Work Work Work!!!!

Well yesterday was such a rough day that I just didn’t have the heart to post anything! I really have been having a hard time with the kids. Bunny is going through a growth spurt, so she is overly tired and she is a little crazy, and that crazy rubs off on everyone else here! So after about an hour of work, where Tadpole dumped everything, Bunny didn’t want to work and actually threw a fit, and Pup and Bug were wandering and board, so we gave up and I let the kids play! I think that I will have to do a post where I take pictures of all the things I tend to avoid with the camera so you can see that its not perfect here! However, there was some good moments and I will share those today! 

Senses Sorting

Thermic Tablets
(a good “touch” work)

Letter sounds.
We are still working on these four until she gets them. I think next week I will add a couple. She sometimes gets them all, sometimes she forget them. But today she did them without hesitation, so I think she is ready!

Here are some words we wrote with the sounds.
I tried to give her some words to read using the sounds, but that is where some of the fit started!
Bug and Pup really got to work on the knobless cylinders! They built three of the four into to towers! They had a really great time and they really concentrated for a while!

Today Bunny wanted to answer a comment from her online friend Kal-El! So we wrote it out together and she typed it out herself! She was very proud, but it was really hard for her. I never thought about it much until she said “Mom, these are not in abc order”! Oops! I forgot that it really makes no real sense! She also was a little confused about the capital letters on the keys that turned into lowercase letter! 😉 
Then she wrote a letter to her friend in England today! We also did some math work with the stamp game while I was sawing some towels for my sister in law! But I couldn’t get pictures! Oh well! She did some multiplication with an exchange and an addition problem too! So I guess our last few days have been ok. I really been firm about the rules here. My goal is to be able to correct things without yelling like a crazy person! Today was good, and I really hope it lasts! So Wish me luck! I hope your week is going well and that you are learning a ton! Happy Schooling!

Subraction Snake Game!

Well today I started Bunny on her double letter sound presentations. We picked out three to start with and we did a three period lesson. We got through period one, but I think we will need to do it again tomorrow. She couldn’t remember all three of them. Right now I am going to aim for a few sounds a week. We’ll see how it goes! At least its a start! Once she get these sounds, I think everything else will fall into place better. I’ll keep you posted!

We also, finally, figured out the subtraction snake game. Yes I know, its not that hard, but it took me two different Montessori Albums and the better part of a half hour to figure it out alone! lol But I finally got it! I was all excited to show Bunny a new game to play and she was ready to learn. However, when I showed her how the snake got smaller, she was so unhappy! She didn’t want to loose some of the pretty golden beads! 🙂 So now I’m not sure if she will play it for that reason! I’m not sure what to do about that, but at least she got it. We did two snakes and she seemed to get the idea!

Setting up the snake

Counting it out.

See…she is really unhappy about loosing the golden beads! 🙂

But we did it!!!!
So that is what we have been working on today! In addition to this we also have been reading some books about our body systems.Bunny is absorbing so much of that just be reading! I hope you all had a wonderful school week! Stop back soon. I have an AMAZING giveaway coming up!!!!

Oh what to do…..

Well today we did a little bit of school work, but not much. Bunny has been super tierd lately and I really don’t know why. Last night she was in bed by 7:15 (yes that early) and she didn’t get up until about 7:15. That 12 hours! I really don’t know why she should be tired by 10 am. I hope its just a growing thing, not something bad!
Anyway, we started our day working on some green sounds today and really just wasn’t clicking at all!  Even sounds that i know I have presented to her three or four times, she still doesn’t get. I’m not sure if that is just a sign that she isn’t ready or if I’m doing something wrong. I really think that I am missing something, but I cant figure it out. Bunny has picked things up in a really different order then most Montessori albums suggest. I wanted to use the Dwyer System, but that seemed too tricky for her. It was almost too big of steps So I used a few of the regular PGB things, but that was too much work to keep trying to put stuff together (I don’t have that many objects!). So I’m not really sure what to do. Not to mention, I’m not sure what to do when Bunny looks at a word, sees something that looks like a double letter sound, but then it makes a different sounds then what she think it makes! Then she get confused and I’m not sure what to tell her!  You see for me reading seems like the holy grail of schooling. If you cant read well and don’t love doing it, then life will be harder for you. Anyway, I guess I am looking for any hints or helpful ideas from you other moms out there who have taught a child to read all ready! What do you recommend? Any ideas would be great!

Montessori Monday~ Human Body Week 1

Well Bunny’s family birthday party was on Saturday (you can see all the pictures here). So Sunday I was able to put together the new trays for our new theme we are starting this week! We are heading into a study of the Human Body and the girls have really gotten into it so far! What inspired so much passion right away? Well, we watched the Magic School Bus Human Body Movie. There is a TON of really great information and it is so much fun! I love it when there are great movies that help the learning become effortless! 🙂 Anyway, we are going to jump right into this full force! I was able to make a few trays for the theme. Most of them are heart related, and that really fits well with Valentines day coming up and with the body theme! Two birds with one stone! 😉 So here is what we have on the shelves so far:

We have a make your own Body System’s Booklet.
Here are the example pages that I made. The systems that I put here are:
~ Circulatory
~ Muscular
~ Nervous
~ Digestive
~ Skeletal

Here it is on the tray ready for work!

Spooning Blood Cells
(OK….pompoms! Tadpole is really into scooping, so I am hoping that this will be fun for him! I wanted to give him something like beans, but he is still eating things randomly!) 

Tracing and observing your hand
( I know that everyone will like the tracing, but I hope that adding the details of their hands will give them a new point of interest.)

Trace and Observe the Foot

Punching hearts
( I found this lovely little heart shaped hole punch at Walmart for a $1! It is perfect for little hands because you push down on the top to punch it! I think that if they punch enough we may have a project to do!)

Sorting Blood Cells
 (I used red Pony Beads with the holes in them so that they look like red blood cells, and I use clear white beads that are round for the white blood cells)
Today the girls jumped right into work. Bug and Tadpole were sick today, so it was just us! They worked really hard today. Bunny made the Body booklet and spent a very long time trying to get it just right, and Pup tried everything! 😉 Here are a few pictures that I was able to get.
Tracing the Body!

Bunny has also been having a wonderful time learning to sew on the sewing machine that she got for her birthday. 🙂 She really wanted to learn how to sew, but my grandma’s machine that I use has a leg petal that would be too tricky for her to use. So on Black Friday, my sister waited at walmart to get one that was on sale for $50! She loves it and Its great that I can put it at a level she can reach! So in addition to learning how to sew in a straight line, she is also learning to iron! This was today’s task and she really did a great job! She told me that she felt like she was taller and she felt like she felt all grown up! 🙂 It was so sweet! I loved that her gift made her really feel like she could do anything!!!!

Isnt she so cute and all grown up!
That was what we have been up to today! I really have had some fun today and I think that they did too! If you want to see more wonderful Montessori work, pop on by to Living Montessori Now for the Montessori Monday Link up! Oh, and if you have any other ideas for some great Human Body trays, let me know! I would love some ideas! Happy Schooling!
PS: I have been so busy that I havent had time to respond to all of your wonderful comments and messages! 🙁 I am SO sorry! If you sent a meaage, please send it again if I forgot reply to you! Again I am so very sorry! I will do better next time!

Work Time and Winter Watercolor!

Well today was a day of work time! I really wanted the girls to get in one more good work time this week! So we headed downstairs. All in all it was a really good day, but there were some moments where I may or may not have screamed like a crazy woman (hey Bug and Pup left the bathroom door open again and Tadpole stuffed my hand towel in the toilet which, of course, hadn’t been flushed)! I am very happy though that the girls got some good work done today! In fact Bug really got into a great place of concentration for a bit. Tadpole also had some more moments of work. He is getting older and its interesting to watch him change into a big boy! He will be two soon and I can see the change from little baby to older toddler! Bunny worked on some new letter sounds, and Pup tried some sound cylinders today that she hasn’t tried in a while. We also did a water color project today that I saw on Amongst Lovely Things. The kids loved it and even Tadpole did one! Here are some pictures I was able to get!

Bunny got an early Birthday gift yesterday evening of a Lego set and she had to build it this morning! She did almost all of it on her own (there was a point where she needed to move a piece over, and I helped her with that and with sticking the decals on)! I was amazed at her focus and concentration. She did a great job! I see more Lego’s in our future!

All Built!

Today Bug discovered the glue stick! She wanted to just smear it on. Then I told her that it was for sticking things down and I gave her some paper to make things to stick in the glue! Well she went to work sticking piece after piece down on the same paper! She was so happy with it! I think it was defiantly a learning moment and it was all about the process, not the product!

Pup keeps trying this work, but it is really hard for her. I keep thinking I should take it away since most of the water ends up on the table and the tray, but she works so hard.

Tadpole again tried a few trays. He really feels big when he is working! 🙂
He put it away too when I asked him to!

He also wanted to do the pouring work. The pitcher was way too big. So I gave him a tiny pitcher and a tiny cup only half full of water to try! And try he did! I have to just let him go, but he gets water all over! However he did stick with it! When he ran out of water, he tried to go upstairs to get himself more. I love that he wanted to be independent, but him alone in the bathroom never ends well (read above incident)! So I got it for him! 😉

He is thinking so hard!

Victory Dance! 🙂

Her shook some sound cylinder too! Right now he just thinks its great that they make noise. He isn’t at a point where matching them is something he can do.

Bunny showed Pup how to do the Binomial Cube. She didn’t try it again, but Pup keeps trying to do it.

When Pup abandoned the cube, Bug took over! She is really been trying this alot! Bunny obviously is doing the trinomial cube! She built it outside the box today!

This is Pup’s “math”. She loves to try it. Again, she just isn’t there yet, but I sat with her and asked her to get the “next biggest one” and she was able to do it.

Then she very carefully put them all away!

She also did the sound cylinders

Pup worked on matching her colors.

Here is the letter we worked on!

We wrote words with each sound.

And now for the project! It was really simple. All we needed  to was use some painters tape to make a tree shape, and then use water color all around it! Easy Peasy!

After they dried we just peeled the tape off to reveal the tree! I talked about cool colors and how they make us feel cold. I showed them the warm and cool colors. Since we were making winter trees I encouraged the kids to use the cool colors! They used some of those and some of the other colors as well! Here is what their masterpieces turned out like!

Here is Bunny’s

Here is Pup’s

This one is Bug’s

And this one is Tadpoles!
So it was a good day and I am hoping that tomorrow is a good one too! I will probably not be posting for the next couple days as the Birthday fun will be kicking into high gear! Dont worry, there will be plenty of pictures! I hope you have a great end of the week!

Learning Directions and….Finally….Snow!

Well everyone, I have been super busy the last few days making the decorations for Bunny’s birthday party this week. Thanks to pintrest, what would have been a simple cake and ice cream thing taken on a life of its own! 😉 I will have more photos later, and I promise it will be cool! 🙂 I am posting some of the projects we are doing up on my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing!
So I am here to share some of the fun we have had this weekend. Our school work this week was really light, The girls seemed to need some down time, so I let them play and play and play! It really helps them sometimes to have days of nothing! We did get in a presentation that I had thought about doing with Bunny though! I had borrowed a compass from my brothers (its good to know boy scouts) and I had prepared the direction cards to help her learn how to use a compass to find directions. This all new for us. We aren’t adventurous hikers and when we are out, we really don’t use a compass. So this is something that was fun and interesting. I used the first couple of presentations from Karen Tyler’s Geography Album. Bunny had no problem using the compass to place the direction cards on the floor of our kitchen. She had fun with it and again it was one of those lessons that only took a few minutes to present, but was one that made it easy to understand!

Another extremely exciting thing here is the few inches of snow that we got on Saturday morning! The girls have been waiting “all year” as Bunny put it to go out and really play in the snow! They got right out there, but then weren’t sure what to do! 🙂 Thankfully the neighbor boys were out and helped them jump in a pile of snow, toss the snow around, and in general have fun out there! 🙂 They really had a ton of fun and got to warn up with some hot coca afterward!

So that was what were up to! I hope to really hit the school work hard tomorrow since we will be taking a day or two off for the birthday that is happening this week! 🙂 So I will see you tomorrow for my Montessori Monday! Happy Weekend!

Water Color Painting!!!!

Today we took it easy! I was working with some family pictures that I am desperately trying to get scrapbooked (digitally of course) and the girl have been all out of sorts. So I pulled out some water paints and let the girls get some creativity going!!!! They were really excited and really got into it! Bunny painted a unicorn (her favorite thing right now) and Pup tried to paint a Zebra (her favorite thing ever!). Here are the pictures of their work!

They were so hard at work. I loved their concentration!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn all ready to paint!

After she finished a few papers, I pulled out some of the snowflakes that the girls have been making for her to paint too!

This is ones of Pup’s paintings!

This is Pup’s Zebra
(She painted this and was all upset that it wasn’t looking just like a zebra. So I painted the black back, and the belly line, and that made her feel better about how it looked. She did the rest!)

Here is a Zebra I drew for Pup and she painted it all up!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn! She was so proud of this work!
She loved it so much that she taped it above her bed! 🙂

This is a gemstone that Bunny painted. She wanted to make it look like it shined and sparkled, so she used the metal inset shapes to make the facets. I see another rock study in our future! 🙂
So that, combined with a ton of play time, is what we did today! I love that I was able to take the day off so the girls could relax! Homeschooling is wonderful that way! I also love how well placed free art time can lead to such great concentration and such great creativity! Happy Schooling!
PS: While the girls were painting, I was redesigning my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing. When I started that blog I wanted a place to write down my personal reflections. It has since taken on more roles! This is going to be y place where I can post my thoughts, the small family moments that bring me joy, and the creativity that fill my life! I love to make things and I really feel odd posting it here on my school blog, so I will be posting my work there! So pop on by and let me know what you think of my changes!

Snowflakes and Cold Places!

Well today we didn’t get too much done, but we did dig into our theme! The morning started off with some snow flurries, so we went out to look at snowflakes. This led us to have a whole review on how snowflakes are formed and about their six sides! Bunny remembered everything, but Bug wasn’t there for that lesson and she really thought it was awesome! We caught a few snowflakes and look closely at them. Bunny thought it was cool, Pup didn’t sit still long enough to see, and Bug was AMAZED!!!!! She had no idea that they looked like that for real. In her words “LOOK! They are just like the Christmas ones! They look just like Christmas!” Discovery is amazing!

Pup loves to think she can see better this way! 😉

Bunny was trying to catch the snowflakes on the paper before they hit the ground! It was really hard, but great eye hand coordination!

See our snowflakes? Snowflakes are really amazing!
The ones the other day were better looking, but these were still awesome!

This snowflake adventure led us back downstairs to make more snowflakes with the coffee filters. Bunny showed Bug how to make them and they both made some really great ones! Bug was so excited with hers and she was so proud to hang it up on the bulletin board!!!! (Oh we are all out of coffee filters by the way! Anyone want a snowflake? 🙂

She was so excited to open the snowflake up and see what she made!
(I thought I had more pictures, but Tadpole was sticking an open marker into the top of a open glue stick. I didn’t have enough hands to clean him up and take pictures! See life happens here to!)
We also did some other trays while we were down there and then we read a book all about Antarctica! This something that led to alot of really great interest, so I brought the snow playdough back out! After asking the girls to show me Antarctica on our globe, I got the continent box out and we browsed through the pictures  and talked about them. Then I let them get to work making different Antarctica landscapes! They really loved it. Here are some of the things that they came up with!
Tracing Cookies Cutters

Bunny tried reading a for a bit. She is really doing pretty well.

Bug did more water transfer. She has done this work many times.
 Defiantly am going to keep it around for a while!

Bunny traced the cookie cutters. She put the penguin at the bottom (in the south) and the polar bear trying to catch a seal at the top (in the north). She then copied the compass I drew for her last week! I think she got the difference between the Arctic and  Antarctica!

Here is Bunny’s land.

Here is another one Bunny made. She wanted me to get a picture of the “foot” print!

Bunny and Bug decided to work together to make a scene. I was proud that they wanted to work together!

Here is what they made together!
So that was what we did today! We got some really great work done despite the fact that everyone was feeling a little grumpy! 🙂 Oh well, we all have off days! I hope you are all having a great school week! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Monday~ More Wintertime Fun!

Well, we are in our 3rd week of winter/ snow/ arctic/ Antarctica theme! So far its been so much fun for everyone and I hope this week is the same! I did make a couple of new trays and I also have the plan all written up for Bunny this week. So far writing up the plan has helped us keep on track and know what the plan is. It is still flexible depending on her interests or on what we end up doing that week. For example, last week we were supposed to learn some double phonograms, but she was really into reading her readers instead, so we went with it! So here is a look at what is new on our shelves this week!

Putting snow onto the tree with tweezers
(Its hard to see, but the girls will us the tweezers to stick a snowball

Here is work list this week!
We also had a really great work day today! Bunny did some good work, Pup tried a few new things, and Bug worked on her letters! (Tadpole however, flooded the bathroom, mixed the dog food and water together, and undecorated my house! It was a rough day for him!). So here are the picture of our school day!
Here is Bunny first thing this morning after breakfast. She found my old bible from when I was little and she said it is very special to her. Before bed last night she wanted me to read her a passage that she picked out (randomly) and then she told me that she loved God more then anything, more then the whole world, and more then everything in the universe! Awwww….I am a happy Mommy!

Pup wanted the new work first!

And she was so proud when she did it!

Caught red handed! 😉 He knocks it down and runs!

Bug worked really hard on this work today!

She was really proud of her work too!

Bug did this work again and really did a great job!
She even went upstairs to get her own water.

Pup tried this and really did a good job, even with the ice!

The girls worked together to build some puzzles!

Ok….picture is upside down, but here is Bunny’s beginning time work. She and I talked about hours, minutes, and seconds. We also worked on telling time by hour. She wort of got it. We’ll keep trying!

These girls thought they could really read.

So I showed Bug how to put the sounds we have worked on together to make words! She was AMAZED and very interested in how that worked! I hope that I have reignited her interest in some letters! She really loved this work and I think she will ask to do it again!

I also introduced her to a few new sounds!

Bunny dug into the Antarctica Box and then she worked with our nature tray for a bit.

Bug did the red rods and she did pretty well! The hardest thing for her to do is line up the ends.
 I’m not sure why. She’ll get it!

Bunny also worked with the pouring ice water. She really worked hard to pour the water right to the top of each cup. It was great self control!

Addition snake game!

Bunny thought she would work with the moveable alphabet, and had a small accident!
 Oops! It was a great lesson in sorting!

We also put up the calender for the new year (Yes I forgot about it) and Bunny and I were talking about it! 
So that is what we were up to today!!!! I love seeing Montessori work, so if you want to see some more, be sure to visit Living Montessori Now for the Montessori Monday link up! Happy Schooling everyone!


Today I decided to go ahead with my snowflake study! I was waiting for some real snow to help with it, but rain is all I have right now! 🙂 So I got all the ideas I keep finding on pintrest together and we had our lesson. I started off by talking about the states of matter and how everything in the world is either a solid, liquid, or a gas. I didn’t go into the all the details of it, just an overview. I did ask Bunny what a few objects were and she got it!

We have Ice (solid), water (liquid), and Hot water (gas from vapor)

So we moved on to a quick reminder of the water cycle. We talked about this in detail earlier in the fall while we rowed How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. So Bunny knew all about it, so we just reviewed it, and then I told her about how snow is water vapor in the clouds that froze into tiny crystals. These Crystals are attacked to each other and they stick to other crystals, and that makes a snow flake! ( I am not a snow expert. I read this article  and then used the pictures that were there too! Thanks God for the interent). I had on a tray some different shapes of white paper cut up and in a pile (like a cloud). As I told her about the crystals forming, I took out some shapes and started hooking them together to form a snow flake shape. (I based it off of the activity that I saw here). This was my hands on way of showing something that is really impossible to see! As I made the snowflake I also talked about symmetry. How if we split something in half, the halves look the same. I drew two simple shapes to demonstrate this, and then Bunny wanted to try it too! 🙂 Then I showed her some snowflakes that were magnified on the computer so she could see how real ones look up close. Some of them were so close you could see where the crystals came together. She really thought that was cool. It was a lot in information in a short amount of time, but I think that it is one of those lessons that is easy to grasp and can easily be reinforced while we are out in the snow (if we finally get some)!

Here is our “cloud” of ice crystals

Here are the ice crystals forming together.

Here are the girls checking out some up close pictures of snowflakes. You could see where the crystals were joined together. It was very cool!

Here are my drawing to demonstrate symmetry.

Here is Bunny’s. The bottom one is symmetrical! 🙂

After we talked, I invited her to make a snowflake herself.

Here is her snowflake!

 I did ask her to draw a picture and write a report when we were done and she did. She cut our some beautiful snowflakes and they she narrated a report on what we talked about. After we wrote the report, Bunny forgot that she didn’t tell me that snowflakes have six sides. So I suggested that she write it on the front, on her own! Well, she did. She sounded out all the words in “Snowflake has six sides”! I did help her remember the spacing, and to help her with the silent “e” on side, but she really did it all on her own! She confidence in improving and I was really proud! She is just flying through the reading and writing things. I know that all the books say that will happen, but I really didn’t believe them! 🙂 I guess its all about patience!

Here she is writing.

This is her report.

Here are the snowflakes that she made, and the very first sentence she ever wrote!!!!

To end the day I pulled out the coffee filters I took from my mom’s house, and we made snowflakes! I folded the coffee filters for Pup and traces some lines for her to cut, and she did it on her own. Bunny was able to do it all on her own! I of course jumped in to play too! I love making snowflakes! 🙂 Pup made a few and had to take pictures of everything! Bunny did a great job, and made some very pretty, detailed snowflakes! She said that she liked that mine were so delicate! 🙂

Here is Pup cutting on the lines.

Opening it up….

Wow! She loved seeing the way it turned out!

Bunny really worked hard and loved making these! I think we will have a lot more of these!

Bunny helped Pup fold and cut one! Ahhhh… Sisters!

Here is one of mine!

This one Bunny made after watching how I cut mine! She really starting getting some tricky cuts in!

Pup took my camera and got this picture of me! 🙂

Here are some of the snowflakes we made! I guess we got some snow after all!

I highly recommend using the coffee filters since they fold up easily, are all ready in the circle shape, and its easier to cut through all the layers! I saw this idea on Pintrest here. It was so much fun! The only thing that could have made this better, would have been some real snow to observe! 🙂 I hope you all are having some great winter fun too! Happy Schooling!