Water Color Painting!!!!

Today we took it easy! I was working with some family pictures that I am desperately trying to get scrapbooked (digitally of course) and the girl have been all out of sorts. So I pulled out some water paints and let the girls get some creativity going!!!! They were really excited and really got into it! Bunny painted a unicorn (her favorite thing right now) and Pup tried to paint a Zebra (her favorite thing ever!). Here are the pictures of their work!

They were so hard at work. I loved their concentration!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn all ready to paint!

After she finished a few papers, I pulled out some of the snowflakes that the girls have been making for her to paint too!

This is ones of Pup’s paintings!

This is Pup’s Zebra
(She painted this and was all upset that it wasn’t looking just like a zebra. So I painted the black back, and the belly line, and that made her feel better about how it looked. She did the rest!)

Here is a Zebra I drew for Pup and she painted it all up!

Here is Bunny’s Unicorn! She was so proud of this work!
She loved it so much that she taped it above her bed! 🙂

This is a gemstone that Bunny painted. She wanted to make it look like it shined and sparkled, so she used the metal inset shapes to make the facets. I see another rock study in our future! 🙂
So that, combined with a ton of play time, is what we did today! I love that I was able to take the day off so the girls could relax! Homeschooling is wonderful that way! I also love how well placed free art time can lead to such great concentration and such great creativity! Happy Schooling!
PS: While the girls were painting, I was redesigning my other blog Peace, Love, and Blessing. When I started that blog I wanted a place to write down my personal reflections. It has since taken on more roles! This is going to be y place where I can post my thoughts, the small family moments that bring me joy, and the creativity that fill my life! I love to make things and I really feel odd posting it here on my school blog, so I will be posting my work there! So pop on by and let me know what you think of my changes!

Pinning It Down~ Rainbows Week One.

There are a couple of amazing bloggers out there who have had the idea of a century!!!! You know that I (and everyone else out there) is obsessed with Pintrest! There are a million ideas out there and they are all wonderful ones! So we saved them on pin boards that we name and categorize so we can find them easily and at a minutes notice! 🙂 However….sometimes that’s all we do! I know that I post so many things that I know I will never do. But Sarah over at Amongst Lovely Things and Pam over at Everyday Snapshots have put together a plan to help us DO some of them! Each week they are hosting a linky party called Pinning It Down. To play you need to make or do something from a pin board, blog a bit about it, and link up over at their blog! It a simple and fun way to get rolling on some projects that I really want to do! So….here is my first ever Pinning It Down post.

This week I am making things off of my Birthday Pin Board. Bunny will be turning 6 here in a week and a half and I am hard at working trying to plan a Pintrest worthy party, while at the same time keep my budget from going broke! 😉  She chose a theme of Rainbows and Unicorns. So today I made some recycled glitter crayons as party favors, and some rainbow clouds to hang at her party! I started with the clouds. This idea came from an idea I pinned here. It was fairly simple. I cut out some cloud shapes out of white felt (I cut two of each). I then used some blue rick rack I had on hand to to make three tails off of each cloud. Then i sewed the could pieces together! Next,  I cut out six circle of each color, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. These I glued to the rick rack tails in rainbow order! That’s it! They are all ready to hang up on party day!

Aren’t they cute? I love them! They add some much color without looking tacky and cheap. Yet they only cost a wee bit in felt! I love Pintrest!
My next project is something that i have been planning on doing for a long while. I had a million old crayons that were piling up, so I planned to recycled them. I had peeled them ( I soaked them in hot water for a few seconds and they just unrolled out of the wrappers!)  Then I found a great silicone pan that is tiny ginger bread men. I like that it was so small and easy for kids to use as crayons. So off to Pintrest to find the directions! That is when I found some heart shaped ones that glittered here! This amazing blogger used glitter in the pan before she melted them! How cool is that! I needed to try it! So I did. I made a batch of rainbow ones in individual colors, and then I made some mixed rainbow ones! They turned out so well and I think that the kids will love them! Here is how they turned out!

Aren’t they cool? These are awesome party favors! No sugar, original, and too cute!
So that is my Pinning It Down this week! Next week I’m sure will have more of the rainbow theme! If you want to see other regular people working hard on making their craft dreams come true, stop on by Everyday Snapshots, or Amongst Lovely Things! Don’t forget you can follow my boards on Pintrest (there is a link to do that on my right hand side bar)! Happy Pinning Everyone!!!!!!
PS I will be trying to post more of my crafty posts on my other blog Peace Love and Blessing. I have plans for helping Pup and Bunny re-do their rooms a bit, and I really would like to share other fun I do! This space is a bit more my “all about the girls” blog, and the other one is more about me! 🙂

A Year of Crafts~ January

This year for Christmas, my friend and I decided to give our kids a craft day instead of gifts from each other. So once a month, one of our Taking Time Tuesday will be a craft day with our friends! So this month it was my friends turn to plan, and she did a snowman theme! The kids all made hanging snowman and they also got to make snowman garland. Both ideas were really wonderful and easy for the kids to make! The hanging snowman was three circles that the kids traced and cut out. Then they glue these to some fish line and decorate! Simple and fun! The other craft was snowmen that the kids traced onto craft foam, and then cut out. Then they got to decorate them with buttons, felt, and ribbon. After they were dry, we strung them together with some yarn to make a snowy happy garland! Here are a few pictures of the kids at work!

First up are the pictures of the girls making hanging snowmen. Pup did all her own cutting and most of the tracing too! Bunny and her friend made theirs all on their own and they turned out really well too!

Here they are all making their garland! I love how concentrated they were on making them really pretty!

Here are Pup’s Snowmen. She cut the snowmen out and the hats on her own.
(I did add some necks to them though)

Here are Bunny’s

And here are Bunny’s Friends!
All the kids had great fun and after we got all of the crafts cleaned up, we had some awesome snowman pancakes for lunch!!!! Too cute! All the kids LOVED them of course!

So that was our first craft day it was a blast! Not only did we have fun crafting , the kids got to play together and I got to have some great mommy time with my friend! I love days like this! Our next craft day is on Valentine’s day, and I get to plan it! 🙂

Taking Time Tuseday~ Ornaments

Today was a wonderful Tuesday for our craft time! We were able to have a few friends over and make some ornaments! We have been making ornaments to sell at our church for a donation. The funds we raise will go to help a charity. I am hoping that this will be a nice simple way to help Bunny think about helping others out! Our friends came over today to help us out with this! I had everything all set up to make the trees we worked on yesterday, and a new paper ornament that I found on, you guessed it, Pintrest! Here is a link to the ones I found. I had all the paper pre cut into strips and ready to go. The girls had to measure out the strips using the ruler (great math work). They needed one 6″ piece, two 7″ pieces, and two 8″ pieces. Then next thing they needed to do was put the medium pieces one on either side of smallest strip, then the largest on either side of the outside. Next we line up the edges and staple the end. To finish the we lined the other ends up and stapled it. This allowed the longer pieces to bow out to form an orb type shape! However it was a little trickier then we thought it would be. The girls needed quite a bit more help then I thought. They did a great job, but after a few of then they switched gears and started making cards using the left over bits of paper! So I finished the ornaments while they made some beautiful cards! I figured we can sell those too! Here are some pictures of out work today!

Here is our tray!
Yes that is glitter paper!!! And you can also see my example ornament.

Here is Bunny measuring so carefully!

She showed her friend how to make the tree ornaments!
She did a great job!

HL wanted to glue felt and paper! He inspired the card making!

The card making was a hit!
 In fact I left the card stock and scraps out on a tray for Bunny to work on some more this week!

Here are the finished cards!

This one was made by CM. I love this one!

Bunny did this and I love the gifts at the bottom of the tree!

HL made this one and I love the sticking out arms! There is one on each side! Too Cute!

Bunny made this one using the cookie cutters!
So that is what we did today! All the kids had fun crafting and of course playing!!!! It was really wonderful to have some fun with out friends and to take the time to do something that could help others! I have a donation button on the left hand side of my blog if you want to donate to Bunny’s Christmas Donation! Happy Christmas Crafting!

Snowflake Ornament Craft!

Here is a craft that we did this morning and the girls just loved! I did this years ago when Bunny was small and I cant remember where I saw it! It may have been from Family Fun. All it took was popsicle sticks, buttons, and glue! Super great! Each girl picked out three perfect sticks, then I hot glued them together (I learned the hard way last time we did this that tacky glue takes forever to dry and ti falls apart like crazy when you are doing the buttons)! The rest is mostly independent! All they need to do is put glue on the sticks and then put whatever buttons they find pretty! Now I am all for free art, but sometimes a structured project is fun and a great souse of pride when they see it hanging on the tree. They had a ton of fun picking out the buttons and putting them just so! 😉 Not to mention they look really pretty when they are done! Here are some pictures!

Aren’t they pretty? Again, it is a simple and fun Christmas ornament craft! I actually think they are really pretty and I love to see them on the tree! Last time we did this project with Bunny, we used colored sticks and they were really awesome (I didn’t have any today)! If you try this let me know, I love to see what other people’s projects look like! Happy Crafting!

"C" is for Cloud Paint!

Today we talked about clouds more in depth. We started out by talking again about the weather and we started tracking the weather by making a calender and marking today’s weather and yesterdays weather down. I think that Bunny will do it for a while, but we’ll see. I’m so bad at remembering to do that kind of stuff! But then we got talking about the other kinds of clouds (we talked mostly about the main three Cirrus, Stratus, and Cumulus) and the kids did the clouds art tray work. The highlight of the day though was cloud paint! I saw this idea on Pintrest (where else?). All that we needed to do was mix some shaving cream and tempera paint  together and we got this amazing, puffy paint that was so much fun to paint with! It was awesome! I really think that we could do so much with this idea. Think of all the sensory fun you could have if you mixed it with colors and let the kids finger paint with it! If you want the link to the post I found it on click here. Another really great idea that I found (after we painted of course) was here. This idea is a great way to show how different the cloud look! Anyway, here are some pictures of our fun!

Bug was so proud that she was able to write “November” on her own!


Here are my artists hard at work!

The paint was so cool! It was amazingly puffy and fun! 🙂
We also got in some regular work and it was fun to see the kids working together today! I however could have been a little more pleasant, but even I have my days! I’ll do better tomorrow!

Funnel work
(Bunny said that the funnel was like a cloud and she was making it rain!
 See I knew it fit into my theme!)

Pup was matching colors! This is more fun then color tablets, but same idea!

Bug did more letter work! She really is loving it! I hope that if we keep going forward like this she may even be able to start putting some sounds together! What I need to do is find a nice theme that starts with a vowel sound! Any ideas?

Bunny wanted to just look at the hundreds board chart! She counted to a hundred on her own!!!! She was so proud and she did it again later too!

Here is Tadpole with his best friend!!!! 😉
I finally got all the paint off him from our project and I turned around to find this!
Too cute! 🙂

I’m Back!!! ~ Our Vaction Fun!!!!

Well I have been MIA for a few days because we were on a mini vacation at Put-in-Bay, OH to celebrate my Hubby’s Birthday! I know that is is really end of the season and alot of things were really closed, but we still had fun! I had planned for everything being closed for the season, so it wasn’t much of a surprised. It was really weird, however watching everyone closing things up for the winter! It went from a party town (its a huge summer party spot) to a Hallmark style small town in one day! Again, it was amazingly strange to see!
To get to the Island, we of course we needed to get on a ferry! Bunny and Pup have a Caillou movie with an episode where Caiullo went on a ferry. This of course made the ferry trip a super exciting thing!  I cant tell you how excited!!!!! When we pulled the car onto the ferry, we got out and headed up to the  deck for the ride. Bunny was shaking she was so excited! I don’t think she could have sat still if she wanted to! 🙂 Pup was a little scared, but she loved it too! I think it was one of the highlights of the trip for the girls!

Here is dog headed out to “grandma’s”house! She was so excited to be in the car! 😉

On the road!!!!

Here is the ferry we got on!

On board.

Headed up to the deck.

Here is one of the pictures that I have of Bunny all excited!

The girls got a kick out of seeing our car below us!

Bunny also was super excited to see a real circle window!
 I’m not sure why she thought it was so cool, but she loved!

We are alomost there, get back in the car quick!
The Bed and Breakfast that we stayed in was really great! It was beautiful and really homey. I liked it alot. It was a great place to relax and the girls were able to have their own beds! Bunny was so excited to be sleeping with her sister. “Its just like olden times when the girls shared a room” were her thoughts on it! 😉

Here is our B&B

This is the sitting room

Here is a veiw from the sitting room of the bedrooms

Bunny on her bed

Pup on her bed!

Bunny wanted to make her bed up as soon as we got there!

My plan this week for school, since we were going to be out on the Island, was to talk about rocks. On South Bass Island there is a cave that you can tour and also some great touristy fun mining for gem stones! So I thought that our theme this week would be “R” is for rock. I found a great book that we can “row” our own way, so I brought it along! When we got to the Island on Sunday, we headed out to the caves right away (since they were only opened on weekends). Bunny was so excited!!! We got there about a half an hour until the tour of the cave started, so we bought a bag gem stone mining mix and took it out to the slues box area! Bunny and Pup were so excited about doing this! It was really great fun, and the mix was full of pretty gem stones! When we bought the mix, the workers also gave us a chart with the names and pictures of the different stones they could find! It was like a pre-made Montessori work with all the fun of a tourist activity!

Here is the “treasures” as Bunny called them!

Here is the girls “making” pennies in one of those penny squishing things!
Its their new collection!

The cave was small but great! It laid a really great foundation for when we read our book and talked about bedrock under the ground! Bunny really thought it was cool, and Pup scared me to death because she didn’t want to hold my hand and almost fell a million times! There are alot of really cool shaped rock in the cave and it was fun trying to see them!

The next day we realized that we needed to be a little creative in our activities, so with a few good tips from some locals, we were able to find a really great beach spot and nature walk area! It turned out to be super beautiful outside, so we went to the local grocery store, picked up some lunch stuff, and headed out for a picnic!!!!! We started by heading down the grassy path of the protected nature area, and as we went we found that there were paths down to different parts of the beach. These beaches aren’t the kind you sit on a build sandcastles, but they are perfect for rock hunting and exploring! We found lots of rocks and were able to use them to talk about the different kinds rocks that were shown in the book we were reading (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous). We also collected some just because they were cool! After the beach we continued on and found a rocky strip of land that connected to another small island! We were all able to walk across to it!!!! The water was only a few inches at it deepest point to cross. My husband and I both thought it was cool that were able to get on an Island that almost no one goes on! 🙂

This is our Pumpkin Pie rock!

Here is huge rock that we thought was the perfect table and chairs for our picnic! 🙂

There were a TON of Monarch on the Island! It must have been the ones that are migrating to Mexico from Canada. I think at one point I spotted 6 of them in one area!

We found one that looked ingured and so I helped the girls pick it up and look at it. It was a male butterfly (as Bunny informed me). I love it when we have a chance to get up close and personal with nature!

Here is a piece of drift wood that my Hubbie thought looked like a ostrige! It was too funny!

There were all sorts of Butterflies in the area! It was cool to see different ones!

Here is the grassy path we walked on

Here is Bunny pointing to another Island. This part of the beach was cool because it was all solid rock! What a cool way to talk about bedrock and to feel it!

Here we are headed onto the little Island we found! See how tiny it is?

We made it!

Here is a picture that Bunny took for me! She is pretty good!

Another Butterfly!

The girls were also able to get in a little bit of awesome pumpkin crafting! The lady that ran the bed and breakfast that we stayed at, found some craft supplies and let the girls paint the pumpkins she had! They had so much fun using the glitter glue and stickers to decorate them! Thanks so very much to the wonderful lady who made that fun for them!

Like I said we were able to have a bunch of fun and we all got to relax! It was really fun and I am so glad we got to go! I am also glad to be back to blogging! There was no internet on the Island that I could find! I hope that you pop back tomorrow for some more rock week fun! Happy Schooling!

More Leaf work….

Today was had a great school day! We started off by taking a walk to the mail box that turned into a leaf hunt! Bunny has really seemed to grasp the science behind the leaves changing and we were able to talk about that more. We also looked at different types of leaves to see the shapes and edges. Bunny got this idea from this book I got at the library. It is a really amazing book with a TON of information woven into a story! The best learning books are the fun ones! If you are looking for a great fall book to read, this is a good one!

Bunny found the same leaves that the little bear in the book! When we got home she matched them to the ones in the book! She thought it was great and we also got to talk about the different kinds of leaves!

After our walk we headed down to the school room for a project! This project came from Let’s Lasso the Moon. Her girls made these trees in school and I knew we needed to do it too! First we traced the girls hand and upper arm onto a brown paper, and cut them out. Then we laid it on some wax paper and sprinkled some crayon shavings {the girls helped me peel the crayons and I used a pencild sharpener to make shavings! Easiest way to make shaving ever!} on the fingers and a few at the bottom. Then we put another piece of wax paper on top and ironed {between two towels}. The results were so pretty and they look awesome in my front windows! Bunny liked doing it and added a few flowers to the bottom of it, and Pup ….well Pup LOVES everything that has to do with her body and art! 🙂 She has showed it off to everyone! 🙂

Then we hit some more work! Bunny got the math works out! I wanted to introduce her to the tens board. I tried, but the paper ones we have just don’t seem as inspiring, so I used the number cards to teach her the tens numbers. We then counted by 10s. This was new for her and she really liked it, and I know that she was starting to get it because she used the dots on the side of the Tinkerbell rug to count by 10s! I hope that this is just the beginning! Then I pulled out the Hundreds Board. I showd it to Bunny and she wanted to do it all! It took her a long time but she did it! She even saw the pattern and was able to mostly get the number names! It was a great day in Math!!!!!

Pup worked on some knobless cylinders and did a matching shadow game. She loves matching right now and I need to get a few more of those works out for her!

So that was our very busy day! I hope that you are having a great time schooling this year! It means alot to me to have such great people stopping by and letting me know what you think about our work! Thanks for all the support! Happy Schooling everyone!

Montessori Monday~ "L" is for Leaf!

Our theme this week is “l” is for leaf! I thought that it was not only seasonally appropriate, but it also extended out theme from last week! So that means we don’t really have any new trays! However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything new! 😉 Today was still warm so I herded the kids outside all day! We started off with our circle time and I told the girls a story about Lottie the Leaf fairy. Lottie’s Job was to talk to all the leaves and help them change from spring to summer to fall! She very busy at this time of year and was working one day when she spotted two little girls. Normally she hides when she see people, but today she was so busy that she didnt. The two girls of course saw her right away and asked her what she was doing. Well Lottie told the girls all about chlorphyll and how it is what makes food for trees and also what gives them their green color! She told them that the chorophyll also needs the sun, water, and nutrients to make food for the tree! She also told them that right now she was really busy telling the leaves that it is time to stop making food for the tree. When they do that, said Lottie, the leaves turn colors! When I was telling this story I used paper leaves to show how the colors change! This idea came from Homschool Escapade. If I am honest I didnt know why the leaves changed colors this morning! I’m really glad that I found this post! I think that the girls really got it! I made a few new boxes for our outside learning environment and after circle time, I set the girls loose! Here is what we did today!

Here are our books this week!

Leaf Rubbings
Acorn work
I put this work in baskets to go outside! Tadpole played it for a bit, but her mostly just carried the pieces around! He is defiantly in the “small things” sensitive period.
Leaf Drawing
I saw this idea on pintrest. You cut the leaf in half then glue on half on a paper. Then you draw the missing half. It looked like a great way to work on observation and art! 🙂

Here they trying out the leaf art….

It turned into a leaf collage! 🙂

Too Cool!

This is acorn caps with addition and subtraction problems for Bunny!

She rocked them! It took a few minutes to see the difference between the signs,
but she got it and did all of them!

We also sounded out words and she wrote them on the sidewalk!

I also got the pumpkins I bought and gave the girls the scrub brushes…..
I have two of the cleanest pumpkins ever!!!!!

Tadpole thought it was awesome!

Bunny also raked leaves for the other kids and they danced and tossed leaves!
Happy Fall Time!!!!!

After all this work we headed out for a walk to hunt for leaves! It was so much fun to see the changes a lack of chlorophyll has on the fall leaves! The girls collect a handful of beautiful leaves and I had a project for them to do with all the leaves! We got home and I pulled out the contact paper and let them make sun catchers with their treasures! Even Tadpole was able to make this project! 🙂
Here is Pup decorating her sun catcher

We even added glitter!

The girls were very proud of their work!

Aren’t they pretty?
Well that was our day! If you want to see more amazing Montessori work head over to the Montessori Monday link up at Living Montessori Now! Tomorrow is Taking Time Tuesday here, so stop back to see what we are up to! Happy Schooling!