Montessori Monday~ Christmas Season Fun!

Well everyone, I am finally on top of the holiday! I have Christmas trays out now! Plus I have a few more that I will change out as we go through the month! I hope that this will work. My thought is that we are going to be so busy doing so many other amazing things this month, that we may not get as much work time in with the trays. So this will allow me to change a few, but leave them out long enough for the girls to really work with them! So here is what I have out this week!

Sorting Buttons by Size
(This one was so fun because Bunny had no idea what it was for since all the buttons were together. 🙂

Sorting Buttons
(Bunny has been really into sorting!)

Spooning Beads into a vase with a Funnel
(yes this is still out! It is amazing how excited they are when I change the beads)

Polishing a Mirror
(I found a new mirror, so the kids are all excited about this too)

PomPom Tweezing
(This is really for Tadpole since he cant hurt it! We are still fighting the throwing works)

Tonging Ornaments into Box
(This was a big hit too! Another one for Tadpole. He is loving tongs, so I am giving him some options)

A Sensory Bin!
(Its been a while, but I found something that Tadpole cant choke on, that my dog cant eat,
and I dont need to sweep up every few minutes! Hooray!)
Here is what is in it:
Gift Bows
Star Box (there is a button inside)
Giant Jingle Bell
 Prophecy tray for the First Week of Advent 
(This tray had papers with the prophecy printed on in the lightest gray scale possible in Monotype Cursive. All the kids need to do is trace the words with a marker and then glue it on the purple paper.)

So needless to say there was a great deal of excitement over all the new trays! They really jumped right in when they got down to the school room. Bunny and Bug got right to work. Tadpole dug into the sensory bin right away! And Pup wanted to figure out what how she could do more then one at a time. 🙂 They worked so hard for quite a while, but it just didnt last as long as I wanted them to. I will be honest, we only worked for about 45 min. Oh well, it was one of those days! But they did do some good work while it lasted! Here is what we did!
Bug had a hard time with the chopsticks, but she tried it.

Tadpole loved this for about 2 minutes! 😉

Bunny really liked using the new mirror work!

As I predicted, Tadpole loved the tonging! He is still trying to figure out the open close, but he’s getting it!

Here are the girls working so well! I love that they look busy together!

If you noticed, after they finished, they switched trays! 🙂

Pup wanted to try this, so I helped her out a bit. This was really beyond her. She did well once I sorted out the sets and then asked her for the “next biggest”.

She moved on to the ornament work. She liked this one, but said that I put too many in the basket because they couldn’t fit in the box with the lid closed! So I guess my control was off! Montessori Kids are great! 😉

Bunny really liked this! She did a great job and wanted me to take a picture of her tray when she finished!

Here is Bunny tracing over the Prophecy card for the week! I loved that she Illuminated it with her own art work! She did a wonderful job! I hope that this work will, not only allow her to connect with the prophecy, but also her her handwriting as well!

She really concentrated on this!

Bug did this whole puzzle! I was proud of her since last time she tried it she couldn’t quite get it!

Tadpole really wanted to do a cylinder block! This was something that he actually sat and concentrated on for a bit! Yeah! I am seeing some growing in his work ability and that makes me happy!

There was also a ton of art work that got done, and some inset practice as well!

Bug was really proud of her work and carried it around the rest of the day with her!

Pup is really been working on her coloring! She is getting a hang of that three finger grip! 🙂

Tadpole even tried listening to a few sound containers. It didnt last too long, but he had fun.

Here is Bunny’s Advent wreath with the oval Inset!

Pup pulled the Binomial Cube out and tried it, but she couldn’t get it. So Bug took it over! With a little of my help representing it, she was able to do it and was really proud!

This of course inspired Bunny to pull out the trinomial cube. This lead her to realize that she forgot how to put it together! It took a bit, but she got it! I guess we will have to do it again!

Here is her word list for today. She is doing really well writing. I am trying to keep her interested. I hope that since she has been writing words with ease that reading is coming soon!

And, yes there is alot of hoping for snow here! 🙂 Bunny made this with the insets!
So that is our day today. Now in the spirit of honesty, this was the best few minutes of the day. I think that my girls were in time out almost as much as they were working. And even though it all looks so peaceful, I spent quite a bit of time yelling at my kids to stop yelling and to just listen to me. Sigh….it was a rough day. I love having a blog to stop and look at all the good moments. It helps me to see past the negative and to get the strength to go forward tomorrow. It lets me see the amazing progress and learning that my kids did while I was trying to get my head together.Do you have days like this?
Now, aside from my harder day, there are a ton of great moms out there with really wonderful weeks that are sharing ideas over at Living Montessori Now and  One Hook Wonder! I am linking up there!
On a another side note I was wondering what you all think of my blog. Is there something that could make it better or easier to use? Is there a certain type of post that you would like to see more of? Are the pictures helpful or too much? I just wanted to get your input since I write as much for me as for you! 🙂 You are all the best readers ever and I cant tell you how amazingly blessed I m to know you all! Thanks for stopping by and reading! Happy Schooling! 🙂

FIAR Cranberry Thanksgiving~ Work time!

Well today I got some more work time in with the girls and we really got into the cranberry theme! Bunny started it off with changing the spoon on the scooping cranberries work with some chopsticks! I sat down there with her and we started talking about where cranberries come from and how they grow. I told her that they wet harvest them and she wanted to see if they really floated. So up to the bathroom we went to fill the bowl with water! The cranberries floated of course, and so we headed to the computer to watch a few movies on YouTube all about cranberry harvest. She thought it was cool how they all floated and were in the same area. We of course talked about how this was where Maggie and Grandma lived. We then of course needed to make Grandma’s Famous Cranberry Bread! Bunny made most of it on her own and it really was very good!

They Float!

Here we are watching the movie!

Here is Bunny washing the cranberries for the bread!

Adding ….


And done!!!!!

After this we headed back to the schoolroom for some more work! I made a page of thanksgiving words for Bunny to write, and then she wanted to write a thanksgiving card for Grandma and Grandpa! While Bunny was working, Pup pulled out the scissors and this required me to make some quick cutting papers (thank God for markers )! She then wanted to try the insets! I love the insets.There is so much you ca do with them. So I was inspired to show the girls some Thanksgiving things that you can make with them! Bunny thought it was SO cool! She of course got right to work! They turned out really fun. I know that free art is better, but sometime inspiration is fun too!

More cranberry work!

Here is Bunny writing her words! She is really good with CVC words and is still working on hearing those double letters!

Pup and Bunny both LOVE this work. It does make a mess if it spills though! 😉

Here is Pup writing! She has been trying to write her name. It just never looks the way she wants it to! 😉 Sometimes she manages to make a letter and her excitement is so cute!

Pup is getting SO good with scissors! She is really growing!

Here are her cuts!

She loves try the insets!

She wanted me to take her picture! 😉
Here are the Thanksgiving inset ideas!





Ovoid and circle

Here is Bunny’s

We also played the exchange game. Bunny and I have been working on Dynamic addition and subtraction. The exchange is a little hard for her, so we played the exchange game in hopes of making it better! She loved it! We played to two hundred and then I thought we should move on (ok I got tired). I think we will play it again soon though! I did take some time to play Candy Land with her too. We don’t take the time to play games much and we both had fun!

We have the bank set up on a table

The we roll the dice, add the numbers, and get the correct number of units. When we get to 10 we exchange for a 10 bar. We keep doing this till we get 10 tens bars. The we exchange for a hundreds square. This can go up to 1000. Like I said we went to two hundred!

So it was busy and fun today! I really hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate! There are so many blessing to be thankful for, and all of you are one thing that I am thankful for! Happy Schooling!

Montessor Monday~ FIAR Cranberry Thanksgiving

Well we are officially rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving this week! It is a great story with lots of great moral themes to talk about and there are a ton of ideas for work trays! 🙂 So here are the trays we have for this week! I had a lot of fun working the trays for this row! I know that we are going to have a short week, but I think I will leave them out for two!

Tonging Pumpkins into a box.

One to One correspondence with cranberries

Still out from last week:
Tonging Acorns

Spooning cranberries


Filling bottle with corn using a funnel

Setting the table
(Optional extension making a placemat by tracing)

Putting napkin rings on napkins!

We also had a great work time with the girls. Bug and Tadpole aren’t going to be here this week, so It was just us. The girls really got into a few good works and I am hoping that we will get in some time tomorrow after the dentist appointments! We’ll see what happens! 🙂 Here are my girls working!
Bunny really like the napkin rings!

Here she is folding them back up!

Pup worked with table top rods again. She really loves to do these. She uses them right now like the red rods and so far it has been easier for her! The red rods are hard cause they are so big for her!

Here is Bunny making a placemat by tracing around the table setting pieces. This was really hard for her to do, but she really worked so hard to finish it.

She was really proud of it. I was proud that she even took the initiative to write the words Fork, Kof (Knife) and Spoon! She is writing and I am so proud of her!

Pup tried the red rods, but not without help to tell her to get the next biggest. She did a really good job though! It is cool to see her progress though these works!

Here is how she did.

She even rolled up her rug!

I set her up the cylinder block and she did them. It was tricky, but she did really well!

She also did the funnel work. She had fun with it and was really proud that she could do it all by herself!

Today I took a step forward with helping Bunny with her double letter sounds. I have really been bad at getting her to do the work and we need to buckle down. So we “poofed” some sounds. We have talked about all of these at some point, but she was really rusty.

Here she is flipping the sounds over that I said.

She then decided that she wanted to use the sand trays to practice letters.

And….thankfully her numbers! She did a great job!
 I hope that it will help her when she gets back to the paper! 🙂

There was also a TON of continent box work today! Pup looked through almost all of them!

To end our day, Bunny decided to pull out the dusters and she dusted all of my baseboards!!!! Hooray! It needed to be done so badly! They look a ton better and Pup helped too!

So that is what we were up to today! I hope you all had a great kick off to your Thanksgiving week! I will be posting this on the Montessori Monday Link up at Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder, so stop on there and see other great Montessori work! Happy Schooling everyone!

"SH" is for sharing~ Stone Soup Party!

Today was our first annual Stone Soup party with our homeschool group HOPE and it was great! Everyone was invited to bring an ingredient for our soup as well as a small gift for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child collects small items packed into a shoebox to give to impoverished children. Its an awesome ministry and a lot of fun for kids to help get in the spirit of giving!
We started out time together by getting our pot out and reading the stone soup story! We read the version by Marcia Brown and took some time to talk about how working together can have big results! As we read the kids all added their ingredients to the pot! 🙂 It was a lot of fun and the kids had a good time making soup!

 After the moms got the pot on the stove, the kids did a small craft where they tore paper to make a soup pot and then they filled it with paper torn veggies! 🙂 The bigger kids were good enough to wrap the shoe boxes for us! 😉 After that we put the boxes together to get ready to ship! We made a couple of kids boxes and teen girl box. They turned out really well!

We ended our day with amazing soup as well as homemade wheat bread, beer bread, Carmel apples, and pumpkin cookies! It was so yummy! Then the kids played inside, outside, and in the few snow flurries that came our way (the kids were SUPER excited about the snow!).

It was a really great day, and a wonderful way to head us into the holidays! Thanks to all of you who came and helped put this all together! The girls had a great time, even though Bunny didn’t like the soup much! My favorite quote though by Bunny and her friend was their amazement that “they could barely taste the stone!” 🙂 I love that we have a great great group of friends that we can meet with and spend time together!

Not your normal work day!

Today was rather fragmented, but it was good. We were able to do alot of work, just not normal work! Bunny did a few golden bead problems, but only after I promised to let her work on some math problems using her cash register (calculator)! I must have the only girl that will do math with the promise of more math! Then, she was done! So I got creative and played some math games with her. I have never talked to her about greater or less then, so I introduced her to the alligator that eats large numbers. She was able to do it perfectly with no problem! She really had no problem! So we moved on to language! I pulled out the old stand by Boggle game. I found the words in the block and Bunny read them and wrote them down. Not quite the regular rules, but it worked! 🙂 Then later that afternoon, I showed her some new Knobless Cylinder extensions! I have been trying to get her into working with some more with sensorial things. She just never picks that stuff, so I wanted to help her! She had alot of fun, and Bug even jumped in! It was great! Here are a few of the pictures of our work today.

Tadpole is really trying to work with trays! I am so happy that he is trying work with trays! Now if only I could figure out how to get him to not mix, dump, and eat the work! 😉

I presented Bug with the Binomial Cube!
 She really like it and even got it put into the box properly after a couple of tries!

Pup worked with the puzzle map
(Bug helped her put it away!)

She also wanted to look through her global kids book! 🙂

Adding on the cash register!

Here we are playing Boggle.

Here she is doing greater then or less then.

We also played this GREAT matching game that we won from Apple N Amos. They have AMAZING stuff. You really should check out their shop! Its a children’s Christmas dream!

Here is Bunny trying working on the Knobless Cylinder extensions that I learned about from Colleen at Sunrise Learning Lab.

Here Bunny made a wall!

Here is the rainbow

Here is Bunny making sure that all the blue cylinders are there. She didn’t think that we had all of them so she helped Bug make sure! I love it when they work together!

So this was our day! Like I said it was fragmented, but good! I loved that thinking outside the box allowed us to keep learning even when no one felt much like it! Hooray for homeschooling! Let me know what you think of or work day ! I love hearing from you all! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Monday~ Stone Soup~ "SH" is for Sharing

Well it was a rather long weekend, but here I am again! We started our week out with a little cold affecting Pup and Dad here, so we didn’t have any friends today! This week we are reading Stone Soup and rowing it (I don’t have the FIAR book, but we are doing some activities that work with it).  I have kept it pretty simple and most our trays are the same, I just used our play pots instead of bowls! It will all wrap up so well with the Stone Soup party a friend of ours is hosting on Thursday! It going to be great! So I will show you my trays for the week and our work from today!

Here is our funnel work again It was a huge hit!!!!

Tonging Acorns

Cutting Fruit

Whole hand Transfer


Tweezing Popcorn. This is still a hit too!
Today our work was a little short, but there was a lot of good work done! I hope to get more work time in so we can really move forward. It seems like we do a bunch of work, yet we don’t ever get in all three hours. Hmmm…I guess its a new goal! Here is our work from today!

Here is Bunny sorting beads.
She looked at the book and named each bead as an ingredient that was added in the story!
She is so creative!

Pup decided to play with the chalk board!

Here are some “sh” words that Bunny wrote.

Pup worked on the button frame again! She is so proud when she gets all done!

Bunny and I pulled out the Hundreds Board.
This work overwhelms her, but she can do it! She has figured out how to count all the way to 100, so I hope that she finds this fun!

She did it! 🙂

Pup also tried the zipper board.She still cant quite get it!
We also talked all about how sharing makes things better for everyone. I also wanted to help the girls start to see how so many people have really serious needs. It is starting to get close to Christmas and I know that I have been asking them what they want. This is not the view that I want them to have about what Christmas is all about. I want them to come close to God and also to see what they can do for others. So we talked about missionaries and how they are helping out people without homes, food, or clothes. We cant buy homes and food for everyone in the world, but if we help a little bit and other people help a little bit too, then we can make a difference! I want them to think about this and see that even little things make a huge difference (like each ingredient in stone soup)! So far this is our work. I hope that we are going to be able to keep talking together and I think that this will help as we head into advent to keep thinking about others. I really am working really hard on my plans for advent. I have too many little ideas floating about in my head and I need to find a way bring them all together! So off I go to think and to plan out our taking time Tuesday! 🙂
If you want to see more amazing Montessori work, please visit Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder to see the Montessori Monday Link Up! Happy Schooling everyone!

"C" is for Cloud Paint!

Today we talked about clouds more in depth. We started out by talking again about the weather and we started tracking the weather by making a calender and marking today’s weather and yesterdays weather down. I think that Bunny will do it for a while, but we’ll see. I’m so bad at remembering to do that kind of stuff! But then we got talking about the other kinds of clouds (we talked mostly about the main three Cirrus, Stratus, and Cumulus) and the kids did the clouds art tray work. The highlight of the day though was cloud paint! I saw this idea on Pintrest (where else?). All that we needed to do was mix some shaving cream and tempera paint  together and we got this amazing, puffy paint that was so much fun to paint with! It was awesome! I really think that we could do so much with this idea. Think of all the sensory fun you could have if you mixed it with colors and let the kids finger paint with it! If you want the link to the post I found it on click here. Another really great idea that I found (after we painted of course) was here. This idea is a great way to show how different the cloud look! Anyway, here are some pictures of our fun!

Bug was so proud that she was able to write “November” on her own!


Here are my artists hard at work!

The paint was so cool! It was amazingly puffy and fun! 🙂
We also got in some regular work and it was fun to see the kids working together today! I however could have been a little more pleasant, but even I have my days! I’ll do better tomorrow!

Funnel work
(Bunny said that the funnel was like a cloud and she was making it rain!
 See I knew it fit into my theme!)

Pup was matching colors! This is more fun then color tablets, but same idea!

Bug did more letter work! She really is loving it! I hope that if we keep going forward like this she may even be able to start putting some sounds together! What I need to do is find a nice theme that starts with a vowel sound! Any ideas?

Bunny wanted to just look at the hundreds board chart! She counted to a hundred on her own!!!! She was so proud and she did it again later too!

Here is Tadpole with his best friend!!!! 😉
I finally got all the paint off him from our project and I turned around to find this!
Too cute! 🙂

Montessori Monday~ FIAR A Pair of Red Clogs~ "C" is for clouds

Ok….super long title, but I wanted to get all the information in there! We are officially rowing another FIAR book this week. We are reading A Pair of Red Clogs this week and the science portion of the lesson was about weather {we did “w” already, so we used “c” for clouds}. So that was the theme that I used to make our trays and our activities for the week! We will also talk about the decisions the girl made and about taking good care of the things we have. I want to hit on the art aspect of this too. We really dont do much with the language and math parts of the FIAR since Bunny is past counting and we are still working on our letter sounds. 🙂 So here are our trays for the week:

Tonging Clouds

Spooning pasta through a funnel

Shucking corn with tweezers

Cloud classification cards
{these were free here. I like that the littler ones can use it for matching and I can read the description cards to Bunny and she can find the correct card! Great for both ages! }

Making the 3 types of clouds with cotton balls.
{This Idea was inpsired by Adventures of Bear amazing unit on weather}

Here is a revised version of the honey Bear for Tadpole!
The day went fairly well with the kids. We really some good work in and the kids tried everything! 😉 Here are some pictures of our day!

Pouring turned into whole hand transfer! 😉

Flower arranging

Tadpole wanted to try the tongs. Here he is saying “open”! 🙂

He got the open and close after a few minutes.

Then there were cotton balls everywhere!

I gave a small {incomplete due to a broken pitcher}presentation on Dynamic Subtraction.
I think she will get it pretty soon!

Here are some weather words that Bunny wrote {she is really getting into writing!} She and I reviewed the spelling of the words together a bit {you can see where we erased some} The little “L”s at the end of each word is a check mark to she we talked about it! 😉

I also worked a bit with the number rods with Bug and Pup.

Bug is getting it! 🙂

She also worked with the sand tray! She was really good about tracing the letter first, then using the sand tray. I loved how she would stop half way though making the letter in the sand and re-trace letter to make sure she got it right!

It was a good day! Stay tuned, we have Taking Time Tuesday tomorrow and we played a really fun weather version of Simon says! I will write a post about that too! If you want to see more great Montessori fun be sure to visit Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder!

Montessori Monday~ "H" is for Halloween!

Well this week I am {finally} getting to putting out {and making} our Halloween trays! Yes I know that I am way behind, but that was how it went this year! 🙂 If you really like my ideas, just Pintrest them for next year! This of course means that it is “H” week here, and the girls are loving all the holiday fun! Here are some pictures of the trays that I have out this week:

Sorting spider and bat rings with a clothes pin.

Pouring Beads

Spooning Corn

Pencil Craft
{the kit came from JoAnn Fabrics!}

Pumpkin Matching

Tossing Bean Bags into the bucket

Open and Close with candy corn.
{My hope was that Tadpole would be so intereted in getting the candy that he would sit still for a bit! ;)}

Roll the dice and make a Jack-o-Lantern
So today was the first day the kids got to work with all the new trays and they worked for quite a while and even hit some really great practical life work that got my basement cleaned! 😉 I thought it was great how hard they worked and I think that we are getting into a good routine together! Bunny and Bug are showing some good progress and I think that they are absorbing the information! I love that sometimes the learning happens without being able to see it! Here are few of the things that we did today!
Here is Bug spooning corn.
 She was really attracted to the small containers with a lid.

Here is Bunny playing the Jack-o-Lantern game.

Here is Bug matching the pumpkins

Here is Tadpole trying the spooning.
He didn’t get them all in the cup, but he tried it and even picked up some of the ones he spilled! 🙂

This was a hard work for the kids, but they all tried it!

I got out the circle, oval, and ovoid metal insets out for the girls to make pumpkins!
These are pretty tricky for both Bug and Pup, so any time I can encourage them to try them I do!
They loved making Pumpkins though! Bug was especially proud of her work!

Here is Bug’s Pumpkin up close and the black is the pumpkin’s face! 🙂

I also encouraged Bunny to write some Halloween words.
 I drew the pictures and she wrote the words all on her own!

She did all of these and she did them alone! I did help with pumpkin a bit since it was really long and she has harder time when the word is long. I am so proud that she was able to do them all! She is defiantly in the sensitive period for writing! 😉

She even wrote a few more words that I forgot! 🙂

Bug “poofed” the letter sounds again! She did amazing job and she remembered the pretty well! We are still in the second stage of the three part lesson, but I think she will get to the third part soon! She even matched the objects to their correct beginning sounds! Yeah for Bug!

She even traced out new letter with serious deliberation!

After all that hard work, she played some games!

Bunny moved on to candy corn subtraction. She did a ton of problems and she did a great job! I let her eat a few candy corn when she was done! That always makes math better! 😉

Here is her “trick” paper! Everything equaled two and she thought it was funny!

We even had a nice grace and courtesy lesson!
 Bunny offered everyone candy and I prompted the others to say thank you!

Tadpole knocks things over and dumps things out ALOT! In fact its his favorite thing to do! He doesn’t usually pick things up however, and we are working on that. He knocked Pink Tower over today and I asked him to pick it up, and he did! Did pretty well too! I managed to grab a quick pic of his work before he knocked it over again! 😉

The next thing I let the kids to was scrub the table. It needed it so badly and they LOVED doing it! I have never gotten out a scrub brush since that isn’t how I clean most things. But all the Montessorians out there say its about the process of the scrubbing. Let me tell you, it used alot of muscles that the kids don’t use much! All of them thought it was hard! It was great fun though and it inspired some more cleaning!!!! We got all the basement cleaned and it looked amazing!

Even Tadpole got into the spirit of it all! He was pretty proud of climbing on the stool all by himself!

So that was our day! It was so busy and followed up by some amazing trick or treating! Great holiday fun! If you want to see more amazing Montessori work, please check out Montessori Monday over at Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder!
I also add this to the TGIF Linky Party at Living Life Intentionally!

Montessori Monday ~ "R" is for Rock

Well today we jumped right back into school and we had a great day! We learned about rocks ( sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous) after reading our Book this week: “Rocks, Rocks, Rocks” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. We also painted some rocks that picked up on Put-in-Bay. The kids loved it! Bunny also got some tens boards work in, and some reading work. Plus Bug and I worked on some sandpaper letters and she did a really good job! So here is the pictures I took for the day!

Here is our rock basket for the girls to sort the 3 different kind of rocks.
{You cant see them, but there are labels and control color dots on the rocks}

Here they are experiencing the rocks that Buddy the Bear talks about in the book!
Its a great way to make the rock study real and to really help the learning stick! 😉

Here I am explaining Sedimentary Rock. I had the girls push their hands together in layers to demonstrate how the sediment becomes rock! The girls thought it was cool!

Here we have sorted out the different rock types

In the book, Buddy the Bear has some rocks that he sorts and make into designs,
so I gave the girls some rocks. Both of them thought this was a cool idea! Who knew!

Here is Bug working on a Fall grafting printable.

Here is Bunny sorting the rocks into the same categories that Buddy the Bear did.

 Bunny also worked on some reading. I write a small easy to read sentence on a paper. She has to read it and then illustrates the page.

Here she is showing me the word Crystal. I apparently had used the work rock and she said it should have been Crystal! My mistake! 😉 Yes she is still spelling phonetically “cristl”!

Here is Bug “poofing” the letters I asked her to find. She did a great job and it was fun! I mean who doesn’t want to use a magic wand to slap a letter sound! This idea is based off of what Julie is doing over at Adventures of Bear with her son JoJo. They use a fly swatter, but a magic wand fit better here!

I also add some objects that started with the letter sounds for her to add to the game! She did it more then one, so i guess I will need to follow up on this!

Next we painted rocks! I gathered some really great flat rocks while on vacation. They are a sedimentary rock and I thought that letting the kids paint them would be a fun art project! It was! 😉

Here are the finished products!

Later on in that day I worked with Bunny on her tens. I wrote the number on the board and asked her to fetch the right amount of beads and tell me the number name! She did it!

After we got through the tens, I started adding units to the numbers and asking her to fech and name them. This proved a bit trickier. It took me a few tries and the number cards to explain to her her how this worked. However, I must have gotten it right because she was reading the numbers in a book later!

Then I played “poof” the numbers with her! I figure that if Bug loved doing it with the letters, then Bunny would like it for the numbers! She did!
Well that is my day with the girls! They did a ton of work and I think had some fun too! I hope you all had a great day too! I am linking this up to Montessori Monday over at Living Montessori Now. So Pop on by and more amazing Montessori fun!