A hunting we will go…..

Today we decised to head out on an adventure since the weather was really nice! I mean it was in the 70s !!! Yeah! So we headed out to the local National Wildlife Refuge to hunt for acrons! I had seen these arorable painted acorns, and I thought it would be a wonderful project to do with the girls! And offer went! It was fun! The girls helped me look really hard, and we found a pile of them! So we tucked them in their nature bags and headed out of the forest {before the mosiquitos carried us off}! It was really relaxing and peaceful. I love these moments! 🙂

Bunny thought that this stick was really cool! The bark had fallen off places and it was smooth!

We found acorns!!!!!

Here is Bunny hiding from the mosquitos! They were so thick!

Arent the colors pretty!

Here is Bunny pointing to leaf the was dancing in the wind!
 She said it was like having a nature puppet show to watch!

Here is the star of the “show”

Here is our treasure!

We also walked in a grassland type habitat. Pup saw these tiny daisys that facinated her!
She thought they were so pretty! I love it when kids discover nature themselves!

These are Bunny’s Binoculars

They also turn into a telescope! 😉
When we got home Bunny and I washed and dried and baked our treasures! 😉 I wanted make sure that nothing was going to craw out of them! I really dont like bugs in the house! It was a great scrubbing exercise!

Ready to bake!
Then it was time to paint! The girls were so excited to do this part! We popped the top off the acorn, painted the nut part, then let them dry! Then all we needed to do was hot glue the top back on!

Aren’t they cute! 🙂 I love them, and we created them together!
What kind of Fall fun are you having with your kiddos this year?

A bit of creativity in the middle of a crazy week!

Well today with Bug and Tadpole here, I just didn’t have the right frame of mind to try anything new today. They didn’t feel like doing any work, so we made it a play day! 🙂 I just let the kids do what they felt like doing. It was pretty good. I am still trying to find that perfect middle ground where everyone is happy!

On a happier note, yesterday we had a day that was pretty relaxed and fun! I was even able to make the girls a couple of the skirts that I have cut out for fall! Bunny requested that I make the purple skirts first! She picked this bright lavender linen out while we were at the fabric store along with a lavender flower applique, and she just loved it! Its not a really fall color, but it is pretty! I was able to use a really simple pattern I found online to make some twirly girly skirts that only took a little time! The pattern is here if you want to make a few! I pinned a couple of versions of this pattern on my pintrest board. If you pop by, follow me! If you haven’t discovered pintrest, then just send me an email and I can invite you! Here are the pictures of my darlings in their skirts!

Aren’t they cute!!!!!!
{My girls, not the skirts! Although the skirts are cute too!}

Pup’s skirt

I think her face says it all! She loves it! 😉

I didn’t buy Pup the purple applique, so I made one since the skirt needed it!
Here is Bunny’s Skirt. She loved her too!

This is the applique Bunny picked out! I matched perfectly!
Anyway, this was my moment of creativity that made me feel like a sane person! 🙂 I know that it is only Wednesday, but hey we all have weeks like this! I hope your week is going well!
What have you done special this week?

"M" is for Magical Monarchs!!!

Today Bug came to the house wanting to do Fairy School. 🙂 So I ran with it. I had some peg people and some butterfly cut outs that I was going to have them paint. So I decided that I would tell a story about the Monarch Fairies while we painted. I gave them orange, black, and white paint and the wooden objects. Then, with a hope and a prayer, I made up a little story! Here I will re tell it more or less the way I did for them! 🙂
“Every year the Monarch butterflies fly up from their warm winter home in Mexico. They fly miles and miles over mountains and water to come up here to our area so that they can lay little eggs that become new caterpillars. These butterflies fly about looking for just the right milkweed plant to lay their eggs on. Who do you think helps the butterflies find the perfect place? {Bunny at this point said “Jesus” so I had to think a little quickly! 🙂 I love my spiritual little girl! } That’s right Jesus does tell them, but he uses some little helpers! The Monarch Fairies are there to guild each little butterfly to a perfect plant! Then the butterfly can lay the eggs safely. Then they fly off. The Monarch fairies then take care of the baby caterpillars and stay with them until they turn into new butterflies!!! These fairies are black and orange just like the butterflies and so such beautiful little things but they are very hard to see. The like to stay hidden!  Sometimes when you see small little orange butterflies, look very close, they maybe fairies!”
This is more or less the same story I told the girls! It may not win any prizes. but the girls lived it! They painted their Butterfly and their fairy. Then when they dried, I hot glued some orange wool roving wings on the fairies. I also cut a green felt leaf for them to play with. It was good project! 🙂

Here they are painting after I finished the story.

Bug was very proud of her butterfly and fairy!

Here is Bug’s

Here is Bunny’s

Here is mine! 😉
{I couldn’t resist}

Here is Pup’s!
It was a pretty fun project for the girls. It capped off our “M” week well! It was a hard week due to my lack of schedule. So I hope to work on that this weekend! Hopefully it will us improve next week. See you then!

Outside Prepared Enviroment!!!!

Well as promised here is the pictures of my new project!!!! I (and my hubbie) made a work station for the girls to use while they are outside. The idea started when I read Sam’s Blog over at the Secret Garden. She is making an outside garden for the kids in her school to work out in when they want to, and she is doing some beautiful things! I love that she was also making some language areas and science areas for the kids to continue their classroom work outside! I fell in LOVE! I was thinking “gosh how cool would it be to let the girls go to a school where they had the freedom to go in and out when they want and keeping learning in both places”. Then it hit me, I have a backyard that is all open for me to do whatever I want!!!!!! Duh! So I started dreaming! When I mentioned my idea to my neighbor, she told me that she had an old garden table that I could have!!!! I was so excited! It also had two stools!!!! She is an amazing neighbor and it was so kind! So I took it and and my hubbie slaved away on it on Sunday!!! He cut the legs down, power washed the dirt and old finish off it, and stained it a really nice red. It turned out really nice! Then I finished it up this morning for the girls to work at! So far it has been a great hit! I LOVE it! It is just a really sweet place for the girls to keep their stuff and work on projects outside! A lot of the work that I made for our work station were ideas that came from the book Playful Learning. This book is full of great ideas and I love her learning ideas! If you have a chance to check it out I really recommend it! She also has a blog that had a ton of giveaways going right now and you can check that out here! So anyway, enough chit chat! 😉 Here are the pictures of our work station! Let me know what you think!

Here is our Work Station! Cute right?

I have rock for building and side walk chalk!

Scrub brushes! I found them at the Dollar Tree for a $1!!!

Here are some wire sculptures that Bunny made while I was setting it up!

Here is the bunting I made! I love bunting! It just really made it so cute!

There is a little drawer that has a box with colored pencils and regular pencils!

Here are the tubs that the work boxes are in. I wanted to make sure that they were all in several layers of protection so the weather doesn’t hurt it! Inside these tubs are some typical school boxes that have the work in!

I even have a place now for their watering cans!

Here is a leaf project where you observe a leaf and then make it with wire. Bunny saw this is Playful Learning and wanted to do it! It is tricky, but she had enjoyed making other things out of the wire too!

Here is a box for doing rubbings!

These are story rocks! They have been a huge hit with Bunny and they were super easy to make! Just a little paint and some clear coat! What you do is tell a story using the rocks to help illustrate it!

Here are some blank books for Bunny to write in.

I also put the odds and ends that Bunny used for her fairy garden out here for her to use.

Finally I have some show strings, clothes pins, and fabric pieces to let the girls make forts or what ever else they come up with! They love free play!

Here is Bunny showing me her wire work! 🙂

Here is Pup trying to rub a leaf! We have to practice that! 🙂
All in all it is a really cool area that will allow me to give then work time outside! I think I will be able to rotate the boxes and have some seasonal fun here!

Sewing Badge!

Well as many of you may be wondering, Bunny still is working on a badges. She really wanted to learn to sew a while ago, and after much thinking I decided to help her learn to hand sew embroidery first! She needs a few more years of growing till she is big enough for my sewing maching! I started her slow with holes punched into fabric to string yarn through, but this was way to easy! So I drew a disign out on a cloth napkin for her to sew in and out, then to fill in the gaps she went back through it. She loved  it!!!! She did all four corners, then she started to sew some dsigns on squares of fabric and has plans to make a quilt. I am amzed at her ability and her love of this work! I found her the other morning, sitting in her PJs in a piles of pillows, sewing away! 🙂 As she has moved forward in this she has learned how to do a running stitch, and a satin stitich. She also has drawen her own design! I am really proud of her and I cant believe that this is something she is loving. Bunny is easliy frustraed and I thought that this was something that would be hard for her to stick with, but it has turned out to be a ralxing expirience! Who knew! Here are some of the pictures of her work! I havent gotten pictures of her quilt squares, but I will add them when I get them taken.

Here is Bunny sewing. Most of the time she sewed while I was sewing!

Here is her first project fininished! She loved it!

Here is a close up!

Here are my girls sewing together!

Pup wanted to sew really badly too, so I got her some plastic canvas and yarn. It took awhile for her to master putting the needle through a hole and pull it through.

She did it! I love this look of discovery! 🙂

This was her finished project!
This is the detail pictures of Bunny’s finished napkin. She gave it to her Grandma to decorate her table! 🙂

I think she did such an amazing job! I love that she put so much work into this and that it is somethig she enjoys doing! I hope that she will enjoy it for a while!

Sew Liberated~ Naturalist’s Scavenger Hunt Bag

Well here is another project that I completed from Meg’s book! I have really been on a sewing roll! 😉 When I got the book Growing Up Sew Liberated I knew I just had to make this bag for my girls school year! It is just the right size for them to carry on a nature walk, or to carry their lunch on a field trip, or to carry….well everything! I let the girls pick out their own fabric at the fabric store. Pup picked out some adorable elephant fabric, and Bunny picked out some large daises (It was not what I thought she would pick, but it is so cute!). I whipped them up yesterday and the girls loved them! I got some really sweet pics of the girls wearing them today!

Pup’s Bag

There is a small pocket on the inside panel!

Here is Bunny’s Bag

Aren’t these bags (and girls) sweet?!?! I love them! They are just the perfect size! If you like to sew I really recommend Meg’s book! Check it out on Amazon or you can read her blog which is equally inspired! So I am off to sew some more tomorrow! But never worry, we are going to be start school back up here soon!

Good Sheperd at Home

Well as many of you know I am a big believer in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and I love all of the material and how they offer the child a chance to really come closer to God. My girls both attend an atrium in our area and I am helping to start one at our church. However I really feel like I should have some things here at home so that the girls can think about God deeper here at home too. I don’t have the space for all the larger atrium works in my house, so I have come up with a way to do it smaller! Peg People! They are all the rage on Etsy and so much fun to paint! So I thought that if I use them to make atrium works, I would be able to make small sets that can be stored easily in a drawer! I made my test set today and it turned out really well! I started with the corner stone of the Catechesis atrium work~ the Good Shepherd! I made peg Good Shepherd, wooden ball sheep (they have a flat bottom), and a dollhouse picket fence sheep fold. Here are the pictures of how it turned out. The girls have not had a chance to work with it yet, but I think that they will like it alot!

“I am the Good Shepherd says the Lord. I know my sheep and they know me…”

I call my sheep by name and I lead them out…”

I really think that this will be a wonderful supplement to atrium work for my girls. I dont think any of my works will replace the traditional works, but they will allow my girls to work with them when we arent at the atrium! I will be posting soon on out prayer table once I get it all done!
How do you share your faith with your kids at home?

Rainbow Yarn!!!!

I saw this project at easter time and I really wanted to try it out! So I enlisted the help of my mom and we made some really beautiful rainbow yarn! What we did was we went to Michael’s to get some wool yarn (yes it was such a sacrifice to go to the craft store 😉 ) Then we got some easter egg dye and the kids and dyed the wool! It was a HUGE mess, but alot of fun! Everyone got involved (all my brothers and sister, and my kids). It was a great project, but it is hard for the kids to do. If you want to see some more detailed directions you can see them at Small Things and Keep On Spinning and In the Heart of My Home. Ours turned out a little lighter then I wanted it too, but it is still so beautiful! We all love it! In fact there has been so many requests for things knitted, that we  have to make more! Since my mom is the only good knitter, it will depend on how fast she can knit! 🙂 Here are the pictures of out yarn!

All ready to work.

Here they are all ready to “cook” It is important to make sure that the dye in thoroughly saturating each strand!

Here is the yarn being set!

Here it is cooling in the sun!  It is so pretty!
Here are the finished balls ready for my mom to knit! 😉

Soooooo Pretty!

Here is the first project….fingerless gloves!

Bunny LOVES them!
(Yes those are PJs! I wanted a picture before bed)
Happy Projecting!

Our Tent!

Well I finally finished it! The tent that I promised to show you and promised my girls they could play in! I got it all put together and they LOVE it! It is so cute and the perfect size for a hideaway! They played in it inside and out today. I love that I can move it easily and it fold around the poles. I made it using Meg McElwee’s book Growing Up Sew Liberated. It was pretty easy to put together and I love the detailed directions. Plus there are a ton of other amazing projects. I do recommend it if you are looking for a fun project! Here are the pictures of the tent!

Here is the front. Meg used Bamboo Poles, but I had some pvc pipe, so I used that!

Bunny posed for me to help show it off! 😉

Here is circle window.
 (As you can see, Pup was coming in to play!)

Even our dog, Lacey thought it was awesome!

Bunny set it all up so the it was “beautiful on the inside”! She is a decorator at heart! As you can see her new sewing basket is in there. As I mentioned before, we are working on a sewing badge and she has taken it up as her new favorite thing to do! As she said, she is a “sewing girl”! She is really good at it! We are working mostly on embroidery.

Here they both are sewing in the their tent!

Like I said, this book is great, and its also full of bits of wisdom that are fun and helpful! Meg is delightful to read and a Montessori teacher too! Check it out or visit her blog:! Happy Crafting!