Taking Time Tuesday

Taking Time Tuesday~ Shopping and Sharing!

Today is our Tuesday, so instead of crafting today we headed out to the store to shop for the kids we picked off the giving tree at our church. Our church helps the needy families in our community by hanging up tags on the tree with the wish lists of the kids and parents who cant afford to buy gifts this season! So the girls and I picked a few tags off the tree on Sunday. Since the last few days were pretty rough around here I thought that getting out would be good for us! 😉 I also noticed that with Christmas being so close the girls are getting selfish and have wanted everything lately. I was hoping that taking time to think about what another child would like would help them as we walked through the store. It did! I always am trying to find way to help my kids learn to share with others and this was a fun way to do it! They did a great job and were able to find great stuff for all the kids. I think they had fun too! I have alot of my shopping done and I am hoping that it will make it possible to do other stuff during December! After we shopped I took the girls out to lunch. It was a good day. The only thing that made it a little tricky was the constant chilly rain and the wind (a blistering wind is what Bunny called it). In fact the parking lot of the one store had at least 6 inches of water sitting in it! I was lucky to find a parking spot on the high ground and pick our way little island by little island! 🙂 Do you do something special to help your kids learn how to give to others? I would love to hear what you do! I am always looking for new ideas!
 As always I have a picture of our day!

So as I ventured out with my little group I thought a bit about what makes a successful shopping trip with kids. For me here are a few tips to making it a bit of a success:

1: Make sure that you set the expectations clearly before entering each store! (What can they have or not have, what can do or touch, etc)
2: Make sure that there is a set form of discipline if they don’t meet expectations (no treat, or timeout, or whatever else works for you!)
3: Make sure that no one is hungry (Nothing is worse then hungry kids)
4: Make sure that everyone is well rested. (my mistake today, Pup was pretty tired)
5: Know what you are getting and enlist the kids help! (Spending too much time browsing is hard on kids)
6: Reward the kids at the end! ( I like to finish the day with a little treat of some kind. We will either get some food or share a candy bar, or something small like that)

Those are my thought and how I handle shopping with my kiddos! Now this is not always fool proof, but it does help! Its the holidays and we all are going to need to tackle the crowds and what not at some point. It may as well be as enjoyable as it can be! 🙂 How do you shop with your kiddos at this time of year? So stop by and leave me a comment! I LOVE to hear from you! Happy Shopping and Sharing!

Taking Time Tuesday~ "C" is for Cloud!

Today was Taking Time Tuesday!!!!! So today we tried a recipe that I found on Pintrest a while ago for cloud dough! It was perfect since it went with out theme so well {plus it was warm out today so we could play with it outside}! It was really simple to make, just flour and baby oil { you can click here}. However, if you think you would like to try this, please be warned…..THIS MAKES A MESS!!!!!! 🙂 It is flour so it get everywhere! 🙂 But it was FUN! It is like playing with really smooth damp sand. Its crumbly, but hold a shape! The kids loved it! My washer, however, is still not so sure that it liked all the extra laundry! 🙂 Here are a few pictures that I managed to get before I jumped in and played too!

It was a great practical life work since the girls could make it themselves
{I did do the baby oil since it was messy}

Mixing it up!

That was our fun time for today! They played with it most of the morning and then again in the afternoon! It was a great sensory experience! They say you can save it, but I didn’t! I can always make more! If you happen to try it, let me know! I’d love ti hear how it worked for you! Happy Schooling!

Taking Time Tuesday~ Winnie-the-Pooh!

Today, after so much excitement in the past few weeks, I thought that having a relaxing Tuesday would be good for everyone! So after a doctors appointment for Bunny and Mass to celebrate All Saints Day, I took the girls to the movie store to get the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie! I read the Winnie-the-Pooh books to the girls a few months ago and they loved them! I have been waiting for the movie to come out on DVD so the girl could see it! We had a great time sitting together to watch the movie and eating popcorn and candy! 🙂 I love time with my kiddos!

Taking Time Tuesday~ Apple Pie Playdough!

Today I read our FIAR book, “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World”. We talked about the way the story starts to repete at the end of it and about the aspects of it that makes it funny. Then I got the girls started on their Tuesday project! Today I planned to help the girls make their own playdough, cinnamon crust color, and rosy red apple! Then they spent a happy morning making apple pies! I found this idea on Counting Coconuts and I knew the girls would love it! It was a great lesson in measuring, stirring, cooking over the stove {Bunny not Pup yet}, rolling, cutting, and sharing! 🙂 They had a great time and Bunny made a really cute pie that looked real! She was so proud of it! Here are the pictures of our Apple Pie fun!

Here is Bunny mixing her ingredients
{Bunny is in the back ground adding cinnamon!}
Here is Bunny using the stove for the first time. She was so proud and she loved it!

When it finally cooled, the girls got right to work!
Bunny had a hard time with crimping the edges of the pie.

I showed her how to do it. Here she is concentrating on it!

Next she added the apples.

She was so proud of how it turned out!!!

Here it is all done!

After they cleaned up {and I told Bunny that she couldn’t keep the pie forever}
we cut her pie open! It looks really good!

Here is Pup rolling out her dough! She did a great job!

She also rolled her own apples! So much great muscle work! 🙂
We had a ton of fun with the pie and I am sure that we will be pulling this work out really soon! Tomorrow I plan to work on the science part of this row! Stop back then! Happy Schooling!

Taking Time Tuesday~ Leaf Crafts

Today was our second Taking Time Tuesday and it was great! I have decided that although summer is over, there is no reason to give up our fun crafts and trips together!!!! So I have made Tuesday our day to have fun together!
Today’s fun linked into our theme really well and also offered lots of free art time! I invited some friends over to join in the fun! I put out a bunch of art supplies for the kids to choose from and told them that we were making leaves! The favorite work was the clay! I had so nice air drying clay from Crayola and I had a template of a leaf for the girls to trace. Before I knew it the flat leaves were turning into pinch pots!!! Then there were tons of other great creations! Next they hit the felt! I helped cut our leaf shapes and they glued googly eyes, sparkles, buttons, and beads onto them! They were so very colorful! I love it when kids really get into art and create their own creations! Here are some pictures of the work!

Here we are all ready to go!

Everyone wanted to do clay….even the little ones!

They really got into making their creations!

When I helped the little ones put glue dots on their felt, then fell in love and worked for a long time! 🙂
 Their work was just too cute!

Here are the clay creations!!! Aren’t they great!
 All of them were done by the child completely!!!

Here are some of the leaves that were made out of felt! Look at all those eyes! 😉
So that is what we did today! The girls love having time to make things all on their own! I have been on Pintrest and I have a ton of ideas for our next few Taking Time Tuesdays! 🙂 Happy Creating!
 How do you keep fun in your family routine?

Taking Time Tuesdays!!!!

Today is the beginning of what I hope will be a special day each week for my kids! We are calling them Taking Time Tuesdays! Tuesdays this year are sort of off days here. We  don’t have commitments or babysitting to do, so they are perfect for my plan! Today {and every Tuesday} will be the day that we take little trips, do those amazing crafts that I keep finding on pintrest, and spend time having fun! I have been feeling like we don’t have time to do the fun stuff that is relaxing and that make memories! So I need to make some time to have those moments with my kids! We did alot of this kind of stuff during the summer and I miss it so much! I really think that kids learn more when they are having fun, so we are going to have fun! I mean it doesn’t have to be summer to play! 🙂
To kick off these fun adventures, we met up with some friends today to tie-dye t-shirts!!!! Our friends had a kit with all the dye and so all the kids needed to do was figure out which design they wanted to twist their t-shirts into! First we dampened the t-shirts, then we got to work with the rubber bands! Bunny and her friend did theirs in a twist pattern. I made Pup’s in a bullseye pattern, and HL wanted to do a graduated color! The next obvious step was using the dye! Now, when I did tie-dye, we used a spoon and a large vat of dye! These days, we have these very nice squirt bottles that keep it fairly clean! 🙂 The colors that we had were red, blue and yellow! Bunny of course realized these were the primary colors and she thought this was cool! Yay for retained learning! The moms did most of the squirting, and the girls helped squeeze the color though the cotton with their hands {in gloves of course}! Here are some pictures of our groovy little ones! 😉

Design Ideas!

Prepping the shirts!

Here is Bunny’s ready for dye! It took like 5 tried to get it to look right! 🙂

Here is Pup’s!

Ready to dye
{yes we did this outside!}

Here they are trying to put those thin plastic gloves on from the kit!


It didn’t take long to do the girls shirts!

Here is HL doing his gradual color design!

I didn’t get pics of the girls working since I was full of dye, so I had them come back and pose! 🙂


Arent they cute?
Now, I know that you are wondering what they turned out like, but you will have to wait just like us!!!! They need to sit for 8 hours and then they need to be washed in hot water! I will have to have a reveal post later this week! We had a blast and I came home feeling like we had a lot of relaxing fun! It was exactly what I want our Taking Time Tuesdays to be! I already have plans for the next one! 🙂
What ways do you take time to have fun?