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Science – Page 2


Working away….

Work is continuing on here! Today I showed her the first presentation of the geometric strips. She has been begging to learn them, so I let her go for them. We talked about what a polygon is and how a triangle, and quadrilateral are also polygons. We also learned that a polygon needs to be closed in order to be a polygon! She loved it!

While Bunny worked, Pup explored the new trays I made before school started. I made a tray where she scoops a bit of Baking Soda into the tray and they uses the dropper (which has vinegar in it) to create little explosions! She LOVED it and concentrated on it for a long time!

Bunny also did some more bead frame work, and Pup and I learned some more sandpaper numbers. She loves to “do her math” and she know all the numbers up to 6. 7,8,9 are a little confusing still! Plus both girls got to explore the continent boxes. Pup loves them!


Later, Pup and I did some geometric solids. I showed them to her three at a time and she liked it! I asked her what they looked like to her! She told me that the ellipsoid looked like an egg, and the sphere looked like a ball, and the triangular prism looked just like a tent!

Finally, Bunny and I worked on some more rock work as a follow up to the first great lesson. We read a story about how a rock is formed in the earth and how it goes through a couple of different layers and millions of year until we find it! Then we made a model of the layers of the earth using playdough! She LOVED it (once I promised to buy more playdough since we used most of our stock) and it turned out really cool! Plus she was talking about the lave and how it comes out of the crust later on, so I guess it left an impression! 🙂

So once again it has been a great day! I love that our work time so far has been smooth and easy! I have really tried so hard to let the kids go on their learning path. It is hard to let go, but they really are learning alot and I need to keep holding back with my “wisdom”! 🙂 They are going to discover things if I give them the space and let them find thing out instead of just telling them! I hope your new year is going well too! Happy Schooling Everyone!

Montessori Monday (Ok…its Tuesday)~ Animals!

This week we are wrapping up for the summer! We have a couple of more waseca things to do, but I have a plan to cover things in a simple way. That way Bunny can study what she wants when she wants to. So this week we will be covering animals and some classifications of animals! Bunny and I combined several presentations today! Pup joined us for the vertebrate and invertebrate talk and then she left for other work! Bunny and I continued to talk and got into the 5 classification of vertebrate. I cant seem to find any good information about the classifications of invertebrate though. Does anyone have a good source that is simple and understandable? Anyway, we did that and I made a follow up work of making her own chart of the animal kingdom. It didn’t go as well as I thought it would, so we are saving it for another day. Here are some pictures of out work!

Today I also made some new trays for Pup to use! These will be my last themed trays for the summer (at least I think so)! They are animal themed and some of them are a redo from our zoo theme last year (you can see that post under my theme tab at the top of the page)!

Bunny traced each inset on a piece of paper and taped them together. She then proceeded to color them, but it was a LOT harder then she thought! To be honest, she really never really figured out how to color in the lines very well so this was really hard for her. I hope she finishes it. She did three of them, and got tired.
Another thing that Bunny and I did today was try and talk about the plan for the summer. She and I have been having a really hard time together and, while this weekend was really great, today she relapsed into the an angry defiant girl. 🙁 I’m not sure why or how to deal with this. She starts to throw a fit and will scream at me. I have tried punishment and I have tried problem solving, and I have tried sending her to her room to be alone till she clams down. She just gets worked up and doesn’t calm down easily. This usually happens when she is working, either reading or math. All of it is stuff she can do, but when something is trickier she gets really upset. Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this?  Right now we are going to take it easy this summer. Together we agreed that she does one (or tow) math works each day, and that she reads a book. Other then that, she can learn what she wants, how she wants. It sounds like a good easy summer plan! So that is what is going on here! I hope that all of you are having a great beginning of summer! I am linking over at Montessori Monday! Happy Schooling!

Plant or Animal?

Yesterday we did the plant or animal lesson from the waseca study! Bunny did a great job talking about the difference between a plant or animal. I think that this was a good exercise for her to do because, although she can tell the difference between a plant and animal, she had a harder time putting it into words! I think that she had to think a bit more about what the actual difference is. She did a great job though once we got going. Pup love the little animals and she did a great  job placing them under the right labels! Here are a few pictures of the work we did!

That is what we have been to! I hope that your week has gone well for you! Happy Schooling!!!!
{ Oh and….Pssst….I have a giveaway a coming up soon!}

Montessori Monday~ Soil….ok….lizards! :)

Well today we started off with some school work! It went well. Bunny wanted to work with the homemade lizard 3 part cards, and Pup wanted to do her math problems! So Pup and I got to work while Bunny worked on her own! Pup has been doing really well working with the sandpaper numbers and I am really proud of her. I have been starting to introduce her to letters as well since she has been asking and pretending to sound things out! 😉 She likes to know the sounds. I wanted to use the Dwyer Method with her in the reading, but it looks like we will be doing more PBG instead. I think ti will most likely be a combination of sorts. We’ll see!

Here is the 2ond period where I asked her to “poof” the number. She did pretty well. We still have a few we need to work on!

Pup loves to trace the letters with her fingers. I know that is how its supposed to be, but I didnt have Montessori when Bunny was at this age, so its been fun to see the different sensitive periods with Pup! I will just embrace this now while she is loving it!

I also asked for her recall, but there are a few we will need to redo later! But we had fun and that is what matters!
Another thing that I presented to Pup today was filling in the metal insets with lines. She has been in a crazy intense phase of filling things in when she is coloring. She always hands me her work and tell me that it was really hard. She is satisfied with her work when she gets it all filled in with color. So this work was right up her alley! She did 4 of them on her own!
While Pup and I were working, Bunny did all the three part cards for the lizard and then made her won book (I forgot to get some pictures). She did a great job though and it inspired me to look into getting us to the zoo to really see the lizards that Bunny wanted to know about!

Bunny also did a few math problems today using the stamps. She did a pretty good job and I was happy that she seems to be working hard at it! While she did that, I check on the weather conditions here! With no rain on the radar for a few hours, I packed up the kids after they finished their work and we headed to the zoo! Bunny has been wanting to see the lizards and I wanted to be sure she had a chance to! We saw a bunch of things (the reptile house was closed for an hour and a half when we got there) and it was fun to check things out. While we were killing time, we came across a HUGE chunk of coal that was on display. This was a HUGE opportunity for me to talk to Bunny a bit about the Carbon Cycle. This was a presentation in the Waseca study on soil. I wasnt sure if Bunny was really ready for it since it was aged 6-12. I think that it was a little more then she was ready for yet this year. However, the grammar presentation and the great lessons talk about coal and in the albums I was reading they suggest making sure that the child has some idea of how coal is formed. So I did a impromptu presentation using the coal at the zoo! It turned out well. I dont think that Bunny is going to be writing an essay on the carbon cycle, but she has been exposed to it, so I am happy! After that, we hit the reptile house! Bunny really loved seeing all the different types of lizards that there were. We learned about how lizards are cold blooded and how they lay eggs. We also learned about the different names for lizards~ gecko, iguanas, monitors, etc. Another things that I didnt know I was going to be talking about was salamanders! I really had no idea that they were different then lizards! Whew! I had to read quickly to figure out the difference and tell Bunny! I love that her interests allow me to learn too! Its great to learn together! 🙂 When we got home, Bunny and I hit the Internet to get some more information about lizards. Afterward Bunny and I filled out one of those animal discovery pages together! It was a good day and we both learned alot!


There were a bunch of Red Admiral Butterflies flying around! They are just like the ones in our backyard a couple of weeks ago!

Here is coal that we used for our presentation!!! Cool Huh?

So that was our day! It was a good one! Stop on back tomorrow for some DIY landforms! That’s right, I made some and they were really easy!!!!! Don’t forget to check out the Montessori Guild Books I have for sale! I am linking up to Montessori Monday! Stop by there for some amazing Montessori fun! Happy Schooling!

Montessori Monday~ Soil

Today we headed into our next part of the waseca biome study~ soil! This is a rather long section and I I think it will take us two weeks to get it all in! I had planned to go out today and explore soil, but the girls were rather tired so we will do that tomorrow! We did get some work though, and I added some trays that are soil related! We also read a couple of books today about soil. So i think that this will allow us to have a good base for our exploring tomorrow! Bunny and I were able to talk about all the things that make up soil and we found that alot of it we have covered with our rock study in October. But we were talking mostly about rocks at the time, so now we will see how it all fits in with soil and the rest of the world! Very cool!

Spooning Soil

Scrubbing a rock
(I have done this work a million times, but I thought I would officially present it to Pup now that she is a bit older! She really liked it!)

Sorting parts of the soil
(I have small stones, brown leaves, and acorns)

Transferring moss with chopsticks

PomPoms in the Spindle box
(this work is for Pup!She is starting to know some of her numbers and she loves to count! This is a work that we did several time today. She loved that 0 means nothing!)

As a side work, Bunny has discovered Lizards. She wants to know all about them. Today she explored all the continent boxes to find all the pictures that we have of them and there is not very many of them! So I guess we are moving on from Parrots to Lizards. Hmmmm….another thing I know nothing about! Anyone have some tips?

Stamp game.

I also found these awesome Animal Discovery pages that Bunny can fill out after she learns about a particular animal! The website for these is here.

Bunny read a little book today!
So that is what we are up to! Stop by tomorrow to see where our soil study ( with a side of lizards) ends up! I think it will be great! I hope you are all having a great start to your week! If you want to see more Montessori fun, stop by Living Montessori Now for some amazing ideas!!!! As always, I linked up there! Happy Schooling Everyone!

Montessori Monday~ Water!!!

Today we jumped into our next theme~ Water!!!!! I of course made a few tray last night and we were all ready for school right away this morning! Here are a few pictures of the work the girls dug into today!

Counting, sorting and open close! 🙂
Pup sorts the beads into the right containers, then counts them and puts the lids on!

Pouring water with beads

Water Transfer

Bunny is still wanting to know everything about parrots, so I brought out the parts of a bird nomenclature cards!
More Puzzle Work!

Water Pouring

Counting the beads. Pup has been counting everything!!!! She really enjoyed counting the numbers. She is also starting to recognize her numbers!

Golden Bead! I made a small booklet with math problems in it and put a parrot on the front! Now its a super cool thing to do! I love using their passions to inspire more learning! 🙂

Speaking of parrots, Bunny has really been reading and looking at everything parrot she can find! Today her first work of the day was to make a parts of a parrot book! She used our Parts of a bird cards from Montessori Print Shop! She did a really great job!

We also did the first water experiment from the Waseca Biome Study that helped the girls see how much water there is on the earth. We also looked at how much of that is fresh water and how much of it is frozen! First we filled up a bowl of water with 100oz of water. Then we took 4 tablespoons of it out and out it into a cup. This represented how much of the water on earth is frozen ( had frozen another container with the 4 T of water last night so it would be ready). We also took out another 2T to represent the the fresh water in the world! Finally we talked about how all the water left is salt water that is mainly in the ocean! It was really interesting to “see” what water is in the world and what the percentages are! I of course took a few pics!

Adding salt.

We also tasted the salt water and talked about how we need to protect our fresh water since it is such a precious and limited resource. As you can see Bunny really thought it tasted BAD. Pup however told me it was ok! Silly Girl!

So that was what we were up to today! I hope that we have a great week and I hope you do too! If you want to see more fun Montessori work, be sure to stop by Living Montessori Now! I linked up to Montessori Monday there and there are a million of amazing ideas! Happy Schooling Everyone!

Air Exploration!

Today we did some school wok and the girls explored some air projects!!!! Both girls tried the blows away or stands still. Pup thought it was super great to blow things around and she did a great job paying attention to placing the object under the correct label! Bunny of course wanted to try when she was done! She was surprised to see how many objects were able to blow across the floor. I asked her why she thought that they blew and she said because the floor is smoothy! So I asked her what she thought would happen if we did it on the carpet! She had no idea what would happen, so she and I tried it! She was amazed at how very different the results were! I love it when these simple experiments create a lot of thinking about the whys and hows of life!

Another thing that we did today to explore air, was make pinwheels! Both girls love pinwheels (like every little kid ever) and they were super excited to make some! I had the paper cut to size and traced lines for the girls to cut the arms. They we used a few beads and a pin in the top of an eraser on a pencil to finish them! I talked about how the arms catch the wind and that is what moves the pinwheel! They were so proud of their project!

Oh and my girls and budding photographers! Here are some pictures that they insisted on taking of me! 😉

Happy Schooling Everyone!!!!!

More Snowflakes!

Well we are finally getting a bit of snow!!!! Yesterday, the girls saw the snow and were all ready to go out and check it out! So off we went armed with our back paper (to catch snowflakes on) and our magnifying glasses (to see them better). However, it just was too cold and snowflakes were more like snow bits. 🙁  Later though we going to store and the snow started again. This time however, the snowflakes were perfect! 🙂 We weren’t outside, but the snow flakes were sticking to the windows of the car and the girls were able to see them there! It wasn’t where I thought we’d have our lesson,  but it worked! It really is amazing how perfect snowflakes are isn’t it?

My little investigators! 🙂

See? Snow bits!
 I didn’t get pictures of the snowflakes (I was driving)!

So it was a really great homeschooler moment yesterday! You always need to be ready to learn because you never know when it will happen!  I love being able to learn on the go! How do you change your lessons to adjust to a little issue with the learning?
I hope you all had a wonderful school week! Happy Schooling and Happy Snow! 😉


Today I decided to go ahead with my snowflake study! I was waiting for some real snow to help with it, but rain is all I have right now! 🙂 So I got all the ideas I keep finding on pintrest together and we had our lesson. I started off by talking about the states of matter and how everything in the world is either a solid, liquid, or a gas. I didn’t go into the all the details of it, just an overview. I did ask Bunny what a few objects were and she got it!

We have Ice (solid), water (liquid), and Hot water (gas from vapor)

So we moved on to a quick reminder of the water cycle. We talked about this in detail earlier in the fall while we rowed How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. So Bunny knew all about it, so we just reviewed it, and then I told her about how snow is water vapor in the clouds that froze into tiny crystals. These Crystals are attacked to each other and they stick to other crystals, and that makes a snow flake! ( I am not a snow expert. I read this article  and then used the pictures that were there too! Thanks God for the interent). I had on a tray some different shapes of white paper cut up and in a pile (like a cloud). As I told her about the crystals forming, I took out some shapes and started hooking them together to form a snow flake shape. (I based it off of the activity that I saw here). This was my hands on way of showing something that is really impossible to see! As I made the snowflake I also talked about symmetry. How if we split something in half, the halves look the same. I drew two simple shapes to demonstrate this, and then Bunny wanted to try it too! 🙂 Then I showed her some snowflakes that were magnified on the computer so she could see how real ones look up close. Some of them were so close you could see where the crystals came together. She really thought that was cool. It was a lot in information in a short amount of time, but I think that it is one of those lessons that is easy to grasp and can easily be reinforced while we are out in the snow (if we finally get some)!

Here is our “cloud” of ice crystals

Here are the ice crystals forming together.

Here are the girls checking out some up close pictures of snowflakes. You could see where the crystals were joined together. It was very cool!

Here are my drawing to demonstrate symmetry.

Here is Bunny’s. The bottom one is symmetrical! 🙂

After we talked, I invited her to make a snowflake herself.

Here is her snowflake!

 I did ask her to draw a picture and write a report when we were done and she did. She cut our some beautiful snowflakes and they she narrated a report on what we talked about. After we wrote the report, Bunny forgot that she didn’t tell me that snowflakes have six sides. So I suggested that she write it on the front, on her own! Well, she did. She sounded out all the words in “Snowflake has six sides”! I did help her remember the spacing, and to help her with the silent “e” on side, but she really did it all on her own! She confidence in improving and I was really proud! She is just flying through the reading and writing things. I know that all the books say that will happen, but I really didn’t believe them! 🙂 I guess its all about patience!

Here she is writing.

This is her report.

Here are the snowflakes that she made, and the very first sentence she ever wrote!!!!

To end the day I pulled out the coffee filters I took from my mom’s house, and we made snowflakes! I folded the coffee filters for Pup and traces some lines for her to cut, and she did it on her own. Bunny was able to do it all on her own! I of course jumped in to play too! I love making snowflakes! 🙂 Pup made a few and had to take pictures of everything! Bunny did a great job, and made some very pretty, detailed snowflakes! She said that she liked that mine were so delicate! 🙂

Here is Pup cutting on the lines.

Opening it up….

Wow! She loved seeing the way it turned out!

Bunny really worked hard and loved making these! I think we will have a lot more of these!

Bunny helped Pup fold and cut one! Ahhhh… Sisters!

Here is one of mine!

This one Bunny made after watching how I cut mine! She really starting getting some tricky cuts in!

Pup took my camera and got this picture of me! 🙂

Here are some of the snowflakes we made! I guess we got some snow after all!

I highly recommend using the coffee filters since they fold up easily, are all ready in the circle shape, and its easier to cut through all the layers! I saw this idea on Pintrest here. It was so much fun! The only thing that could have made this better, would have been some real snow to observe! 🙂 I hope you all are having some great winter fun too! Happy Schooling!

Taking Time Tuseday~ Arctic Learning Fun!

Well today took a fun and very different turn then I thought it would! That is all the fun of following the child! The girls headed down to the school room mid morning and got to work. After a small bit of time, Bunny started working with packing peanut sculpture. She and I (I couldn’t resist it) both made a snowflake shape, but they weren’t the strongest shape. Then she decided to make an igloo. I thought that was a good idea and let her get to work (without me)! She did an amazing job building the whole thing. She made a roof and everything! Well I thought that she would love to get out the Arctic Toob Figures to put in her igloo and I was right! She loved it. This got us started talking about the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica. We started by talking about directions (North South, East, West) and about a compass. I told her how a compass is on a map to help us see where things are. I then showed her a bit about how  compass works. This is a work that we will have to revisit, but it helped with the discussion about how the Arctic Circle is in the Northern part of the world, and Antarctica is in the southern part. After that I took her up to the computer to check out some pictures and videos of the people in the Arctic. Well, this led us to also looking at Polar Bears in a video and she really took off on this theme. So I found a PBS Nature episode about Polar Bears and we watched it during lunch. I was surprised to find the girls sat through it all and Bunny really was absorbing the information.

Pup was hard at work today too!

Here is Bunny working really hard on her igloo!

Pup pulled out the continent boxes! Although she pulled things out of all the boxes at once (creating quite a little mess) she also laid the animals out on the continent puzzle! Too cute!

Here we are working on where the Arctic Circle is.

Here we are watching some Arctic videos on the Internet.
 This one is where some natives are building an igloo!

Here is lunch and Polar Bears. Lots of information and fun!

After Lunch I wanted Bunny to draw a picture and she thought that was a great idea! She made a polar bear, and narrated a report!

Under the Polar Bear is a seal in the water.

and on the back is an igloo!

Well, my next move was a spur of the moment and a bit crazy! I decided to take the girls to the zoo to spend some time with the Arctic animals there, especially the Polar Bear! So we bundled up (It is only about 22 degrees outside here) and off we went on our Arctic adventure! It was great! We had the zoo pretty much to ourselves and we really got to sit and study the polar bears and the seals in the warm Arctic building! We watched the bears wandering around and we sat and read some books we brought with us while we did! Then we had a chance to see one bear up close when he sat down against the window! The girls loved it, and it was great to see the bear so close, to see his paws, his ears, and his thick fur. It was such a great, peaceful learning exprirence. Especially since we were able to see seals in the same building. This allowed us to talk about food chains and we followed the food chain from sea plants to fish, from fish to bigger fish, from bigger fish to seal, from seals to polar bears, from polar bears to men (some Arctic natives eat polar bears).

Here is our polar bear.

See how close they were able to get? It was really cool!

Here is a seal. They are really hard to get a picture of since they are moving so fast and they are under water!

After our time with the polar bears and seals, we headed back outside to see the arctic wolves!

Arent they cute? Bunny was interested since she saw a few of them in the Nature video that we watched. They were hunting caribou.

We talked about so many different things today and it was really wonderful! I love spur of the moment learning that is all about following the child! I think that the girls learned alot about the Arctic today and I love it when they can really experience things for real that you are learning about! I love so much that Homeschooling allows us to do that. Learning is an amazing journey and I love being able to have so much fun doing it! Happy Schooling!