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Family moments – Page 15

Family moments

My Little Cuties!!!!

This is not a post about our schooling today, but it is about my girls! Yesterday we had a Halloween party at our church and the girls got all dressed up! It was alot of fun and they are {in my opinion} too cute!!!!! Yes, I made their costumes from some awesome inspiration on Pintrest! To see my Halloween board click here! Now here are the pictures of my darlings in their Halloween costumes!

Bunny is a bunny fairy
{I did not dress them to match their names on my blog. It happened all on its own! Too funny!}

Pup is a Puppy-rina
{Puppy Ballerina}

I love my cuties! Stay tuned for more Halloween fun! We will be carving pumpkins this weekend and I have some Halloween trays I am working on! Yes I know its really late, but that is how this year has gone! Better late then never!

I’m Back!!! ~ Our Vaction Fun!!!!

Well I have been MIA for a few days because we were on a mini vacation at Put-in-Bay, OH to celebrate my Hubby’s Birthday! I know that is is really end of the season and alot of things were really closed, but we still had fun! I had planned for everything being closed for the season, so it wasn’t much of a surprised. It was really weird, however watching everyone closing things up for the winter! It went from a party town (its a huge summer party spot) to a Hallmark style small town in one day! Again, it was amazingly strange to see!
To get to the Island, we of course we needed to get on a ferry! Bunny and Pup have a Caillou movie with an episode where Caiullo went on a ferry. This of course made the ferry trip a super exciting thing!  I cant tell you how excited!!!!! When we pulled the car onto the ferry, we got out and headed up to the  deck for the ride. Bunny was shaking she was so excited! I don’t think she could have sat still if she wanted to! 🙂 Pup was a little scared, but she loved it too! I think it was one of the highlights of the trip for the girls!

Here is dog headed out to “grandma’s”house! She was so excited to be in the car! 😉

On the road!!!!

Here is the ferry we got on!

On board.

Headed up to the deck.

Here is one of the pictures that I have of Bunny all excited!

The girls got a kick out of seeing our car below us!

Bunny also was super excited to see a real circle window!
 I’m not sure why she thought it was so cool, but she loved!

We are alomost there, get back in the car quick!
The Bed and Breakfast that we stayed in was really great! It was beautiful and really homey. I liked it alot. It was a great place to relax and the girls were able to have their own beds! Bunny was so excited to be sleeping with her sister. “Its just like olden times when the girls shared a room” were her thoughts on it! 😉

Here is our B&B

This is the sitting room

Here is a veiw from the sitting room of the bedrooms

Bunny on her bed

Pup on her bed!

Bunny wanted to make her bed up as soon as we got there!

My plan this week for school, since we were going to be out on the Island, was to talk about rocks. On South Bass Island there is a cave that you can tour and also some great touristy fun mining for gem stones! So I thought that our theme this week would be “R” is for rock. I found a great book that we can “row” our own way, so I brought it along! When we got to the Island on Sunday, we headed out to the caves right away (since they were only opened on weekends). Bunny was so excited!!! We got there about a half an hour until the tour of the cave started, so we bought a bag gem stone mining mix and took it out to the slues box area! Bunny and Pup were so excited about doing this! It was really great fun, and the mix was full of pretty gem stones! When we bought the mix, the workers also gave us a chart with the names and pictures of the different stones they could find! It was like a pre-made Montessori work with all the fun of a tourist activity!

Here is the “treasures” as Bunny called them!

Here is the girls “making” pennies in one of those penny squishing things!
Its their new collection!

The cave was small but great! It laid a really great foundation for when we read our book and talked about bedrock under the ground! Bunny really thought it was cool, and Pup scared me to death because she didn’t want to hold my hand and almost fell a million times! There are alot of really cool shaped rock in the cave and it was fun trying to see them!

The next day we realized that we needed to be a little creative in our activities, so with a few good tips from some locals, we were able to find a really great beach spot and nature walk area! It turned out to be super beautiful outside, so we went to the local grocery store, picked up some lunch stuff, and headed out for a picnic!!!!! We started by heading down the grassy path of the protected nature area, and as we went we found that there were paths down to different parts of the beach. These beaches aren’t the kind you sit on a build sandcastles, but they are perfect for rock hunting and exploring! We found lots of rocks and were able to use them to talk about the different kinds rocks that were shown in the book we were reading (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous). We also collected some just because they were cool! After the beach we continued on and found a rocky strip of land that connected to another small island! We were all able to walk across to it!!!! The water was only a few inches at it deepest point to cross. My husband and I both thought it was cool that were able to get on an Island that almost no one goes on! 🙂

This is our Pumpkin Pie rock!

Here is huge rock that we thought was the perfect table and chairs for our picnic! 🙂

There were a TON of Monarch on the Island! It must have been the ones that are migrating to Mexico from Canada. I think at one point I spotted 6 of them in one area!

We found one that looked ingured and so I helped the girls pick it up and look at it. It was a male butterfly (as Bunny informed me). I love it when we have a chance to get up close and personal with nature!

Here is a piece of drift wood that my Hubbie thought looked like a ostrige! It was too funny!

There were all sorts of Butterflies in the area! It was cool to see different ones!

Here is the grassy path we walked on

Here is Bunny pointing to another Island. This part of the beach was cool because it was all solid rock! What a cool way to talk about bedrock and to feel it!

Here we are headed onto the little Island we found! See how tiny it is?

We made it!

Here is a picture that Bunny took for me! She is pretty good!

Another Butterfly!

The girls were also able to get in a little bit of awesome pumpkin crafting! The lady that ran the bed and breakfast that we stayed at, found some craft supplies and let the girls paint the pumpkins she had! They had so much fun using the glitter glue and stickers to decorate them! Thanks so very much to the wonderful lady who made that fun for them!

Like I said we were able to have a bunch of fun and we all got to relax! It was really fun and I am so glad we got to go! I am also glad to be back to blogging! There was no internet on the Island that I could find! I hope that you pop back tomorrow for some more rock week fun! Happy Schooling!

A New Milestone and New Memories!!!!!!

Well I am so exited to announce that my little blog has reached 100 followers!!!!!! Thank you so very much for all of you wonderful people who read my blog and leave your comments! It means so much that you like reading all about my adventures with my kiddos! Thank you for all of the support that you have offered me in the past 10 months since I started my blog. I really love being part of this wonderful community of Moms! It has been a blessing and I think you all!

Now on to our day! We have been blessed here with some warmer weather and today I started to feel that cooler air moving in. So I took advantage of one of our last warm days to get the girls to the zoo! Now it was looking overcast but the weather radar said it was moving out, so off we went! As we got to the zoo the rain started! Thankfully it only last about 10 min and the rest of the day was really nice! We got to see all the animals that they have been asking to see for a while! It was great. In the cooler weather I have found, the animals seem to move about more! This of course make it more fun! We have several large animals in our zoo that have babies and it is always fun to watch them playing! Here are some pictures of what we saw today!

Here is our Giraffe Family

The baby giraffe was running all around and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Those long legs are so awkward! 🙂 At one point he ran around in a large circle and wiped out on the hill! He went rolling a bit, then was back on his feet running around!!!! It was too cute!

Gray Wolf

There was a little rabbit statue and Bunny wanted her picture by it!

Pup of course didn’t want to be left out!

Next we observed seals. There are two in this aquarium, Harbor Seals and Gray Seals.

We talked about how seals are mammals. They have fur, they have babies, they need air, and they nurse their babies! Bunny hadn’t looked at them that closely before, so it was fun to slow down and observe them better. I think that this is something that I want to do more with her as she gets bigger.

Posing with the Polar Bear Mount.

Here is the Sloth Bear. It was cute because I would place my hand by the corner of the glass and the bear would come up, smoosh his nose in the corner, and woof his breath. I could feel it and hear it. Bunny wasn’t going to get that close to a bear, but he was really sweet {behind the glass ;)}.

Here is our baby elephant Lucas again. He is just too cute and so much fun to watch. We stayed there for quite a while Bunny really watched the elephants. She noticed that their faces look sad. I assured her that they weren’t.

We got to see Lucas nursing.

They he started running around

Mom showed him how to hold down a branch with a foot and lift it with the trunk.

It was cute to watch him do what mom did!

Then he started playing with a log! I know there are quite a few pictures of the elephants, but they are so fun and so close now!

Bunny and Pup both wanted to eat watching the elephants.

These are masks that are hanging in the children’s area. Both girls love to try them out!

There are also Guinea pigs for the kids to hold and pet.

Here are my little zoo lovers on the elephant at the zoo!

Bunny even got a picture of me! She told me: “Mom it is so good that I am big enough to take pictures. That way we have some pictures of you!” I love my Bunny!
So that is our day. I am hoping that we get some more warmer weather before the snow hit, but if we don’t at least we got to the zoo one more time! We will however head back to see the lights they put up at Christmas time! They have millions!!!! Thank you all again for all of you who stop by and read what I have to say You are awesome!!!! Happy Schooling!

An African Safari!!!

Today we were able to use some tickets to the local African Safari…..yes I said safari!!!! This place has African animals wandering around for you to feed as you drive through their area! There were Zebras, Giraffes, some kind of deer things, Buffalo, and alpacas! We were given pellets and carrots! All we needed to do was roll down the car windows and drive through!!!! The animals wandered right up to car, put their heads in and eat anything you give them! 🙂 Bunny thought it was fun, but Pup was a little unsure of {read freaked out} by the big animals! 🙂 Here are the pictures that I was able to take {It was incredibly hard to get a good pic from seat I was sitting in the car}!

The giraffes and Zebras were behind fences, but you could still reach to feed them!

I had to stand up in the car to reach to feed the giraffes!!!! Too Cool!

They also have a walk through park with some other animals to see! Most are ones we have the zoo, but it was cool!

These are porcupine 
There a quite a lot of monkeys {much to Pup’s delight} and they were all playing and moving around!!!!
 I love it when the animals are playing!

These are ring tailed lemurs!

Bunny was really interested in seeing the geese and swans! They were making all sorts of noise!

Crested Pigeon

After seeing {and feeding} animals we needed a snack!

Then we got some smashed penny souvenirs! 🙂

Pup’s has a zebra

Bunny’s has a giraffe!

This really was a cool experience! The girls both thought it was great! I am so thankful to my friend for giving us these tickets! It was a once in a lifetime experience!!!!

Embracing Fall!

My Bunny is a person who loves to celebrate!!!!! She will celebrate anything and she will celebrate with all her heart! It is one of the things that I love so much about her! She spreads her joy every time she finds a new thing to celebrate! Today she wanted to rake leaves for the first time. Now we only have a few crab apple trees in the back of our yard that haven turned yet, but they had dropped a few leaves! So since it is fall, Bunny got a rake and raked  up a small pile of leaves! She was so proud and excited! “Mommy, come and see my leaf pile! Its FALL!!!!!” I love her! 🙂

Happy Fall Everyone!!!!!

Taking Time Tuesdays!!!!

Today is the beginning of what I hope will be a special day each week for my kids! We are calling them Taking Time Tuesdays! Tuesdays this year are sort of off days here. We  don’t have commitments or babysitting to do, so they are perfect for my plan! Today {and every Tuesday} will be the day that we take little trips, do those amazing crafts that I keep finding on pintrest, and spend time having fun! I have been feeling like we don’t have time to do the fun stuff that is relaxing and that make memories! So I need to make some time to have those moments with my kids! We did alot of this kind of stuff during the summer and I miss it so much! I really think that kids learn more when they are having fun, so we are going to have fun! I mean it doesn’t have to be summer to play! 🙂
To kick off these fun adventures, we met up with some friends today to tie-dye t-shirts!!!! Our friends had a kit with all the dye and so all the kids needed to do was figure out which design they wanted to twist their t-shirts into! First we dampened the t-shirts, then we got to work with the rubber bands! Bunny and her friend did theirs in a twist pattern. I made Pup’s in a bullseye pattern, and HL wanted to do a graduated color! The next obvious step was using the dye! Now, when I did tie-dye, we used a spoon and a large vat of dye! These days, we have these very nice squirt bottles that keep it fairly clean! 🙂 The colors that we had were red, blue and yellow! Bunny of course realized these were the primary colors and she thought this was cool! Yay for retained learning! The moms did most of the squirting, and the girls helped squeeze the color though the cotton with their hands {in gloves of course}! Here are some pictures of our groovy little ones! 😉

Design Ideas!

Prepping the shirts!

Here is Bunny’s ready for dye! It took like 5 tried to get it to look right! 🙂

Here is Pup’s!

Ready to dye
{yes we did this outside!}

Here they are trying to put those thin plastic gloves on from the kit!


It didn’t take long to do the girls shirts!

Here is HL doing his gradual color design!

I didn’t get pics of the girls working since I was full of dye, so I had them come back and pose! 🙂


Arent they cute?
Now, I know that you are wondering what they turned out like, but you will have to wait just like us!!!! They need to sit for 8 hours and then they need to be washed in hot water! I will have to have a reveal post later this week! We had a blast and I came home feeling like we had a lot of relaxing fun! It was exactly what I want our Taking Time Tuesdays to be! I already have plans for the next one! 🙂
What ways do you take time to have fun?

Montessori Doggie!

Our pasta sensory bin is open in the school room all the time. I figures that nothing would hurt dried noodles in the short amount of time that they would be out {I mean I’m not leaving them there for years}! Well I figured wrong! I was blogging happily the other night and I kept hearing this weird noise. My hubbie kept telling me it was just the dog eating her food. Well I didnt believe him, so i went looking. What I found was my doggie eat {just like my hubbie said} but she was not eating her food. She was eating my sensory bin!!!! What was even crazier was that she was sorting out what she wanted!!!!! She had a pile of ziti noodled and a pile of leaves. She was eating only the egg {twisty} noodled! Bahahaha!!!! {yes cyber laughter} It was too funny! Even my dog has decided to do Montessori work! It was really funny….although now I need to buy more noodles! 🙂

I hope this mad you laugh today! It was too funny not to share! Happy Tuesday!

A bit of creativity in the middle of a crazy week!

Well today with Bug and Tadpole here, I just didn’t have the right frame of mind to try anything new today. They didn’t feel like doing any work, so we made it a play day! 🙂 I just let the kids do what they felt like doing. It was pretty good. I am still trying to find that perfect middle ground where everyone is happy!

On a happier note, yesterday we had a day that was pretty relaxed and fun! I was even able to make the girls a couple of the skirts that I have cut out for fall! Bunny requested that I make the purple skirts first! She picked this bright lavender linen out while we were at the fabric store along with a lavender flower applique, and she just loved it! Its not a really fall color, but it is pretty! I was able to use a really simple pattern I found online to make some twirly girly skirts that only took a little time! The pattern is here if you want to make a few! I pinned a couple of versions of this pattern on my pintrest board. If you pop by, follow me! If you haven’t discovered pintrest, then just send me an email and I can invite you! Here are the pictures of my darlings in their skirts!

Aren’t they cute!!!!!!
{My girls, not the skirts! Although the skirts are cute too!}

Pup’s skirt

I think her face says it all! She loves it! 😉

I didn’t buy Pup the purple applique, so I made one since the skirt needed it!
Here is Bunny’s Skirt. She loved her too!

This is the applique Bunny picked out! I matched perfectly!
Anyway, this was my moment of creativity that made me feel like a sane person! 🙂 I know that it is only Wednesday, but hey we all have weeks like this! I hope your week is going well!
What have you done special this week?

Fair Day!!!!!

Well today was the day that we headed out to the fair! Every year on Memorial Day weekend, we go out to the fairgrounds where my hubbie spent his youth and, well, do fair!!!!! The girls were so excited! I had gotten the book Hurry Down to Derry Fair. This is a really sweet book that has a nice rhyming text and really touches on all the elements that are a part of the county fair! After reading the book several times this week, Pup wanted to ride a yellow horse (on a Merry go round) , and Bunny wanted to see it all! 😉 The day was rather chilly here (only 59) an I thought it would warm up more. It didn’t. So thankfully my sister in law had a blanket that I could put over Pup in the stroller! Other then that it was a busy and fun day! We were even able to meet up with some friends! Here is what we saw!

This is one my sister in law’s cows.

Here are my sweeties.

Bunny is looking at the drafts horses.

Here are my other sister in law’s beef calves

As you can see by the ribbons, they did pretty well! 🙂 Yeah them!!!!

Here is a bunny that Pup is looking at.

Bunny decided that she loved the bunnies! 🙂 We talked her about maybe showing them when she get bigger. That is a big maybe, but she liked the idea! 😉

Here is my hubbie showing the girls some baby goats.

The food there is awesome!!!!! The milkshakes are to dye for! They the best ever!!!!

Me and my cutie! 😉
(Yes I took this myself)

Aren’t these pictures of the produce barns amazing! They are so classic America!!!!

Here are the canned goods! So pretty (and so much work)!

Here is Pup on her “yellow” horse!!!

They also rode train.

Pup waved every time she went by! It was too hard to get a good pic of her smile! Bunny loved riding it so much she rode it twice!

They also wanted to watch some Dairy Heifer Judging. It was a little long, but they didn’t want to leave!

Bunny was fascinated!

This is the cake my sister in law made for judging. She got a blue ribbon!!!!!
(yes is is looking a little limp, but it has been sitting in the heat for days!)
Isn’t it amazing! I love it!

This is the tire of a HUGE tractor that was on display!!!! The kids had fun sitting and standing in it!

Here is our friend climbing up to the cab. It was way above my head!

He was so happy to get to the top!

Even the little one made it up!

Here are the draft horses getting harnessed.

Isn’t this the perfect fair pic?
He is too cute!


So that was the fun of out weekend! I hope yours was fun too! This is the last fair of the season and I think summer really is over! Bring on some fall fun! 😉

Words of Wisdom from Bunny!

Today was one of those days when Bunny is thoughtful. She tends to have these days every now again!:) She is a deep thinker and she usually has a ton of questions and thoughts. Today we were in the car and she was pretty quite. Then suddenly she says:
“Mommy heaven in in my heart. Is that right?”
I had no idea what to say. You see I have been reading alot of books about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and in many of their examples of children talking about their spiritual thoughts, the children use words that dont always mean what we think they do. I was thinking that this might be one of those moments. So I asked here:
“Well Bunny, what do you think heaven is?”
“Heaven is somewhere where Jesus is.” she answered.
“You are right!” What else could I say? She was so right and it made me so happy to know that my daughter is really thinking about God and what he means in her life! It was just one of those small moments when I could “see” her spiritual self. This is a rare thing and it was a gift from God to me to be able to see this side of her!

What side of your child has brought you joy lately?
hemanes buchmannman