FIAR Cranberry Thanksgiving~ Work time!

Well today I got some more work time in with the girls and we really got into the cranberry theme! Bunny started it off with changing the spoon on the scooping cranberries work with some chopsticks! I sat down there with her and we started talking about where cranberries come from and how they grow. I told her that they wet harvest them and she wanted to see if they really floated. So up to the bathroom we went to fill the bowl with water! The cranberries floated of course, and so we headed to the computer to watch a few movies on YouTube all about cranberry harvest. She thought it was cool how they all floated and were in the same area. We of course talked about how this was where Maggie and Grandma lived. We then of course needed to make Grandma’s Famous Cranberry Bread! Bunny made most of it on her own and it really was very good!

They Float!

Here we are watching the movie!

Here is Bunny washing the cranberries for the bread!

Adding ….


And done!!!!!

After this we headed back to the schoolroom for some more work! I made a page of thanksgiving words for Bunny to write, and then she wanted to write a thanksgiving card for Grandma and Grandpa! While Bunny was working, Pup pulled out the scissors and this required me to make some quick cutting papers (thank God for markers )! She then wanted to try the insets! I love the insets.There is so much you ca do with them. So I was inspired to show the girls some Thanksgiving things that you can make with them! Bunny thought it was SO cool! She of course got right to work! They turned out really fun. I know that free art is better, but sometime inspiration is fun too!

More cranberry work!

Here is Bunny writing her words! She is really good with CVC words and is still working on hearing those double letters!

Pup and Bunny both LOVE this work. It does make a mess if it spills though! 😉

Here is Pup writing! She has been trying to write her name. It just never looks the way she wants it to! 😉 Sometimes she manages to make a letter and her excitement is so cute!

Pup is getting SO good with scissors! She is really growing!

Here are her cuts!

She loves try the insets!

She wanted me to take her picture! 😉
Here are the Thanksgiving inset ideas!





Ovoid and circle

Here is Bunny’s

We also played the exchange game. Bunny and I have been working on Dynamic addition and subtraction. The exchange is a little hard for her, so we played the exchange game in hopes of making it better! She loved it! We played to two hundred and then I thought we should move on (ok I got tired). I think we will play it again soon though! I did take some time to play Candy Land with her too. We don’t take the time to play games much and we both had fun!

We have the bank set up on a table

The we roll the dice, add the numbers, and get the correct number of units. When we get to 10 we exchange for a 10 bar. We keep doing this till we get 10 tens bars. The we exchange for a hundreds square. This can go up to 1000. Like I said we went to two hundred!

So it was busy and fun today! I really hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate! There are so many blessing to be thankful for, and all of you are one thing that I am thankful for! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Monday~ Stone Soup~ "SH" is for Sharing

Well it was a rather long weekend, but here I am again! We started our week out with a little cold affecting Pup and Dad here, so we didn’t have any friends today! This week we are reading Stone Soup and rowing it (I don’t have the FIAR book, but we are doing some activities that work with it).  I have kept it pretty simple and most our trays are the same, I just used our play pots instead of bowls! It will all wrap up so well with the Stone Soup party a friend of ours is hosting on Thursday! It going to be great! So I will show you my trays for the week and our work from today!

Here is our funnel work again It was a huge hit!!!!

Tonging Acorns

Cutting Fruit

Whole hand Transfer


Tweezing Popcorn. This is still a hit too!
Today our work was a little short, but there was a lot of good work done! I hope to get more work time in so we can really move forward. It seems like we do a bunch of work, yet we don’t ever get in all three hours. Hmmm…I guess its a new goal! Here is our work from today!

Here is Bunny sorting beads.
She looked at the book and named each bead as an ingredient that was added in the story!
She is so creative!

Pup decided to play with the chalk board!

Here are some “sh” words that Bunny wrote.

Pup worked on the button frame again! She is so proud when she gets all done!

Bunny and I pulled out the Hundreds Board.
This work overwhelms her, but she can do it! She has figured out how to count all the way to 100, so I hope that she finds this fun!

She did it! 🙂

Pup also tried the zipper board.She still cant quite get it!
We also talked all about how sharing makes things better for everyone. I also wanted to help the girls start to see how so many people have really serious needs. It is starting to get close to Christmas and I know that I have been asking them what they want. This is not the view that I want them to have about what Christmas is all about. I want them to come close to God and also to see what they can do for others. So we talked about missionaries and how they are helping out people without homes, food, or clothes. We cant buy homes and food for everyone in the world, but if we help a little bit and other people help a little bit too, then we can make a difference! I want them to think about this and see that even little things make a huge difference (like each ingredient in stone soup)! So far this is our work. I hope that we are going to be able to keep talking together and I think that this will help as we head into advent to keep thinking about others. I really am working really hard on my plans for advent. I have too many little ideas floating about in my head and I need to find a way bring them all together! So off I go to think and to plan out our taking time Tuesday! 🙂
If you want to see more amazing Montessori work, please visit Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder to see the Montessori Monday Link Up! Happy Schooling everyone!

Water Cycle, Butter, and FIAR!!!

Today we read our book for FIAR again and we talked about the the salt the girl got from the ocean. I didn’t have time {or the sunshine} to evaporate salt water this week, so I decided to talk about evaporation and the water cycle. First we made a cloud and some rain by heating some water in the microwave {I told the girls that it was like water being heated by the sun} then I put the mug of hot water into a large glass bowl and covered it with plastic wrap. Then we watched as the water vapor fogged the top of the plastic and I talked about how that is our cloud. Then we left it alone for a bit to make a water cycle book! One page for Evaporation {sunshine}, one for Condensation {a gray cloud}, one for Precipitation {black cloud with rain drops} and one for Collection {water waves}. All the girls loved it! {Who doesn’t love to make a book}. After our books were done we headed back upstairs to see if we had rain and we did! There were water droplets on top of the plastic and water in the bowl around the mug. We made rain! I then re explained the water cycle and then we moved on. Later on tonight, Bunny was watching the water in the shower and said that it was like the water cycle, the rain fell out of the cloud and then down {I gave her the word waterways and she was excited to show me how it was going down toward the drain}. Then she told me it evaporated back up and it want on and on again and again! I was so proud that she got it! 🙂 I love it when that happens!

Here they are feeling the heat of the water.

Waiting and waiting….

….and we have a cloud!

Here is my example of the water cycle to help the girls make their own.

When we were all done with our books {Bug and Pup carried theirs around all day}
 we went back to our experiment to see the rain!
After the water cycle I thought it would be fun to make butter {like the girl in the book}. So I gave the girls a container with whipping cream and told them to shake it! They seemed to think that shaking required jumping up and down! It was fun to watch, but it didn’t last long enough to make butter! 🙂 So I put it in the mixer for a while. I finally decided that it wasn’t going to be butter, so I added some sugar and put the whisk on the mixer thought it would turn into whipped cream. Well… about three seconds on high speed it finally turned into butter! Yeah! However, since I added sugar, it was really sweet butter! 🙂 Oh well. It tasted great on the cornbread that Bug and Pup made!
Here is Bunny working on the butter.

Here are the kiddos making corn bread.

I was more excited about the butter then the girls, but it was great to eat!

So that is what we did today for our row! Tomorrow its art class and time at our Atrium! Happy Schooling everyone!

Taking Time Tuesday~ Apple Pie Playdough!

Today I read our FIAR book, “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World”. We talked about the way the story starts to repete at the end of it and about the aspects of it that makes it funny. Then I got the girls started on their Tuesday project! Today I planned to help the girls make their own playdough, cinnamon crust color, and rosy red apple! Then they spent a happy morning making apple pies! I found this idea on Counting Coconuts and I knew the girls would love it! It was a great lesson in measuring, stirring, cooking over the stove {Bunny not Pup yet}, rolling, cutting, and sharing! 🙂 They had a great time and Bunny made a really cute pie that looked real! She was so proud of it! Here are the pictures of our Apple Pie fun!

Here is Bunny mixing her ingredients
{Bunny is in the back ground adding cinnamon!}
Here is Bunny using the stove for the first time. She was so proud and she loved it!

When it finally cooled, the girls got right to work!
Bunny had a hard time with crimping the edges of the pie.

I showed her how to do it. Here she is concentrating on it!

Next she added the apples.

She was so proud of how it turned out!!!

Here it is all done!

After they cleaned up {and I told Bunny that she couldn’t keep the pie forever}
we cut her pie open! It looks really good!

Here is Pup rolling out her dough! She did a great job!

She also rolled her own apples! So much great muscle work! 🙂
We had a ton of fun with the pie and I am sure that we will be pulling this work out really soon! Tomorrow I plan to work on the science part of this row! Stop back then! Happy Schooling!