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Holiday – Page 3


Advent Trays and Fun!

Well, as promised, here are some of the trays I have out in my Atrium right now for the season of Advent! I really have been trying to find new ideas for trays that will not only provide some new skills and a way to connect with the scripture that we hear during this time of year! Here is what I have come up with this year:

Straw Transfer

Make an Advent Wreath
(The kids take the wreath pieces and stick them in the clay, then add the candles)

Flipping Stars

Spooning Sparkles

Pouring Purple Beads
(Purple is the color of advent)

This is our prayer table set up for Advent!

We havent had very many works our in our classroom this year, but the other day, Pup and I did a fun extension with the red rods and the knobless cylinders! We made a tree and it was pretty cool!

What do you think? I have made a bunch of works in previous years, and here are some link for you to pop around and find some ideas!
 I would love to hear how you celebrate this time of year in your classroom! Share your ideas in the comments! Happy Schooling! I am linking up over at the Nativity Blog Hop! Stop by and find some more amazing ideas!

The Imagination Tree

Ornament Making and Party Ideas!

Today we got together with our homeschool group and it was my turn to plan! We were going to have a Christmas Party, but I really couldnt seem to get into the right theme, until I got on pintrest and saw all the amazing ornaments! Since we are all still preparing for the holiday, I thought making a bunch of ornaments would be a great thing to do together! With some great help from the other moms, we had four ornaments for the kids to make! Some of them were epic! Some were a bit of a flop, but everyone had a great time! And there were priceless decorations made for everyones trees!

Baby Jesus Peg Ornaments
~ Small Peg Doll
~ White Felt
~ Gift Basket Grass Stuff
 (ok..I am sure that it has a name, but I dont know it! 🙂
The Directions are pretty simple really, wrap the peg up in white felt and glue it. Then pull off a chunk of the grass and roll it into a nest shape. Glue the Baby Jesus onto the grass and you are all done! This craft however, was the one that flopped! To be honest, your need hot glue to get this done well, and the craft glue didnt cut it for them! But they are super cute and simple!

Pine cone Christmas Trees
~ Pine cones
~ Pompoms
~ Sparkles
~ Beads
~ And Glitter would have been a great addition too!
This is another really simple craft that everyone loved! It was great for the really little ones! All you do is add some glue drops to the edges of the pine cones and then stick the pretty stuff on! Again, we all thought that some glitter really would have sent this one over the top! Next Time!

Shrinky Dink Ornaments
~ Permanent markers
All you need to do for this is follow the directions on the box! 🙂 This one was the epic one!

Candy Cane Jesus Ornaments
~Poster Board cut out in Candy Cane Shapes
~ Red Paint
~ Felt
~ Yellow paper cut into strips
~ Cream colored paper
The child paints red stripes on the candy cane. When its dried, glue the yellow paper strips on the bottom of the candy cane and add the felt cut into an oval. Finally put a little face on the felt and you are done! This was a fun one too!
All of this crafting got a little crazy, but everyone had a great time and loved their new treasures! After all that thinking, we had some fun Christmas games for the kids! We are talking really simple and easy games for the kids! They had fun and with a bunch of pencils and plastic rings for prizes, the fun was all the better! 🙂

Cookie Flip
~ Two plates
~ Cardboard Cookies
~ Spatula
Each child stands a few feet from the plates that are in a row on the floor. Taking the spatula and placing a “cookie” on it, the child tried to throw it onto the plate! The fun thing about this is that it is really easy and hard all at the same time! 🙂 The big kids did just as well as the little ones!

Ornament Toss
~ Basket
~ Four plastic ornaments
Simply toss the ornaments into the basket! 🙂 An oldie but a gooddie!

So there you have it! I hope that you are having a good time preparing for the holidays! Maybe you will find a fun thing to do with your kids this year! If you are looking for some more holiday fun, check out what we did last year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving! Today has been a great time with family and wonderful opportunity to remember all the blessings that are part of our lives! So many of the things that we take for granted are the things that we should be most thankful for! So I thank the Lord to day for faith, family, friends, love, our home, our business, and for all the little moments that make life so special. I have been thinking alot about how those are the things that mean the most! I also am so thankful for your friendship, support , and help over the past couple of years! It is one of those blessing that this day is all about remembering! I hope you and your family had a lovely celebration today and if you dont celebrate it today, I hope you have a moment to remember all the blessings with your family too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween!

Today was full of halloween fun over here! Trick or Treating isnt until Saturday, but we had a party this morning and we got to carve our pumpkins this afternoon! The party for our homeschool group was a huge blast. The girls dressed in their costumes before we left and the excitement was off the charts! 🙂 Bunny was a Tooth Fairy and Pup was a Cowgirl!

After my little photo op, it was time to go! Off we went to our party! It was amazing! The planing mom did an AWESOME job! We had a flower arranging crafts, and a bunch of games!

How cute are all these little ghosts and goblins?

Everyone loved the craft! It was super fun for everyone!

Playing Hot Pumpkin! 😉

Prizes for Everyone!

Bean Bag Toss

Making Mummies!

After all that fun it was time to eat! Everyone chipped in and got creative! Everything was themed! Here is what was on the menu!

We also had hot dogs with crescent rolls that looked like mummies! They were awesome! !I forgot to get a picture though! 🙁 Sorry!
It was a great party! We are so blessed to have friend near by that allow us to have these school friends!I love that they arent missing out on any of that as homeschoolers! When we got home, we got things ready to carve pumpkins! Both girls were really excited about it! Pup wanted to make a Puppy pumpkin and Bunny carves hers all on her own! She resisted all help from anyone and was super proud when it was all done!

So there you have it! Our Halloween fun! I hope that all of you have found a fun way to celebrate too! Happy Halloween everyone!

Egg-stra Special Easter Preperations!

Ok….I couldn’t resist the corny title! 😉 Today we were full of egg fun here in preparation for the great day of celebration, Easter! The day started off with an egg hunt at our Church and the girls had ever so much fun seeing some friends and finding all the candy filled eggs!

Later on this afternoon we got to dye some eggs! The girls were so excited to get to work! We didnt do anything special except dye them. I did give the girls some white crayons to write on the eggs with before they dyed them! Pup thought that was super cool! Bunny decided to be a little tricky and did some double colored ones! My sister showed her how to use some rubber bands to get white stripes on the egg, and she loved doing that too! All the eggs turned out so super well! Here are some pictures of our day!

We had alot of fun! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and the beautiful spring! I have been thinking so much about the meaning of these few precious days and about what they mean for our salvation. I know that those words are such catch phrases and I don’t usually use them but this lent has had me thinking alot about what is truly important in life. Last night as I was thinking about my kids and the fears of what could happen were running through my head. I know that happens to most moms at some point. There is nothing worse then thinking about bad things happening to your kids. But then, I thought about Good Friday, about God’s gift to us, and it hit me that no matter what happens in life, no matter what happens to us, we will exist forever! I can never loose my family, or my kids. Someday we will all be together for eternity! We can love each other forever. I dont know about you, but this is such a powerful thought for me. It is really what this wonderful Easter celebration is all about ! God gave us life and gave it to us forever! I pray you all have a very blessed day tomorrow! Happy Easter!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

The angel of the lord appeared to them and the glory of the Lord shone all around them, and they were struck with great fear. The angel said to them, “Rejoice! Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all people. For today in the city of David a Savior has been born for you who is the Messiah and Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.” And suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angel, praising God and saying:
“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests”
Luke 2: 9-14

Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating the wondrous birth of the Lord this day! I hope that you have had a wonderful day full of blessing, joy, peace, and family! We had a very full and busy day that was full of family time and gifts! 🙂 The girls started out with Santa’s gifts that spilled out of their stockings! Bunny has been waiting for so long for Santa to come and he finally did! They were not disappointed (I was though in my camera settings! I took my hubbie’s newer one a few weeks ago and I just haven’t figured out the right settings! Argh!). They loved everything! Bunny got everything that she asked Santa for (a stuffed elephant and a sewing basket) plus a little more! They both got some wooden dishes (from Apple n’ Amos) and they also got some candy. Pup also got a stuffed kitty, a pair of sunglasses (Melissa and Doug), and a matching game from Apple n’ Amos. They loved it all and loved seeing that Santa ate the cookies, drank the milk, and fed the reindeer the 9 carrots we left out for them (Bunny wanted to feed each reindeer)! Here are a few of the good pictures I got of them!
Getting the sockings!

“Green Gum” her favorite!

Just the elephant she wanted!

Matching game!

Sunglasses! She wore thses all day!

After all of Santa fun, it was time to get dressed for Church! The girls look so cute (I am a little biased). I was able to get a few really sweet photos of them all pressed, dressed, and ready for Mass! It took some work to get them to smile though! 🙂

Pup took this one for us! She is pretty good huh?

We tried the timer and it works well! Now if everyone will smile! 😉

After mass we were off to my in laws house for dinner and gifts and then we stopped at my grandparent’s house! It was crazy, busy, and fun! 🙂 Tomorrow we will be shopping for a new oven (My died after I baked my last cookie), painting the playroom, cleaning the house (it looks like a bomb went off here), and finding a place for all the new gifts! With that I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Our Merry Christmas!

Well it turns out I have a few moments to share with  you our Christmas today! Bunny and Pup were SO excited and happy! We got up and I managed to get the girls dressed and fed before we tore into gifts! 😉 It was hard though. After breakfast was all done, my hubbie and I headed into the living room (the girls were already sitting there staring at the tree with the gifts all around it) and I started passing out gifts. The girls jumped right in a they LOVED everything they got! Bunny said that this was the best Christmas ever and she got everything she ever wanted! 😉 Then she said that she was so happy that Santa was coming soon. I asked her what she wanted him to bring her if she got everything she wanted, and she said “I don’t even know! I am so excited”! I love watching their magic! My hubbies loved everything he got too, but he wasn’t jumping up and down! 😉 Here are a few pictures of the girl opening gifts.

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

Its time!

I made the girls diaper bags for the girls dolls. Zebra print is Pups FAVORITE! 🙂

Even Lacey the dog got a gift!

Bunny picked out Daddy’s gift herself and was so happy to give it to him!

Pup was also happy to give Daddy a gift!

Here is Pup opening her big gift! I loving seeing the happiness!

Bunny opened her big gift and was so excited!

She got the American Girl Bitty Baby. This doll matches the other one that she has so now they are twins! She was so excited and named the new doll Emma!

Here is an AMAZING faux sheep skin blanket that I got from Pottery Barn!
 It is amazingly soft and warm! I love it! 😉

Bunny got a cape I made.

Pup got her a mixer that she loved so much she hugged Pup big time! 🙂

Ahhh sisterly love!
Bunny got Pup the Cookies and Milk set from Apple n’ Amos. They have AMAZING natural wooden toys and Santa will be giving a few more items from their shop. Stop by and check out their stuff!

Pup just held her new dolls for a while. I think that she was overwhelmed by all the Christmas fun and it took a while for her to get ready to play. She is a little confused about the gifts, she thinks that it is her birthday! 🙂 I think she is getting it now!

Bunny however set up house immediately! 🙂 She had everything out and was playing in her own world!

Another amazing surprise were the flowers that showed up for all of us girls! My hubbie ordered little trees for each girl and a beautiful flower arrangement for me! I haven’t had flowers in forever and I loved them! I also got a necklace that matches my earrings! It is so pretty and I love it! I will wear it all the time! He’s the best hubbie ever!

Isn’t it pretty?
After a while of playing, we took a drive to make Pup nap (the only way to get her to nap is to drive. I thought it was worth all the gas today so that she got some well needed rest)! Shortly after that we headed out to our fancy, family dinner! We always got out together and I try to make it special by helping the girls get all pretty! Today I pulled out a purple dress for Pup that we found in the box of clothes (it was too big but she had to wear it), and I took some time to curl Bunny’s hair! She loves curls and she looked so pretty! I wasn’t able to get pics before we left, so the only ones I have of them all dressed up are at the restaurant. Here are a few that I was able to take! (Sorry for all of the strange colors. It took me a long time to get the camera settings to work in the dark restaurant).
Here is my cutie!

And here is my Pretty Girl!

Bunny took a picture of me and my hubbie!

Pup actually took this one of me! 🙂 Pretty good huh? You can kinda see my new necklace!
So that is part one of our three days of Christmas! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful times with my family and I thank God for that everyday! Once again I ask the Baby Jesus to give joy and all the wishes in you heart this Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Traditions!

Well, we are already for Christmas here! Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas in our home! The girls are just beside themselves with excitement, especially with all the gifts wrapped and under the tree! I cant wait to see their faces when they open their presents! In our family, we celebrate Christmas together on Dec 23. We open gifts and then we all head out to a nice restaurant to have a special Christmas meal! On Christmas eve, we go to my Mom’s house to open gifts and have dinner there.Then on Christmas morning the girls open their stockings filled by Santa, then we head to Mass and, after Mass we head to my in laws! So we have a really busy few days, but at least its spread out so its not so hectic! I really love the holidays and all the special Christmas moments that we have! I will have some pictures of the girls in all their Christmas excitement as soon as I can. But if I don’t get to the computer before Christmas I want to wish you all very blessed holiday and all the joy and peace that the Infant Jesus came to bring everyone on this very holy day! So hugs to you all! Peace and Smiles!

How do you spend Christmas?

Build a Bear Chirstmas fun!

Yesterday my sister took the girls to the Build a Bear store for their early Christmas gift! They were so excited!!!!! If you haven’t been there, it a place where you choose your animals and help stuff it. Then you pick out an outfit to make it special! It is a busy place full of fun and bears! 🙂 Both girls had an amazing time picking everything out!

Picking out their bear

Bunny had to have this!

Pup’s Bear is getting its stuffing!

Here she is kissing the heart to give the bear love. The heart goes in the bear before its sewn up.

Here is Bunny adding her heart!

After that it was time to fluff them all up!

Here is Pup with her Bear! She named it Teddy!

Bunny named hers Emma!

They were both so happy! Thanks to Aunt for all the fun she got them! They have been playing with them non stop since yesterday!!! It was a sweet Christmas Memory that I’m sure they will remember for a long time!

Taking Time Tuseday~ Ornaments

Today was a wonderful Tuesday for our craft time! We were able to have a few friends over and make some ornaments! We have been making ornaments to sell at our church for a donation. The funds we raise will go to help a charity. I am hoping that this will be a nice simple way to help Bunny think about helping others out! Our friends came over today to help us out with this! I had everything all set up to make the trees we worked on yesterday, and a new paper ornament that I found on, you guessed it, Pintrest! Here is a link to the ones I found. I had all the paper pre cut into strips and ready to go. The girls had to measure out the strips using the ruler (great math work). They needed one 6″ piece, two 7″ pieces, and two 8″ pieces. Then next thing they needed to do was put the medium pieces one on either side of smallest strip, then the largest on either side of the outside. Next we line up the edges and staple the end. To finish the we lined the other ends up and stapled it. This allowed the longer pieces to bow out to form an orb type shape! However it was a little trickier then we thought it would be. The girls needed quite a bit more help then I thought. They did a great job, but after a few of then they switched gears and started making cards using the left over bits of paper! So I finished the ornaments while they made some beautiful cards! I figured we can sell those too! Here are some pictures of out work today!

Here is our tray!
Yes that is glitter paper!!! And you can also see my example ornament.

Here is Bunny measuring so carefully!

She showed her friend how to make the tree ornaments!
She did a great job!

HL wanted to glue felt and paper! He inspired the card making!

The card making was a hit!
 In fact I left the card stock and scraps out on a tray for Bunny to work on some more this week!

Here are the finished cards!

This one was made by CM. I love this one!

Bunny did this and I love the gifts at the bottom of the tree!

HL made this one and I love the sticking out arms! There is one on each side! Too Cute!

Bunny made this one using the cookie cutters!
So that is what we did today! All the kids had fun crafting and of course playing!!!! It was really wonderful to have some fun with out friends and to take the time to do something that could help others! I have a donation button on the left hand side of my blog if you want to donate to Bunny’s Christmas Donation! Happy Christmas Crafting! scotland