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Holiday – Page 2


Christmas Traditions

Well I am alive here! lol! I have been working like crazy on Christmas gifts and fighting a wee bit of depression. With all of that, I really have had no time to pop by and say hi to all of you! I hope you are still there! So instead of trying to “catch up” on missed blog posts, I am just going to share what has been going on here! Today we finally got our tree up! The girls were so excited…..I mean REALLY excited! You see we don’t just put up the standard tree with matching ornamnets. Over the years, we have ornaments that have been collected and many of them tell a story and all of them have a memory! My grandma always bought us a new one each year, and my mom kept the tradtion going after she died. My girls and I have also made and bought ornaments each year together. This means that putting up the tree is quite a production.  Each ornament that is pulled out is met with squeals of delight like finding a long lost friend! I love picking out the ones I have been putting out each Christmas for 20 years or more! There is something so special about those moments of predicted seasonal fun! Don’t you think? Here are some pictures of the fun today!

DSCN8495 DSCN8497





DSCN8534Pup’s First Ornamnet

DSCN8535This is one Bunny made for the dog last year!

DSCN8537This is just one of my favs I bought when the girls were little. It is all soft and fun!

DSCN8540This little mouse writing with lipstick is one my grandma bought me! It has always been a favorite!

DSCN8542This is an ornament my grandma bought me before my wedding. It was one of the last ones she got me.

DSCN8549I loved horses so much as a kid. So my grandma got me this one!

DSCN8551This one is new this year! Each year my mom and sisters and I buy an ornament on our annual shopping trip! This was this years!

DSCN8553This one is also from this year! My sis and I each got one! Bunny and Pup think it is them though!

DSCN8555Another shopping trip one!

DSCN8559My mom has taken to making ornaments each year! This is last years!

DSCN8561This is one of my very first ornaments.

DSCN8564This one is Pup and our dog. Seriously I think it is more her dog then anyone elses!

DSCN8568This is Bunny with her favorite elephant!

So there you have it! Some of our favorite holiday memories and fun! So now it is your turn! What is your favorite Christmas tradition that you share with your family?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that this is a day late, but I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Our holiday was really great. Lots of Family, Lots of Food, and Lots of Fun! I am so thankful this year for my amazing, beautiful girls, my awesome, supportive, sexy hubbie, great family, and the best friends a girl can wish for! I am also thankful for you my dear readers! It always makes my day when I get to read comments and thoughts from you. All in all, it has been an amazing year full of challenges and blessing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. God really does bless us, even in the hard times! Now I wish I could say that I took a bunch of pictures yesterday, but I didn’t. Somehow I never remember to take them on thanksgiving! But here are some of the kids decorating turkey cookies!









 Today, instead of shopping with the crowds, I cleaned my house and shopped online. I dont know about you but that makes things a wee bit more simple! However this is not all we did! My hubbie decided to blow up some leftover pumpkins up and then surprised us with some fireworks! Yes,,,,I am serious! My whole family came and brought hot chocolate (it is really cold here), and I found some Chinese lanterns in our basement!  I have to say that it was alot of fun and I think it may be a new thing! So here are some pictures of the first annual Bright Friday! Who doesnt love fireworks!




















So there you have it! Traditions new and old! Now we are on to Christmas! It is  looking like there will be lots of handmade wonderfulness here! So I will do my best to show off what we make! Plus I have a party to plan for the 6th of Dec. So there is LOTS going on here! I hope you had a great day today and yesterday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween (a little late)!

Today was trick or treating here! So technically it was our Halloween! It was postponed until today because of the strong winds and yucky rain. It turned out to be a pretty good evening, chilly but good! We had some friends over for dinner before hand, then we dressed and headed out! Bunny was a rag doll and we worked really hard on her costume. Pup was Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She was so excited about it and that was all she wanted to be! My friend made her little boys Minions from Dispicable Me! Oh my were they cute!










We also carved pumpkins earlier this week! The girls loved that too! Bunny wanted to carve her own all by herself and she did! Pup wanted a mouse pumpkin. She thought I did it just right ( I maythink it is a little weird! lol).









Since all of our Halloween fun was postponed, we did have a fun lunch at my moms on Halloween to celebrate a little bit! We made bagle pizzas using orange cheese and the toppings to make faces! The kids had a great time and a yummy lunch!





So there you have it! I have finally finished the post for Halloween! The girls had a great time ( I am pretty sure) and our day today was filled with pleas to eat more candy and with a little bit of sleepiness from staying up late partying! 🙂 Now we are on to getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas! After, handmade gifts don’t make themselves! I hope you had a happy Halloween too!

Valentines Day Magic!

Today is Valentines Day and the girls were so excited! But with all the party planning I have been up to with Pup’s Birthday thats coming up and planning for Lent, I really didnt do too much. Well I thought it would be fun for the girls if they woke up to some Valentine-y fun! So I printed, cut, and decorated after they were in bed last night and got everything ready! They loved it! Plus I promised them some amazing pink heart pancake breakfast, and they were over the moon! I love surprising them!

I also printed off several different valentines and some valentine jokes for the girls! They were waiting in the mail box this morning! On the one side I wrote little notes of what I love about the girls!

Fun right? Well I thought that we would make a day of it and we spent the morning making valentines for all our friends. Bunny made some music ones and Pup used glow sticks!
After all that hard work, we went on a delivery run and visited all of the girl’s friends! It was super fun and a really great way to spend the holiday! After that we went to dinner and the girls were surprised with some valentine fun with my sister! 🙂


I hope you really had a great Valentine’s day! I love the chance to send love to everyone and to share all the happiness! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

A New Year and Another Blogiversary!

Well Happy Happy New Year to all of you! 2012 is over and 2013 is here and I just cant wait to see hat it brings! Not only is it a new year, it is also my second anniversary of this blog! Yikes! I cant believe that we have been here for two years! So many memories, new achievements, and great new friends have been recorded in the posts here! I have loved every second of it and I want to thank you all my dear readers for all the love, them comments, and the faithful following that you all give me! Each of you is a blessing! Thank you all so much! If it werent for all of you, this blog would not be what it is today!

Now, I dont know about you, but with each new year I feel this urge to really set myself up to be the best I can be during this year! I want to make sure that my plans are set, my goals are realistic, and that my whole family can benefit from these ideas! I also like to look back and see what went right and what should be a bit different. This year has been very good to everyone here. We all learned alot, we played together, created things, and got closer to God. I didnt loose any weight, but I did get a treadmill to help me do that. We did spend more time together, but I think that there is alot I can do to be better at that. It was a good year. So for the new year my goals are similar to last year’s: take time to play with my girls, keep learning together, and of course loose weight. 😉 But there are some other things that I really feel like God is asking me to do this year too. One of those things is to live the liturgy of the church year. There are some really beautiful celebrations and some really amazing saints that we remember all through the year. My girls dont know very many of these and the things they do know seem like a negative thing since they often HAVE to go to church. So this year we are going to make these days real celebration and fun days. My plan is to try and do one each month with the girls (this will also help with my goal to spend more time playing)! I want them to find joy and fun in the heritage of our faith. Faith is a living thing and I want them to feel that!
Another thing that I want to do more of is make things. Make gifts, make our food, and grow our own veggies this summer. We have alot of random food allergies here and there are alot of things that I am realizing it would be better for me to make. Some of those things are tomato sauce, beef stock, and even granola. Does it take more time, OH YES! But I think that the payoff is going to worth it. Plus, it seems like I eat less when it is homemade and that will help with weight loss!
Our virtue for the year seems a little less clear, but I think that maybe it is Piety. There is a great value to being close to God daily and I really want to make sure that this is an integral part of my kids childhood. Plus as they get older I want to be sure that they are really ready to receive the sacraments. Bunny will be making her first communion in May 2014, and I want to be sure that she is ready deep in her heart. It is a huge moment in her life and I dont think we can start too soon deepening that relationship with God. So there you have it! My plan in a small way for the new year! There is lot of things we want to do and things we want to accomplish, but it all boils down to trying have the best family life we can possibly have! I wish all the same for you too! Happy New Year!

What is your goal for the new year? 

Christmas Time Learning!

Well I have noticed lately that Bunny, who has been on school break, seems to have discovered the mystery of division all on her own! She has been working out math problems in her head super fast and accurately! The first time I noticed how fast she was on Christmas Eve. She wanted so badly to give each of Santa’s Reindeer a carrot. I didnt think that nine carrots was a good idea, so I suggested she cut them in half (too many carrots make it hard for the reindeer to fly dont you know). She sat in the fridge for a second and finally she looked at me a said “If we cut them into thirds, we will only need to have 3 carrots!” What!?! I didnt even realize that she could do that in her head so quickly! I’m not sure how she worked it out, but she did!

Today she was looking at her new friendship bracelet kit. I told her it made 40 bracelets and said maybe she could have some friends over to do them with her. She quickly told me “That means I can have 4 friends over and we can all make 10 bracelets each!”

Just My Style Friendship Bracelets
Bunny also has been writing and writing a lot! I am so proud of her! A great example of her writing is her letter to the elves she left for Santa to take to them.
To Elves,
I love elves.
My Mom made me an elf doll.
PS What do you look like?
Pup has also been learning a thing or two! She got a new notebook for Christmas that had a cover for her to color. She and my sister (who is also 3) worked really hard to color in the lines without messing it up! She was so proud of her work and couldnt wait to write in it! I wrote some of the letters we worked weeks ago and asked her the sounds. She remembered them all and was so excited! I think that we are going to have to keep working on some sandpaper letters!
Another thing that Pup has had a chance to do is practice her practical life skills with the tongs and scoops that were in some of the different serving dishes! Not to mention both girls were working on talking to people politely!
Who says kids dont learn out of school? Mine keep learning even when I am not doing anything special! What do your kids learn even while you arent doing school?

Merry Merry Christmas!

Yesterday and today were both amazing days of family, food, and of course lots of presents! We had some really busy days but there was tons of great moments! I am planning on sharing them with you too! Here is what our other two days of the holidays looked like!

Or course we had to put some cookies and mile out for Santa! Bunny loves the whole idea of everything Santa does and she really appreciated all of it! This year she wrote a letter to the elves! She said that since they work so hard, she should write a letter for them!

Christmas started off with stockings full of toys! And boy were they excited! I dont even think that they were even all the way awake! 🙂 After that we all got dressed for Church! And since we were all dressed up, I really thought it would be a good idea to get some pictures!

After Church we were off to some more family fun! The girls had a great time playing with their cousins and playing some more!

So there you have our holiday fun! I want to take a moment to wish you all the joys, and blessings of the Baby Jesus this season! This gift is so special and everyday I give thanks for it. I hope that your families have had a great Christmas and the time spent with your loved ones were moments to cherish and remember! Happy Christmas Everyone!

Our Very Merry Christmas~ 2012!

Well I have been rather off the grid lately! So sorry about that! We have been so busy with homemade gift making, wrapping, and all the things that come with Christmas preparation! But never fear, I have many posts ready for you! We had an archery party last week, I have a cookie decorating party coming up, and I am planning to redecorate my sewing room! Plus, we are going to be headed back to school soon!

Today was our Christmas day here! The girls we so excited, I dont think that they could wait any longer! We usually open gifts and then go out to a nice dinner together. This year we changed things up a bit by going to a fancy brunch instead of dinner. Then we went home to get right into gifts! Later on in the later afternoon, we headed out to see the light display at the zoo! It was a busy day full of excitement and fun! I loved every second of it and so did the rest of the family! Do you want to see some pictures? Of course you do! 😉

The restaurant we ate at had an amazingly sweet Christmas tree! It was the perfect moment for some pictures! After that it was home to open gifts. We got the girls a woodworking bench and some tools! It was not the worlds most of exciting gift, but I know they will love it as they start to use it! They also got an art easel (which was a huge hit), Lego’s (for Bunny), and The Melissa and Doug doorbell house (for Pup). Plus I was able to make a little elf doll for each of them! They both loved that! I was going to get a picture tonight, but they are sleeping in the girls beds! 🙂

Bunny has been building Lego’s non stop and SO excited about this gift!

“My very own Hammer!” is what she was saying here! She loved it!

Here is an odd picture of the doll! They were loved!

Some art on the new Easel.

Here are some of Bunny’s Lego creations!
After time to play and rest, we were off the zoo to see the lights! We got there early so we could see the animals too! The animals were out and moving all around and it was so cool! Plus the baby elephant was doing tricks! But I think that the highlight was the dancing lights that flash to the music and the train ride though the lights!

We also ate some dinner in the diner that used to house the large animals many year ago!

So there we are! It was a great day and tomorrow we are off to my moms house for more Christmas fun! I hope that you are enjoying the holidays too!

Gingerbread Babies!

Gingerbread Baby

Today was a busy day here! I have a cookies exchange tomorrow with my sister in laws, so it was baking day here! The girls wanted to make gingerbread so badly! So I decided that it would be fun. After lots of taking about it, shopping for just the right sprinkles, we made our batch. The hardest part of it was waiting for the dough to chill. While we waited, the girls traced cookie cutters to make paper cookies. I pulled out all of the glitter bits and the girls decorated to their hearts content. After that we watched some videos of our favorite Gingerbread Boy story on Jan Brett’s website. Jan Brett wrote a very sweet and beautiful version of this story and it is by far my favorite! On her website, she has some videos of her reading the story to some children and of her cooking gingerbread babies! What I thought was really cool was that she decorated the cookies before she baked them! What I thought was brilliant was that it saved me the trouble of trying to frost them, and the kids got to have all the cookie fun right away instead of waiting for the cookies to cook and cool first! It was the most relaxing and fun time I have had making cookies with the kids! I rolled, they cut, and then they decorated! Simple and fun!


Yummy! I love days where we are having fun together! I really hope that you are all enjoying the season of love and joy! I know we are! Happy Holidays!

Christmas Fun and Traditions

Yesterday we had a breakfast at our Church after Mass called Breakfast in Bethlehem! The kids all dressed up as their favorite character from the Nativity and we ate a breakfast together! After breakfast, the kids all sat around for a story of the Nativity told by our priest. My friend, a fellow Catechises of the Good Shepherd catechist, gave an introduction to the story by using the relief map of Israel and the sandpaper globe “show” the kids where the story too place and help the get into the story. Then Father read the story. After the story, the kids got to make a sticker nativity poster, and work with some of the Christmas works in the Atrium! We also had a parishioner in our parish who weaves. He was there to show the kids how weaving works! The kids had a great time and there are alot of great ideas swirling around for next year! Here are some pictures!

Today we got to decorate the tree! In our house, each ornament has a story and a memory attached to it! We love to pull them all out and try to fit them all on the tree! I am looking into finding a great way to make our tree decorating a more tradition type event too! Maybe we will have cookies or some Christmas movie afterwards. What are your Christmas Traditions?

Not the best pictures! Sorry. I will try to get some better ones tomorrow! I hope you are having lots of holiday fun! If you have some great traditions, share them in the comments! I would love to hear them! Happy Sunday! connington.126