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Family moments – Page 7

Family moments

Girlie Party!

Today was Pup’s family birthday party! It looked mostly the same, but I did add some elements of fun to the zoo theme! I updated the post from Tuesday, so you have to stop to see! My mom made the cake and it was too cute! Go Ahead and look….I’ll wait right here while you do!

Very cool right? Well this afternoon we had another fun party for my sister! It was all things girlie and very pretty and fun! Pink was color and everything was sparkly! It turned out really pretty! I’m sure you want to see since you are still in the party mood from checking out Pup’s Party. So here are the pictures! Let me know what you think!




Happy 14th Birthday to my Sister! I hope your year is sparkly and bright!

Happy Birthday Pup!

Today, 4 years ago I welcomed my sweet and silly little girl! She was a chubby little one and full of personality right from the start! I think at one point I took 20 pictures of her in the hospital and she was making a different face in each one of them! She has grown so much into a smiley, curious, and happy girl. Every day brings her smiles and her giant bear hugs for no reason at all! I love this little ray of sunshine that was sent into our lives!

Now my little Pup requested a zoo birthday ( which goes perfectly with her cheetah study) and she wanted it to have purple mixed with pink (fuchsia)  as a color! So today she had some friends over to celebrate her birthday (we are having a party for all the family this weekend) and I think I managed to pull off the theme really well! She loved it at any rate when she saw it all for the first time at 5:45am! Let’s just say she was excited! The family party we had was held the next weekend and it looked th same with a few changes. I have updated everything so you can see it all! Would you like to see the party? Well here is what a purple pink zoo looks like!

Here is her cake for her family party!



Pup really wanted to have her Cheetah as a part of the party decor! So there it sits for all to see!

This is the African grassland that Pup painted last week! We also thought it would be fun to add it into the decoration and it looks great! Plus the kids had fun playing with it!




We did her celebration of life with our friends today and it was great. I found out that my tv can use memory sticks to show pictures! So we did the pictures like that and it was really great! In fact at one point Pup was sitting with the rest of the kids to watch the pictures! 🙂




She had an amazing time today playing with her friends and well, lets just say she is now passed out sound asleep! She had just as much fun with all her family! She loved every second of it all! Happy Happy Birthday to my little Pup!

It’s Lent!

Well seeing as I have been a little lazy in my blogging, I will share today what we did on Ash Wednesday. I set out to have a a feast day celebration each month at the beginning of the year, so this month I thought we should celebrate the beginning of Lent! I saw on Catholic Cuisine that they made an ash Wednesday cake that was made with cake crumbs and pudding. It was really to help remind the kids of the ashes that they received at church! Seeing that they had to crumble up the whole cake, they thought it was a perfect idea!


We had a lovely talk about Lent and about the things we could do to love Jesus more. Pup decided that she could work on the sign of the cross. It was all her own thought. She had been making crosses out of paper and drawing Jesus on them the day before. She was so sweet and she made 3 of them. I pointed to them and said it was Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and I explained the trinity a bit to her. She loved the idea and said it was just like the sign of the cross. Se was so excited about it and I think that it was what inspired her to work on the sign of the cross this Lent. I thought it was a beautiful idea!

Bunny really didnt know what she wanted to do, but she did grab a money box to give to the poor and she said she wanted to fill it. I told her if she needed to earn money she could work in the house to make some money to give. So she has been working really hard scrubbing floors and cleaning windows! The money has mostly gone to the box for the poor. I am proud that she is willing to try hard to help others!
As for me, I have quite a few books that I am going to try and read. As well as stepping back computer time in the mornings! I want to make time to pray together as a family too. This is our plan for Lent! I wish you all a very blessed season of preparation!

Pow! Bam! Boom!

Superheros and here and they are partying! Last week was my brothers birthday and it was quite a heroic time! 🙂 My mom sewed masks for everyone, there was an awesome skyline back drop, and a cake that was yummy…um…sorry… really cool! The best way explain it all is to just show you!

Now not only was is it super awesome, but it was awesome fun too! Wanna see the heroes of the party? Of course you do!

So there you have some of the fun! Aren’t family parties the best? They are of course! This party was inspired by Less- Than- Perfect Life of Bliss! Next up on the party list is Pup’s 4th birthday! I am in full planning mode for the party in March! Have a great weekend everyone!


Valentines Day Magic!

Today is Valentines Day and the girls were so excited! But with all the party planning I have been up to with Pup’s Birthday thats coming up and planning for Lent, I really didnt do too much. Well I thought it would be fun for the girls if they woke up to some Valentine-y fun! So I printed, cut, and decorated after they were in bed last night and got everything ready! They loved it! Plus I promised them some amazing pink heart pancake breakfast, and they were over the moon! I love surprising them!

I also printed off several different valentines and some valentine jokes for the girls! They were waiting in the mail box this morning! On the one side I wrote little notes of what I love about the girls!

Fun right? Well I thought that we would make a day of it and we spent the morning making valentines for all our friends. Bunny made some music ones and Pup used glow sticks!
After all that hard work, we went on a delivery run and visited all of the girl’s friends! It was super fun and a really great way to spend the holiday! After that we went to dinner and the girls were surprised with some valentine fun with my sister! 🙂


I hope you really had a great Valentine’s day! I love the chance to send love to everyone and to share all the happiness! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Snow Day!

Today we were headed down to do some school, but my mom called and asked if we wanted to go sledding! Well who wants to say no? It was a beautiful day and with the couple of inches a day for the past few days, it was a great time to get out there! We ended up being the only people on the hill and it was great! Bunny wanted to know why there werent other people there since it was such a good day to go sledding. I told her it was because everyone else was in school! Somedays it is the best to be homeschooled!

It was a great way to spend a morning! Everyone was so exhausted after a good hour and a half, that we never did get around to school work! Oh well, we will hit the book tomorrow! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Monday~ Playtime Promises

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”
                                                                                                                                     ~ Plato

Today we took a play day. Such a simple thing to do, sit and play all day long. Even I played! Bunny, Pup, and I all built Legos for most of the morning! We created together, talked together, and had fun! Plus we build a great salon/ restaurant! It also had me thinking about playtime. I really dont think that anyone debates the importance of play for young kids. They need it like they need sleep! However, I realized that sometimes we forget that older kids are still young kids! I know that Pup needs to play every day and so much of her school work is really just wonderful play! Bunny on the other hand needs to do school work, needs to do some other things.  She is a first grader. Sometime i think that I forget that play is just as important for her too! School work should be mostly fun and rather play like. They seem to learn so much more when they are playing and the moments of setting up an imaginary world will sometimes even prompt some learning! So when do we start to put pressure on the little ones to learn more, learn at a certain rate, or even learn a certain way? Why is it at 6 or 7 that we tell them that now they are big now? Are they really old enough to work without play or are we told they should be? Should play be more a part of every single day? Just because school work needs to be done doesnt mean that it has to be boring or  These are the thoughts that have been running through my mind. I tell Bunny she has to do school work, and she tells me she hates it. It is a far cry from my goals of creating a love of learning in my kids. It is how I make sure that she is getting all the learning in that she needs to by state standards. So how do I make sure that we are learning all the right things done, but that the learning is playful. Now playful is not something that Montessori is work is know for, however is really is. Montessori says many times in her writings that these exercises should be fun and like a game for the children. Yes they focus and concentrate and learn, but is fun for them! She has an example of her playfully showing a group of children how to blow their noses. She talks about games where the children were laughing, and shouting, and happy! This is not an educational system of work, it is an educational system of play! Play is the child’s work! It is no less true as the child moves into the elementary years. Maria Montessori stresses many times that the learning should be presented as exciting stories and should capture the child’s imagination! It should make them really want to find out more! So how does this all play out in real life? How do I make play a central aspect of our life. It is humbling to realize that we did get into a rut of doing what we had to do instead of making it all fun. Sure we have done some fun work lately, but really nothing has grabbed her attention and held it. I am thinking that maybe its me! So today I am making a promise to myself to try to bring play into our school room!
What are your thoughts on play and work?
Be sure to stop by Montessori Monday for lots more Montessori fun! Happy Schooling!

Happy Birthday to Bunny!

Today my sweet girl you are turning seven. I cant tell you how very proud and amazed I am of you. You have asked this year for a Lego themed birthday party and I did my best to give you just that. You love the building, the creating, and the endless possibilities! There is nothing you love more then making things of your very own and I love the creativity that you have the flows into each thing that you do. You have shown me this past year that you are growing up in so many ways. You are more confident in your abilities, more outgoing with your friends, and more excited about learning new things. You want to do new things, and not just do them, but to recreate them better then they were before! Nothing makes me happier then to see the things that you excite you and to see your sunshiny smile light up a room! I love you more then you could ever know and I cant wait to see what you learn, how your grow, and what you create this year! Happy Happy Birthday my darling girl!

On Saturday, Bunny had her party with some of her friends! We cleared all of ourselves off of the normal decor and added all of her favorite Lego creations and some random bricks. We wrapped all the the picture frames with wrapping paper and added some circles to make them look like giant Lego bricks! The white pictures with the colored legos on it were hand made from pieces of paper that I glued on the paper and added the dots to them! It was really time consuming, but they looked great! Bunny helped me make some of them! I think I may have been able to make them on the computer, but this way Bunny got to help and we had fun! The girls got to color some pages I printed from, and we also played find Stephanie the Lego girl, What am I Building (like pictionary), and of course tons of free building! They all really enjoyed it, but hiding and finding the 10 Stephanie figures was by far the favorite game! We played it a million time and the girls even took turns hiding it! The figure I printed off from a web image. Food was simple lunch food, but we wrapped it all to look like Legos! The girls thought it was fun to unwrap their lunch! Plus there was cupcakes for dessert! 🙂 For party favors, I made some rings for the girls made of a Lego brick on a ring base. I also found some Lego Friends pencils and of course candy bracelets. My sister also made some lego brick necklaces for each girl with a heart and the intial of their first name on it! All of this was packaged in a little lego brick box that I made from card stock! It was a fun way to end an awesome day of play!






Today we had her family here for a party! She had a great time and the Lego theme carried on! My mom made the cake for her and she loved! I didnt change any of the decorations, so it was all still about the Legos! We also had the chance to share the traditional Montessori Celebration of Life with the whole family! Bunny loves this every year! She loves to hear stories of her early life and I love sharing the pictures too!


So there you have a wonderful Lego party for my new sever year old! She loved every second and so did! Happy Birthday Bunny!

Happy Epiphany

Today is Epiphany Day and since it was my goal for the year to celebrate the Church year, we took the time for a small King’s Day Celebration! I made a kings cake and hid a wooden coin inside (wrapped in foil). After it was baked, I frosted it and the girls decorated it like a crown! They had a great time adding all sorts of yummy bits to it and Bunny thought that we needed some kings on top of the cake! So off she went to make three of them and a camel for the cake!

After our dinner, we sat by the nativity and read the story of the Epiphany together. As I read, Bunny moved the figured around. We talked about the story together and about how we can still give Baby Jesus gifts, gifts of Love and Prayer. After our reflection, it was time for cake! Even though we each ate a piece of cake, no one found the coin. The girls were so disappointed about it, I did something rather unconventional. The girls split the rest of the cake and they literally dug through it! 🙂 Bunny found the coin and she was named king of the night! They both had so very much fun!

Do you do anything special to celebrate Epiphany?

Cookie Decorating Party

Who doesnt love cookies? We sure do, and after our successful gingerbread making, I thought it would be alot of fun to have some friends over to make some cookies! Everyone was invited to bring their favorite sprinkles, their rolling pin, and come to ready to play!

I set the table with a gingerbread house, and small cookie sheets for each guest. Around the gingerbread house, I spread out the sprinkles in some vintage tart tins that were my grandma’s. I also made a bunting banner that said Bakery and some pretty printable for my frames. To add some pizazz to the decor, I took some ribbon and strung some muffin cups on them. I hung these on the ceiling! They were super cute!

The night before the party, I made some sugar cookie dough using a recipe from my mom’s neighbor! These were amazing! The dough was soft enough for the kids to roll themselves, but firm enough to pick up. They weren’t too sticky to roll and held up just beautifully! Another thing I did that I think made thing really great was to roll the dough in powdered sugar instead of flour. It seemed to help avoid that toughness that the dough gets after being rolled, and re-rolled, and re-rolled! The kids loved it and after rolling their dough, they cut out the cookies and placed them on their trays. Then it was time for the fun part~ Decorating the cookies! The kids were able to pick out the sprinkles they wanted and added them to the cut outs! Finally it was time to bake and eat! 🙂 Yummy!

Now I know you are just dying to have the recipe for the cookies so you can have your own party at home! It really is the best one I have ever tried! Here it is!
Sugar Cookies
(Recipe from my mom’s neighbor)
1-8oz. Block of Cream Cheese
3/4 cup Butter Softened
1 cup Powdered Sugar
2 1/4 cup of Flour
1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda
Cream together Cream Cheese, Butter, and Powdered Sugar in mixing bowl until blended. Add the flour and baking soda to butter mixture and blend! Cover and chill for 15-20 minutes (or overnight in my case). Take chilled dough and roll out to 1/4 in thickness on a powdered sugared surface. Place cut out cookies on a greased tray and bake at 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes or until golden brown around the edges.

 Now I know that you all would just love to have my printables as well for these adorable party things, so hear they are! Just click the link underneath to get to the page! Feel free to share a link to this post if you know someone else who would want them! After I printed these, I added some baking stickers that I thought were just too cute! Since they are only about a $1 a sheet, it was simple, inexpensive, and pretty addition!

Well there you have it! An awesome party with awesome fun! Plus it is fun and easy to do with kids! Cant beat that! If you use any of these idea, add a link in the comments to let me know how it went! I would love to hear about your favorite parties! Happy Baking!