Montessori Monday~ Working Along!

Today I have to say was another day that I really didnt want to do any school work! In fact I was wondering if we would not do any formal school work and just do christmasy things! However, as the girls played, they eventually ended up starting to work on their own! Bunny started exploring with magnets and Pup was drawing a tide pool! So off we went to do some more work downstairs! While they worked, I prepped for our redo of the first great lesson! We told the story again, and as before, it was really fun for the girls! Bunny loved it and was very interesting to see how she was interested in the particles. She redid the settling of the elements a couple of more times! She was really interested in them and in the volcano. I am hoping that redoing the Great Lesson with help jump us into some of the awesome follow up work that can follow this story! We are going to keep with this lesson for the next month or so depending on how the holiday goes!

While Bunny and I were having our lesson, Pup was tracing the horse puzzle control chart that she was working with this morning! She loves to label these puzzles after I read her the label! Today we changed it up by letting Bunny read the labels for her! I am hoping that this will allow her to practice her reading and help Pup play too! 🙂

Another fun thing that we did today was try our subtraction problems without any materials. Bunny did her finished her subtraction finger game board and was feeling pretty confident. So I showed her how to use the golden bead problem cards to do bigger numbers using the fact she knew. I was only showing her the static version, but she grabbed one that needed some regrouping! Opps! So I showed her how to cross out a number and move the ten over without the beads. She really had a hard time understanding, so I pulled out the golden beads. Once she got it we did a bunch of problems! She told me that it was cool that sometime math could be fun! 😉

So I guess we will keep going with school even though I am ready to be all Christmasy! ;P I think that we will do school in the morning and Christmas crafts in the afternoon! Are you wanting more Montessori fun? Stop by Montessori Monday! I am linking up there! Happy Schooling!