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outside ideas – Page 3

outside ideas

Montessori Monday~ Pup’s Celebration of Life!

Well this week has been a little slow going with school. Since Monday was Pup’s birthday, we planned on having her party Sunday and having a little celebration with her on Monday. This was all set for the afternoon, so I thought we would have time to work. However, God had other plans for us! We woke up to several inch of snow!!!!! We have been waiting for snow so we could sled all winter! We only have had a few days of snow, and Bunny was really disappointed that she was unable to sled all winter! So when I saw the snow, I made sure we all got out to the sledding hill early! The girls had a blast! The snow was fresh (we were some of the first ones there) and girls went down a bunch, until a wet glove put Pup on the bench. She was too cold do play more! Bunny however went down over again and again and again! We even met up with out friends and got sled with them too!

There was hot Coco and doughnuts afterward!

After all that sledding everyone needed a rest! So we watched some tv when we got home. After that, it was time for Pup’s Celebration of Life! She loves walking around with the globe and it makes her so proud! As she was walking around, she asked me if she was 3. I told her yes and she starting jumping up and down saying “I’m 3! I’m 3!” 🙂 Her enthusiasm is so fun! We started off by talking about her in the hospital and what a big and sweet baby she was! As she walked around the sun I showed all of her cute baby pictures! When she was one she loved water and going to the zoo and learned new things! When she was two she learned to ride a bike, she played outside, loved to swim, went to the circus and on vacation, and kept learning! Now she is three and I know that this year will be amazing for her! After her celebration, we sang happy birthday and she blew out the candle! We ended the celebration with some gifts for the birthday girl! She loved it and so did we. I think that the Montessori celebration of Life is such a personal and special way to celebrate a child’s birthday! It is something that is quickly becoming a part of our family tradition!

I think my Pup had a great birthday and enjoyed all her fun! After our celebration, we all headed out for pizza and dessert! It was a perfect birthday!
Today all those inches of snow are gone! We have had sun and warmer waether all day! So we visited some friends and played outside! Pup was able to try out her new bike and it only took her a few seconds to get the hang of it! I love spring and it seems like it is just about here! Hooray!!!!

I am linking this post up to Montessori Monday! So be sure to stop by and visit some of the amazing Montessori mamas out there! Happy Schooling!

Learning Directions and….Finally….Snow!

Well everyone, I have been super busy the last few days making the decorations for Bunny’s birthday party this week. Thanks to pintrest, what would have been a simple cake and ice cream thing taken on a life of its own! 😉 I will have more photos later, and I promise it will be cool! 🙂 I am posting some of the projects we are doing up on my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing!
So I am here to share some of the fun we have had this weekend. Our school work this week was really light, The girls seemed to need some down time, so I let them play and play and play! It really helps them sometimes to have days of nothing! We did get in a presentation that I had thought about doing with Bunny though! I had borrowed a compass from my brothers (its good to know boy scouts) and I had prepared the direction cards to help her learn how to use a compass to find directions. This all new for us. We aren’t adventurous hikers and when we are out, we really don’t use a compass. So this is something that was fun and interesting. I used the first couple of presentations from Karen Tyler’s Geography Album. Bunny had no problem using the compass to place the direction cards on the floor of our kitchen. She had fun with it and again it was one of those lessons that only took a few minutes to present, but was one that made it easy to understand!

Another extremely exciting thing here is the few inches of snow that we got on Saturday morning! The girls have been waiting “all year” as Bunny put it to go out and really play in the snow! They got right out there, but then weren’t sure what to do! 🙂 Thankfully the neighbor boys were out and helped them jump in a pile of snow, toss the snow around, and in general have fun out there! 🙂 They really had a ton of fun and got to warn up with some hot coca afterward!

So that was what were up to! I hope to really hit the school work hard tomorrow since we will be taking a day or two off for the birthday that is happening this week! 🙂 So I will see you tomorrow for my Montessori Monday! Happy Weekend!

Snowflakes and Cold Places!

Well today we didn’t get too much done, but we did dig into our theme! The morning started off with some snow flurries, so we went out to look at snowflakes. This led us to have a whole review on how snowflakes are formed and about their six sides! Bunny remembered everything, but Bug wasn’t there for that lesson and she really thought it was awesome! We caught a few snowflakes and look closely at them. Bunny thought it was cool, Pup didn’t sit still long enough to see, and Bug was AMAZED!!!!! She had no idea that they looked like that for real. In her words “LOOK! They are just like the Christmas ones! They look just like Christmas!” Discovery is amazing!

Pup loves to think she can see better this way! 😉

Bunny was trying to catch the snowflakes on the paper before they hit the ground! It was really hard, but great eye hand coordination!

See our snowflakes? Snowflakes are really amazing!
The ones the other day were better looking, but these were still awesome!

This snowflake adventure led us back downstairs to make more snowflakes with the coffee filters. Bunny showed Bug how to make them and they both made some really great ones! Bug was so excited with hers and she was so proud to hang it up on the bulletin board!!!! (Oh we are all out of coffee filters by the way! Anyone want a snowflake? 🙂

She was so excited to open the snowflake up and see what she made!
(I thought I had more pictures, but Tadpole was sticking an open marker into the top of a open glue stick. I didn’t have enough hands to clean him up and take pictures! See life happens here to!)
We also did some other trays while we were down there and then we read a book all about Antarctica! This something that led to alot of really great interest, so I brought the snow playdough back out! After asking the girls to show me Antarctica on our globe, I got the continent box out and we browsed through the pictures  and talked about them. Then I let them get to work making different Antarctica landscapes! They really loved it. Here are some of the things that they came up with!
Tracing Cookies Cutters

Bunny tried reading a for a bit. She is really doing pretty well.

Bug did more water transfer. She has done this work many times.
 Defiantly am going to keep it around for a while!

Bunny traced the cookie cutters. She put the penguin at the bottom (in the south) and the polar bear trying to catch a seal at the top (in the north). She then copied the compass I drew for her last week! I think she got the difference between the Arctic and  Antarctica!

Here is Bunny’s land.

Here is another one Bunny made. She wanted me to get a picture of the “foot” print!

Bunny and Bug decided to work together to make a scene. I was proud that they wanted to work together!

Here is what they made together!
So that was what we did today! We got some really great work done despite the fact that everyone was feeling a little grumpy! 🙂 Oh well, we all have off days! I hope you are all having a great school week! Happy Schooling!

More Snowflakes!

Well we are finally getting a bit of snow!!!! Yesterday, the girls saw the snow and were all ready to go out and check it out! So off we went armed with our back paper (to catch snowflakes on) and our magnifying glasses (to see them better). However, it just was too cold and snowflakes were more like snow bits. 🙁  Later though we going to store and the snow started again. This time however, the snowflakes were perfect! 🙂 We weren’t outside, but the snow flakes were sticking to the windows of the car and the girls were able to see them there! It wasn’t where I thought we’d have our lesson,  but it worked! It really is amazing how perfect snowflakes are isn’t it?

My little investigators! 🙂

See? Snow bits!
 I didn’t get pictures of the snowflakes (I was driving)!

So it was a really great homeschooler moment yesterday! You always need to be ready to learn because you never know when it will happen!  I love being able to learn on the go! How do you change your lessons to adjust to a little issue with the learning?
I hope you all had a wonderful school week! Happy Schooling and Happy Snow! 😉

Our Saturday Bike-a-thon!

Ok….we really just took the kids to the park to bike, but they loved it so much! The weather was warm and we all needed some fresh air! So off we went! The girls loved riding their bikes somewhere other then the driveway! 😉 My hubby thought that giving the girls their bikes would give us a brisk walk, but they had other ideas! They both kept stopping to look at sticks and rocks and animals! I love that my little ones love nature! They are so observant and curious! It does make for a slow walk though! Here are some pictures of our fun!

It was so warm we were able to our thin jackets!

Off we go!

There were a ton of these little caterpillars and they freaked up out!!!! 🙂

Bunny was excited to recognize some Osage Oranges.
 We collected some a while ago to help keep the spiders out of the basement!

Here is what Bunny called a “Squirrel Bridge”

Pup’s leg got tired, so my hubby thought he could push her. Every time the stick got near her bike she would peddle as hard as she could cause she didn’t want to be pushed! 🙂

The trail ended at the Railroad tracks and Bunny and Pup wanted to get a closer look.
Since there were no trains in sight we let them get close!

Home we go!
We had a great day! I love it when the weather is nice even though it is late in the year! Happy Schooling!
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Outside Prepared Enviroment!!!!

Well as promised here is the pictures of my new project!!!! I (and my hubbie) made a work station for the girls to use while they are outside. The idea started when I read Sam’s Blog over at the Secret Garden. She is making an outside garden for the kids in her school to work out in when they want to, and she is doing some beautiful things! I love that she was also making some language areas and science areas for the kids to continue their classroom work outside! I fell in LOVE! I was thinking “gosh how cool would it be to let the girls go to a school where they had the freedom to go in and out when they want and keeping learning in both places”. Then it hit me, I have a backyard that is all open for me to do whatever I want!!!!!! Duh! So I started dreaming! When I mentioned my idea to my neighbor, she told me that she had an old garden table that I could have!!!! I was so excited! It also had two stools!!!! She is an amazing neighbor and it was so kind! So I took it and and my hubbie slaved away on it on Sunday!!! He cut the legs down, power washed the dirt and old finish off it, and stained it a really nice red. It turned out really nice! Then I finished it up this morning for the girls to work at! So far it has been a great hit! I LOVE it! It is just a really sweet place for the girls to keep their stuff and work on projects outside! A lot of the work that I made for our work station were ideas that came from the book Playful Learning. This book is full of great ideas and I love her learning ideas! If you have a chance to check it out I really recommend it! She also has a blog that had a ton of giveaways going right now and you can check that out here! So anyway, enough chit chat! 😉 Here are the pictures of our work station! Let me know what you think!

Here is our Work Station! Cute right?

I have rock for building and side walk chalk!

Scrub brushes! I found them at the Dollar Tree for a $1!!!

Here are some wire sculptures that Bunny made while I was setting it up!

Here is the bunting I made! I love bunting! It just really made it so cute!

There is a little drawer that has a box with colored pencils and regular pencils!

Here are the tubs that the work boxes are in. I wanted to make sure that they were all in several layers of protection so the weather doesn’t hurt it! Inside these tubs are some typical school boxes that have the work in!

I even have a place now for their watering cans!

Here is a leaf project where you observe a leaf and then make it with wire. Bunny saw this is Playful Learning and wanted to do it! It is tricky, but she had enjoyed making other things out of the wire too!

Here is a box for doing rubbings!

These are story rocks! They have been a huge hit with Bunny and they were super easy to make! Just a little paint and some clear coat! What you do is tell a story using the rocks to help illustrate it!

Here are some blank books for Bunny to write in.

I also put the odds and ends that Bunny used for her fairy garden out here for her to use.

Finally I have some show strings, clothes pins, and fabric pieces to let the girls make forts or what ever else they come up with! They love free play!

Here is Bunny showing me her wire work! 🙂

Here is Pup trying to rub a leaf! We have to practice that! 🙂
All in all it is a really cool area that will allow me to give then work time outside! I think I will be able to rotate the boxes and have some seasonal fun here!

Sidewalk Painting!

Yesterday we had some friends over and I made some sidewalk paint! It was so easy and the results were really cool! At first it didn’t look like it was going to work out, but as it dried completely, it really did look like chalk paint! 🙂 The kids had a blast, and it was SO easy! 🙂 All I did was mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with about 3/4c. cold water, and quite a few drops of food coloring! Then we headed out to paint! Here is the results:

All set up!

Pup was so excited to get into it!

Pup of course, was painting her feet! 😉

Bunny’s friend was painting a moon.

Here is Bunny creating her masterpiece.

It made great foot and hand prints.

Here is a bee and a ladybug made by Bunny.

This is a girl that Bunny painted! She was really proud of it!
This was an awesome project and great summer fun! Let me know if you try and it and how it works out for you! Happy Summer!