Historic Cabin

Montessori Monday~ Seed Collecting and Giveaway Winners!!!!!

Well today we went out on a seed hunt! This is one of the awesome ideas from the waseca study and I really wanted to do it. We didn’t get to it last week, so I thought we would extend our plant study a week! Bunny has been really interested, so I thought we would keep going with the plant learning and get into the plant classifications and stuff like that while we are on the subject! So after a bit of work here at home, we headed to the park to see how many different kinds of seed we could find. Before we left I found a chart online about the different ways seeds are spread and we took that with us so we could compare it to what we found. We found several different grasses, but since it is spring, there really wasn’t too many types of seed that were out there to see. But it was fun to look!

Another amazing thing that happened here today was that I finally took Bunny’s training wheels off her bike! Yes, I know, it is rather late. She really was ready, but I just hadn’t taken the time. Bad mommy! 🙂 But today was the day and guess what, she only needed me to hold the bike once! She just took off and rode! No kidding! I have never seen a kid just ride! She fell once, but that was because I tried to catch her and the bike slipped from underneath her! She was more then ready! She is so proud of herself and so an I!!!!

Now she is all big!!!!
Now on to the part you all really want to know….who are my two winners of the Montessori At Home Bundle!!!!! Drum Roll please……the winners are:
Comment 91:
 Ajar who said: We would like it as a shared gift between my friend (who is still rather skeptical about homeschooling) and myself.
Comment 106:
Tanya M. who said: Thank you for the giveaway! Would really love to win!
Congratulations both of you!!!! You will both win:
The Montessori At Home! Second Edition eBook from John Bowman

The Montessori At Home! bundle of 21 printable materials from Montessori Print Shop.

A free copy of the eBook: Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori by Deb Chitwood and John Bowman

AND at $20 gift certificate to a Montessori Supplier!!!!

All I need from you is your email address.
You can contact me at hopeleader{at}gmail{dot}com
The sooner I hear from you the sooner you will get your prize! (I need to hear from you by Wednesday or I will have to pick a new winner)
Now I really wish I could give each and everyone of you a bundle, but I really cant. 🙁 I can however give you all a discount on buying this amazing book! I REALLY cannot recommend this book enough! It is an AWESOME resource for anyone who is trying to start or is using Montessori in their home! Plus its affordable, especially since John Bowman is giving it to my readers for the next week for $7.95!!!! What a deal!!! You can buy the book (or the bundle) here! I hope you will all go and check it out! Happy Schooling Everyone!!!!

Unexpected Fun!

Today we planned to have a rather slow restful day! Yesterday we were able to finish “spring” cleaning and I couldn’t be happier! I am all done and I never want to clean again! 🙂 Thanks to my sister and bother who came over to help me knock out the rest of the rooms! For the most part today was a slower day. But this afternoon, after making it to the chicken dinner at our church, we drove past the historic cabin that is in our park. To our joy and surprise it was open and there were activities. So we stopped to see what was going on. They were demonstrating cleaning in the 1850s and it was perfect way to end our week of hard cleaning! The girls were able to see how laundry was done on a washboard outside, and they were able to try it. They also got to help beat rugs and see some sewing work, and how the ironing was done! They had fun, I had fun, and I got some really good pictures! 🙂

This is the cabin.

Here is the washing demonstration.

Bunny wasn’t sure that she wanted to do….

but then she thought it would be fun to try!

Working together is better! 🙂

But Pup had to try this all on her own too!

Learning to clean the rugs.

Yes they almost hit each other! 🙂
I liked how this shot turned out. I dont always take still life pics, but this one looked amazing!

This is so beautiful too!

Bunny tried sweeping….

so did Pup! 🙂

Bunny thought that the sewing was really cool. We are still working some sewing, so she liked seeing someone elses! 🙂

Bunny tried on a straw hat! Isnt she cute! 😉

How was your weekend? Did you do anything super fun?