Reading and Writing

Christmas Time Learning!

Well I have noticed lately that Bunny, who has been on school break, seems to have discovered the mystery of division all on her own! She has been working out math problems in her head super fast and accurately! The first time I noticed how fast she was on Christmas Eve. She wanted so badly to give each of Santa’s Reindeer a carrot. I didnt think that nine carrots was a good idea, so I suggested she cut them in half (too many carrots make it hard for the reindeer to fly dont you know). She sat in the fridge for a second and finally she looked at me a said “If we cut them into thirds, we will only need to have 3 carrots!” What!?! I didnt even realize that she could do that in her head so quickly! I’m not sure how she worked it out, but she did!

Today she was looking at her new friendship bracelet kit. I told her it made 40 bracelets and said maybe she could have some friends over to do them with her. She quickly told me “That means I can have 4 friends over and we can all make 10 bracelets each!”

Just My Style Friendship Bracelets
Bunny also has been writing and writing a lot! I am so proud of her! A great example of her writing is her letter to the elves she left for Santa to take to them.
To Elves,
I love elves.
My Mom made me an elf doll.
PS What do you look like?
Pup has also been learning a thing or two! She got a new notebook for Christmas that had a cover for her to color. She and my sister (who is also 3) worked really hard to color in the lines without messing it up! She was so proud of her work and couldnt wait to write in it! I wrote some of the letters we worked weeks ago and asked her the sounds. She remembered them all and was so excited! I think that we are going to have to keep working on some sandpaper letters!
Another thing that Pup has had a chance to do is practice her practical life skills with the tongs and scoops that were in some of the different serving dishes! Not to mention both girls were working on talking to people politely!
Who says kids dont learn out of school? Mine keep learning even when I am not doing anything special! What do your kids learn even while you arent doing school?

Working Away

Yes, here again is another school day post! I hope that you all enjoy reading them! I know it is alot, but this is my way of recording what each girl has done and where they are at! Today was fun! Bunny wanted to do fraction work, so I gave her the next presentation! We talked about denominators and numerators. She really got it and loved the presentation.


 Pup wanted to work on sandpaper letters, so I introduced a couple more letters. After we did that, I pulled out the farm animals and played eye spy. I have tried this with her a few times before, but she really didnt get it. Today she did! She was able to pick out most of the beginning sounds between two objects. She loved it and we are going to keep playing this with her! Later on, she was playing with her zebra and she was sounding the sound out. She told me that the sound was “zzzz”! I was shocked! She was very excited about her discovery and I asked if she wanted to see the letter that made that sound. She told me yes, so I went and got the “z”. She traced it and said it over and over. Then she asked if she could have the letter in her room! 🙂 Awwww…what a Montessori child!

So that was our excitement today! We did a few other things too. Bunny made a book about baby mammals, we talked about where conifer trees grow in forests and about the northern and southern hemisphere, and she also read a book! I hope that you all had a great school week! Happy Schooling!

Reading, Writing, and Work Time!

When the girls woke up this morning, I asked what they wanted to discover in school today! Well,  what they wanted to discover was words….lots of words! Pup has been try to sounds things out and I thought it was time to start teaching some sandpaper letters! Boy was she excited! She had a rug out, paper and pencil, and was waiting for me first thing! I showed her a few that we tried to learn a few months ago and this time she was ready! I showed her each one, and said it name. She traced it just like I did, said the sound, and then wanted to write them down! She worked so hard and we did it three times, then she asked for a new sound! I offered her two more and she wrote those too! I was really impressed and I think she is hitting her sensitive period of writing!

These are the letters we did today!
While I was working with Pup, Bunny pulled out the grammar farm all on her own and she read a bunch of labels! I was really proud that she chose to read on her own without my asking her to pick something!
After she read for a while, she decided that she wanted to write a book! And she did! She made up a character and wrote full sentences on each page! Instead of asking her to sound words out, I just told her the spelling and it cut down on the frustration for all of us and let her be successful! Since I know that she knows her sounds, I felt like I could just give her the spelling of a word and she would be able to look at it and “hear” the sounds herself! I guess backing off it working for now! Here is the book that she made today! I am over the moon about how hard she worked! 🙂

Isnt it a great book? I am shocked that she was able to write so much on her own! I havent been able to get her to write sentences and I know that this was alot of work for her today! I hope that with all of the help you all offered, I will be able to keep encouraging her and make sure I say things in a way that will help her correct her work and still be ok!
There was alot of other fun work done today too! Pup was rather busy and Bunny made sure she did a little bit of everything!

It was a great day here! I hope you are having a great week too! Happy Schooling!

Reading Grammar Farm!

Well I have been trying really hard to start getting Bunny interested in trying to read again. So far she has been really frustrated and I thought that backing off for a bit would be a good idea! So I did. But the other day, I thought it would be fun to bring out the grammar farm again to use as a reading exercise. In the remedial reading section of the elementary albums I have, they talk about making sure that there is a lot of success. So they start with reading words instead of books. This is not a new idea, in fact it is really how you are supposed to do it. So I thought that Bunny would have alot of fun reading some of the labels! So I got it all together and set it out for her yesterday. She wanted to work with it right away and I was proud that she read about 10-12 labels all on her own. I wasnt  down there with her to help at all! Good progress right? We left it out for her to come back to if she feels like it.

 Another reading progress thing that has happened here is that Bunny found a new book she is in love with! We all love Fancy Nancy here. If you dont her, she is a character in some books written by Jane O’Conner. Nancy loves to be fancy and use really fancy words! These books always have a bunch of great vocabulary lessons built right in! Nancy is also very kind and always does the right thing. Sometimes I find books have the kids talking back to their parents or being kind of mean, but I havent found that in any Fancy Nancy books!

Fancy Nancy
Here is the first Fancy Nancy book! It is a picture book and tons of fun!
Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth
This is her new chapter book and it is about Nancy, but she is a bit older! Also super fun!

So when we found her first chapter book, we had to get it our from the library!We read the whole thing in two days and Bunny has literally carried the book around with her since then! This is a rather big book and it has a lot of big words in it, but Bunny loved it so much that she was willing to read almost a whole paragraph even with the big words! She also copied the title of the book several time working on her handwriting! I was really proud of her and I know that she can read. I am hoping if we practice alot, she will get it. So we are going to talk together about it and find a plan that works for both of us! I was thinking that maybe having a goal would be good for her. She loves to have a goal. So maybe I will buy her the Fancy Nancy book if she starts to read! Either way, we are going to start working on it! She was also talking alot about the math problems she knows, so I guess its time to work on that too! Let the remedial work begin!!!!!! Dont worry, I will keep you all posted on how it goes!  Happy Summer/ Schooling!

Reading, Reading, and more Reading!

Well I know that I promised some DIY landforms, but I ran into some issues with the material I used, so you will have to wait. 🙁 Sorry. I hope to get it resolved soon and I promise to post all about it then! Until then I have some pictures of Bunny reading! I have been working really hard at getting to practice moat days and she is doing GREAT! I am not sure if it is her new glasses or if she is just ready or both, but she has been able to do better! She actually read a few signs and words on books all on her own! She was so excited when brought me a book and told me what it said! She is doing pretty well and we have had less crying over the hard stuff (thank God).She has even been able to figure things like “he” or “city” were the ending sound doesn’t say what it seems like its supposed to! She has done really well and I think soon we will be on to some word study!!!! Here are a few pics I’ve taken over the past week!

I am really proud of her and I hope that this is just the beginning! Thanks so much for stopping by! School today was a bit of math and some reading, then we got to visit with some really great friends! I hope you all had a great day too! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Monday~ Soil

Today we headed into our next part of the waseca biome study~ soil! This is a rather long section and I I think it will take us two weeks to get it all in! I had planned to go out today and explore soil, but the girls were rather tired so we will do that tomorrow! We did get some work though, and I added some trays that are soil related! We also read a couple of books today about soil. So i think that this will allow us to have a good base for our exploring tomorrow! Bunny and I were able to talk about all the things that make up soil and we found that alot of it we have covered with our rock study in October. But we were talking mostly about rocks at the time, so now we will see how it all fits in with soil and the rest of the world! Very cool!

Spooning Soil

Scrubbing a rock
(I have done this work a million times, but I thought I would officially present it to Pup now that she is a bit older! She really liked it!)

Sorting parts of the soil
(I have small stones, brown leaves, and acorns)

Transferring moss with chopsticks

PomPoms in the Spindle box
(this work is for Pup!She is starting to know some of her numbers and she loves to count! This is a work that we did several time today. She loved that 0 means nothing!)

As a side work, Bunny has discovered Lizards. She wants to know all about them. Today she explored all the continent boxes to find all the pictures that we have of them and there is not very many of them! So I guess we are moving on from Parrots to Lizards. Hmmmm….another thing I know nothing about! Anyone have some tips?

Stamp game.

I also found these awesome Animal Discovery pages that Bunny can fill out after she learns about a particular animal! The website for these is here.

Bunny read a little book today!
So that is what we are up to! Stop by tomorrow to see where our soil study ( with a side of lizards) ends up! I think it will be great! I hope you are all having a great start to your week! If you want to see more Montessori fun, stop by Living Montessori Now for some amazing ideas!!!! As always, I linked up there! Happy Schooling Everyone!

Montessori Monday~ Air

I hope that you all had an amazing Easter! I know that we did! My girlies were super cute (if I do say so myself) in their Easter finery! I posted up all the pictures of them here!
Anyway, on to the business of the day….we are back to school today and working on the next element of our Waseca Biome Study~ Air! Since we were still recovering from all of our Easter fun, it was a simple presentation day. We talked a bit about how the plants use the air to grow and they make oxygen for the animals, and the animals make carbon dioxide which the plants need. It is a complicate “dance” that living things do with the air we so desperately need! After that I let the girls get to work with what they chose! I did make a few air related work and I think that there will be a couple more that will be added as we talk more about air this week. Here are the pictures of the trays I have out this week!

Blow Away or Stand Still
(this is like sink or float, the child guess what she thinks each object will do, then blows to see if it move or if it stand still!)

Sponge Tower
(Child will build the tower with the tongs and then blow it over!)

Blowing across the top of the bottles to hear the different sounds!
Our work time today was better then I thought it would be. Bunny worked on some reading and some skip counting. Pup and I worked together a bit today and I think that I need to really try and work more with her since she is clearly ready for the “big girl” work! She completed the binomial cube several times today for the first time and she was really proud!
More puzzles!!!! She has been on a roll with this!

This work was pretty tricky for Bunny, but she really was interested in trying to hear the different sounds that the bottles made!

Object boxes. Bunny read all the words today in the box! There are quite a few in there and she did really great! I think that we are getting closer to reading more!!!!

She was so very proud that she was able to do the binomial cube all by herself!

Both girls pulled out the different cubes! They really love these works and Pup is so happy that she was able to do the work on her own!

Skip counting by fives.

Pup and I played with the red rods! I laid down on the floor and she laid the rods the length of me! She thought it was super funny to “measure” me with rods!!!! After she did me a few times, I “measured” her! It was fun and she thought it was the best!

I showed her the red rod maze again. She handed me the rods as I needed them and she really has figured out which ones are the longest!

She also has been drawing! That is me with the red rods down the side there! I love that she is noticing and processing so much!
That is what we were up to today!!!! We are off to another good week I hope! Be sure to stop by later this week, for more air fun! I hope that you all stop by and see Deb at Living Montessori Now! I linked up there! Happy Schooling everyone!!!!

School Days~ Energy

Well the last couple of days we have had a bunch of fun with friends and cousins, but we have still gotten a bit of work done! I have been so glad that we are working on keeping our school work more consistent! They are doing so very well and I love watching them learn! Here are a few alot pictures of what we have been up to!

Object box work!
I finally put together another one for Bunny to practice her reading!

Pup has been working everyday with these puzzles! She is so proud she can build them!

Daddy was home on this day and she was so happy to show off what she knew!

Bunny worked with trinomial cube! After she finished it, she had Daddy do it too! She took great delight in the fact she could do it faster! 😉

Pup also worked with some of the botany puzzles! These are hard and she did it! Puzzles are just her thing right now! Its amazing how focused she is with them!

Bunny was game to try some blindfolded work! That almost never happens!
More Puzzles

Playing eye spy.
This is something that we are just starting. She really doesnt get it yet, but hey it cant hurt!

Pup has also been able to do the number rods! She even self corrected her mistake!

As you can see she was pretty proud!

I also showed her this week how she can count the segments! She LOVES this and wont let me help her count! She wants to do it herself! The crazy thing is that she count up to seven, then says eighteen, nineteen, ten! 🙂 I guess  I will have to help her count out loud some more!

Bunny wrote another book! She wanted to write a sea book and she did it all on her own! She started by writing the title out on the chalk board so she could correct any spelling mistakes she made before she wrote it all out. I only correct her spelling when she asks, which she does alot. She really wants to be sure that it is all right.

Here is her book. I know that she mixed up her “sh”. I told her, but she told me that you all would still be able to read it! Hahaha! You know you have a blogger child when she talks about what the readers will think! 😉

We also did some more work today from the Waseca Biome Study. We are talking about the sun’s energy. Our work today was two presentations. One was all about the the zones of the earth where the sun energy is stronger or weaker. Our next presentation showed how the sun’s axis allows us to have seasons. We talked about where we were on the globe and showed how the tilt of the earth changes how close we are to the sun. This work is one that you can buy from the Waseca website and it is amazing! But I made ours since I needed it sooner then I could get it . The season trees should have animals and plants that change too, but these were the only clip art I had. It worked for us!

So that is what we have been up to! I hope you are all having a wonderful  and blessed Holy Week! I have been working really hard to figure out what is next in our Montessori Journey. I have been looking into what the elementary material means for us! Don’t worry I will share when I finally get things worked out! Happy Schooling everyone!

Montessori Monday~ Engery

Today we continue with our Waseca Biome Study and we are discussing energy! I did the first couple of presentations today for Pup and Bunny. The first one was a simple discussion on how the earth travels around the sun once a year and spins on its axis each day. This presentation was something that wasnt really new to them since we talk about it each birthday with the celebration of life. The second presentation was one I did for Bunny only since it was for 6-9. We talked about how the rays of the sun were stronger at the equator, making hotter, then at the poles, making it colder there. She got the idea, but I think she may have been a little young for it. It required a bit of measuring and she hasnt gotten that yet.

I was also able to make a couple of sun energy themed trays for this week! They were of course well received! The one with the tweezers is very tricky and I made it for Bunny. I was hoping that I would be able give her something fun and challenging!
Open and close with counting!
The colored dots tell the girls what color and number to put in each container.

Tweezing Suns
These are actually small confetti and it makes it tricky!
Both girls worked really hard today. Bunny was having a hard time working for a longer period of time on things. This happens alot lately and I’m not sure if we are moving too fast or if she just doesnt want to work too hard. We really had a lot of crying over a few easy words I wrote out for her and when we moved on to math, she couldnt get into it. So I thought that I should make sure that she had covered all the right things with the Golden Bead. I started right back at the beginning with her. I represented the introduction to golden bead and realized that she still gets the hundred square and the thousand cube mixed up (she says the hundreds cube, and thousand square). So we reviewed this over and over. Then I moved onto the the cards and we played go fetch! Several times and she got them all correct. I then changed the go fetch to the stamps in the stamp game. She also did well with this. So I had her get one number and then another. Then we added those numbers together. She did this easily. Next I made a number for her to subtract for the addition problem. She did this well too. I also had her read out the numbers each time there was a new one. She read them all, but still hesitated when she would see the thousand and hundreds. I did point out the fact that there was colors to the numbers and she thought that was cool, but I’m not sure that it helped or not. I guess we will keep working on this,  but at least she gets alot of the work! Now I just need to make it fun for her! Anyone have some thoughts or ideas on this? I am thinking that maybe some of this attitude is due to Tadpole’s passing. She really doesn’t show her deeper emotions all the time and this is something she has never had to feel. Maybe that is what some of this is.

After we got through the math work, I pulled out all of our sounds! That’s right I pulled them all out. We were on a role and I asked her the sounds about 3-4 at a time. She got 90% of them right! I did single and double letters so I was really proud of her. I was thinking that she just wasn’t there, but she has most of them. Now I think we need to practice reading words with all the sounds in them. So I guess that leaves me to make an object box for her. So that is my next task. Whew! It was exhausting for both us to literally test what she knew, but I was feeling unsure of where she was at. It is good to know that she is retaining most of the information!

Pup worked really hard today too. She pulled out the puzzles and worked on those again. She also tried out the new work and I was amazed that she was able to do the counting for the pompom work! We also pulled out the number rods and she was able to line them up properly. We also practiced counting the segments on each rod. She really liked this! I hope we repeat it soon. She is growing and is defiantly thinking like a 3-6 student! 🙂 When I was working with Bunny, Pup pulled the cylinder block off the shelf and took the cylinders out. She then lined them up to make a stair! She even corrected the mistakes she made! I was so proud of her! Here are some pictures of her working!

So that is how our week started! It is tiring, but it is good! I hope that we are headed for another good week! If you want to see some more amazing Montessori work, be sure to stop by Living Montessori Now! She has a great post showing outdoor Montessori work and Bunny and Pup’s picture is up there! Happy Schooling!

Another Book!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed the day and had lots of green fun! I managed to pull together a little holiday fun for the family last night (i know I know, I had all month!). I blogged all about it here! We had a wonderful day, and Bunny even made us all a cake! Stop by and let me know what you  think!

Another wonderful thing that Bunny did today was write us another book! I had some very pretty stickers that I had saved for something special! I showed them to her and she loved them! I suggested that they would be really great for a story! She agreed and wrote a rather long book (six pages) using all the stickers! Here are the pages in her book ( I will write the “translation” in case you cant read it all. She is still writing phonetically).

One day a princess thought about lives in a castle.

In the castle was a book.

In the book was a frog.

A knight thought about a dragon
(the “one” was supposed to be thought, but she copied the wrong word off her other page)

The knight found a treasure

He found a glass slipper.
I love that she has found some inspiration to write more! She is doing so well with it. This story was her very own creation, I jut helped with any spelling that she asked for help with! I hope that this gives her some confidence and some motivation to keep reading and writing! If you leave a comment for her, I will be sure to pass it along! See you all on Monday!!! Have a great weekend!