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Family moments – Page 14

Family moments

Bowling with Friends!!!

Yesterday Bunny’s friend invited all of us to go bowling for her birthday! The girls have never been and they were excited! The bowling alley we went to was super great with letting the kids bowl! I couldnt believe how fun it was with all the kids! Bunny had a hard time getting the ball down the lane, but she got it after a while and she had a lot of fun! Pup thought that she was the best at it! The owner of the lanes had some racks for the littlest kids to help them roll the ball down the lane (after Pup got one stuck half way down)! 😉 I think that we will do it again soon! It will be a great winter activity! No to mention it is great PE!

Happy 6th Birthday CM!!!!

Lights of the Season!

Well as promised here are the pictures from our trip last night to see the lights that they put up at our zoo! It is the biggest light show in out city and it is beautiful!!!! Bunny and Pup went last year with Dad while I was shopping. This year I went too! It was something that we decided to do rather quickly since our zoo membership was ending and we wanted to see the lights before it really got cold! It was amazing!!!!!! We ate dinner at the zoo diner which is where the lions and bear lived years ago! The kids love to eat in the old cages! 🙂

Here we are at the zoo!

We are waiting for the food to come! Pup is posing for me! 😉

Bunny posed too! 

After that we went out to see the singing lights! This display is synchronized to Christmas music and Bunny wanted to dance! 🙂 Of course Pup joined her! After they danced a bit, we saw a ice sculpture and watched him make Santa out of a block of ice! It is so cool what they can do with ice!

When we got outside, Bunny was so excited she took the stroller from me since I was walking too slow!

Here is my dancer!

Pup couldn’t sit and just watch!

My hubbies was really interested in seeing the ice carving! It was really amazing!

I cant even draw that well, let alone crave something out of ice that looked that good!

Then we were off to see the biggest tree in the zoo!!!! It is covered with blue lights and just awesome to see! We walked through the lights for a while on our way to see Santa (and to warm Pup’s hands up)! Bunny has never wanted to really talk to Santa (she has always been a little shy) and Pup is still scared to death of him! 😉 However, Bunny decided that she wanted to talk to Santa, so we stood in line to see him! Pup joined us too and she went up and looked at him (from about 10 feet away!) Bunny actually told him what she wanted! 🙂 It was really sweet!

Pup and Dad!

Me and Bunny!

This is the big tree! I couldn’t get it all in the shot!

We were give these cardboard glasses that make lights look like snowflakes! They are too cool! Here is what I was able to get the camera “see”! Pretty cool, huh?

Here are the trains that are set up in the building where Santa is! It is a HUGE set up!

Here is the stage where Santa was sitting.  wasn’t able to take pictures of him because they want you to buy on! 🙂 Sorry about the blurry pictures. Going from the dark to light required me changing settings and I forgot to do it a few times!

Here is Bunny waiting to see Santa!

We followed this milestone moment up with a ride on the train and the carousal! Pup was excited to ride a zebra (it is her favorite animal) on the carousal! She loved it! Bunny rode the elephant (her favorite animals at the moment). After that we were able to get right on the train! Pup had been very concerned about the animals being able to get her while we were on the train because it goes out around the African animal exhibit! The only way she would get on it was being assured that the animals were in their homes! 🙂 So we got on and she LOVED it! She grinned the whole time and said it was her favorite (after riding a Zebra of course)!

Pup had to ride this Zebra! She LOVED it! She laughed the whole time! 🙂

Bunny loved her elephant too!

Me and Pup!

She loved the train too!

Daddy and Bunny! Bunny loved the train ride best! 🙂 It was really cool since we rode through a tunnel of lights! It felt so weird (cool weird)!

We had a really wonderful time together and it was a really special moment! I was reading an article the other day about how kids will really remember the good times you spend together! It was a good reminder and it is part of what got us out to the zoo! And it really was worth it! I love taking time for family! It was also a great little tie in with our Prophecy this week “The People who walked in darkness have seen a great Light” Isaiah 9:1. My hope is that this is something that will be a memory for the girls of time with mom and dad! What things do you do in your family to build memories and spend time together?

Taking Time Tuesday~ Shopping and Sharing!

Today is our Tuesday, so instead of crafting today we headed out to the store to shop for the kids we picked off the giving tree at our church. Our church helps the needy families in our community by hanging up tags on the tree with the wish lists of the kids and parents who cant afford to buy gifts this season! So the girls and I picked a few tags off the tree on Sunday. Since the last few days were pretty rough around here I thought that getting out would be good for us! 😉 I also noticed that with Christmas being so close the girls are getting selfish and have wanted everything lately. I was hoping that taking time to think about what another child would like would help them as we walked through the store. It did! I always am trying to find way to help my kids learn to share with others and this was a fun way to do it! They did a great job and were able to find great stuff for all the kids. I think they had fun too! I have alot of my shopping done and I am hoping that it will make it possible to do other stuff during December! After we shopped I took the girls out to lunch. It was a good day. The only thing that made it a little tricky was the constant chilly rain and the wind (a blistering wind is what Bunny called it). In fact the parking lot of the one store had at least 6 inches of water sitting in it! I was lucky to find a parking spot on the high ground and pick our way little island by little island! 🙂 Do you do something special to help your kids learn how to give to others? I would love to hear what you do! I am always looking for new ideas!
 As always I have a picture of our day!

So as I ventured out with my little group I thought a bit about what makes a successful shopping trip with kids. For me here are a few tips to making it a bit of a success:

1: Make sure that you set the expectations clearly before entering each store! (What can they have or not have, what can do or touch, etc)
2: Make sure that there is a set form of discipline if they don’t meet expectations (no treat, or timeout, or whatever else works for you!)
3: Make sure that no one is hungry (Nothing is worse then hungry kids)
4: Make sure that everyone is well rested. (my mistake today, Pup was pretty tired)
5: Know what you are getting and enlist the kids help! (Spending too much time browsing is hard on kids)
6: Reward the kids at the end! ( I like to finish the day with a little treat of some kind. We will either get some food or share a candy bar, or something small like that)

Those are my thought and how I handle shopping with my kiddos! Now this is not always fool proof, but it does help! Its the holidays and we all are going to need to tackle the crowds and what not at some point. It may as well be as enjoyable as it can be! 🙂 How do you shop with your kiddos at this time of year? So stop by and leave me a comment! I LOVE to hear from you! Happy Shopping and Sharing!

Our Saturday Bike-a-thon!

Ok….we really just took the kids to the park to bike, but they loved it so much! The weather was warm and we all needed some fresh air! So off we went! The girls loved riding their bikes somewhere other then the driveway! 😉 My hubby thought that giving the girls their bikes would give us a brisk walk, but they had other ideas! They both kept stopping to look at sticks and rocks and animals! I love that my little ones love nature! They are so observant and curious! It does make for a slow walk though! Here are some pictures of our fun!

It was so warm we were able to our thin jackets!

Off we go!

There were a ton of these little caterpillars and they freaked up out!!!! 🙂

Bunny was excited to recognize some Osage Oranges.
 We collected some a while ago to help keep the spiders out of the basement!

Here is what Bunny called a “Squirrel Bridge”

Pup’s leg got tired, so my hubby thought he could push her. Every time the stick got near her bike she would peddle as hard as she could cause she didn’t want to be pushed! 🙂

The trail ended at the Railroad tracks and Bunny and Pup wanted to get a closer look.
Since there were no trains in sight we let them get close!

Home we go!
We had a great day! I love it when the weather is nice even though it is late in the year! Happy Schooling!
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Taking Time Tuesday~ "C" is for Cloud!

Today was Taking Time Tuesday!!!!! So today we tried a recipe that I found on Pintrest a while ago for cloud dough! It was perfect since it went with out theme so well {plus it was warm out today so we could play with it outside}! It was really simple to make, just flour and baby oil { you can click here}. However, if you think you would like to try this, please be warned…..THIS MAKES A MESS!!!!!! 🙂 It is flour so it get everywhere! 🙂 But it was FUN! It is like playing with really smooth damp sand. Its crumbly, but hold a shape! The kids loved it! My washer, however, is still not so sure that it liked all the extra laundry! 🙂 Here are a few pictures that I managed to get before I jumped in and played too!

It was a great practical life work since the girls could make it themselves
{I did do the baby oil since it was messy}

Mixing it up!

That was our fun time for today! They played with it most of the morning and then again in the afternoon! It was a great sensory experience! They say you can save it, but I didn’t! I can always make more! If you happen to try it, let me know! I’d love ti hear how it worked for you! Happy Schooling!

Taking Time Tuesday~ Winnie-the-Pooh!

Today, after so much excitement in the past few weeks, I thought that having a relaxing Tuesday would be good for everyone! So after a doctors appointment for Bunny and Mass to celebrate All Saints Day, I took the girls to the movie store to get the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie! I read the Winnie-the-Pooh books to the girls a few months ago and they loved them! I have been waiting for the movie to come out on DVD so the girl could see it! We had a great time sitting together to watch the movie and eating popcorn and candy! 🙂 I love time with my kiddos!

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to post a few pics of my sweeties on Halloween! They were so sweet! Pup was really unsure at first, but then she realized that people were giving her candy and then she was on a mission! We went until little feet got sore, buckets got heavy, and hands got cold! 🙂 It was a good halloween! Since it was pretty dark when they got in the house (our neighbor has a little party for halloween while she passes out candy) the girls went through and sorted their candy first thing this morning! 🙂 They were so cute!

Happy Halloween!
What did you do for halloween with your kiddos?

Pumpkin to Jack-o-Lantern!

Yesterday we carved our pumpkins up and the girls loved doing it, although neither of them wanted to scoop out the gook {yes I know that this is not the technical term, but you know what I am talking about!}! 🙂 I helped Pup make a traditional jack-o-lantern and she loved it so much! In fact she popped the pieces in and out like a puzzle over and over! 🙂
Bunny wanted to design her own, so she drew it out with pencil, and I cut it out! She had seen some pictures of a haunted house and she thought it looked like a castle. So she made a castle and loved it! I thought it was so great that she was so creative! Here are the pictures of my pretty girls making their pumpkins amazing!

Here is Pup ready to work!

Here is Pup starting to clean out the “gook”!

I love that she is working so hard to put it back together!

Here is Pup’s Pumpkin!

Here is Bunny, so proud of how her pumpkin design turned out!

As you can see we turned the left over pieces into yard decoration! 😉
So that is the start of our halloween fun! Stop back tomorrow for our Montessori Monday and my halloween trays! 🙂

The Circus is in Town!!!!!

Well today the circus was in town! I love the circus and I have wanted to take the girls for a while, so I splurged and bought tickets!!!! This was the really good circus and it only comes every so many years! It was amazing!The best circus I have ever been to! The girls thought it was great! They loved it all and I think that they may have even had some sensory overload! 😉 Here are some pictures of the circus!

We got there for the pre -show that allowed us to go down to meet some of the performers!
 It was great to get close.

We could dress up!

Dance with the dancers! Pup even tried to follow along! 🙂

Here are the girls with the souvenir cup that I bought for them! Bunny LOVED hers so much!
 It has a place of honor in her room! 🙂

Here is the begining of the show! It started with the national anthem of course!

This was the opening parade. Bunny loved how the elephants held each others tails! 🙂

Jugglers juggling fire!

Tightrope walkers! This was so cool!
 The two on the bikes had a bar on their shoulders that the girl in the chair is sitting on!

Here are the tigers!

The aerial performance is always my favorite! I love to watch the people twirling in the air!

Here are the elephants coming in for their part of the show!

Aren’t they awesome?!!!!

And the finale!!!
Both of the girls had so much fun and I think they will remember it for a long time! I know that I will!

Apples for you, Apples for me!

Well I was too tired last night to post me second post and you will see why in a second! I am not a make my own foods, can it for winter sort of girl. I mean I really just don’t see why all the time and effort put into canning tomatoes is worth it. They are easy to buy and taste about the same {just without all the mess in your kitchen, and all the aching in your body}! However, there are a few things that I make an exception for. I always make my own jams, applesauce, and salsa {ok I haven’t made salsa yet, but my moms tasted amazing so I will be doing that someday soon!}. They just taste better, alot better! It makes the effort worth it! So my Hubbie {who adores homemade applesauce} bought 2 bushels of apples a week or two ago. After we got the apples, life took off like crazy and I have hardly been home. The apples I thought would be find in my nice cool basement! Not so! They were starting to get bad, so yesterday I knew that I needed to do something about it! So…..I planned to make the world’s biggest apple crisp { ok several pans of it at any rate}. I didn’t have time to make applesauce and making it alone is like a suicide mission! But as I thought more about it I realized that I could just as easily make a little applesauce and apple crips for the rest. Well I got Pup down for a nap {she still thinks that this is not necessary so it involves alot of crying on both parts, however if she doesn’t have one its worse} so I broke out the sauce machine and begged Bunny to help start washing apples! She did and we got to work! Long story short, after washing quartering, boiling, saucing,and canning a whole batch {Bunny was tired about half way through} I ran out of lids for my jars! Thanks the Lord for good friends! My friend was so kind as to run me over 12 of her own jar and a pile of lids! So I kept going, stopped for dinner and bedtime with the girls. Then my Hubbie got home and helped me knock out the last bushle {I told you applesauce alone is something only a crazy person would do!}. We worked until 9:30pm and made 32 quarts of applesauce! Whew! I was SO exhausted and right now I never want see applesauce again! 😉 Here are a few pictures I was able to take during the insanity!

Do you do any canning or storing food in your home?