Reading and Writing

Its Springtime here!!!!

Well we have had really very nice weather here the last few days and it has really made me so happy!!!! I know that it probably wont last forever, but we are going to enjoy it while it’s here! We have been playing outside, taking walks, and enjoying the beautiful flowers that are starting to pop up in our yard! It is really early for the daffodils to be up in this part of the world and it is such a treat! The girls are super excited about them and so am I!

Another fun thing that Bunny did today was write her very own story! She started with some fun stickers from my sister, and drew three pages for a book! Then she started to write. After a few minutes of distracted writing, she wanted to give up. I felt that she should finish what she started, so I asked her to keep going. Next thing I knew, she was writing really well! She hardly needed any help and it turned out really great! I was proud of her, and more importantly, she was proud of herself! Here are the pages of her book!
“Tinkerbell lives in the forest.”

“Had a sister named Roseabella.”

“She had a sister named Emma.”
Really great work huh? That is what we have been up to here! I have also been working like crazy on the City of Jerusalem work for the Catechises of the Good Shepherd. It is coming along really well, and I will show you pictures of how it turns out! I hope your week went really well and that you are enjoying Spring! 🙂

Montessori Monday (and Tuesday)!

Well yesterday was a good day, but I wasnt feeling really great last night, so I didnt get my Montessori Monday post done! So I am combing yesterdays work and todays into one post! 🙂 Since we are sort of in the middle of a theme transition, we dont have any onew trays yet this week! Sorry! We went down stairs yesterday and got some wonderful work time in! We did a bunch of everything! Bunny and I worked on some reading and skip counting, Pup worked with some of the trays and played eye spy with me! They both walked the line with a tray!
Today was more laid back (ok I was busy making a background for my other blog that took SOOOOO much longer then the tutorial said it would! But it SOOOO pretty!) but we did some really wonderful work! Pup read a lot of books and did some stamping and sweeping. Bunny focused on Lnaguage work! We learned 4 new sounds and wrote words using the sounds. Then Bunny desiced that she wanted to write a mermaid book! So, I helped her stay on track while she wrote our each page! She did an amazing job! I really love that she made that she made the pictures so beautifully! Here are some the pictures of all their hard work!

Walking the line

Walking the line with a bell!

We also sorted through all of the paper work that has been laying about! Our bulliatin board is overflowing and so was the crate where I keep the current years work! So we needed to organize it!

Bunny worked on telling time to the hour yesterday! She did a really great job!

Skip counting by 6.

Here are the words that she read.

These are some stentences I wrote for her to read.

This is her picture and report about the Brain! I wanted to write about what she had learned about the body, but she wanted to focus on the brain. This is what she wrote!
(In the picture, the gray blob is a brain, and the girl is her on a balance beam!)

Today we were pretty busy too! Here are the pictures of today!
Sandpaper letters



And since I know you are all dying to know how her story turned out, here are the pictues of the pages of her book!

Isnt her book great! I love it! I really am so proud of her! Today was so wonderful and I hope tomrrow is just a good! Wish us luck, Bug and Tadpole join us tomorrow! Happy Schooling! Oh and if you want to see more amazing Montessori Fun, be sure to pop by Living Montessori Now!

School Days

Today we took some time to do some work today just the three of us! It went really well for most of it! Bunny was given her first presentation in static division and she LOVED it! She told me it was her favorite! We did a problem together and then she did two on her own! I should have done it a while ago I guess! 🙂 Pup really was at loose ends for a bit. Then I pulled out the Continent puzzle and globe! She loves pulling out the pieces and matching them to the globe. So we said the continent names as she did it. She was really enjoying it. After that, I put the puzzle back by the continent boxes and I sort of directed her attention to the pictures on the boxes! She saw they were the same as the puzzle! 🙂 So she started exploring the North America box. Inside she found a dolphin and wanted to know about it. So we talked about how it swims in the warm ocean, it eats fish, and it lives in North America. She retained quite a bit of the information! I was really surprised and I think that we will be doing more of this soon! While we were doing that, Bunny was actually upstairs overcoming her frustration over some words. She wanted to read a book after her math. I suggested that we work on a few words before she read the book. I made words that had the sounds we have been working on. Some were short, some longer, but all of them contained sounds she knew or was working on this week. For some reason she had a meltdown about the first word and it took a long time to get her to relax. After she finally did, we managed to read all of the words! This reading is something we have done at other times in the past week and it has worked well. So I guess that she was just having a hard day!

Playing “eye spy” with objects!
This is something that I have started doing more with her, and I think that she is ready! She likes to play it, so I think that this is something that we will do alot!

Here we are working with the blue knobless cylinders to make an ocean for the dolphins! 😉

Here are the words for Bunny. I think that as I look at the picture, I should have done only a few at a time. Huhhhh……I will get it eventually! 😉

After that we ate some lunch and headed out to the park for a walk! It was a really wonderful day! The sun was out and the temperatures were warmer, and everything screamed “get outside”! So off we went! We walked (and ran) some trails, and climbed over a break wall to get down to the beach! It was really awesome! No one is down at this part of the beach much, so there was a lot to see and it had a much more natural look. Here are a few pictures that I took there!

I have also been searching though ideas for the next month of work. I think that the girls are just about done with the Body unit and I need a plan for a new theme. However, with all the other issues that we have going on, I think that we may need to change things up. So I was thinking a bout studying Biomes. This isn’t something we have done before and I think that the girls would like it. So I did a web search and came across this program written by a Montessori teacher. It look amazing and its free! I have to read a bit more, but I think that this is something that I want to do, either this summer or even next fall. If you want to check it out, here is a link to the website! So that is what we did today! I hope you all had a wonderful day! Happy Schooling!

Subraction Snake Game!

Well today I started Bunny on her double letter sound presentations. We picked out three to start with and we did a three period lesson. We got through period one, but I think we will need to do it again tomorrow. She couldn’t remember all three of them. Right now I am going to aim for a few sounds a week. We’ll see how it goes! At least its a start! Once she get these sounds, I think everything else will fall into place better. I’ll keep you posted!

We also, finally, figured out the subtraction snake game. Yes I know, its not that hard, but it took me two different Montessori Albums and the better part of a half hour to figure it out alone! lol But I finally got it! I was all excited to show Bunny a new game to play and she was ready to learn. However, when I showed her how the snake got smaller, she was so unhappy! She didn’t want to loose some of the pretty golden beads! 🙂 So now I’m not sure if she will play it for that reason! I’m not sure what to do about that, but at least she got it. We did two snakes and she seemed to get the idea!

Setting up the snake

Counting it out.

See…she is really unhappy about loosing the golden beads! 🙂

But we did it!!!!
So that is what we have been working on today! In addition to this we also have been reading some books about our body systems.Bunny is absorbing so much of that just be reading! I hope you all had a wonderful school week! Stop back soon. I have an AMAZING giveaway coming up!!!!

Oh what to do…..

Well today we did a little bit of school work, but not much. Bunny has been super tierd lately and I really don’t know why. Last night she was in bed by 7:15 (yes that early) and she didn’t get up until about 7:15. That 12 hours! I really don’t know why she should be tired by 10 am. I hope its just a growing thing, not something bad!
Anyway, we started our day working on some green sounds today and really just wasn’t clicking at all!  Even sounds that i know I have presented to her three or four times, she still doesn’t get. I’m not sure if that is just a sign that she isn’t ready or if I’m doing something wrong. I really think that I am missing something, but I cant figure it out. Bunny has picked things up in a really different order then most Montessori albums suggest. I wanted to use the Dwyer System, but that seemed too tricky for her. It was almost too big of steps So I used a few of the regular PGB things, but that was too much work to keep trying to put stuff together (I don’t have that many objects!). So I’m not really sure what to do. Not to mention, I’m not sure what to do when Bunny looks at a word, sees something that looks like a double letter sound, but then it makes a different sounds then what she think it makes! Then she get confused and I’m not sure what to tell her!  You see for me reading seems like the holy grail of schooling. If you cant read well and don’t love doing it, then life will be harder for you. Anyway, I guess I am looking for any hints or helpful ideas from you other moms out there who have taught a child to read all ready! What do you recommend? Any ideas would be great!


Today I decided to go ahead with my snowflake study! I was waiting for some real snow to help with it, but rain is all I have right now! 🙂 So I got all the ideas I keep finding on pintrest together and we had our lesson. I started off by talking about the states of matter and how everything in the world is either a solid, liquid, or a gas. I didn’t go into the all the details of it, just an overview. I did ask Bunny what a few objects were and she got it!

We have Ice (solid), water (liquid), and Hot water (gas from vapor)

So we moved on to a quick reminder of the water cycle. We talked about this in detail earlier in the fall while we rowed How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. So Bunny knew all about it, so we just reviewed it, and then I told her about how snow is water vapor in the clouds that froze into tiny crystals. These Crystals are attacked to each other and they stick to other crystals, and that makes a snow flake! ( I am not a snow expert. I read this article  and then used the pictures that were there too! Thanks God for the interent). I had on a tray some different shapes of white paper cut up and in a pile (like a cloud). As I told her about the crystals forming, I took out some shapes and started hooking them together to form a snow flake shape. (I based it off of the activity that I saw here). This was my hands on way of showing something that is really impossible to see! As I made the snowflake I also talked about symmetry. How if we split something in half, the halves look the same. I drew two simple shapes to demonstrate this, and then Bunny wanted to try it too! 🙂 Then I showed her some snowflakes that were magnified on the computer so she could see how real ones look up close. Some of them were so close you could see where the crystals came together. She really thought that was cool. It was a lot in information in a short amount of time, but I think that it is one of those lessons that is easy to grasp and can easily be reinforced while we are out in the snow (if we finally get some)!

Here is our “cloud” of ice crystals

Here are the ice crystals forming together.

Here are the girls checking out some up close pictures of snowflakes. You could see where the crystals were joined together. It was very cool!

Here are my drawing to demonstrate symmetry.

Here is Bunny’s. The bottom one is symmetrical! 🙂

After we talked, I invited her to make a snowflake herself.

Here is her snowflake!

 I did ask her to draw a picture and write a report when we were done and she did. She cut our some beautiful snowflakes and they she narrated a report on what we talked about. After we wrote the report, Bunny forgot that she didn’t tell me that snowflakes have six sides. So I suggested that she write it on the front, on her own! Well, she did. She sounded out all the words in “Snowflake has six sides”! I did help her remember the spacing, and to help her with the silent “e” on side, but she really did it all on her own! She confidence in improving and I was really proud! She is just flying through the reading and writing things. I know that all the books say that will happen, but I really didn’t believe them! 🙂 I guess its all about patience!

Here she is writing.

This is her report.

Here are the snowflakes that she made, and the very first sentence she ever wrote!!!!

To end the day I pulled out the coffee filters I took from my mom’s house, and we made snowflakes! I folded the coffee filters for Pup and traces some lines for her to cut, and she did it on her own. Bunny was able to do it all on her own! I of course jumped in to play too! I love making snowflakes! 🙂 Pup made a few and had to take pictures of everything! Bunny did a great job, and made some very pretty, detailed snowflakes! She said that she liked that mine were so delicate! 🙂

Here is Pup cutting on the lines.

Opening it up….

Wow! She loved seeing the way it turned out!

Bunny really worked hard and loved making these! I think we will have a lot more of these!

Bunny helped Pup fold and cut one! Ahhhh… Sisters!

Here is one of mine!

This one Bunny made after watching how I cut mine! She really starting getting some tricky cuts in!

Pup took my camera and got this picture of me! 🙂

Here are some of the snowflakes we made! I guess we got some snow after all!

I highly recommend using the coffee filters since they fold up easily, are all ready in the circle shape, and its easier to cut through all the layers! I saw this idea on Pintrest here. It was so much fun! The only thing that could have made this better, would have been some real snow to observe! 🙂 I hope you all are having some great winter fun too! Happy Schooling!

Work time!

Today all the kids were here today and we had some great work time! All of the kids tried some new things and they had some fun too! There wasn’t too much that was out of the ordinary, so I will just show you the pictures that I took! 🙂

Bug got right to work with the water transfer and she worked really hard filling each cup to the top. Then she figured out all on her own that she needed to take the water out of the cups and put it back in the blue bowl! She was so very proud of herself! I love it when they master something that requires them to concentrate!

Pup stuck packing peanuts together.

Bunny worked with a bunch of the seasonal trays today. They are super easy for her, but it really helps her get ready for harder work!

Tadpole was everywhere today! He tried a bunch of things!

Bunny read another whole reader today! I am so proud of her! She also realized that she can read some of the Dr. Seuss books too! I am SO happy!

Matching snowflakes
(Bug yelled “I found the match!” each time she got it right!)

There was a lot of drawing that happened today too!

Pup built the Pink Tower stair today too! She did it twice!

I tried ti encourage her to try the red rods and she did! Bug had to help her out and they did a great job!

Tadpole tried a cylinder block today, and for the first time ever he put them all back in the right way, and he was SO proud of himself!!!!! He knew he did it!

This is his victory dance! 🙂

Bunny did her three math problem today, two dynamic subtraction, and one static multiplication!

That about wraps up what we did today! It was a simple day and we got some good work done! I hope you all got some good school work done too! Happy schooling!

Christmas Metal Inset Ideas!

Bunny and I love the metal insets! They are so much fun to create different designs with and I love that they are also great pencil control practice! 🙂 Today Bunny and I spent some time thinking up and making some great Christmas themed inset work ideas! I thought I would share them with all of you in case you want to try them! Here are what we came up with!

Gingerbread House
{Square and Triangle}

Christmas Tree
{Triangle and Trapezoid}



Manger Scene

{Two Circles}

Gingerbread House
{Bunny said hers was better since she took her time and worked slower!}

Christmas Tree 2
{Three Triangles}

It was so much fun working together to create these different ideas! Bunny really thought that I could have done better if I had taken my time and colored more slowly! She is probably right! 😉 If you make anything special with your insets, let me know! Bunny and I are always looking for more fun ideas! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Work Day!

Today we had a great work day! Both girls enjoys quite a bit of hard work! I love it when we get down to work and all the girls do really well! It was a pretty typical day, but we managed to cover almost all the subject areas! Here is what we did!

We started off with some seasonal work off the shelves, but we quickly moved on to bigger and more difficult works!

I saw this amazing idea at Montessori Moments. You write letters on the chalk board and the child makes them disappear by tracing over them with a damp paint brush!!!!! Bunny loved it and it was a wonderful way to practice her letters! She started doing numbers and I pointed out that she as making them backwards (this has been a issue for a while and she not self correcting so its time for me to step in). This inspired her to later practice her numbers on some manuscript paper!

Pup has wanted to try the binomial cube for a while, so i showed her how to do it. It is really tricky for her, but she has been sticking with it. She was able to do all of it several times so long as I helped her a bit. She did concentrate really hard!

She was so happy when she got it all done!

After she finished her “math” (Binomial cube), Pup decided to water paint on the chalk board.

Wrapping gifts work

Pup spent a long time on the floor blowing a tiny piece of Styrofoam across the floor! Silly Girl!

Here is Bunny doing a reading work that I found on Chasing Cheerios! It is matching object with actions sentences! Its a great version of the early reading game where the child reads the paper, then does what it says! This uses objects and Bunny loved it! It took her a while to get the confidence up to realize that she can read them! But she did all four and was really proud!

We also played the addition snake game again! She likes it, but she only wanted to do it once.
At least I got the rules and process right! 🙂

Here is Bunny doing that number practice! I wrote the numbers at the top of the page for reference, and she wrote them below!

Here is her work. Mine are on the top line and hers are below! She had a hard time at first. They were going all different ways! So I told her that if she traced the sandpaper numbers first, that it would help her brain remember how the numbers are supposed to go. She thought that was a great idea and traced each number before she wrote it and the difference was amazing! I love Montessori material!

We also worked on a few double letter phonographs. She knows mostly all of them! I though we had quite a few more to work on, but we are almost through all of them! I guess I need to make some practice work for her to do with them!

We also played with metal insets and Bunny came up with quite a few things to make with them that are Christmasy!

Pup also tried some dressing frames. Bunny tried the tying frame again too! This pretty much wrapped up our work time today and I think the girls did a great job! Happy Schooling!
How has your school week been? Are you still doing school even though the holiday fun is starting up?

Reading and Math the Montessori Way!

Well I knew it would happen soon, but Bunny is starting to read! I am so proud of her! I have Ms. Rhonda’s Readers that are all phonetic. They were written by a Montessori teacher and I liked that they are a bit more advanced then Bob books, but not so hard as a typical early reader! You can see them here. Bunny has read three in the past two days! I have been waiting and waiting for her to start getting the idea of sounding words out! I really hope that this is the real beginning! I think that it may be since she has been writing alot lately (the other day when she finished eating dinner she said “Mommy I am D-U-N”). Her reading of course pretty slow, but she is getting the words right! Yeah!!!!!! Here are some pictures of my very proud girl!

We also have been working on quite a bit of math today! I have been waiting for Bunny to get a pretty good idea of borrowing with subtraction and I think that she has a pretty good idea of it. She still need practice since I have to say “what do we need to do?” and they she will say exchange. So I think she has a good idea of it.Today I presented her with static multiplication. She loved it! She always wants to know new things and loves new presentations! I could give her something new everyday, but I try and pace us! 😉 She did a great job though an we did three problems. She still doesn’t want to do the work alone and I have just let that be as it is. She can do it, but I think it is more fun with someone else! In a Montessori classroom there are more then one doing the presentation, so I let myself be the other child. It makes it better and more fun! 😉 After we did this I pulled out the addition snake game. I have never played it or seen it played, so I pulled out a couple of different Montessori Albums and tried to figure it out. I will admit, it took me quite a while to figure it out properly! It just wasn’t making sense. While I worked on it Bunny was very interested in how it was played. So, once I finally figured it out, we played it a bunch of times! I think that it will be something we play quite a bit! Now I need to figure out the subtraction version! 😉

So that is what Bunny was up to today! We also made some really sweet snowflake ornaments, but that is another post! 🙂 Stop on back tomorrow! Happy Schooling everyone!