Its HERE!!!!!

Today I woke up to two huge boxes on my doorstep and kids that were too excited to eat breakfast! That’s right! Our new school materials are here! I think that Pup was more excited then anyone! She was bouncing up and down like it was Christmas here! Bunny’s excitement is a little more subdued, but it was there! It was literally boxes of surprise since each item is packed in a white box inside the big one. Pup wanted the puzzles I told her about and Bunny was excited to see her first grade work! For Bunny most of the work I bought was math work, for Pup mostly the things that I hadnt gotten in the past years for primary! It was quite a bit of stuff and all very exciting! Here is some pictures:

As you can see, I bought quite a few things. For Pup I got the brown stair, the zoology puzzles,the metal inset tray, a sandpaper globe, some new trays, and the stand for the red rods. For Bunny I got the large bead frame, the multiplication board, the grammar symbols, and the division racks and tubes. As you can see, Pup and Bunny went to work trying things out! I even gave a couple of presentations! I really was happy they were so excited! We soon started to bring things down to the basement so nothing got broken! Pup helped me out and started using the metal inset tray right away! She was super focused and it was then that I witnessed a behavior that Maria Montessori talked about alot. She told how a child who was working and was asked to do something would do it right away, but she would also go right back to the work that she was doing before she did something else. Today, as I was putting materials away, I saw that there was a puzzle that wasn’t put back right. So I asked Pup to come over and I showed her how to sort the colors in the puzzle to put it together. She thought it was cool, helped me do it, and then she went right back to her work happy as could be! She was happy to help me, but wanted to go back to working! Hmmmm….it is always fun to watch something happen that you have heard happens! So after my little Montessori Moment, I went back to trying to figure out how to rearrange the school room, but I think I have some more work to do. Here is how I left it!
YIKES!!!! Wish me luck! I am hoping to do this in the next couple of days! Happy Schooling!