Cooking with Books~ Tyler Makes Pancakes

Today I am posting a little early since it is my anniversary and my hubbie and I are heading out! I have no idea what we are doing, but I am sure it will be fun! He is the best man I could ever have and I love him endlessly! He is amazing. Anyway, on to other things before I write a 20 page paper on why I love my hubbie (it could be longer even)!

Our book for this month’s Cooking with Books Segment is by Tyler Florance the chef! He wrote a book called Tyler Makes Pancakes! The book is about a boy who wants to make pancakes for his mom and dad. The boys head out to the store to get what he needs, and as he shops he discoverers where the food he needs comes from! I really liked the book. It was well written and fun. Plus the recipe in the back for pancakes was AMAZING! Seriously. I photocopied it because it is my new go to pancake recipe! They are made with whole wheat flour, but they are fluffy, sweet, and light! Crazy good! Let’s put it this, I thought that the kids wouldnt eat them because they were whole wheat, but I ended up having to whip up another whole batch and we ate them all! I thought it would be fun to let the kids add whatever they wanted to the pancakes as they baked. So we had blueberries, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, and nuts. Plus there was butter and real maple syrup to top the pancakes with when they were all done. It was YUMMY!

Here is the invitation that Bunny designed. I was told I needed to do the writing! 🙂

Everyone got a chance to help with the cooking! I think that they all think that there is not enough of it! 😉

Here are the amazing pancakes! Like I said they are GOOD! In the story, Tyler also has bacon and melon to eat with hi s pancakes, so we did too!

I love cooking with the kids and cooking with good friends is even better! Question for all of you: How do you like to cook with your kids? What works and what doesn’t?
Happy Cooking!