all that I have started a new blog that is all about marriage and my journey to be a better wife! This is something that is really something that I need to think about and work on to be a better person. It is a rather detailed blog about all aspects of my marriage, so if you don’t want to know about all my deeply personal life then I wouldn’t visit! 😉 However if you want to get into the nitty gritty of marriage with me, stop on by Joyful Marriage in a Busy Life!
 Here are a few pictures that I have taken this week of the kids and what we have been up to!

Work in the Atrium at Church.
They play like this all day!

See I told you that she grew! 🙂

So that is a quick update on what we have been up to these past couple of days! I will be back with new trays and Montessori fun tomorrow! We plan on making cookies! Happy Schooling!

Build a Bear Chirstmas fun!

Yesterday my sister took the girls to the Build a Bear store for their early Christmas gift! They were so excited!!!!! If you haven’t been there, it a place where you choose your animals and help stuff it. Then you pick out an outfit to make it special! It is a busy place full of fun and bears! 🙂 Both girls had an amazing time picking everything out!

Picking out their bear

Bunny had to have this!

Pup’s Bear is getting its stuffing!

Here she is kissing the heart to give the bear love. The heart goes in the bear before its sewn up.

Here is Bunny adding her heart!

After that it was time to fluff them all up!

Here is Pup with her Bear! She named it Teddy!

Bunny named hers Emma!

They were both so happy! Thanks to Aunt for all the fun she got them! They have been playing with them non stop since yesterday!!! It was a sweet Christmas Memory that I’m sure they will remember for a long time!

Hot Cocoa and Happy Moments

Today my hubbie took us all out for a walk in the very brisk winter- like air! It was so great to get out for a few minutes and to feel the cobwebs blow out of my brain! We didn’t stay out long however, since the breeze was SO cold! We headed instead to get some hot cocoa! The place that we got it from has the best hot cocoa that I have ever had! It must be made with whole milk and have a million calories in it, but is worth every drop! It is also worth every happy moment I had with my family! I love it when my hubbie makes us all get out together! It is so easy as it get colder to just stay inside and never get out! It is amazing to take time to be together! These small moments are the ones that mean the most!

Peace and Smiles to you all! I hope that you all have many happy moments too!

Oh Christmas Tree….

Today we put up our tree!!!! I love putting up out tree. It is just so full of memories and joy! I love the sparkle of colored lights, the excitement of the kids, and the surprise of pulling out each ornament! You see in our family ornaments are a big tradition. We dont just have a pile of them from the store, the collection has been being put together since I was born. Each year my Grandma would buy each of us a new ornament. She would hang them on the tree and we would get to her house and try to figure out which one was just for us. She spent hours and hours picking out just the right one. She must have gone to a million stores a year looking for the perfect ornament! After she died, my mom took over the tradition, putting her own crafty twist on it! She makes everyone in the family their own ornament! So now with my collection, and the one that my girls are making, and the ones that belong to my hubbie, out tree drips with ornaments! I love them all! I love the puffy stuffed ones, the hallmark ones, and the handmade with love ones! They are all perfect! So decorating the tree is a fun and memorable experience! So here are a few pictures of our decorating (there is not a ton of pictures sine I was helping)!

So we are all decorated for the Holiday here! The tree is a really special part of the holidays for us and I love it! What are the special parts of your holidays? I love to hear all about what you do at Christmas!