Fairy Garden!

Today, Bunny took a break from cleaning today and went outside to play. Each time I looked out the window (I was scrubbing the kitchen cabinets) I saw Bunny under the crab apple trees. She was really intenet on what she was doing and I was curious! Then a few minutes later she ran into the house yelling “Mommy come and see my fairy house!” She was so excited and of course I went as soon as I grabbed my camera. She was very excited,  but thought it needed something. So I took her in the house and let her raid my craft cupboard. 🙂 I offered her all sorts of things, but she said everything had to be natural for the fairies. So she headed out with her basket of things and I let her work! She was so happy working on the little house she was making under the trees (I was told that it needed to be shaded because the fairies liked shade). The results were really good! She did an amazing job!  She loves to decorate and this was a fun thing for her to do. She didn’t want to play with it, but she was very proud of her little house! Here are the pictures of her fairy house:

Here is one Fairy with a hat in the doorway.
 You can see the pot of water in the back along with the yarn for their wool work! 🙂

Here is the other Fairy, she was looking at the flowers.

My favorite part was the clothes line she made.
I love that Bunny put so much effort into the this. I really surprised me that she wanted to make a fairy garden. She really has never shown much interest in fairies, and I am so happy that she is finding a little magic in out backyard! 🙂 I am entering Bunny’s fairy garden in the Fairy Garden Competitions over at The Magic Onions. There are some amazing fairy gardens there, so stop over and visit!