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Family moments – Page 5

Family moments

Photography Attempts

So I have been bite by the photography bug again! I am trying to play with my camera and see what I can do in different lights! I need some good tutorials and tip for a point an shoot camera. Anyone know a good site? I really have a great point and shoot, but I don’t know what I can do with it! ūüôā Here are a few shots I got this evening!











Ok….they are not amazing, but I am going to work on it. Plus I am finding out that editing is the name of the game anyway! These are not edited at all. What are your favorite photo tips?


This weekend was an amazing one here for our family. It was a couple of days full of family time that we all needed really badly. On Saturday afternoon, we headed out to a festivel/ flea market. Bunny and Pup love looking at all the old, odd, and interesting treasures that you see at flea markets type places! We found a few things. A globe, a picture of the Good Shepherd for my Atrium, and some interesting colored dice. Just little fun things! The girls really enjoyed it!




Today we headed out to the apple orchard! Bunny wanted to go and pick some apples, but we couldn’t find a good or affordable place to do that this year. So we found this new place nearby that had some beautiful apples and other fun things! There were awesome pumpkins and all sorts of fruit and veggies! Plus there were some fun corn stalk horses! There were so clever and adorable! I had never seen anything like that! We ended up with a a bushel of apples, some new spices, and some apple chips! Plus they had a little bakery and candy shop. So we of course got some chocolate too! Here are a few pictures of our little adventure there!












After that we headed down the road to the park with the lighthouse. It is a place we go every year together and it is always pretty and fun! Today was good too. We climbed rocks, took funny pictures, family pictures, and adventure pictures, and we just had fun!













Finally we drove for a while and came across the causeway to an island nearby! We headed over and found an old Confederate solider¬†cemetery, and the most amazing quarry area with houses built on a hill! They were big, beautiful, and original homes! It was like finding¬†a¬†diamond in a rock! The rest of the island is like every other island I have ever seen, but this one¬†had a bit of a surprise! ūüėČ As we drove out, we saw a few¬†deer. We stopped and my hubbie tried to feed them! We took an apple and dropped it out the window. The deer came up and ate it! It there was no car behind use, I think we may have been able to pet it!









So that was our weekend! Lots of little, fun, family things that were perfect! I hope that your weekend was good to. Heading back into a new work week and lots of learning fun! Maybe we will head out to a park! Happy Everything to you all!


Fair Projects

This year Bunny and I entered some items in the fair! Bunny entered some legos and I entered three different photos I took in Chincoteague. Bunny’s lego creation had to be fair themed and I think she did a great job! We headed out to fair today to see how we did!



Bunny won third place in her class and was really excited! Although I think she was more excited about building it then winning anything! That is what I want her too!


I won an honorable mention for my Lighthouse picture! But we did lots more then just look! We rode rides, ate fair food, and saw some family and their projects!















DSCN4994 DSCN4999


It was a great day like it is every year! They just seem to love this part of their Dad’s childhood and I think now it is a very deep part of their! It is so much fun for them and for me! I see a lot more Labor Days spent here with my amazing loving family! Happy Weekend everyone!


Farmers Market Day

Today we headed out to a local farmers market! My girls have been wanting to go and they were SO excited to go. It was all they talked about yesterday and this morning! I wasn’t sure if they were going to love it as much as they thought they would, but they did! We got some amazing peaches, a watermelon, some eggplant, raspberries,¬†and of course some sunflowers! Here are some pictures I managed to grab while we were there!



















It was a lot of fun to stop and take the time to really look at the produce that we eat. Bunny was so excited to look at all the fruits and veggies. I think that she even wanted to try to make something special with all the things there. Pup knew exactly where she had seen some raspberries and was determined to but them. It was so interesting to see how much they like buying things that they normally would never even ask for (like eggplant). It makes me think a lot about trying to get there more often and letting them put some ideas together of things that they could make out of the produce. I mean, lets face it, what is more practical then learning to make good food out of what is in season? There is a beauty to this shopping local grown food. You see shopping for food as something fun, not just a mission to accomplish and get home as quick as you can. It become a way to be creative with meals, not just cooking to live. It becomes a bonding experience with the people you are around somehow. It is as if you are all there looking for the beauty of eating together, even though you may not know anyone at all. And unlike shopping in a store, it was fun for me and my girls together. No one was begging to leave and upset about being there! If it were closer and easier to get to, I may do it more often. But for now, we will go when we can and soak up the nobility of the food. Do you take time to shop at a farmers market? What do you think about the experience?

PS. Lest you think I went all super mom and became a responsible local eating wonder woman, I will say that my darling ate corndogs¬†with all the fresh fruits and veggies for dinner! ūüėČ It kinda balanced out right?

Chincoteague~ Pony Penning Day!

So I think that this is my last post about our vacation! We stayed in Chincoteague during Pony Penning Day and I for one was really excited about this! On our boat trip from the day before, our captain had taken us past the place where the ponies would swim. We realized that it was pretty far from where our papers said we should go! Another thing that concerned me was that everyone was telling us to get there at about 6am. The ponies were to swim at slack tide ( which was between 11am and 1pm). I knew we couldn’t wait that long. So at about 10 am we headed out to the swim site and we were able to park at someone’s house for $30. It seemed crazy expensive, but then I realized that we not only got to park, we got to watch too! We were still pretty far, but we were able to see the ponies out there (tiny little smudges on the horizons). So we waited while the ponies were waiting to swim. It was HOT. Not a little hot, that humid wall the hits like a ton of bricks. But we were excited and waited. We saw the coast guard send off the burst of orange smoke that told that the ponies were about to enter the water, but it still we had to wait. While we were waiting, a HUGE storm came rolling in. We started to see lightening and my hubbie said we should go. I stayed as long as I could and got to see the ponies driven into the water, but that was it. The storm broke and the rain just poured down! I was so thankful for the money we paid to park near by. Most people watching had parked a few miles away at the high school and taken the shuttle! They were wet! After the rain stopped, we headed back to the pony penning grounds and were just in time to see the ponies¬†parading in! It was just¬†so much fun to watch them¬†trotting down the street! Later that night, we came back for some dinner¬†of yummy¬†fair food. The girls of course wanted to ride a few rides! These rides were vintage and so sweet! In fact they are the same ride that¬†were in the Misty movie made in the 50s! The girls loved them all the same!¬†Here are some pictures!












The next day was the auction for the colts that were to be sold this year. We were able to pop over to the pony penning grounds to see some of it! One of the ponies we saw auctioned off was a Buy Back pony. A Buy Back pony is one a person buy at auction to go back to live in the wild. Each year there are two or three of them.¬†And their “owner” get to pick a name for¬†them!¬†They usually sell for a really high bid and this year was no different! We saw one where the lady paid $11,700 for a little colt. She had bought is mother in a previous year and this year she bought the baby! She is starting a regular family over there! It was fun to watch them parade the pony out and listen to the auctioneer rattle of the bids!




We had a great time taking part in this really special part of American culture! This year was the 88th consecutive year for Pony Penning Day! I think it was an awesome experience and it was a great family vacation! If you have the chance, one day you should check it out! I not, read the book Misty of Chincoteague! It is still a really faithful picture of the island and the wild horses that make it special! There is something so cool about being able to read a book and then be able to live moments of that book for real!

Chincoteague~ Day 3

On our third day of vacation we did a ton of stuff! It was a busy and yet fun day! We started off by going to the Museum of Chincoteague to see real, preserved Misty and her baby Stormy! The girls were really excited and so was I. Before we even left for vacation, Bunny and I decided that this was something that we wanted to see! Not only did we get to see them, but we also got to see relics from the history of the island. It was a beautiful museum and they had a scavenger hunt that Bunny was determined to finish before we left!












Later on we headed down to the docks to discover the islands by boat! We took Daisey’s Nature Cruises. I LOVED it! Our captain, Sandy, grew up on Chincoteague and she really knew a lot about the people, the history, and the nature on the islands! We were the only people on our tour and it was amazing! We saw all around the Chincoteague coast and Assateague. We saw clam beds, sea birds, and dolphins! Yes, dolphins! I was truly amazing! I loved being on the water and reminded that¬†I love boating! Bunny on the other hand….well she was a little terrified! Poor kid. She defiantly white knuckled it through the swells! Our captain was kind enough to stick closer to the shore then I think she normally does because of it!









Finally, we saw the ponies again! ūüėČ My hubbie and I were able to get away that evening so I could stop and take a few more pictures of them before the roundup! I love sitting there and watching them. They are so beautiful! So yes, you will need to scroll through a bunch more pony pics! ūüėČ Don’t worry I promise its not all of them!










Chincoteague~ Day 2!

Day two started off with breakfast sitting by the ponies! They thought they were getting fed and were a little disappointed that they only got corn! ūüėČ After that we were off to find the Chincoteague Pony Center where Misty’s decedents live and where the girls were able to have a pony ride themselves! There were so excited! The Pony Center was not too far away from our hotel and had not only ponies, but a gift shop with all sorts of pony wonders! One thing Bunny wanted to do on vacation was ride a pony and buy a pony stuffed animal. It looked like it was two birds with one stone! ūüėČ The girls rode a sweet chestnut mare named Sunny. They each got to ride three time around the paddock (while someone led them of course)! I think it was one of their favorite parts! Here are some pictures of my cowgirls!















Later on in the afternoon, we headed to the beach for a few hours! We love to be on the beach and the ocean was no exception! They were both a little unsure of the strong waves, but it wasn’t long before we were all jumping in them and loving it! The beach was really clean and didn’t have any shells or a whole lot of critters to look at, but we loved it all the same! We did however find a small sand crab!



DSCN3724 DSCN3735















So that was our fun on day two! My hubbie and I were able to get out that evening a take a pretty walk down to the marsh together while my sister stayed with the kids! It was a perfect walk down to see the water together and chat! Simple moments are the best!

Road Trip~ Chincoteague VA!

Well we are back! Last week, we all went on our road trip to an amazing little island in Virginia! Chincoteague is famous for its wild ponies, its beaches, and for the book Misty of Chincoteague! When I was a child I read that book over and over again. It was one of my favorites! I read it a while ago to Bunny and we discovered that their big festival called Pony Penning Day still happens every year! I have always wanted to see it and the girls thought it would be fun too, so we made some reservations! The ponies live on the neighboring island of Assateague which is a federal wildlife preserve. Every year the fire department on Chincoteague goes to Assateague and rounds the ponies up, swim then across the channel between the islands. They ten auction off some of the young ponies to raise money for the fire department.  People come from all over the country to watch and it is really exciting. This was the 88th consecutive year! Now it case you are sad for the ponies, they actually swim really well and in fact there have been times when the ponies will swim to the other island on their own! The fire department owns the ponies and they are required by the government to maintain, vaccinate, and keep the herd at about 150 ponies. So the roundup allows them to check on the health of the herd and also to sell some of the babies to happy homes! We were able to stay on the island for 6 days and they were amazing! So I will be posting several short posts about our vacation! I hope that you stop back and join me in reliving this fun!

DAY 1:


DSCN3512 - Copy


DSCN3526 - Copy (2)

DSCN3530 - Copy (2)

We started our trip at 4 am on Sunday! The trip was about 11 hours.¬†It was really early and I was hoping that the girls would sleep for a while! They were too excited! Pup finally fell asleep on me shoulder for¬†a while, but Bunny didn’t! So by about 6:30am, everyone was up and ready for some road trip fun! I didn’t pack meal food, just lots of snacks. I really don’t like trying to make sandwiches or anything like that. I figured that a trip to McDonalds would work just as well! ūüėČ To make some of the trip go a bit faster, I made a bag of surprises for the girls! One new thing each hour and a half or so! This made the trip so much fun for them and it got rid of a lot of the “are we there YET?” cries!

DSCN3541 - Copy (3)

DSCN3543 - Copy (2)

DSCN3545 - Copy (2)

DSCN3547 - Copy (2)

DSCN3548 - Copy (2)

DSCN3549 - Copy (2)





DSCN3561 - Copy






We made it back to the hotel by about 3pm! The wonderful thing about our hotel was that they owned some ponies that lived right there! Which meant that they were able to see ponies right when we got there! Nothing is better then traveling so far to see ponies and not having to wait to see when you arrive! They even have corn available to feed them!







Since we were there earlier then we thoughts, we were able to take a drive over to Asseteauge that evening. And while we drove, we found the wild ponies! There were rounded up already and waiting for the swim. I was so excited to be able to see them! There were all sorts of colts that were so cute! It was amazing to watch them nurse, and play, and to see the ponies trying to keep everyone together! The pictures of them against the marsh grass and blue sky was so beautiful! It was amazing to see them. Really a childhood dream of mine!





After visiting the horses, we drove onward to the beach! The girls got to see the ocean for the very first time! We of course had to stop out and feel it! They were so excited! I think that they were impressed with the waves. Living near the lake meant that they know the beach, but we don’t have waves this big! They couldn’t wait to come back and play on it!





So that was the highlights of our first day! As you can see we ended with a swim and some relaxing!  It was the start to a great week! Stop back tomorrow for day two! Did you go on vacation this year? If so, where did you go?

Scibble Art and Family Time

I have discovered a book that I absolutely LOVE! It is called the Artful Parent and many of you may know of Jean’s work from her blog, The Artful Parent. When I opened this book, I knew immediately that this was an art book that we could do! The activites are simple, and a bit different from the average kids art projects. The goal of these projects is to promote freedom of creativity while allowing children to try new things at the same time! I love that the projects are pretty and look like real art, not just kids projects! While looking through the book I found so many project that¬†I knew we had to do. In fact, the other evening we did one of them that worked out SO well! The project was almost a game. The kids and I each got a piece of paper and a marker. For one minute we each scribbled on the paper any way we wanted. Then we passed the papers around to the person next to us. Next we had four minutes to look at the scribbles and find a picture in them. We used crayons to color it in. It was so cool to see what each person found in the others persons scribble! Here are some that we did:

DSCN3251Pup’s Scribble~ Bunny’s Art

DSCN3252Bunny’s Scribbles~ My Art

DSCN3253My Scribbles~ Pup’s Art





DSCN3258Pup’s Scribbles~ My Art

DSCN3259Bunny’s Scribbles~ Pup’s Art¬†(Mermaids)

DSCN3261My Scribbles~ Bunny’s Art¬†(Mermaids)

DSCN3263Bunny’s Scribbles~ My Art

DSCN3264Pup’s Scribbles~ Bunny’s Art¬†(Giraffe)


My Scribbles~ Pup’s Art¬†(Fish)


What loved so much about this project is that the girls loved it, then had a chance to be really creative, and it was SO easy for me to just do it spur of the moment! A lot of the projects in the book require a bit more preparation, bit there are some others that are really easy to get together! It was such a great way to spend some fun family time with the girls while not needing a whole lot of prep. I think that we are going to have alot of fun this year with projects!
Do you have a favorite resource for art with kids? I would love to hear your favorites!
 Happy Summer!


Sunday Drives

Today we headed out on a typical Sunday drive around the area! We went a little south and there were some little hills that girls thought it was SO much fun to bounce over in the car! There was a lot of giggles and laughs as we drove! It was just so much fun. Simple fun! As we drove through a little bitty town, we found a small park that the girls wanted to get out and play on! So we stopped and found swings, a slide, and rope swing in a tree! They loved it!











I really think that there is such happiness in simple Sundays at home. We start them early as always, with Mass at our Church. After that we are able to really spend some down time as a family. When my husband works really hard for the other 6 days of the week, it is such a blessing to spend time together just doing what we do…simple things! I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! I’ll be back tomorrow with some fun that Bunny engineered!