Spur of the Moment Learning

A day of Field Trips!

Today we went several places! We started the day with a great trip to our local fire station! It was great! Fire Fighter Jim showed the kids all sort of things and I think that it was really fun for the kids too! Here is a few pics of our trip {too see more about this trip stop by other blog HOPE in the Home}

After our fire station trip, I took the kids to the park. It was a beautiful fall day, so I packed a lunch before we left so we could head outside for a while! I took the kids {by a unanimous vote} to the big hill! I made the kids eat before we took a walk. Then we headed up the hill! The girls loved seeing the butterflies that were there, and they also found some milkweed silk! This of course prompted some fun “planting”! 😉

Lunch Time!

Up we go! This hill is so steep! Tadpole made it up on his own, but it was slow going!
{The other kids ran! Boy I wish I could do that too! ;)}





Here are the girls “planting” milkweed!

We also took some pods up to the top of the hill! They went so far in the wind! It was fun to watch them dance in the air! I sort of talked about how the seed travel, but they just want to see them fly!

After going up and down the hill a few times, they were pretty tired. So I pack us all up and we headed toward home. However, we past our local Pumpkin patch! I have wanted to get some of those small pumpkins so the girls could scrub them in the school room but I haven’t gotten to the pumpkin patch yet. So….we stopped! Bunny was SO excited, so were the other kiddos! I let them all pick a gourd and a pumpkin! It was a short trip, but they all thought that it was amazing! To make the trip even better Bug and Pup found a cat that loved attention! Pup has been in  love with cats ever since she held a few kittens this summer. This was further encouraged by a visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s where she was allowed to carry the cats around and they let her! So now she thinks that she can hold all cats. This cat was no exception and I had to talk to Pup about how we cant hold every cat we see! 🙂 I managed to tie out “h” is for Halloween theme in by talking about the pumpkin life cycle and about the parts of a pumpkin a bit. Then we read a story that talked about those thing too!
They all had to sit on a giant pumpkin! 🙂

Here is the kitty that wanted to play! The girl were following this poor cat everywhere! 🙂

Here is Pup’s picks

Here is Bunny’s picks

And here is Bug’s! She found some leaves too!
So I guess today had some fun planned learning, and some spur of the moment learning too! It was really busy, bu it was fun! Plus we all got out in the sunshine before the cold really hits! We could go outside without a coat today, but the cold is moving in tomorrow! I hope to do some more pumpkin work with the kids tomorrow and I “talk” with you all then! Happy Schooling!

A hunting we will go…..

Today we decised to head out on an adventure since the weather was really nice! I mean it was in the 70s !!! Yeah! So we headed out to the local National Wildlife Refuge to hunt for acrons! I had seen these arorable painted acorns, and I thought it would be a wonderful project to do with the girls! And offer went! It was fun! The girls helped me look really hard, and we found a pile of them! So we tucked them in their nature bags and headed out of the forest {before the mosiquitos carried us off}! It was really relaxing and peaceful. I love these moments! 🙂

Bunny thought that this stick was really cool! The bark had fallen off places and it was smooth!

We found acorns!!!!!

Here is Bunny hiding from the mosquitos! They were so thick!

Arent the colors pretty!

Here is Bunny pointing to leaf the was dancing in the wind!
 She said it was like having a nature puppet show to watch!

Here is the star of the “show”

Here is our treasure!

We also walked in a grassland type habitat. Pup saw these tiny daisys that facinated her!
She thought they were so pretty! I love it when kids discover nature themselves!

These are Bunny’s Binoculars

They also turn into a telescope! 😉
When we got home Bunny and I washed and dried and baked our treasures! 😉 I wanted make sure that nothing was going to craw out of them! I really dont like bugs in the house! It was a great scrubbing exercise!

Ready to bake!
Then it was time to paint! The girls were so excited to do this part! We popped the top off the acorn, painted the nut part, then let them dry! Then all we needed to do was hot glue the top back on!

Aren’t they cute! 🙂 I love them, and we created them together!
What kind of Fall fun are you having with your kiddos this year?

Montessori Monday~ "M" is for Maps, Money, and Monarchs!

Well today really just didn’t go as planned! 🙂 Oh well! It turns out that having such a busy day at the fair, the girls were rather tired and not interested in quite work! Neither were Bug and Tadpole! So Instead of forcing work time, I gathered up the kids and some lunch and we headed out to the park! Now being that this is Tuesday and since we didn’t have much work time, I was starting to feel that familiar pressure to get them doing what I thought they should. I mean, I made all new plans and new trays. But then I thought that we will have time for that later! For now we needed to get out, and I am so glad that we did! My plan was to work on learning about Money and Maps. This is not really possible out on a walk, but looking for Monarchs was! So “m” is for money, changed into “m” is for Monarch!!! We were lucky that we were able to spot a few flying and to see the compete life cycle in the gazebo that is reserved for their Monarch conservation!!! Bug, Bunny and Pup loved to see them! As we headed into the butterfly garden, a monarch butterfly flew right into us! I was able to catch it and the girls got a chance to see a butterfly up close! It was one of those special learning moments that really made an impression on the girls! I can see why Montessori always started with real things! They are so much more meaningful! After that the girls were so excited to look for more! It really was a great trip and it made us all feel better!
After that it was nap time, and Bunny and I had some time to work in the kitchen. Earlier in the morning I had done the Teen Board with her and I was so proud of her for mastering it! We picked a number, put it on the board and she picked out the proper beads! She did it all perfectly! So later I wrote out different numbers between 10-20 and she made to make then out of marshmallows! She did they all perfectly! She even remembered the names of the numbers! She of course was rewarded with being able to eat some of those marshmallows! 😉 She loves math she can eat! So anyway, here are the pictures of our day! Beware there are alot of them! 🙂 I will start with this weeks trays and move on to the work and the walk!

Book Basket

Whole hand transferring (mostly for Tadpole)

Money sorting

Magnetic/ Non magnetic

Penny Polishing

Our “M” basket
~ Math (Bunny’s giraffe card)
~ Mary, Jesus’ Mom
~ Man
~ Maraca
~ Marker
~ Mushroom
~ Muffin
 (this was taken out due to the fact that Bunny and Bug both said that this was a cupcake and that doesn’t start with “M”. Cant sneak anything past them! )

Penny designs on the Hundreds Board.

Tracing around coins
Pup and Bunny were working again this morning before we got dressed! I’m starting to be embarrassed by the amount of pics I have with the girls in their PJs! 🙂 But I cant kill their enthusiasm!

Bunny put all the pennies on the board! She thought it was fun!

Here is Tadpole (after we got dressed).
The whole hand transfer turned into whole hand throwing!  Oh well we will try it again another day!

I did pull out the Honey Bear with cotton swabs. He really LOVED this! He really seems into putting thing into containers. The coin box was a hit and now this. I need more ideas of activities like this. Hmmmm….

Bug did a puzzle map! This is pretty hard for her and It took a little persuading to get her to finish!

She also tried coin sorting.

Here is Bunny coloring her Mallow Fairy coloring page. She really works hard to make it look like the picture!

Here is Tadpole working with a work I threw together real quick. All it is is little wooden sticks that he needed to stick into the bottle! He really liked doing this for a while!

Bug made some new flower arrangements for our tables!

Here is Bunny working on the Teen Board.

After she did the board, I took the tiles from the Hundreds board, put them face down, and let her “draw” one and make the number! She did great with this too!

Here we are at the park. Bug is looking at the conservation gazebo!

Here is a newly emerged butterfly drying its wings!

Here they are looking at the life cycle poster.

Here is the Butterfly that we were able to catch!!!!
 Bunny was able to get a picture for me (those are my hands)

Bung found a flower that was her favorite color!

Here are the maps that are along the trail! So we were able to talk about maps and how they get us to places!!!! Yeah for spur of the moment learning! 😉

Another Monarch we saw!

Here is a caterpillar that we almost squished! It was really pretty!
Another great chance to talk about the butterfly life cycle!

Here is a seed pod thing that Bunny found. She really thought it looked like the flower bud the Mallow Fairy was holding. It maybe from a Swap Mallow. I have to look it up!

Here is marshmallows math! 😉

She really did well and loved it!

And it was yummy too!  😉
So that was our day! I hope yours was good too! I am linking this post up to Montessori Monday over at
One Hook Wonder and Living Montessori Now! There are, as always, awesome ideas! Check it out!

Summer Beach Day!

Today we took a quick morning trip to the beach to play! It was very spur of the moment and the girls had so much fun! We decided that it was too much nice to stay inside and I wanted to take a walk, but the girls were not interested! So I packed them up and we headed to the beach with our sand toys and some towels! It was a really peaceful and beautiful outside! I loved having the time to just sit and let the kids play. Here are the pictures of our morning of fun! 🙂

How are you enjoying the rest of summer?

Unexpected Fun!

Today we planned to have a rather slow restful day! Yesterday we were able to finish “spring” cleaning and I couldn’t be happier! I am all done and I never want to clean again! 🙂 Thanks to my sister and bother who came over to help me knock out the rest of the rooms! For the most part today was a slower day. But this afternoon, after making it to the chicken dinner at our church, we drove past the historic cabin that is in our park. To our joy and surprise it was open and there were activities. So we stopped to see what was going on. They were demonstrating cleaning in the 1850s and it was perfect way to end our week of hard cleaning! The girls were able to see how laundry was done on a washboard outside, and they were able to try it. They also got to help beat rugs and see some sewing work, and how the ironing was done! They had fun, I had fun, and I got some really good pictures! 🙂

This is the cabin.

Here is the washing demonstration.

Bunny wasn’t sure that she wanted to do….

but then she thought it would be fun to try!

Working together is better! 🙂

But Pup had to try this all on her own too!

Learning to clean the rugs.

Yes they almost hit each other! 🙂
I liked how this shot turned out. I dont always take still life pics, but this one looked amazing!

This is so beautiful too!

Bunny tried sweeping….

so did Pup! 🙂

Bunny thought that the sewing was really cool. We are still working some sewing, so she liked seeing someone elses! 🙂

Bunny tried on a straw hat! Isnt she cute! 😉

How was your weekend? Did you do anything super fun?