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Montessori School Plan 2012- 2013

Well, school is starting soon as we all know and I have promised to share with you my plan for the girls school year! Here is that post! If you follow along here regualrly, you know that we are going to continue Montessori schooling for Bunny as she enter’s first grade! This has left me really having to research and learn a whole lot this summer to be ready! So far it has been really good and what I have learned has changed how I look at Bunny and her capablilties. The difference between the elementary classroom and the Primary Classroom is HUGE! This has left me with the need for alot of materials in the same of amount of space as before! That is a work in progress, I will let you know how it works! Now on to my plan! I will start with Bunny.

Bunny’s Plan:

We are going to be starting out year off with the Great Lessons for Bunny! These are 5 lessons that help give the child a great appreciation of the universe and helps inspire them to dig deeper and learn. The first one is about the creation of the universe, the second one is about the coming of life starting with the smallest of organisms and progressing through evolution history to the human. The third story is about the coming of man where we talk about how man was created differently, with a heart and soul to love. Next we talk about the things man has done. The fourth story is the story of letters where we talk about how writing and reading progressed and finally we end with numbers and how started using them! This is where so much of the Montessori elementary work begins! These stories are meant to inspire the child through their imagination! They are the core of everything! I am really excited about these and they do require alot of prep work since there are time lines, experiments, and charts that go with them! This is where the majority of my work has come! Thanks to a very dear friend, I have a better shot at getting it all done!

Another key element is “going out”. The elementary child really NEEDS to go out and experience the world. They need to start to be in society and find information in places that are not in the classroom. It is a huge part of their development at this age. So we will be doing alot more of this. I also hope to get together with out homeschool group alot for some group work! In the elementary Montessori room, group work is almost a constant, and at home we dont have that. So this will help her meet that need!

Math is going to start with some remedial work to help her quickly learn the math facts that we never got to last year! We have the Montessori Finger Charts that I bought from Montessori Print Shop. All she does is use some equation cards and the charts to practice her math fact until they are memorized. After that we will jump into the elementary albums and start working on those. The things that I think we will get to this year are: hierarchical numbers (million and higher), using the 4 operations to work with problems with long numbers. After that we are heading into the Large Bead frame, checker board for multiplication, and the racks and tubes for division! Whew! I also know that we are going to do a lot of fraction work, since Bunny is really interested in that, and I know that we are going to try to hit the degrees of the fractions as well! Oh and I also bought the Melissa and Doug money set so we can start to learn money value.
We are also going to start working on elementary geometry really soon too. Bunny loves the idea of all the insets to teach angles and congruency. She really is excited about that! I also bought the geometry sticks, so there will be a lot of fun with these too!

Language work is going to be learning to read! Bunny really wants to do that, and I know that if we follow the supportive plan laid out in my albums for remedial reading, I think she will get it soon! There is also a lot of writing that will happen with the reading too. As we work on that we will be really working on Grammar! When I got my Montessori order, I got the grammar symbols, so we are going to jump right in there! Then there is grammar boxes and lots of writing too!

Geography is going to be tied up with the Great Lessons and I think there will be alot of pin maps too! I also read in Maria Montessori’s book From Childhood to Adolescences, that map reading and compass work is such a great way for the child to start to gain some Independence. So maybe it will fun to learn that and take some walk in the park.

History is greatly tied in with the great lessons and those time lines. We are going to play it by interest at this point beyond that. There are alot of stories and resource at the library that we can use according to her interests.

Botany will be a little lighter this year since we hit it really hard last year. I really think that we will be working on it as the interest hits! I think that there is some cool stuff there too that she will want to do!

Art is going to be rather fun too! I want to try Drawing with Children for her since she is so art oriented. We are also going to do some of the art studies from Adventures of Bear. All of that is combined to make it a rather fun art year. I try not to bog down the year with too much of a plan since interest may change and so will we! 🙂

Pup’s Plan:

For Pup I will be starting at square one to make sure that the work that we did this past year is really covered now that she is older. I think we did ok, but review will be a good thing! We are going to really be sticking to the basics, hitting really hard on practical life work and the sensorial work! I want to make sure that we do the basic work well.

For math, I know that she will want to keep learning her numbers, but we are only going to start that after we make sure we have done the proper sensorial work!

Language will see us start some sandpaper letters. She is really starting to get into a sensitive period for letters and I want to make sure that we take advantage of that!

For the cultural work, I think that Pup will get alot of the same things that Bunny will be getting in the Great Lessons. I will have most everything ready and Karen Tyler’s Albums cover so much of the same things at her level. It will help stream line some of the prep work I will need to do! I think that we are really going to be trying to go by interest the most. She is young and will let me know what she needs to learn!

Finally both girls are going to be working with the Montessori Bell exercises for music! I found two sets of hand bells to paint just like My Boy’s Teacher over at What DID We Do All Day. So far they look good, and Bunny is really excited about them! We are going to use these to listen to the notes, match them, and also to learn to what the notes look like written. I am hoping that we can all learn together! I dont read music, so I really do hope we can ALL learn!

I think that this covers all of areas for out plan this year! It looks really intense written out, but I think that it will remain rather simple as we go! I still plan to make some fun trays for Pup, but I dont think that I will have the time or space in my school room for all the ones I used to do. I really love all this Montessori planning! How about you? What is your plan this year? Do you plan to do some Montessori or are you going to do something different this year? I would LOVE to hear your plans! You can share them in the comment area!

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Nature is an Important Playground!

Yesterday we headed out to a garden type park near our house! It was a really beautiful day! The sun was shining, the weather was pleasant in the trees, and there was so much for the kids to do. There were giant musical instruments, a natural inspired obstacle course, a bridge over a bubbling brook, a cave to crawl through, and a little play hut! All of this was surrounded by community gardens and a small wooded area! As my friend and I sat there I realized that the kids were SO happy and peaceful. This area seemed to calm them, excite them, and allow them to play without us having to get involved too much. In fact, with my girls, I could have sat there and read a book while they were happily involved in their own explorations. It really made me think alot about the natural playground movement. There is a group of people out there who have found that playground who use natural materials provide kids with a better chance to use their imagination, and move at the same time. I really do think that there is something to that. If you give a child a stick, it is amazing to see what they do with it. They make it a sword, a spoon, a walking stick…pretty much anything! Just as Maria Montessori discovered, children are draw to a respond to natural products! Nature speaks to their souls and feed their minds. It calms their bodies and inspires creativity. So much from something so simple. In fact I think that most kids need time outside. My girls need me to get them outside several days a week at least (even it there is rain or snow). What do they do? The play, they sit and think, then make things, they find peace. Have you found similar things with your kids? Does going outside seem to make them feel better?

Happy Natural Play Everyone!
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Montessori Monday~ Parenting Expirments

It is about time for some parenting posts! As I have been cleaning my house, I have also been not spending as much time with my little sweeties. And as any other little sweeties out there, they tend to become a little less sweet when I have less time for them. None of this is new news, but it is something that I need to do. So I found a parenting book by Amy McCready. She is the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions. Deb at Living Montessori Now offered one of her webinare a while back to her readers and it was really good! However, the program is a bit pricey and I didnt want to spend that kind of money. So when an email from her company showed up in my inbox talking about her book, I jumped at it! When I found out my library had it, I was over the moon! If you have been a long time reader you will know that I have used the standard time-out method for years! It was pretty successful and easy to keep up with. But as Bunny has gotten older, I have found that it is not working at all. So it was off to find a new solution. I tried all sorts of things and nothing worked or seemed to be a good fit. So when the webinare came up, I jumped at the chance to get a new idea. I loved everything that Amy had to say and it fit in SO well with all the Montessori methods. So I have been reading all about this positive parenting and I like it. However it is really hard! It is all about what you do. The basis of this is that each child need to have significance (to feel needed and that he can contribute to the family for real) and power (some control over their life). It is also based on the idea that the only person you can control is yourself. We cannot make our kids do anything that they dont want to ( we could I guess, but that seems rather mean to force food down a kids throat or something like that). So that leaves us to change ourselves and to interact with respect for the feeling of our kids in the moment. It all about preparing the home for them to be independent and to empower them to be their best. We do it with words, training, and love. The book has a million wonderful stories and awesome ideas. It seems easy, but then I get the kids involved!
All of this sounds like a beautiful ideal, but in real life it get rather tricky! When your three year old punches your six year old because the six year old yelled at her. Urgh!!!! What do you do? I would usually put both in time out~ one for yelling, one for punching. But I’m not sure how this is supposed to play out. What do I say? How do we resolve this without me screaming at both of them to stop (since they can hear my normal voice)? What about when your six year old runs to her room screaming “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!!!!” Sigh. I talked to them. I talked about the power of words and how we say them. I talked about how to hitting is not kind and we never do it. I gave consequences “If you scream at someone or use a mean tone of voice, I will not talk to you at all until you are talking kindly.” It worked, or at least it made an impression! Bunny really was not happy with the idea that I would not listen if she screamed. Maybe it will help her find a way to express herself better in the moment! But what do you do for hitting? Or other behavior where there is no good natural consequence? I will keep reading and hopefully find the answers!
This method of parenting is not just about rules and consequences. It is also about how to build a great relationship with your kids as you go. That is what is appealing to me. I want my girls to feel that I am there to listen to all their ideas, thoughts, and problems. The very first step of this program was to spend 10 minutes of time with each child personally. Time for them, doing what they want to, and making sure that it is just you and them. This gives them that sense of significance and also gives them the knowledge that they will have time with you everyday just for them! Right now, we are doing it at bedtime. They pick a story and we talk about their day. They love this time so much!!!! Bunny even started telling me the little secretes in her heart. I realized that this exactly what I need to do for them. When they are teenagers, having time that they know will be just for them with mom will be so important. It will help me make sure that I am a present person for them later too.
All of this is going to help my plan this year for schooling. My goal is to provide a very freedom based, low stress school experience for the girls this year. I got all the materials, I have my plans almost done, but now I need to make sure that my kids have the maturity and peace to do just that! I can plan till every moment in my day is mapped out, but if the kids are not listening, or I start yelling because things aren’t going the way I think that they should, it will all be a waste of time. My school year depends on our ability to work together in love and kindness! Without it, learning becomes a chore and we are all going to be rather miserable!
So those are my rather scattered thought about positive parenting. Do you use positive parenting in your home? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have tips or “trick of the trade” that work in your family? I love to hear your thoughts on this important subject! Be sure to comment with your thoughts! I am linking this up to Montessori Monday at Living Montessori Now so we can get a conversation going! Oh, and let me know what you think of the new blog layout! I would love to hear what my awesome readers think! Happy Parenting!!!!
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Montessori Elementary Albums Reveiw

Summer is in full swing and as I plan for the next school year, I realized that many of you are probably doing the same! This year, in addition to the primary work I have planned for Pup, I am trying my best to get myself educated about the Elementary program for Bunny! To this end I purchased some albums from Elizabeth Papandrea. She is an AMI certified Montessori elementary teacher who is sharing her albums for $80. It is an amazing deal! These albums come with Math, Language, Geography, Geometry, Biology, History, Music, and Theory! It is everything that I wanted it to have and the great lessons are super good! One thing that I do love about the great lessons is that they are Christian based, however, she has an amazingly good description of how to change the story to fit your own religious preference! Perfect for everyone. The experiments that go with the stories are well laid out and simple to understand. She has alot of great hand drawn illustrations. Her other albums are also easy to understand. My favorite album so far is the Theory album. This album is so GREAT! She lays everything out for you from age 0-18. She then goes deeper into the mindset of an elementary child. This was so super helpful to see and understand what is different from the primary class and what is going on in their little minds! This really made it so much easier for me to get a handle on what I needed to focus on this year. It showed me the importance of the great lessons and how that was the basis of the whole elementary class. I also love that everything seemed simpler after I read the album! That I think is an marker of an awesome album set. My feelings of being out of my element and overwhelmed were calmed down and made easier after I read all about Montessori Elementary theory! I also love that she has been willing to answer my questions!
If you are interested in looking at her albums, send her an email and she will send you a sample of some of her Great Lesson experiment pages! They are really great! Here is Elizabeth’s email Let her know I sent you! I hope this helps you with your school planning! If you are looking for a bit more help, Jessica at Keys of the Universe, offers an online Montessori Elementary class! Tomorrow I am having a garage sale, so things may be quite here. However, I will be working on my school plan and I will be sharing it with you all soon! I cant wait to get few new materials for the classroom! 😉 Happy Schooling and planning!

Montessori Monday~ Seeds of Inspiration!

“The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intellect as a fertile field in which the seeds may be sown to grow under the heat of the flaming imagination. Our aim, therefore, is not merely to make the child understand and still less for force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to inflame him to his innermost core.” ~ Maria Montessori

“Sow the seeds of culture. How many? As many as possible.” ~ Maria Montessori

“Jesus said to the crowds: “This is how it is with the kingdom of God; it is as if a man were to scatter seed on the land and would sleep and rise night and day and through it all the seed would sprout and grow, he knows not how. Of its own accord the land yields fruit, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. And when the grain is ripe, he wields the sickle at once, for the harvest has come.” ~ Mark 4:26

I assume that after all of these long quotes you have a pretty good idea of what my post is going to be about today! 🙂 The first quote is one that was used quite alot in the Montessori theory album that I was reading and I just love it! The bible quote is the one that was read at Mass on Sunday and it really got me thinking alot about my job!  My job is to sow seeds What kind of seeds? All different kinds! Bunny is a smart girl and she will think all on her own! When you think about how a plant grows, it is really a amazing! You put the seeds into the ground and wait. That’s it. Some how they grow and produce fruit. Some seeds are really amazing and grow a lot, some seeds dont grow well at all, and some never grow at all. There is nothing a gardener can do about this. A gardener can only plant the seeds and wait. That is exactly what a teacher does. We give the child some small bit of information is the most interesting way we can, and then we wait! Our hope is that this information will blossom and grow right into a beautiful thing! You can’t force a child to learn anymore then you can force them to eat or sleep (trust me I have tried to force sleep and there is nothing you can do if they dont want to sleep)! I dont want to force my girls to learn. This was something that I decided long before I had even discovered Montessori. I want my girls to LOVE to learn, to want to learn, and to find ways to learn! Think of how amazing the world would be if every child loved school and learning. I want that for my girls. I want to be able to relax enough to sow seeds and let them grow. This is something that will take work for me. I dont wait well. In fact I am a pretty bad gardener (for real)! Bunny has covered all the things that a Kindergartner needs to know and is well into some of the first grade work as well. She is doing well. So long as we cover the basics that the state requires, I can, and should let her have the freedom to grow where she wants to. To let the heat of her imagination to allow the seeds to grow into beautiful plants! And that means I need to present everything and let her choose what she will study deeper! She may love one thing and never go into another. This can be maddening. I want her to show that she has learned something, but she will, in her time. I dont need to push so hard. That ends up making us both crazy! If she is getting the work done that she is required to, then she is free to grow where she will! What a beautiful thing that is! I have great hopes of being able to have a really beautiful year. With Pup happily learning at the primary level, and Bunny learning at the elementary level, it should be so much fun! Happy Planting Everyone! 😉


If you have been reading along here for the past few weeks, you know that we are currently on a school break, but that we are still learning plenty! In the past week, my girls have done math, reading, biology, geography, writing, and a few other things as well. The best part of it all is that my girls have no idea that they are “doing school”! I love that! As you can see from the pictures above, Bunny did some follow up map work from the book study she was doing the other day!  I love that watching what they are interested in and what draws their attention is giving me a chance to provide learning opportunities that are perfect and effortless! Bunny told my friend the other day that we arent doing school, and I said that we were still learning. Bunny said that she like to learn, but only when it is fun like it has been! 🙂 What I simply love is the ability to sit back and see what Maria Montessori saw, learning is seamless and deep if the child is allowed to work! Oh sure there is way more to this, but observation is a key! Without it, we can only give work that we think they need and this isnt always right. This is what I think happened to us at the end of the year. In Montessori, there is a plan, but following the child is the most important. To do this we need to watch and listen, to see what is capturing their passions and interest, and then present ideas accordingly. In hind sight, I realize that there were certain presentations that I should have done a LONG time ago, but I wasnt watching closely enough. I thought I needed to follow the proper path set out in the albums. But sometimes this is not what the child is trying to learn! One example of this would be the math facts with Bunny. She was so excited to learn them back in the winter. I should have pulled out the addition strip board then and there, but I waited until we had gotten though what I thought I needed to present to her. What happened? She lost interest and was board with the work when I showed it to her. If I had showed it to her back in the winter, would she have worked with it joyfully like a game instead of grumbling over it? Maybe. Maybe not. So once again, I find myself trying to get back to the basics of what Maria Montessori discovered about teaching children. Observation is important and should be done daily. Sitting and watching is good, but sometimes there isnt time for that. Sometimes it is taking note of something that your child shows you, and idea that they share, a picture that they drew for you, or a book they are carrying around! What makes observing easier is that kids usually want to share something that they think is really cool or that they are proud of! Are they pointing to letters and making sounds like they are reading, it maybe time for sandpaper letters. Can they count to 100 by 10s? Then they are ready for bead chains. It may not always be that easy, but alot of times it can be! That being said, I have been thinking that maybe it would be fun to have a book discussion here on the blog! I am hoping that some of you would be interested in joining me reading The Montessori Method or the Secret of Childhood together! Once a week, I will post my thoughts and you can share yours! We can all get back to basics together! If you are interested, please leave a comment and let me know! Happy Schooling!
Oh and if you get a moment, stop by Circle of Moms and vote for your favorite blog! I am there along with a bunch of other amazing blogs!

More Summer Ideas!

Well I am sorry for all of you having to listen to all of my ramblings, but I am still thinking of how summer (and next school year) is going to go. I was all set to continue doing light school during the summer, but after our last day of school, I think we need a break! Bunny told my mom that she doesnt want to ever talk about Montessori ever again! 🙁 I am sad that I all the work I ave done to make things fun , she still doesnt want to do it. So We need to rethink how we are going to approach our work time! For the summer, we are not doing school work in a formal down in the school room. We will read, play, and explore out interests. We can relax or learn like crazy! When I think all about what Bunny and Pup learned this year, I realized that what they learned the most about where the things that they wanted to learn about. Pup learned her numbers because she loved them, Bunny learned SO much about plants because she planted maple seeds during playtime and watched them grow. They still needed a couple of presentation to help pull it all together, but they learned on their own. So this leads me to really think about how I do things. I think I got caught up in trying to cover all of the album material and to finish our Waseca study. While all of these are really awesome, it wasnt meeting my kiddos needs.Bunny covered more then most Kindergartners, and even some first graders this year! She is smart and is learning like crazy! As I have read through my theory album and through some of Maria Montessori’s work and I realize that I am over thinking and complicating things here! Maria Montessori was a scientist and thought it was really imperative to observe the child at all time! She was willing and able to try something and to throw it out if it didnt work. Sure the albums are important, but they are after all guidelines, not a bible. There is more to Montessori then albums and materials. It is a way to think and observe the child so you meet their needs and inner drive for knowledge. I think that I got away from that and started to focus on the materials and presentations instead. Both of these things are good, but if you only do the presentations and use the materials, it just becomes a glorified curriculum plan. Without deep sensitivity to the child and lots of observation the method doesnt work out super well. This is where I made my mistake this year I think. I set a plan, I made work for the girls, and I had things they needed to do. I put too much on their plates and pushed. We did alot of work, they learned alot, but it wasn’t really driven by them, so the work became a chore and in the end we are all done. So we need to regroup! Rethink how to make out classroom more them and less me. I read in my theory album, I read that in the elementary year, having a list of the things the child needs to know by the end of the year is there so that the child can help make sure they know what they need to know. After that the work is up to them! Whatever they want to learn about is what they do! How simple is that? So long as Bunny does what she needs to be done, she can learn whatever she heart desires! This takes some of the pressure off of me to find work and she can reignite the fire! So that is our goal for the summer. Easy, fun, and really following the child. I hope that together our relationship will really improve as Bunny and I have been rather upset with each other. Pup usually just rolls with what is going on! 😉
Today we kicked off this plan and it has gone beautifully! Bunny has a real interest in the ocean right now, so we headed out to the beach. Never mind that it was only 56 degrees (it was 98 two days ago! Welcome to Ohio!), we went out there and had a blast listening to the lake, playing in the waves, and building things with sand. I even grabbed a few books to read while we were there. They loved it! Both my girls talked about it all day and Bunny said it was the best day ever. What did they learn? I dont know, but I dont need to! My job is not to know everything, its just to sow seeds of information so that they can sprout when the time is right. But I can tell you one thing, I spent the whole day with happy, smiling, peaceful kids! What’s better then that!

We ended the day making pizza and both girls were so excited with the chance to make dinner! 🙂 It was a really fun summer day, and it its essence, very Montessori! 🙂

So that is what is going on here! Even though we arent doing any formal
 school work, keep stopping back this summer for all the learning fun! Right now we are learning about oceans and I foresee alot of great work with that! So I hope that you all are keeping the passion going in your homes! Happy Schooling!

Summer….To School or Not to School…That is the Question!

Well we are in full summer weather here and we are all so ready for all the fun that comes with the sun and heat! However, I am torn between keeping up with some school work or between letting it all go. Part of me wants to keep the girls learning. They are doing so well and they are wanting to know so much. I also want Bunny to keep practicing her reading and some math facts. However, they just want to play in the sun and frankly, I’m tired and so are they. We need a break I think. I can feel burnout starting to happen (this maybe due to the emotional meltdown I had yesterday) and I don’t want to loose my cool. So what to do? That is the million dollar question. There is a lot of debate about why the world doesn’t school through the year. Some people think that we should have kids in school all year with long breaks in between, and others think that Sumner is a time to be free and have fun! But I think what is really the issue here is that kids and teachers need a break to relax, recharge, and to get pumped up for the new year. We all love the feel of the first day of school! New crayons and pencils, clean desk, heart full of hope and a teacher with a smile! Yet by May we are all ready for a change. We are ready for summer fun, water slides and Popsicles, late nights and long days! So I guess my thoughts lead me to ask, is there a way to keep the year fresh and learning exciting all year long? I must admit to having a bit of ADD when it comes to our routine. I love to have routine, and I love to not have too much change at one time! However, I LOVE little changes in the normal day to day fun! I love the themes and how they allow me to to be creative with school work. I love to make little changes that make life better and more enjoyable. Right now we are in need of a bit of that change. I LOVE the waseca biome study, but I think we are done with it for now. 🙁 We are going to study animals this week and I would like to do the overview of the different types of biomes, but after that we are going back to the basics. Does that mean that we have wasted time, NO! I can see us pulling from this information as we go through the summer. I am sure that we are going to be learning about every animal under the sun this summer and we will be able to pull from this really firm base of nature study as we learn! I know without a doubt that we will be doing a lot of animal study this summer (purely child led. Bunny told me today that she wants to learn about seahorses). I really think that reading is a must and some math. So I guess I as I type out my scattered thoughts, I have a plan for the summer! 🙂 Some Math work, Reading practice, and lots of child led projects! I want to strip out the school room of everything except the basics. That way there is plenty to work with if they choose, but I dont need to worry about them on a regular basis. I guess I have a plan. So What are your plans for summer and school? How do you avoid burnout and find a way to pull excitement for learning into the day to day? I would love to hear what you do! Happy Schooling!

Its Primarily Elementary!

Today I was sitting out in the sunshine with me little ones reading my Montessori albums. As I read, I watched the kids play, and I got to see first hand the difference between a primary child and an elementary child! The part of the Montessori theory I was reading was all about the imagination. A Primary child is so excited about learning all about his world. He is excited about all the bits and pieces of his world. Its all new and exciting! But when the child grows up, they start to change how they think. They are very familiar with their world and now they want to know all about the universe! They want to see thing that cant be seen by them. They can use their experience and their imagination to visualize what different places, even imaginary ones, are really like. So we can start to use stories to excited their interests and curiosity. They can start to see things and how they are all related! It is an exciting time for both of them, but in different ways. I think that as I move into the new year, this will really be a challenge for me. To see the needs of each girl in a different way! I need to think about how to make sure they each have space to have their needs met! Here is a perfect example of this difference!

Pup wanted to do her numbers. She really wanted to trace them and say them. She really was interested in learning the stuff about her world!

Bunny spent her time on another part of the driveway making a fairy world! It was a place she made on her own and she told me that there was soil, air, sun energy, and places to live and things to do! She made it all up on her own! She used her experience to apply it to a new world of her imagining!

I love how they can work in the same area and yet be on totally in different planes of development! It gives me hope that we can all work together in the same school room successfully! There are so many exciting things happening, and I really hope I know how to work it all out for the benefit of my family. Happy Schooling!

Pacing and Waiting

I must say that I have been reading a ton of Montessori theory in my new set of albums and I am so excited to begin with all the amazing things I have been reading! I am ready to jump into everything tomorrow! I am ready to reorganized the classroom and make sure its all in place. I am ready to start the great lessons, the grammar, the writing and research. I am ready to start it all and I haven’t even browsed the Montessori stores online yet! But this is where I need to pull myself back. It is a sure way to homeschool mommy and kiddo burn out! We are not ready. I need to pace myself and wait. These are two things that I am not so good at. I am not good at waiting, but I must learn to. Waiting and pacing your presentation until the kids are ready is a corner stone part of Montessori. As I read more about the second plane of development, I realize Bunny is changing. But even though this change is happening its not ready to change everything. We are not quite ready for a full on switch to elementary. I need to wait. Pup is changing too. She is ready for more and more real work with the Montessori materials. She is blowing through learning her numbers, but she is not ready for letters at all. She is just not ready, and I wait. Ugh! So much waiting, but in the end it will be better for them, better for me. If I jump into everything right away, they will get frustrated and upset, and I will get frustrated and upset too. So we wait. We will keep learning as we are and get ready. In the fall we will be ready to jump in with both feet! We will be ready for numbers, for the great lessons, for all the amazing things that are out there to learn. In the fall it will be the right time. Right now, I am excited, but the girls are feeling the call of summer and outside! They are ready to learn and explore, but not inside! They want to run and play and be in the outdoors. We keep learning but at their pace, not mine. We will learn outside, we will learn inside, we will have time for fun, and we will wait! 🙂

And during all this waiting I will read! I will find out all I can about what is happening to the thoughts of my dearest little ones. They are changing, but do I understand what is happening so I can help them become their best? No, so I need to learn! Summer become down time for the kids, and full time learning for mom! I want to understand. What I have read already has changed how I am treating Bunny and it making a huge difference. She is not a little kid anymore, and I need to adjust my thinking accordingly. She is learning how to be a person of herself, not so connect to me. But this also gives her moments of clinginess as she feels insecure. She trying to understand right from wrong and is constantly trying to figure out which is which. Then there is the fact that she is moving toward abstraction and needs me to be ready for that! Pup is no longer a baby and I need to really start to treat her like the preschooler she is. She needs to learn to pick up, to ask politely, to care for herself and environment. She is ready for that and I need to raise my expectation! So we all move forward together and we wait for the right time for everything!

So I know that these thoughts are a bit muddled, but I have great hopes that we are moving in the right direction and I cant wait for all the exciting paths we have in the future! How do you get ready for the changes that you can see on the horizon?