Montessori Monday~ Advent week 2!

So this week I have kept almost all the same tray (Bunny was disappointed, but hey, I cant do it all)! There are a few new ones though! We are still focusing on Christmas themes since our work time is a little broken up due to the holiday fun we are having! Here are the new trays:

One to One with mini ornaments and chopsticks

Chirtmas Napkins with Napkin Rings

Gift Wrapping
(Note: I pre-cut the paper so that it fits a certain box)

Our work day was not much. We ended up making cookies instead (sorry no pics, my hands were busy)! Both Bunny and Bug did most of the work and they really enjoyed baking! It really made the house feel Christmasy! The kids also got down to do a little bit of work and I was able to some pictures of that.
Gift wrapping

Tadpole got to unwrap! 😉

Pup did it too, and she did a great job!

Tadpole did this one to one work!
 I like that the ornaments could also allow for the three finger grip if you hold them from the top!

Pup loves the napkin rings!

Bunny always chooses the prophecy card work right away!
I take the time to ask her some reflection questions when she starts so that she can go deeper into the work.
Her thoughts today blew me away! You can read them here!

Bug did an amazing green triangle (Christmas tree) inset today. She worked super hard at coloring it in the lines! She was so proud of it and I hope that she repeats this work soon!

Tadpole really is fascinated with tongs! He loves to try and get them to work! While I know he will have limited success with this work, he is so interested in doing it that I let him explore it!
So that was our day today! It was relaxed and easy, but I think that the kids had fun! I also didnt push too much since I think everyone here is fighting the start of a small cold. 🙁 Oh well. Its that time of year! Tomorrow is St. Nick’s Day and Bunny is SOOOO excited! She has told everyone that Santa is coming tonight! This confuses everyone, but I love it! She associates the saint who loves God with the Santa that brings gifts! Isnt that sweet? I love my girls!
There is a ton of great Montessori work going on this week! To see all of it, visit Deb at

Simon Says~ The Weather Version!!!!

Well as promised here is my post all about my new way of teaching about weather! I have made the focus on this week’s theme more about the nomenclature of the different types of weather. So I was trying to find a fun way to help the kid remember the names of different storms and weather. I thought that a game would be fun, so I made Simon Says~ The Weather Version! 🙂 Same rules as regular Simon Says, just we are going to be acting out weather. The actions I had were:

(fingers wiggling)
(fingers straight out and plopping down)
(arms in an oval above her head)
(fanning face)
(arms around body shivering)
(blowing really hard)
(clapping legs)
(karate chopping air)
(arms by sides and spinning around in a small circle)
(Arms wide out and spinning in big circles)
(arms in an arch above your head)
I, of course was Simon, and I played a few rounds with the different weather terms to help the get the idea. Then I took it up a notch and we did the different actions in the order that they would start in a storm! For example a hurricane it starts as really big wind out on the ocean, then it get bigger and starts blowing and spinning and raining (I had the kids blow, then spin slowly and get bigger by slowly putting their arms wide doing their rain fingers at the same time). For a thunderstorm we did rain fingers, and then thunder claps and lightening strikes and of course added in wind (it is a favorite). We further broke down the thunder by being clouds that are bumping together then doing the thunder claps! 🙂 For a tornado we made hot and then cold wind, then we started spinning and blowing!!! 🙂 It was a ton of fun and I think it is a fun, fast moving way to talk about different types of weather. The kids all loved playing it! Bug and Pup especially! So if you have any other ideas that I could use I would love to hear them! I kinda ran out of ideas faster then they ran out of energy! 🙂 Thanks for popping by!

Montessori Monday~ FIAR A Pair of Red Clogs~ "C" is for clouds

Ok….super long title, but I wanted to get all the information in there! We are officially rowing another FIAR book this week. We are reading A Pair of Red Clogs this week and the science portion of the lesson was about weather {we did “w” already, so we used “c” for clouds}. So that was the theme that I used to make our trays and our activities for the week! We will also talk about the decisions the girl made and about taking good care of the things we have. I want to hit on the art aspect of this too. We really dont do much with the language and math parts of the FIAR since Bunny is past counting and we are still working on our letter sounds. 🙂 So here are our trays for the week:

Tonging Clouds

Spooning pasta through a funnel

Shucking corn with tweezers

Cloud classification cards
{these were free here. I like that the littler ones can use it for matching and I can read the description cards to Bunny and she can find the correct card! Great for both ages! }

Making the 3 types of clouds with cotton balls.
{This Idea was inpsired by Adventures of Bear amazing unit on weather}

Here is a revised version of the honey Bear for Tadpole!
The day went fairly well with the kids. We really some good work in and the kids tried everything! 😉 Here are some pictures of our day!

Pouring turned into whole hand transfer! 😉

Flower arranging

Tadpole wanted to try the tongs. Here he is saying “open”! 🙂

He got the open and close after a few minutes.

Then there were cotton balls everywhere!

I gave a small {incomplete due to a broken pitcher}presentation on Dynamic Subtraction.
I think she will get it pretty soon!

Here are some weather words that Bunny wrote {she is really getting into writing!} She and I reviewed the spelling of the words together a bit {you can see where we erased some} The little “L”s at the end of each word is a check mark to she we talked about it! 😉

I also worked a bit with the number rods with Bug and Pup.

Bug is getting it! 🙂

She also worked with the sand tray! She was really good about tracing the letter first, then using the sand tray. I loved how she would stop half way though making the letter in the sand and re-trace letter to make sure she got it right!

It was a good day! Stay tuned, we have Taking Time Tuesday tomorrow and we played a really fun weather version of Simon says! I will write a post about that too! If you want to see more great Montessori fun be sure to visit Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder!

"H" is for Halloween~ Parts of a Pumpkin!

Today we didnt do as much school work as I would have liked, but I did get some things knocked off my to do list! 🙂 We did however take the time to cut a pumpkin in half and examine it to see the parts of it! I wanted to do this alot this week since we still have a couple of pumpkins! I think that if you are going to teach something to a child, the most hands on way is always best! 🙂 I mean, pictures are great, but if you can cut a pumpkin up, that going to be much cooler! All I did was pull out an old towel, and cut {dangerously carefully} the pumpkin in half starting at the top! After that I told Bunny the the parts of the pumpkin pointing to each part and saying the name. Then I asked her to point to the part I would name {this didnt work as well as I wanted as she was already digging in}. Finally I asked her to tell me the name of the part. She got most of them. She confused the pulp and the flesh, but I think that she got it after a while!

Here is our pumpkin

You can see the part here:

Here she is touching the flesh as we were talking about the part of a pumpkin

Getting into the “goop”! 😉

Here is her drawing of the parts of a pumpkin!
I also made up a little song to help her remember the part! Songs are amazing teaching tools! If you have a song, you can teach something forever {think about the little song “30 Days Hath September….}.
Parts of a Pumpkin Song
Sung to: The Weekdays Song {the one from Barney}
There are fie parts, There are five parts, there are five parts to a pumpkin,
First a stem and then the shell, then the flesh, pulp, and the seeds!
There are five parts, there are five parts, there are five parts to a pumpkin,
There are five parts, there are five parts, there are five parts you can see!
Another thing that I really wanted to do, but forgot to do, was print off the parts of a pumpkin nomenclature cards from Montessori Print Shop {they do have more parts names then I did though, just FYI}. It would be a really great way to keep the learning going after the pumpkin is gone! 🙂
What hands on teaching do you like doing?

"R" is for Rock Sandwiches!

Today we didnt do any school, but I did take the time to make the rock sandwiches that we saw on Adventures of Bear. It was a really cool to see the different types of rocks in food! 🙂 It is easier ti explain with pictures, so here you go!

Here is Bunny making then layers of her sedimentary rock

Here is the sedimentary rock
{a rock that is made by layers of sediment}

Here is Bunny turning her sedimentary rock into a metamorphic rock
{ A metamorphic rock is a rock changed in the heat and pressure of the earth}

See its different! Metamorphic!

To show Igneous rock, we melted some chocolate to show how the rock is liquid in the earth.

Next we smear some chocolate on a plate to represent the rock that comes to the surface of the earth as lava. Then we let the chocolate cool in the bowl and on the plate to see how the Ingeous rock can be different!
This was an easy and fun way to see the different rock types! I think that sometimes food makes the lesson even better! I think that Bunny understood the different types better after our lunch and since she helped cook, it was great practical life work too!

I’m Back!!! ~ Our Vaction Fun!!!!

Well I have been MIA for a few days because we were on a mini vacation at Put-in-Bay, OH to celebrate my Hubby’s Birthday! I know that is is really end of the season and alot of things were really closed, but we still had fun! I had planned for everything being closed for the season, so it wasn’t much of a surprised. It was really weird, however watching everyone closing things up for the winter! It went from a party town (its a huge summer party spot) to a Hallmark style small town in one day! Again, it was amazingly strange to see!
To get to the Island, we of course we needed to get on a ferry! Bunny and Pup have a Caillou movie with an episode where Caiullo went on a ferry. This of course made the ferry trip a super exciting thing!  I cant tell you how excited!!!!! When we pulled the car onto the ferry, we got out and headed up to the  deck for the ride. Bunny was shaking she was so excited! I don’t think she could have sat still if she wanted to! 🙂 Pup was a little scared, but she loved it too! I think it was one of the highlights of the trip for the girls!

Here is dog headed out to “grandma’s”house! She was so excited to be in the car! 😉

On the road!!!!

Here is the ferry we got on!

On board.

Headed up to the deck.

Here is one of the pictures that I have of Bunny all excited!

The girls got a kick out of seeing our car below us!

Bunny also was super excited to see a real circle window!
 I’m not sure why she thought it was so cool, but she loved!

We are alomost there, get back in the car quick!
The Bed and Breakfast that we stayed in was really great! It was beautiful and really homey. I liked it alot. It was a great place to relax and the girls were able to have their own beds! Bunny was so excited to be sleeping with her sister. “Its just like olden times when the girls shared a room” were her thoughts on it! 😉

Here is our B&B

This is the sitting room

Here is a veiw from the sitting room of the bedrooms

Bunny on her bed

Pup on her bed!

Bunny wanted to make her bed up as soon as we got there!

My plan this week for school, since we were going to be out on the Island, was to talk about rocks. On South Bass Island there is a cave that you can tour and also some great touristy fun mining for gem stones! So I thought that our theme this week would be “R” is for rock. I found a great book that we can “row” our own way, so I brought it along! When we got to the Island on Sunday, we headed out to the caves right away (since they were only opened on weekends). Bunny was so excited!!! We got there about a half an hour until the tour of the cave started, so we bought a bag gem stone mining mix and took it out to the slues box area! Bunny and Pup were so excited about doing this! It was really great fun, and the mix was full of pretty gem stones! When we bought the mix, the workers also gave us a chart with the names and pictures of the different stones they could find! It was like a pre-made Montessori work with all the fun of a tourist activity!

Here is the “treasures” as Bunny called them!

Here is the girls “making” pennies in one of those penny squishing things!
Its their new collection!

The cave was small but great! It laid a really great foundation for when we read our book and talked about bedrock under the ground! Bunny really thought it was cool, and Pup scared me to death because she didn’t want to hold my hand and almost fell a million times! There are alot of really cool shaped rock in the cave and it was fun trying to see them!

The next day we realized that we needed to be a little creative in our activities, so with a few good tips from some locals, we were able to find a really great beach spot and nature walk area! It turned out to be super beautiful outside, so we went to the local grocery store, picked up some lunch stuff, and headed out for a picnic!!!!! We started by heading down the grassy path of the protected nature area, and as we went we found that there were paths down to different parts of the beach. These beaches aren’t the kind you sit on a build sandcastles, but they are perfect for rock hunting and exploring! We found lots of rocks and were able to use them to talk about the different kinds rocks that were shown in the book we were reading (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous). We also collected some just because they were cool! After the beach we continued on and found a rocky strip of land that connected to another small island! We were all able to walk across to it!!!! The water was only a few inches at it deepest point to cross. My husband and I both thought it was cool that were able to get on an Island that almost no one goes on! 🙂

This is our Pumpkin Pie rock!

Here is huge rock that we thought was the perfect table and chairs for our picnic! 🙂

There were a TON of Monarch on the Island! It must have been the ones that are migrating to Mexico from Canada. I think at one point I spotted 6 of them in one area!

We found one that looked ingured and so I helped the girls pick it up and look at it. It was a male butterfly (as Bunny informed me). I love it when we have a chance to get up close and personal with nature!

Here is a piece of drift wood that my Hubbie thought looked like a ostrige! It was too funny!

There were all sorts of Butterflies in the area! It was cool to see different ones!

Here is the grassy path we walked on

Here is Bunny pointing to another Island. This part of the beach was cool because it was all solid rock! What a cool way to talk about bedrock and to feel it!

Here we are headed onto the little Island we found! See how tiny it is?

We made it!

Here is a picture that Bunny took for me! She is pretty good!

Another Butterfly!

The girls were also able to get in a little bit of awesome pumpkin crafting! The lady that ran the bed and breakfast that we stayed at, found some craft supplies and let the girls paint the pumpkins she had! They had so much fun using the glitter glue and stickers to decorate them! Thanks so very much to the wonderful lady who made that fun for them!

Like I said we were able to have a bunch of fun and we all got to relax! It was really fun and I am so glad we got to go! I am also glad to be back to blogging! There was no internet on the Island that I could find! I hope that you pop back tomorrow for some more rock week fun! Happy Schooling!

Water Cycle, Butter, and FIAR!!!

Today we read our book for FIAR again and we talked about the the salt the girl got from the ocean. I didn’t have time {or the sunshine} to evaporate salt water this week, so I decided to talk about evaporation and the water cycle. First we made a cloud and some rain by heating some water in the microwave {I told the girls that it was like water being heated by the sun} then I put the mug of hot water into a large glass bowl and covered it with plastic wrap. Then we watched as the water vapor fogged the top of the plastic and I talked about how that is our cloud. Then we left it alone for a bit to make a water cycle book! One page for Evaporation {sunshine}, one for Condensation {a gray cloud}, one for Precipitation {black cloud with rain drops} and one for Collection {water waves}. All the girls loved it! {Who doesn’t love to make a book}. After our books were done we headed back upstairs to see if we had rain and we did! There were water droplets on top of the plastic and water in the bowl around the mug. We made rain! I then re explained the water cycle and then we moved on. Later on tonight, Bunny was watching the water in the shower and said that it was like the water cycle, the rain fell out of the cloud and then down {I gave her the word waterways and she was excited to show me how it was going down toward the drain}. Then she told me it evaporated back up and it want on and on again and again! I was so proud that she got it! 🙂 I love it when that happens!

Here they are feeling the heat of the water.

Waiting and waiting….

….and we have a cloud!

Here is my example of the water cycle to help the girls make their own.

When we were all done with our books {Bug and Pup carried theirs around all day}
 we went back to our experiment to see the rain!
After the water cycle I thought it would be fun to make butter {like the girl in the book}. So I gave the girls a container with whipping cream and told them to shake it! They seemed to think that shaking required jumping up and down! It was fun to watch, but it didn’t last long enough to make butter! 🙂 So I put it in the mixer for a while. I finally decided that it wasn’t going to be butter, so I added some sugar and put the whisk on the mixer thought it would turn into whipped cream. Well… about three seconds on high speed it finally turned into butter! Yeah! However, since I added sugar, it was really sweet butter! 🙂 Oh well. It tasted great on the cornbread that Bug and Pup made!
Here is Bunny working on the butter.

Here are the kiddos making corn bread.

I was more excited about the butter then the girls, but it was great to eat!

So that is what we did today for our row! Tomorrow its art class and time at our Atrium! Happy Schooling everyone!