Our School Room 2012- 2013

I dont know about you, but I love to see pictures of people school rooms! Especially as the new school room is about to begin! That is why, when I found out about the 4th Annual “Not”Back-to-School Blog Hop, I knew I just had to join in the fun! Last week was all about curriculum and this week we are talking school rooms! Awesome right?
So as many of you know, my school room is in my basement. After moved in, my hubbie remodeled the basement to make it a really amazing space! Having a Contractor for a hubbie has its perks! 😉 We have some built ins at the far end for shelves and I also added one in the middle (you know how much space Montessori takes)! We have two small tables for the girls to use as well a big one. I find that the girls tend to pick the small table for tray work, but when there is a lot of writing or bigger work, they choose the large table! So everything is there! This year my issue was how to have both levels with enough space for each in one room. I found more space by putting away alot of my book and getting rid of some other ones. I also moved everything around so that there is more logical “area” for each subject. It doesnt look too different at first glance, but I hope it will make things better. Anyway, on the pics! That is what you are here for!

Here is is! I will start the tour on the right hand side of the room!

Small Table

These shelves used to hold my practical life trays that I changed out with my themes. With Bunny moving to up to elementary, I wont need quite so many, so I made the my sensorial material. I was so happy to find spots for all of it (except the pink tower) and I think that it will help Pup use it more since its in the line of vision!

Next we have the Continent boxes! I am hoping that we can use them so more!

Here are my built in shelves! I will start again at the right!

The first shelf is going to be my Elementary work shelf. Alot of the work is still in the other shelves since there is a cross over. However, the work that is just for Bunny’s elementary, will go here (or as much of it as I can fit)! You can see the shelves are rather empty, but it will change as soon as we start working! 🙂 I have the Money box set here and the multiplication board out right now.

Underneath there is the finger and control charts for math as well as the equation cards
The next shelf has the colored beads, and our clock work.
Finally there are fractions and the division bead board.

Next shelf hold our other math work for primary (I figure Bunny will still pick from here too), and also some practical life trays and the music bells (if you want to know how to make these, you can visit What DID We Do All Day). I also have brought our Good Shepherd statue downstairs so that the girls can have quite moment with the shepherd when needed.

Math work
Golden Bead work (I left it out, but I think we may be done with it for a bit.)
Then there is sandpaper numbers, and spindle boxes.
Finally we have the table top number rods and the binomial and trinomial cubes.

More practical life work
Above the practical life work, we have some of our resource books. I want to make sure that there is available research material for when the girls have questions. I cant run to the library everyday! 😉

Underneath is mostly botany and zoology. I have the puzzles and the control charts. There is also some Melissa and Doug puzzles that Pup loves!

Finally on the far left, we have our language material! We have the grammar farm which will be used alot I hope this year (Once Bunny starts to read better)! I have our easel set up for letter practical and next to that is a letter holder with inset paper, and handwriting paper. Next to that is our readers for Bunny to practice and her language notebook.

Underneath is the grammar symbols and inset tray.
Next is all of our metal insets.
Finally there is the sandpaper letters and the sand tray!

Pink Tower

I have two bulletin boards. One is low so that the girls can hang their work up, and the other one holds our resource charts and calender.

On the big table, there is all the art supplies and pencils, paper, and Bunny’s work plan booklet. In the caddie, there is markers, colored pencils, regular pencils, scissors, crayons, tape, and pencils sharpener.

Finally we have made it full circle! I have our last little table and you can see our work rugs in the corner of the stairs!
This is an area for where the apron, brooms, and other practical life things are on the other side of my basement. All of it is easy for them to reach and use!
So that is where our Montessori Magic happens! 😉 I love it! It really makes me feel calm down there. I love how it seems to work out for our needs and I am hoping this year is going to be amazing! I hope you will stop back to see more as we go! I will be documenting everything! 😉 Happy Schooling!

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