Learning Directions and….Finally….Snow!

Well everyone, I have been super busy the last few days making the decorations for Bunny’s birthday party this week. Thanks to pintrest, what would have been a simple cake and ice cream thing taken on a life of its own! 😉 I will have more photos later, and I promise it will be cool! 🙂 I am posting some of the projects we are doing up on my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing!
So I am here to share some of the fun we have had this weekend. Our school work this week was really light, The girls seemed to need some down time, so I let them play and play and play! It really helps them sometimes to have days of nothing! We did get in a presentation that I had thought about doing with Bunny though! I had borrowed a compass from my brothers (its good to know boy scouts) and I had prepared the direction cards to help her learn how to use a compass to find directions. This all new for us. We aren’t adventurous hikers and when we are out, we really don’t use a compass. So this is something that was fun and interesting. I used the first couple of presentations from Karen Tyler’s Geography Album. Bunny had no problem using the compass to place the direction cards on the floor of our kitchen. She had fun with it and again it was one of those lessons that only took a few minutes to present, but was one that made it easy to understand!

Another extremely exciting thing here is the few inches of snow that we got on Saturday morning! The girls have been waiting “all year” as Bunny put it to go out and really play in the snow! They got right out there, but then weren’t sure what to do! 🙂 Thankfully the neighbor boys were out and helped them jump in a pile of snow, toss the snow around, and in general have fun out there! 🙂 They really had a ton of fun and got to warn up with some hot coca afterward!

So that was what were up to! I hope to really hit the school work hard tomorrow since we will be taking a day or two off for the birthday that is happening this week! 🙂 So I will see you tomorrow for my Montessori Monday! Happy Weekend!